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Popularity Chart

Lower value denotes most popular name

LiamStrong-willed warrior Irish Liam Neeson (actor), Liam Payne
NoahRest, comfort Hebrew Noah Centineo (actor), Noah Schnapp
OliverOlive tree Latin Oliver Twist (character), Oliver Reed (actor)
ElijahMy God is Yahweh Hebrew Elijah Wood (actor), Elijah McCoy
WilliamResolute protector Germanic William Shakespeare (playwright), William Faulkner (author)
JamesSupplanter Hebrew James Dean (actor), James Franco
BenjaminSon of the right hand Hebrew Benjamin Franklin (politician), Benjamin Netanyahu (politician)
LucasBringer of light Latin Lucas Hedges (actor), Lucas Black
HenryRuler of the household Germanic Henry Ford (industrialist), Henry Cavill (actor)
AlexanderDefender of the people Greek Alexander Hamilton (politician), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor)
EthanStrong, firm Hebrew Ethan Hawke (actor), Ethan Allen
TheodoreGift of God Greek Theodore Roosevelt (president), Theodore Geisel (author)
CalebFaithful, devoted Hebrew Caleb McLaughlin (actor), Caleb Landry Jones
JacksonSon of Jack English Michael Jackson (singer), Andrew Jackson (president)
SebastianVenerable, revered Greek Sebastian Stan (actor), Sebastian Bach (composer)
SamuelHeard by God Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson (actor), Samuel Morse (inventor)
AidenLittle fire Irish Aiden Turner (actor), Aiden Gillen
MatthewGift of God Hebrew Matthew McConaughey (actor), Matthew Perry
JosephGod will increase Hebrew Joseph Stalin (politician), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor)
LeviJoined, attached Hebrew Levi Strauss (entrepreneur), Levi Miller (actor
DavidBeloved Hebrew David Beckham (athlete), David Bowie (musician)
WyattBrave in war English Wyatt Earp (lawman), Wyatt Russell (actor)
OwenYouthful warrior Welsh Owen Wilson (actor), Owen Hart (wrestler)
JulianYouthful, downy Latin Julianne Moore (actress), Julian Edelman (athlete)
GabrielGod is my strength Hebrew Gabriel García Márquez (author), Gabriel Batistuta (athlete)
IsaacLaughter Hebrew Isaac Newton (scientist), Isaac Asimov (author)
AlexanderDefender of the people Greek Alexander Hamilton (politician), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor)
LukeBringer of light Latin Luke Skywalker (character), Luke Perry (actor)
DylanSon of the sea Welsh Bob Dylan (musician), Dylan Sprouse (actor)
DanielGod is my judge Hebrew Daniel Radcliffe (actor), Daniel Day-Lewis (actor)
MatthewGift of God Hebrew Matthew McConaughey (actor), Matthew Perry
SamuelHeard by God Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson (actor), Samuel Morse (inventor)
JosephGod will increase Hebrew Joseph Stalin (politician), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor)
JulianYouthful, downy Latin Julianne Moore (actress), Julian Edelman (athlete)
WilliamResolute protector Germanic William Shakespeare (playwright), William Faulkner (author)
JackGod is gracious English Jack Nicholson (actor), Jack Black (actor)
BenjaminSon of the right hand Hebrew Benjamin Franklin (politician), Benjamin Netanyahu (politician)
EthanStrong, firm Hebrew Ethan Hawke (actor), Ethan Allen
AndrewManly, warrior Greek Andrew Carnegie (industrialist), Andrew Garfield (actor)
CalebFaithful, devoted Hebrew Caleb McLaughlin (actor), Caleb Landry Jones (actor)
NathanHe gave Hebrew Nathan Fillion (actor), Nathan Lane (actor)
SamuelHeard by God Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson (actor), Samuel Morse (inventor)
MasonWorker in stone English Mason Mount (athlete), Mason Ramsey (singer)
HenryRuler of the household Germanic Henry Ford (businessman), Henry Cavill (actor)
OwenYouthful warrior Welsh Owen Wilson (actor), Owen Hart (wrestler)
NicholasVictorious people Greek Nicholas Cage (actor), Nicholas Sparks (author)
LeviJoined, attached Hebrew Levi Strauss (entrepreneur), Levi Miller (actor)
SebastianVenerable, revered Latin Sebastian Stan (actor), Sebastian Vettel (athlete)
LeoLion Latin Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Leo Tolstoy (author)
IsaacLaughter Hebrew Isaac Newton (scientist), Isaac Asimov (author)
HudsonSon of Hugh English Hudson Taylor (missionary), Hudson Mohawke (musician)
IsaiahSalvation of the Lord Hebrew Isaiah Thomas (athlete), Isaiah Mustafa (actor)
EliAscended, uplifted Hebrew Eli Manning (athlete), Eli Roth (filmmaker)
EvanYouthful warrior Welsh Evan Peters (actor), Evan Turner (athlete)
JosiahThe Lord supports Hebrew Josiah Royce (philosopher), Josiah Quincy (politician)
GraysonSon of the steward English Grayson Allen (athlete), Grayson Perry (artist)
DavidBeloved Hebrew David Beckham (athlete), David Bowie (musician)
CooperBarrel maker English Cooper Andrews (actor), Cooper Kupp (athlete)
CarsonSon of the marsh-dwellers Scottish Carson Wentz (athlete), Carson Daly (TV host)
JaxonSon of Jack American Jaxon Bieber (singer), Jaxon Smith (athlete)
DylanSon of the sea Welsh Dylan O'Brien (actor), Bob Dylan (musician)
LincolnSettlement by the pool English Abraham Lincoln (US President), Lincoln Lewis (actor)
RyanLittle king Irish Ryan Reynolds (actor), Ryan Gosling (actor)
LeoLion Latin Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Leo Tolstoy (author)
AsherHappy, blessed Hebrew Asher Angel (actor), Asher Roth (musician)
JulianYouthful, downy-bearded Latin Julian Casablancas (musician), Julian Assange (activist)
WyattLittle warrior English Wyatt Russell (actor), Wyatt Earp (lawman)
LeoLion Latin Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Leo Tolstoy (author)
IsaiahSalvation of the Lord Hebrew Isaiah Thomas (athlete), Isaiah Mustafa (actor)
JosephHe will add Hebrew Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor), Joseph Smith (religious leader)
JulianYouthful, downy-bearded Latin Julian Casablancas (musician), Julian Assange (activist)
ChristopherChrist-bearer Greek Christopher Walken (actor), Christopher Reeve (actor)
MateoGift of God Spanish Mateo Arias (actor), Mateo Kovacic (athlete)
JaydenThankful, God has heard American Jayden Smith (actor), Jayden Cole (actress)
LeviJoined, attached Hebrew Levi Strauss (entrepreneur), Levi Miller (actor)
SebastianVenerable, revered Latin Sebastian Stan (actor), Sebastian Vettel (athlete)
LincolnSettlement by the pool English not found
CarsonSon of the marsh-dwellers Scottish Carson Wentz (athlete), Carson Daly (TV host)
JaxonSon of Jack American Jaxon Bieber (singer), Jaxon Smith (athlete)
DylanSon of the sea Welsh Dylan O'Brien (actor), Bob Dylan (musician)
LincolnSettlement by the pool English Abraham Lincoln (US President), Lincoln Lewis (actor)
RyanLittle king Irish Ryan Reynolds (actor), Ryan Gosling (actor)
LeoLion Latin Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Leo Tolstoy (author)
AsherHappy, blessed Hebrew Asher Angel (actor), Asher Roth (musician)
JulianYouthful, downy-bearded Latin Julian Casablancas (musician), Julian Assange (activist)
WyattLittle warrior English Wyatt Russell (actor), Wyatt Earp (lawman)
LeoLion Latin Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Leo Tolstoy (author)
IsaiahSalvation of the Lord Hebrew Isaiah Thomas (athlete), Isaiah Mustafa (actor)
JosephHe will add Hebrew Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor), Joseph Smith (religious leader)
JulianYouthful, downy-bearded Latin Julian Casablancas (musician), Julian Assange (activist)
ChristopherChrist-bearer Greek Christopher Walken (actor), Christopher Reeve (actor)
MateoGift of God Spanish Mateo Arias (actor), Mateo Kovacic (athlete)
JaydenThankful, God has heard American Jayden Smith (actor), Jayden Cole (actress)
LeviJoined, attached Hebrew Levi Strauss (entrepreneur), Levi Miller (actor)
Samuel"God has heard" Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson, Samuel Adams
Sebastian"venerable" Greek Sebastian Stan, Sebastian Vettel
Silas"of the forest" Latin Silas Marner (character from the novel)
Simon"he has heard" Hebrew Simon Cowell, Simon Baker
Stephen"crown" Greek Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert
Tanner"leather tanner" English Tanner Buchanan (actor), Tanner Fox
Tate"cheerful" English Tate Donovan (actor), Tate McRae
Taylor"tailor" English Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner
Theodore"gift of God" Greek Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)
Thomas"twin" Aramaic Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson
Timothy"honoring God" Greek Timothy Olyphant (actor), Timothy Leary
Titus"honorable" Latin Titus Burgess (actor), Titus Welliver
Tristan"tumult" Welsh Tristan Thompson (basketball player), Tristan Wilds
Tucker"cloth fuller" English Tucker Carlson (journalist), Tucker Reed
Tyler"maker of tiles" English Tyler Posey (actor), Tyler, The Creator
Vance"marshland" English Vance Joy (singer-songwriter), Vance McDonald
Vaughn"small" Welsh Vaughn Taylor (golfer), Vince Vaughn
Victor"winner, conqueror" Latin Victor Hugo, Victor Oladipo
Vincent"conquering" Latin Vincent Van Gogh, Vince
Walker"cloth walker" English Walker Texas Ranger (TV show), Walker Hayes
Walter"ruler of the army" German Walter White (character from Breaking Bad), Walter Cronkite
Warren"park keeper" English Warren Buffett (business magnate), Warren Beatty
Wade"to go; ford" English Wade Boggs (baseball player), Wade Phillips
Wayne"wagon maker" English John Wayne (actor), Wayne Gretzky
Wesley"western meadow" English Wesley Snipes (actor), Wesley Johnson
Weston"western town" English Weston Koury (social media personality), Weston Richburg
William"resolute protector" German William Shakespeare, William Wallace
Wyatt"brave in war" English Wyatt Earp (lawman), Wyatt Russell
Xavier"new house" Basque Xavier University, Xavier Samuel
Zachary"remembered by God" Hebrew Zachary Quinto (actor), Zachary Taylor
Zane"God is gracious" English Zane Grey (author), Zane Smith
Zeke"God strengthens" Hebrew Ezekiel Elliott (football player), Zeke Smith
Zephyr"west wind" Greek Zephyr Teachout (politician), Zephyr Benson
Zion"highest point" Hebrew Zion National Park, Zion Williamson
Zuri"beautiful" Swahili Zuri Hall (TV host), Zuri Tibby
Adam"son of the red earth" Hebrew Adam Riese (German mathematician)
Adrian"man from the city of Adria" Latin Adrian Willaert (Flemish composer)
Albert"noble, bright" Germanic Albert Einstein (German-American physicist)
Alexander"defender of the people" Greek Alexander Graham Bell (Scottish inventor)
Alfons"noble, ready" Germanic Alfonso Cuaron (Mexican filmmaker)
Alfred"wise counselor" Germanic Alfred Hitchcock (British filmmaker)
Alois"famous warrior" Germanic Alois Alzheimer (German neurologist)
Andreas"manly, warrior" Greek Andreas Vesalius (Belgian anatomist)
Anton"priceless" Latin Anton Chekhov (Russian playwright)
Armin"whole, universal" Germanic Armin Mueller-Stahl (German actor)
Arnold"eagle power" Germanic Arnold Schwarzenegger (Austrian-American actor)
Arthur"bear" Celtic Arthur Conan Doyle (British author)
August"great, magnificent" Latin August Strindberg (Swedish playwright)
Axel"father of peace" Germanic Axel Rose (American musician)
Bastian"venerable" Greek Bastian Schweinsteiger (German footballer)
Benedikt"blessed" Latin Benedikt XVI (former pope)
Benjamin"son of the right hand" Hebrew Benjamin Franklin (American statesman)
Bernhard"brave as a bear" Germanic Bernhard Langer (German golfer)
Boris"fighter, warrior" Slavic Boris Becker (German tennis player)
Carl"free man" Germanic Carl Jung (Swiss psychiatrist)
Christian"follower of Christ" Greek Christian Bale (British actor)
Christoph"bearer of Christ" Greek Christoph Waltz (Austrian actor)
Claus"victorious people" Germanic Claus von Stauffenberg (German officer)
Constantin"steadfast, constant" Latin Constantin Brancusi (Romanian sculptor)
Daniel"God is my judge" Hebrew Daniel Craig (British actor)
David"beloved" Hebrew David Bowie (British musician)
Dominik"belonging to the Lord" Latin Dominik Hasek (Czech ice hockey player)
Eduard"wealthy guardian" Germanic Eduard Einstein (son of Albert Einstein)
Elias"my God is Yahweh" Hebrew Elias Canetti (Bulgarian author)
Emanuel"God is with us" Hebrew Emanuel Swedenborg (Swedish philosopher)
Emil"rival" Germanic Emil Nolde (German painter)
Ernst"serious, earnest" Germanic Ernst Lubitsch (German filmmaker)
Fabian"bean grower" Latin Fabian Cancellara (Swiss cyclist)
Felix"happy, fortunate" Latin Felix Mendelssohn (German composer)
Ferdinand"bold voyager" Germanic Ferdinand Porsche (Austrian engineer)
Florian"flowering" Latin Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (German filmmaker)
Franz"free man" Germanic Franz Kafka (Czech writer)
Friedrich"peaceful ruler" Germanic Friedrich Nietzsche (German philosopher)
Gabriel"God is my strength" Hebrew Gabriel García Márquez (Colombian writer)
Georg"farmer" Greek Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (German philosopher)
Gerhard"hard spear" Germanic Gerhard Schröder (German politician)
Gregor"vigilant, watchful" Greek Gregor Mendel (Austrian scientist)
Gustav"staff of the Goths" Germanic Gustav Klimt (Austrian painter)
Hannes"God is gracious" Hebrew Hannes Schneider (Austrian skier)
Hans"God is gracious" Germanic Hans Zimmer (German composer)
Harald"ruler of an army" Germanic Harald V of Norway (Norwegian monarch)
Heinrich"home ruler" Germanic Heinrich Himmler (German Nazi leader)
Herbert"bright army" Germanic Herbert von Karajan (Austrian conductor)
Hermann"army man" Germanic Hermann Hesse (German writer)
Horst"thicket, grove" Germanic Horst Köhler (German politician)
Hubert"bright mind" Germanic Hubert Humphrey (American politician)
Hugo"bright in mind and spirit" Germanic Hugo Wolf (Austrian composer)
Ignaz"fiery one" Latin Ignaz Semmelweis (Hungarian physician)
Jakob"supplanter" Hebrew Jakob Fugger (German merchant)
Johann"God is gracious" Hebrew Johann Strauss II (Austrian composer)
Josef"God will increase" Hebrew Josef Stalin (Soviet politician)
Julius"youthful, downy-bearded" Latin Julius Caesar (Roman emperor)
Kilian"warrior, church" Irish/Gaelic Kilian Jornet (Spanish athlete)
Klaus"victorious people" Germanic Klaus Barbie (German Nazi leader)
Konrad"brave counsel" Germanic Konrad Adenauer (German politician)
Kurt"wise counsel" Germanic Kurt Cobain (American musician)
Leopold"brave people" Germanic Leopold Mozart (Austrian composer)
Lorenz"from Laurentum" Latin Lorenz Hart (American lyricist)
Lukas"from Lucania, light-giving" Greek/Latin Lukas Podolski (German footballer)
Manfred"man of peace" Germanic Manfred von Richthofen (German pilot)
Markus"of Mars, god of war" Latin Markus Zusak (Australian author)
Martin"of Mars, god of war" Latin Martin Luther (German religious leader)
Matthias"gift of God" Hebrew Matthias Sindelar (Austrian footballer)
Max"greatest" Latin Max Planck (German physicist)
Michael"who is like God?" Hebrew Michael Jackson (American musician)
Moritz"dark-skinned" Latin Moritz Wagner (German basketball player)
Niklas"victorious people" Greek Niklas Süle (German footballer)
Nikolaus"victorious people" Greek Nikolaus Harnoncourt (Austrian conductor)
Oliver"olive tree" Latin Oliver Kahn (German footballer)
Oscar"God's spear" Old English Oscar Wilde (Irish writer)
Oswald"God's power" Germanic Oswald Spengler (German philosopher)
Otto"wealthy" Germanic Otto von Bismarck (German statesman)
Paul"small" Latin Paul McCartney (British musician)
Peter"rock" Greek/Latin Peter Jackson (New Zealand filmmaker)
Philipp"lover of horses" Greek Philipp Lahm (German footballer)
Rafael"God has healed" Hebrew Rafael Nadal (Spanish tennis player)
Rainer"counsel army" Germanic Rainer Werner Fassbinder (German filmmaker)
Reinhard"hardy counsel" Germanic Reinhard Heydrich (German Nazi leader)
Richard"brave ruler" Germanic Richard Wagner (German composer)
Robert"bright fame" Germanic Robert Lewandowski (Polish footballer)
Roland"famous throughout the land" Germanic Roland Barthes (French philosopher)
Roman"from Rome" Latin Roman Polanski (Polish-French filmmaker)
Rudolf"famous wolf" Germanic Rudolf Steiner (Austrian philosopher)
Sebastian"venerable" Greek/Latin Sebastian Kurz (Austrian politician)
Simon"he has heard" Hebrew Simon Wiesenthal (Austrian-Jewish writer)
Stefan"crown" Greek Stefan Zweig (Austrian writer)
Theodor"gift of God" Greek Theodor Herzl (Austrian-Jewish writer)
Thomas"twin" Aramaic/Greek Thomas Mann (German writer)
Tobias"God is good" Hebrew Tobias Wolff (American writer)
Ulrich"prosperity and power" Germanic not found
Valentin"strong, healthy" Latin Valentin Glushko (Soviet rocket scientist)
Viktor"conqueror" Latin Viktor Frankl (Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist)
Vinzenz"conquering" Latin Vinzenz von Paul (French Catholic saint)
Walter"ruler of the army" Germanic Walter Benjamin (German philosopher)
Werner"protecting army" Germanic Werner Heisenberg (German physicist)
Wilhelm"will, desire" + "helmet, protection" Germanic Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (German physicist)
Wolfgang"travelling wolf" Germanic Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Austrian composer)
Xaver"new house" Basque Xaver Schwarzenberger (Austrian filmmaker)
Yannis"God is gracious" Greek Yannis Ritsos (Greek poet)
Yasina chapter of the Quran Arabic Yasin Pehlivan (Austrian-Turkish wrestler)
Youssef"God will increase" Arabic Youssef Chahine (Egyptian filmmaker)
Zacharias"God remembers" Hebrew Zacharias Janssen (Dutch inventor)
Zeno"gift of Zeus" Greek Zeno of Elea (Greek philosopher)
Zeus"God" Greek Zeus (Greek god)
Zoltan"sultan, king" Hungarian Zoltán Kodály (Hungarian composer)
Zoran"dawn" Slavic Zoran Đinđić (Serbian politician)
AkselFather of peace Scandinavian Aksel Lund Svindal (Norwegian alpine skier)
AlaskaGreat land Native American Alaska Young (fictional character in "Looking for Alaska" by John Green)
AleutUnknown Native American N/A
AnanaBeautiful Native American Anana Rydvald (Norwegian singer)
AniakPlace name Native American N/A
AtkaGuardian spirit Native American Atka Reid (basketball player)
AttuPlace name Native American N/A
AugustGreat, magnificent Latin August Wilson (playwright), August Alsina (singer)
AveryElf ruler English Avery Bradley (basketball player), Avery Johnson (basketball coach)
BarrowPlace name English Barrow Alaska (city)
BirchTree name English Birch Bayh (politician), Birch Evans Bayh III (lawyer)
BlaineThin Scottish Blaine Gabbert (football player), James G. Blaine (politician)
BodhiEnlightenment Sanskrit Bodhi Elfman (actor), Bodhi Jones (surfer)
BooneGood, blessing English Boone Jenner (hockey player), Daniel Boone (explorer)
BristolPlace name English Bristol Bay (region), Bristol Palin (reality star)
BrockBadger English Brock Osweiler (football player), Brock Holt (baseball player)
ChukchiUnknown Native American N/A
CooperBarrel maker English Cooper Kupp (football player), Cooper Cronk (rugby player)
CraigRocky hill Scottish Craig T. Nelson (actor), Craig Ferguson (comedian)
DaltonValley town English Dalton Trumbo (writer), Dalton McGuinty (politician)
DenaliGreat one Native American Denali National Park (landmark)
EagleBird name Native American Eagle Eye Cherry (singer), Eagle Pennell (director)
EdieRich gift English Edie Falco (actress), Edie Brickell (singer)
EliasMy God is Yahweh Hebrew Elias Pettersson (hockey player), Elias Koteas (actor)
EmeryBrave, powerful German Emery Moorehead (football player), Emery Smith (actor)
EskimoUnknown Native American N/A
FairbanksPlace name English Fairbanks Alaska (city)
FisherFisherman English Fisher Stevens (actor), Carrie Fisher (actress)
ForbesField, plain Scottish Forbes Field (stadium), Steve Forbes (publisher)
GageOath, pledge French Gage Golightly (actress), Gage Park (park)
GlacierNatural landmark English Glacier Bay (landmark), Glacier National Park (park)
GriffinMythological creature Welsh Griffin Dunne (actor), Griffin Gluck (actor)
HainesPlace name English Haines Alaska (city)
HarperHarp player English Harper Lee (author), Harper Beckham (celebrity child)
HunterHunter, huntsman English Hunter Biden (politician), Hunter Hayes (singer)
HusliaUnknown Native American Huslia Alaska (city)
IglooUnknown Native American N/A
InuitUnknown Native American N/A
JackGod is gracious English Jack Black (actor), Jack Nicholson (actor)
JasperTreasurer English Jasper Johns (artist), Jasper Carrott (comedian)
JuneauPlace name Native American Juneau Alaska (city)
KaltagUnknown Native American Kaltag Alaska (city)
KaneWarrior Irish Kane Brown (singer), Kane Hodder (actor)
KenaiPlace name Native American Kenai Alaska (city), Kenai Fjords National Park (park)
KodiakPlace name Native American Kodiak Island (landmark), Kodiak Alaska (city)
KoyukukUnknown Native American Koyukuk Alaska (city)
LakeNatural landmark English Lake Superior (landmark), Lake Bell (actress)
LeoLion Latin Leo DiCaprio (actor), Leo Tolstoy (writer)
LoganLittle hollow Scottish Logan Paul (YouTuber), Logan Lerman (actor)
LouieFamous warrior French Louie Anderson (comedian), Louie Armstrong (musician)
MackenzieSon of Kenneth Scottish Mackenzie Phillips (actress), Mackenzie Ziegler (dancer)
MagnusGreat Latin Magnus Carlsen (chess player), Magnus Uggla (musician)
MarloweDriftwood English Marlowe Stoudamire (businessman), Christopher Marlowe (writer)
MaverickIndependent English Maverick McNealy (golfer), Maverick Carter (businessman)
McKinleyFrom the white field Scottish William McKinley (president), McKinley Park (park)
MicahWho is like God Hebrew Micah Parsons (football player), Micah Richards (soccer player)
MooseAnimal name English Moose Jaw (city), Moose Lodge (organization)
NashBy the ash tree English Nash Grier (YouTuber), Nash Bridges (TV show)
NomePlace name Native American Nome Alaska (city), Nome Gold Rush (event)
OdinGod of war and death Norse Odin Lloyd (football player), Odin Finch (fictional character)
ParkerPark keeper English Parker Posey (actress), Parker Schnabel (reality TV star)
PaxsonPeaceful English Paxson Alaska (city), Paxson Lake (landmark)
PhoenixMythical bird Greek Phoenix Suns (basketball team), Phoenix Marie (actress)
PilotGuide, helmsman English Pilot Mountain (landmark), Pilot Butte (landmark)
PorterGatekeeper English Porter Robinson (musician), Porter Wagoner (singer)
PrinceRoyal son English Prince Harry (royalty), Prince (musician)
QuinlanDescendant of Caoinlean Irish Quinlan Terry (architect), Quinlan Vos (fictional character)
RagnarArmy rule Norse Ragnar Lodbrok (mythical figure), Ragnar Klavan (soccer player)
RangerPark ranger English Ranger Rick (magazine), Power Rangers (TV show)
RavenDark bird English Raven Symone (actress), Raven Goodwin (actress)
RedmondDescendant of Raymond Irish Redmond Barry (fictional character), Redmond O'Hanlon (outlaw)
ReidRed-haired Scottish Reid Hoffman (entrepreneur), Reid Ewing (actor)
RigelFoot Arabic Rigel Kent (fictional character), Rigel (star)
RiverWaterway English River Phoenix (actor), River Viiperi (model)
RobinBright fame English Robin Williams (actor), Robin Thicke (singer)
RowanLittle redhead Irish Rowan Atkinson (actor), Rowan Blanchard (actress)
RushQuick, energetic English Rush Limbaugh (radio host), Rush (band)
RyderCavalryman English Ryder Cup (golf tournament), Ryder Robinson (celebrity child)
SageWise one English Sage Steele (sports journalist), Sage Northcutt (MMA fighter)
SalemPeace Hebrew Salem Witch Trials (historical event), Salem (TV show)
SamsonSun Hebrew Samson Satele (football player), Samson Dada (basketball player)
SawyerWoodcutter English Sawyer Brown (country band), Sawyer Sweeten (actor)
ScowBoat type English Scow Bay (bay), Scow Bay Road (road)
SeamusSupplanter Irish Seamus Heaney (poet), Seamus McGarvey (cinematographer)
ShepherdSheep herder English Shepherd Book (fictional character), Shepherdstown (city)
SigmundVictorious protector German Sigmund Freud (psychologist), Sigmund Jähn (astronaut)
SitkaPlace name Native American Sitka Alaska (city), Sitka Spruce (tree)
SkylarScholar Dutch Skylar Astin (actor), Skylar Grey (singer)
SvenYouth Swedish Sven Baertschi (hockey player), Sven Sundgaard (meteorologist)
TalonClaw English Talon Smith (model), Talon David (celebrity child)
ThatcherRoofer English Margaret Thatcher (politician), Thatcher Demko (hockey player)
TheodoreGift of God Greek Theodore Roosevelt (former US president), Theodore Geisel (author)
ThorneThorn bush English Bella Thorne (actress), Jeremy Thorne (football player)
ThorstenThor's stone Scandinavian Thorsten Kaye (actor), Thorsten Fink (soccer player)
TimberWood English Timber Timbre (band), Timber Brown (illusionist)
TorenWatchtower Scandinavian Toren Smith (manga editor), Toren Fukuhara (actor)
TuckerCloth fuller English Tucker Carlson (TV host), Tucker Smith (actor)
UlfWolf Scandinavian Ulf Ekberg (musician), Ulf Sterner (hockey player)
UlricWolf ruler English Ulric Neisser (psychologist), Ulric Cross (pilot)
ValentinStrong, healthy Latin Valentin Glushko (engineer), Valentin Stănescu (composer)
VanceMarshland English Vance Joy (musician), Vance McDonald (football player)
ViggoWarrior Scandinavian Viggo Mortensen (actor), Viggo Andersen (football player)
VincentConquering Latin Vincent Van Gogh (artist), Vincent D'Onofrio (actor)
WallaceWelshman Scottish Wallace Stevens (poet), Wallace Shawn (actor)
WalterArmy ruler German Walter Cronkite (journalist), Walter White (fictional character)
WatsonSon of Walter English John Watson (Sherlock Holmes' assistant), Emma Watson (actress)
WaylonLand by the road English Waylon Jennings (singer), Waylon Payne (actor)
WendellWanderer German Wendell Pierce (actor), Wendell Willkie (politician)
WesleyWestern meadow English Wesley Snipes (actor), Wesley Schultz (musician)
WhistlerOne who whistles English James Whistler (artist), Whistler Blackcomb (ski resort)
WilderUntamed English Laura Ingalls Wilder (author), Gene Wilder (actor)
WilliamWill, desire + helmet, protection English William Shakespeare (playwright), William Faulkner (author)
WilsonSon of William English Wilson Pickett (singer), Wilson Chandler (basketball player)
WinstonWine's town English Winston Churchill (former UK prime minister), Winston Duke (actor)
WolfWolf German Wolf Blitzer (journalist), Wolf Kahler (actor)
WolfgangWolf path German Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer), Wolfgang Puck (chef)
WoodrowRow of houses by a wood English Woodrow Wilson (former US president), Woodrow Wyatt (journalist)
WyattGuide, wide English Wyatt Earp (lawman), Wyatt Russell (actor)
XavierNew house Basque Xavier Woods (wrestler), Xavier Naidoo (musician)
YannickGod is gracious French Yannick Noah (tennis player), Yannick Bisson (actor)
YatesGates English Richard Yates (author), Dornford Yates (author)
YorkYew tree estate English York (rapper), York Minster (cathedral)
YuleChristmas English Yule Kilcher (pioneer), Yule Masiteng (football player)
ZacharyRemembered by God Hebrew Zachary Levi (actor), Zachary Taylor (former US president)
ZanderDefender of men Greek Zander Fagerson (rugby player), Zander Smith (fictional character)
ZaneGod is gracious English Zane Grey (author), Zane Gonzalez (football player)
ZebediahGift of God Hebrew Zebedee Coltrin (Mormon pioneer), Zebedee Stone (inventor)
ZenonGift of Zeus Greek Zenon Konopka (hockey player), Zenon Martyniuk (singer)
ZephyrWest wind Greek Zephyr Teachout (politician), Zephyr Benson (actor)
ZeusGod of sky and thunder Greek Zeus McClurkin (basketball player), Zeus (fictional character)
ZionPlace of refuge Hebrew Zion Williamson (basketball player), Zion I (hip hop duo)
ZoltanLife, king Hungarian Zoltan Kodaly (composer), Zoltan Bathory (guitarist
AdamOf the earth Bohemian Adam Mickiewicz, Adam Smith
AdrianDark one Bohemian Adrian Peterson, Adrian Grenier
AlbertNoble, bright Bohemian Albert Einstein, Albert Camus
AlexanderDefender of the people Bohemian Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Hamilton
AloisFamous warrior Bohemian Alois Alzheimer
AmadeusLove of God Bohemian Amadeus Mozart
AmbroseImmortal Bohemian Ambrose Bierce
AndrejManly Bohemian Andrej Sekera
AntonPraiseworthy Bohemian Anton Chekhov, Anton Yelchin
AugustinVenerable Bohemian Augustinian monks
BenjaminSon of the right hand Bohemian Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Netanyahu
BernardBrave as a bear Bohemian Bernard Montgomery, Bernard Baruch
BlažejOne who stammers Bohemian Blažej Baláž, Blažej Vilím
BohdanGift from God Bohemian Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Bohdan Paczyński
BohumilGracious or loving God Bohemian Bohumil Hrabal, Bohumil Kubát
BohuslavGlorious God Bohemian Bohuslav Martinů, Bohuslav Sobotka
BorisFighter Bohemian Boris Yeltsin, Boris Karloff
BronislavGlorious protector Bohemian Bronislav Geremek, Bronisław Malinowski
CenekHonorable Bohemian Cenek Kottnauer, Cenek Rücker
CyrilLordly Bohemian Cyril and Methodius, Cyril Ramaphosa
DaliborDistant fighter Bohemian Dalibor Jančík,
DanielGod is my judge Bohemian Daniel Radcliffe, Daniel Craig
DavidBeloved Bohemian David Beckham, David Bowie
DenisFollower of Dionysus Bohemian Denis Diderot, Denis O'Hare
DominikBelonging to the Lord Bohemian Dominik Hrbatý, Dominik Hašek
EduardWealthy guardian Bohemian Eduard Hanslick, Eduard Bernstein
EmilRival Bohemian Emiliano Zapata, Emil Jannings
ErikEternal ruler Bohemian Erik the Red, Erik Larson
EvženWell-born Bohemian Evžen Rošický, Evžen Tošenovský
FabiánBean grower Bohemian Fabián Estay, Fabián Bielinsky
FerdinandAdventurous, bold voyager Bohemian Ferdinand Magellan, Ferdinand Porsche
FilipLover of horses Bohemian Filip Kuba, Filip Forsberg
FrantišekFree man Bohemian František Kupka, František Drtikol
GabrielGod is my strength Bohemian Gabriel García Márquez, Gabriel Byrne
GeorgFarmer Bohemian Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Georg Baselitz
GustavStaff of the Goths Bohemian Gustav Mahler, Gustav Klimt
HanušGift from God Bohemian Hanuš Bonn, Hanuš Steiner
IgnácFiery one Bohemian Ignác Goldziher, Ignác Jan Paderewski
ImrichHome ruler Bohemian Imrich Veber, Imrich Béreš
IvoYew wood Bohemian Ivo Andrić, Ivo Pogorelić
JakobSupplanter Bohemian Jakob Dylan, Jakob Nielsen
JanGod is gracious Bohemian not found
JanekGod is gracious Bohemian Janek Wiśniewski, Janek Schaefer
JaromírFierce peace Bohemian Jaromír Jágr, Jaromír Vejvoda
JaroslavFierce glory Bohemian Jaroslav Seifert, Jaroslav Pelikan
JiříFarmer Bohemian Jiří Menzel, Jiří Kylián
JosefGod will increase Bohemian Josef Albers, Josef Koudelka
JozefGod will increase Bohemian Jozef Sabovčík, Jozef Murgaš
KarelFree man Bohemian Karel Čapek, Karel Schwarzenberg
KryštofChrist-bearer Bohemian Kryštof Kolumbus, Kryštof Harant
LadislavGlorious rule Bohemian Ladislav Štaidl, Ladislav Novák
LeošLion-like Bohemian Leoš Janáček, Leoš Mareš
LiborFreedom Bohemian Libor Pešek, Libor Štolfa
LubošLover of glory Bohemian Luboš Fišer, Luboš Veselý
LuděkFamous people Bohemian Luděk Pachman, Luděk Marold
LudvíkFamous warrior Bohemian Ludvík Svoboda, Ludvík Daněk
MaksGreatest Bohemian Maks Birbraer, Maksim Shatskikh
MarekWarlike Bohemian Marek Halter, Marek Hamsik
MartinOf Mars Bohemian Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Scorsese
MatějGift of God Bohemian Matěj Vydra, Matěj Hájek
MatoušGift of God Bohemian Matouš Kloubek, Matouš Koubek
MichalWho is like God Bohemian not found
MikulášVictory of the people Bohemian Mikuláš Aleš, Mikuláš Bek
MilošGracious Bohemian Miloš Forman, Miloš Kopecký
MiroslavPeaceful glory Bohemian Miroslav Klose, Miroslav Holub
OldřichWealthy ruler Bohemian Oldřich Duras, Oldřich Kaiser
OndřejManly Bohemian Ondřej Pavelec, Ondřej Soukup
OttoWealthy Bohemian Otto Skorzeny, Otto Wichterle
PavelSmall Bohemian Pavel Bure, Pavel Haas
PetrRock Bohemian Petr Čech, Petr Korda
ProkopLeader Bohemian Prokop Diviš, Prokop Toman
RadimJoyful peace Bohemian Radim Vrbata, Radim Palouš
RadomilHappy and gracious Bohemian Radomil Eliška, Radomil Uhlíř
RadovanJoyful Bohemian Radovan Karadžić, Radovan Krejčíř
RadekHappy counselor Bohemian Radek Bonk, Radek Martínek
RenéReborn Bohemian René Descartes, René Magritte
RichardBrave ruler Bohemian Richard Nixon, Richard Wagner
RobertBright fame Bohemian Robert Frost, Robert De Niro
RobinBright fame Bohemian Robin Williams, Robin van Persie
RomanCitizen of Rome Bohemian Roman Polanski, Roman Šebrle
RudolfFamous wolf Bohemian Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Vrba
ŠimonGod has heard Bohemian Šimon Holub, Šimon Skoumal
StanislavFame of the land Bohemian Stanislav Lobotka, Stanislav Gross
TomášTwin Bohemian Tomáš Rosický, Tomáš Berdych
VáclavMore glory Bohemian Václav Havel, Václav Klaus
ViktorConqueror Bohemian Viktor Frankl, Viktor Orbán
VilémWill helmet Bohemian Vilém Flusser, Vilém Mathesius
VladimírRuler of the world Bohemian Vladimír Menšík, Vladimír Remek
VojtěchConsolation in war Bohemian Vojtěch Jasný, Vojtěch Martínek
ZdeněkTo be modest Bohemian Zdeněk Fibich, Zdeněk Sychra
ŽigmundVictory protector Bohemian Žigmund Perner, Žigmund Staněk
Adem"man" Arabic Adem Jashari (Kosovo Albanian guerilla leader)
Admir"admirable" Bosnian Admir Hadzic (Bosnian footballer)
Adnan"settler" Arabic Adnan Custovic (Bosnian footballer)
Ahmet"praised, commendable" Turkish Ahmet Hadžipašić (Bosnian politician)
Aidin"friend, companion" Bosnian None
Ajdin"hearer" Bosnian Ajdin Mahmutovic (Bosnian footballer)
Alen"fair, handsome" Bosnian Alen Islamović (Bosnian musician)
Aldin"defender" Bosnian Aldin Šetkić (Bosnian tennis player)
Aleksandar"defender of the people" Serbian Aleksandar Hemon (Bosnian-American writer)
Alija"exalted, noble" Bosnian Alija Izetbegović (Bosnian politician)
Amar"long-lived" Arabic Amar Osim (Bosnian footballer)
Amer"prince, ruler" Bosnian Amer Gojak (Bosnian footballer)
Anel"angel" Bosnian Anel Hadžić (Bosnian footballer)
Anes"friendly" Bosnian Anes Haurdić (Bosnian footballer)
Armin"army man" Germanic Armin Hodžić (Bosnian footballer)
Asim"protector" Arabic Asim Ferhatović (Bosnian footballer)
Azur"sky blue" Bosnian Azur Mahmić (Bosnian footballer)
NameMeaning Origin Namesakes
Belmin"safe, secure" Bosnian Belmin Karamehmedović (Bosnian footballer)
Benjamin"son of the right hand" Hebrew Benjamin Kovačević (Bosnian footballer)
Berin"courageous" Bosnian Berin Špikić (Bosnian footballer)
Besim"faithful, loyal" Turkish Besim Šeremeti
Dario"kingly, regal" Latin Dario Damjanović (Bosnian footballer)
Davor"gift" Slavic Davor Šuker (Croatian footballer)
Dino"little sword" Italian Dino Merlin (Bosnian musician)
Dragan"precious, dear" Slavic Dragan Mektić (Bosnian politician)
Dušan"soul, spirit" Slavic Dušan Bajević (Bosnian football manager)
Edin"faithful, trustworthy" Bosnian Edin Džeko (Bosnian footballer)
Edo"wealthy guardian" Bosnian Edo Maajka (Bosnian rapper)
Eldar"one who knows" Turkish Eldar Hasanović (Bosnian actor)
Eldin"judgment day" Bosnian Eldin Jakupović (Bosnian footballer)
Emir"commander, prince" Arabic Emir Spahić (Bosnian footballer)
Enes"friendly, sociable" Bosnian Enes Karić (Bosnian footballer)
Enis"friendly" Bosnian Enis Bešlagić (Bosnian actor)
Ermin"determined, firm" Bosnian Ermin Bičakčić (Bosnian footballer)
Esad"happiness" Arabic Esad Kurešić (Bosnian footballer)
Faruk"differentiated, unique" Arabic Faruk Hadžibegić (Bosnian footballer)
Fedor"gift from God" Slavic Fedor Žugić (Bosnian footballer)
Filip"lover of horses" Greek Filip Đurić (Bosnian footballer)
Fikret"intelligent, wise" Turkish Fikret Hodžić (Bosnian footballer)
Goran"mountain man" Slavic Goran Bregović (Bosnian musician)
Hajrudin"warrior, fighter" Bosnian Hajrudin Saračević (Bosnian footballer)
Hamza"lion" Arabic Hamza Čataković (Bosnian footballer)
Haris"vigilant, watchful" Arabic Haris Duljević (Bosnian footballer)
Hasan"handsome" Arabic Hasan Salihamidžić (Bosnian footballer)
Hazim"resolute, determined" Arabic Hazim Čolaković (Bosnian poet)
Ibro"bright, shining" Bosnian Ibro Tabaković (Bosnian painter)
Idriz"patient, persistent" Arabic Idriz Hošić (Bosnian footballer)
Irfan"knowledgeable, wise" Arabic Irfan Hadžić (Bosnian footballer)
Isak"laughter" Hebrew Isak Šabanović (Bosnian footballer)
Ismail"heard by God" Arabic Ismail Šehić (Bosnian writer)
Ivan"God is gracious" Slavic Ivan Jovanović (Bosnian footballer)
Izudin"one who enlightens" Bosnian Izudin Dervić (Bosnian footballer)
Jakov"supplanter" Hebrew Jakov Puljić (Bosnian Croat bishop)
Janko"God is gracious" Slavic Janko Kolar (Bosnian footballer)
Jasmin"gift from God" Persian Jasmin Imamović (Bosnian footballer)
Jerko"sacred" Slavic Jerko Leko (Bosnian-Croatian footballer)
Jozo"God shall add" Slavic Jozo Penava (Bosnian Croat painter)
Jure"farmer" Slavic Jure Pršo (Bosnian Croat footballer)
Kenan"companion, friend" Arabic Kenan Kodro (Bosnian footballer)
Kerim"generous, noble" Arabic Kerim Mrabti (Bosnian-Swedish footballer)
Kristijan"follower of Christ" Slavic Kristijan Bistrović (Bosnian footballer)
Lazar"God is my help" Slavic Lazar Tufegdžić (Bosnian footballer)
Luka"bringer of light" Slavic Luka Modrić (Croatian footballer)
Marko"warlike" Slavic Marko Janković (Bosnian footballer)
Matej"gift of God" Slavic Matej Bašić (Bosnian footballer)
Mateo"gift of God" Spanish
Mato"gift of God" Slavic Mato Jajalo (Bosnian footballer)
Matija"gift of God" Slavic Matija Lukač (Bosnian footballer)
Meho"one who forgives" Bosnian Meho Kodro (Bosnian footballer)
Mensur"one who has been counted" Arabic Mensur Mujdža (Bosnian footballer)
Meris"gracious, kind" Bosnian Meris Skenderović (Bosnian footballer)
Miralem"peaceful, safe" Bosnian Miralem Pjanić (Bosnian footballer)
Miran"peaceful, calm" Slavic Miran Pavlović (Bosnian footballer)
Mirko"peaceful, calm" Slavic Mirko Alilović (Bosnian handball player)
Miro"peaceful, calm" Slavic Miro Radović (Bosnian footballer)
Miroslav"peaceful glory" Slavic Miroslav Blažević (Bosnian football coach)
Mitar"one who is helpful" Slavic Mitar Mrkela (Bosnian footballer)
Muamer"one who is brave" Arabic Muamer Tanković (Bosnian footballer)
Muhamed"praised" Arabic Muhamed Bešić (Bosnian footballer)
Murat"wish, desire" Turkish Murat Džindić (Bosnian footballer)
Mustafa"chosen one" Arabic Mustafa Nadarević (Bosnian actor)
Nedim"one who is rare" Arabic Nedim Bašić (Bosnian footballer)
Nemanja"without possessions" Slavic Nemanja Bilbija (Bosnian footballer)
Nikola"victorious people" Greek Nikola Vujčić (Bosnian Croat basketball player)
Nino"godfather" Italian Nino Serdarević (Bosnian footballer)
Ognjen"fiery" Slavic Ognjen Vranješ (Bosnian footballer)
Oliver"olive tree" Latin Oliver Kovačević (Bosnian footballer)
Orhan"ruler" Turkish Orhan Olujić
Osman"protection" Arabic Osman Đikić (Bosnian footballer)
Osmar"divine protection" Arabic Osmar Ferreyra (Bosnian footballer)
Petar"rock, stone" Slavic Petar Puaca (Bosnian footballer)
Radenko"joyful, cheerful" Slavic Radenko Đogo (Bosnian footballer)
Rafet"one who helps" Turkish Rafet Husović (Bosnian footballer)
Rijad"one who is content" Arabic Rijad Kobiljar (Bosnian footballer)
Rusmir"one who enjoys life" Bosnian Rusmir Cviko (Bosnian footballer)
Safet"one who is pure" Arabic Safet Sušić (Bosnian football coach)
Samir"companion, friend" Arabic Samir Nurkić (Bosnian footballer)
Selim"safe, peaceful" Arabic Selim Osterhagen (Bosnian footballer)
Senad"one who is happy" Bosnian Senad Lulić (Bosnian footballer)
Sejad"one who is brave" Bosnian Sejad Salihović (Bosnian footballer)
Senaid"one who is content" Bosnian Senaid Ibričić (Bosnian footballer)
Sergej"servant, attendant" Slavic Sergej Jakirović (Bosnian football coach)
Sinan"one who is bright" Arabic Sinan Ramović (Bosnian footballer)
Slaven"fame, glory" Slavic Slaven Musa (Bosnian footballer)
Slobodan"freedom, liberty" Slavic Slobodan Janjić (Bosnian footballer)
Slavko"fame, glory" Slavic Slavko Damjanović (Bosnian footballer)
Smajo"one who forgives" Bosnian Smajo Softić (Bosnian footballer)
Smail"one who is heard" Arabic Smail Prevljak (Bosnian footballer)
Smajl"smile" Albanian Smajl Suljević (Bosnian footballer)
Srećko"happiness, luck" Slavic Srećko Bogdan (Bosnian football)
Stanko"stand, stay" Slavic Stanko Bubalo (Bosnian footballer)
Stevo"crown" Slavic Stevo Nikolić (Bosnian footballer)
Suad"one who is fortunate" Arabic Suad Katana (Bosnian footballer)
Sulejman"man of peace" Arabic Sulejman Omić (Bosnian footballer)
Tarik"path, way" Arabic Tarik Filipović (Bosnian actor)
Teo"gift of God" Greek Teo Bušić (Bosnian footballer)
Tibor"of the Tiber River" Hungarian Tibor Bratić (Bosnian footballer)
Tihomir"peaceful world" Slavic Tihomir Kadić (Bosnian footballer)
Timur"iron" Turkish Timur Hodžić (Bosnian footballer)
Tomislav"glorious fame" Slavic Tomislav Brkić (Bosnian footballer)
Vedad"one who is loved" Bosnian Vedad Ibišević (Bosnian footballer)
Vehid"one who is guiding" Bosnian Vehid Gunić (Bosnian footballer)
Velid"one who is just" Bosnian Velid Đekić (Bosnian footballer)
Velimir"great peace" Slavic Velimir Stjepanović (Bosnian footballer)
Veljko"great" Slavic Veljko Birmančević (Bosnian footballer)
Venco"blessed, happy" Slavic Venco Zeljaja (Bosnian footballer)
Vensan"conqueror" French Vensan Krišto (Bosnian footballer)
Veso"great" Slavic Veso Sović (Bosnian footballer)
Vildan"full of desire" Turkish Vildan Kujović (Bosnian footballer)
Vlado"ruler" Slavic Vlado Jagodić (Bosnian footballer)
Vladimir"ruler of the world" Slavic Vladimir Petrović (Bosnian football coach)
Vlatko"great" Slavic Vlatko Glavaš (Bosnian footballer)
Vojin"warrior" Slavic Vojin Božović (Bosnian footballer)
Zahir"shining, bright" Arabic Zahir Bekrić (Bosnian footballer)
Zaim"leader" Arabic Zaim Imamović (Bosnian musician)
Zdravko"healthy" Slavic Zdravko Logarušić (Bosnian football coach)
Zijad"one who is abundant" Bosnian Zijad Bašić (Bosnian footballer)
Zijo"one who is alive" Bosnian Zijo Erent (Bosnian footballer)
Zlatan"golden" Slavic Zlatan Bajramović (Bosnian footballer)
Zoran"dawn" Slavic Zoran Mustafić (Bosnian football coach)
Zuhdija"one who is humble" Arabic Zuhdija Hodžić (Bosnian footballer)
Zulfikar"cleaver, splitter" Arabic Zulfikar Alispahić (Bosnian footballer)
Žarko"fiery" Slavic Žarko Tomić (Bosnian footballer)
Željko"desired, beloved" Slavic Željko Buvač (Bosnian football coach)
AjahnTeacher Thai Ajahn Chah, a prominent Thai monk
AnandaBliss, happiness Sanskrit Ananda, one of the Buddha's main disciples
ArjunaWhite, clear Sanskrit Arjuna, a hero in the Mahabharata
AshokaWithout sorrow Sanskrit Ashoka the Great, an Indian emperor and patron of Buddhism
AtulaIncomparable Pali
BhikkhuBuddhist monk Pali
BodhiAwakening, enlightenment Sanskrit Bodhi Tree, the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment
BodhisattvaOne who seeks enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings Sanskrit
BrahmaCreator god in Hinduism Sanskrit
BuddhaAwakened, enlightened Sanskrit Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism
ChakmaJewel Sanskrit
ChandraMoon Sanskrit
DharmaLaw, truth, teachings of the Buddha Sanskrit Dharma Wheel, symbol of the Buddha's teachings
DipankaraLamp bearer Pali Dipankara Buddha, a previous Buddha
DogenWay of the Buddha Japanese Dogen Zenji, founder of Soto Zen in Japan
EshinPure heart Japanese Eshin Nishimura, Japanese Zen master
GampopaPhysician from Gampo Tibetan Gampopa, Tibetan Buddhist master
GautamaName of the Buddha Sanskrit Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha
GesheScholar, expert in Buddhist philosophy Tibetan Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Tibetan Buddhist teacher
HakuinWhite circle, emptiness Japanese Hakuin Ekaku, Japanese Zen master
HiroshiGenerous, virtuous Japanese
IndraKing of the gods in Hinduism Sanskrit
JigmeFearless Tibetan Jigme Phuntsok, Tibetan Buddhist master
JizoBodhisattva who protects children and travelers Japanese Jizo Bosatsu, a popular deity in Japanese Buddhism
KakuCrane Japanese
KannonBodhisattva of compassion Japanese
KarmapaHead of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism Tibetan 16th Karmapa, prominent Tibetan Buddhist teacher
KhenpoScholar, teacher Tibetan Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso, Tibetan Buddhist teacher
KshitigarbhaBodhisattva who saves beings from the hell realms Sanskrit Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva, revered in East Asian Buddhism
LobsangKindness, compassion Tibetan Lobsang Rampa, British author and purported Tibetan monk
MaitreyaFuture Buddha, loving kindness Sanskrit Maitreya Buddha, the Buddha-to-be
ManjushriBodhisattva of wisdom Sanskrit Manjushri Bodhisattva, revered in Mahayana Buddhism
MilarepaCotton clad Tibetan Milarepa, Tibetan Buddhist yogi and poet
MingyurLimitless radiance Tibetan Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist teacher
NagarjunaPhilosopher who developed Madhyamaka school of Buddhist philosophy Sanskrit Nagarjuna, Indian Buddhist philosopher
NalandaName of an ancient Buddhist university Sanskrit
NaropaIndian Buddhist master who founded the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism Sanskrit Naropa University, Buddhist-inspired university in Colorado
NorbuJewel Tibetan Norbu Chen, Tibetan Buddhist master
PemaLotus Tibetan Pema Chodron, American Buddhist teacher and author
PrajnaWisdom Sanskrit Prajnaparamita, Buddhist text on the perfection of wisdom
RatnaJewel Sanskrit
RinpochePrecious one Tibetan Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist teacher
SanghaBuddhist community Sanskrit
SariputtaOne of the Buddha's main disciples Pali
ShakyamuniThe sage of the Shakya clan, epithet for the Buddha Sanskrit
ShantidevaIndian Buddhist master who wrote "The Way of the Bodhisattva" Sanskrit Shantideva Center, Buddhist center in New York City
ShinranFounder of the Jodo Shinshu school of Pure Land Buddhism Japanese Shinran Shonin, Japanese Buddhist teacher
SiddharthaName of the Buddha before his enlightenment Sanskrit Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha
SogyalEnlightened mind Tibetan Sogyal Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist teacher and author
SumedhaOne who has wisdom Sanskrit Sumedha Buddha, a previous Buddha
SuryaSun god in Hinduism Sanskrit
SutraBuddhist scripture Sanskrit
TenzinHolder of teachings Tibetan Tenzin Gyatso,
ThichRespectful Vietnamese Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist
ThubtenOne who has realized emptiness Tibetan Thubten Chodron, American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun
TilopaIndian Buddhist master who founded the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism Sanskrit Tilopa's Mahamudra Upadesha, text on meditation
TrinleyOne who is victorious in all directions Tibetan Trinley Thaye Dorje, Tibetan Buddhist teacher and head of the Karma Kagyu lineage
TsoknyiPure expression Tibetan Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist teacher
UpasakaBuddhist lay practitioner Sanskrit Upasaka Kee Nanayon, Thai Buddhist teacher
UpekshaEquanimity Sanskrit
UtpalaLotus Sanskrit
VasubandhuIndian Buddhist philosopher who developed the Yogacara school of Buddhist philosophy Sanskrit Vasubandhu's Abhidharmakosha, text on Buddhist psychology
VimalakirtiLay disciple of the Buddha who was renowned for his wisdom Sanskrit Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra, text on the nature of reality
VirupaIndian Buddhist master who practiced Mahamudra meditation Sanskrit Virupa's Mahamudra, text on meditation
VajrapaniBodhisattva who embodies the power of the Buddha's teachings Sanskrit
YamantakaWrathful manifestation of Manjushri, who is the embodiment of wisdom Sanskrit Yamantaka practice, a tantric practice in Tibetan Buddhism
YontenGood qualities Tibetan
YuimaName of a monk who studied Zen in China Japanese
ZasepName of a Tibetan Buddhist lineage Tibetan Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist teacher
ZhiyiChinese Buddhist monk who founded the Tiantai school of Chinese Buddhism Chinese Zhiyi's Mohe Zhiguan, text on meditation
ZhongMiddle way, moderation Chinese Zhongfeng Mingben, Chinese Buddhist master
ZopaExcellent qualities Tibetan Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist teacher
AlexDefender of the people Bulgarian Alex Kovatchev, Alex Petrov
AngelAngelic Bulgarian Angel Petrov, Angel Kanchev
AntonPriceless Bulgarian Anton Pampoulov, Anton Zingarevich
AsenHealthy, robust Bulgarian Asen Dzhebarov, Asen Aleksandrov
AtanasImmortal Bulgarian Atanas Burov, Atanas Dalchev
AtanasijeImmortal Serbian Atanasije Stojković
AttilaFather-like, great leader Hungarian Attila the Hun
BlagoKind, gentle Bulgarian Blago Kirov, Blago Zhelev
BlagoslavBlessed glory Bulgarian Blagoslav Toshev
BlagovestGood news Bulgarian Blagovest Hadzhiev, Blagovest Georgiev
BojanBattle, war Bulgarian Bojan Dimitrov, Bojan Leontiev
BorisFighter, warrior Bulgarian Borisov, Borisov
BorislavBattle glory Bulgarian Borislav Mihaylov, Borislav Todorov
BoyanBattle, war Bulgarian Boyan Petrov, Boyan Doychev
BoykoBattle, war Bulgarian Boyko Borisov, Boyko Kolev
BranislavProtection, glory Bulgarian Branislav Ivanov, Branislav Cholakov
CvetanFlowering Bulgarian Cvetan Cholakov, Cvetan Krastev
DeyanDivine Bulgarian Deyan Stamatov, Deyan Gavrilov
DimitarEarth-lover Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov, Dimitar Popov
DobriGood Bulgarian Dobri Hristov, Dobri Voynikov
DobrinGood, kind Bulgarian Dobrin Petkov, Dobrin Ivanov
DragomirPrecious, beloved Bulgarian Dragomir Kolev, Dragomir Peshev
EmilIndustrious Bulgarian Emil Dimitrov, Emil Hristov
EvgeniWell-born, noble Bulgarian Evgeni Minchev, Evgeni Gospodinov
GeorgiFarmer Bulgarian Georgi Ivanov, Georgi Markov
HristoChrist-like Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov, Hristo Bonev
IliyaMy God is Yahweh Bulgarian Iliya Iliev, Iliya Yordanov
IvanGod is gracious Bulgarian Ivan Vazov, Ivan Papanin
KaloyanBeautiful, noble Bulgarian Kaloyan Tsintsarski, Kaloyan Stoyanov
KamenStone Bulgarian Kamen Vodenicharov, Kamen Donev
KirilLordly, masterful Bulgarian Kiril Yanev, Kiril Terziev
KrasimirBeautiful, famous Bulgarian Krasimir Balakov, Krasimir Bezinski
KristianChristian Bulgarian Kristian Kostov, Kristian Hadzhiev
LachezarHappy, joyful Bulgarian Lachezar Stefanov, Lachezar Ganev
LyubenLoveable Bulgarian Lyuben Dilov, Lyuben Karavelov
MarinOf the sea Bulgarian Marin Naidenov, Marin Bodakov
MihailWho is like God? Bulgarian Mihail Videnov, Mihail Dachev
MilenKind, gracious Bulgarian Milen Dobrev, Milen Vrabevski
MilkoMerciful, gracious Bulgarian Milko Kalaydzhiev, Milko Yovchev
MiroslavPeaceful, glorious Bulgarian Miroslav Kostadinov, Miroslav Gaidarov
MitkoBeloved Bulgarian Mitko Todorov, Mitko Dimitrov
NedelchoSunday-born Bulgarian Nedelcho Dimitrov, Nedelcho Bonchev
NikolayVictorious people Bulgarian Nikolay Georgiev, Nikolay Boyadjiev
OgnianFiery Bulgarian Ognian Golev, Ognian Georgiev
PaskalBorn at Easter Bulgarian Paskal Tonchev, Paskal Kukov
PetarRock Bulgarian Petar Beron, Petar
PlamenFlame Bulgarian Plamen Simeonov, Plamen Donev
RadoslavJoyful, happy Bulgarian Radoslav Naydenov, Radoslav Gospodinov
RadostinJoyful Bulgarian Radostin Stoyanov, Radostin Tsanev
RangelAngelic, blessed Bulgarian Rangel Valkov, Rangel Gerov
RosenRose Bulgarian Rosen Plevneliev, Rosen Milanov
SavaSaint Sava Bulgarian Sava Dobroplodni, Sava Ognyanov
SlaviFamous Bulgarian Slavi Trifonov, Slavi Binev
StanimirFirm, unyielding Bulgarian Stanimir Stoilov, Stanimir Alexandrov
StankoStandalone Bulgarian Stanko Todorov, Stanko Fenerdjiev
StefanCrown Bulgarian Stefan Stambolov, Stefan Yanev
SvetlinLight Bulgarian Svetlin Rusev, Svetlin Nakov
SvetoslavGlorious light Bulgarian Svetoslav Roerich, Svetoslav Milev
TihomirPeaceful world Bulgarian Tihomir Yosifov, Tihomir Botev
TodorGod's gift Bulgarian Todor Kableshkov, Todor Jivkov
ValentinStrong, healthy Bulgarian Valentin Stoilov, Valentin Madzharov
VasilKing, royal Bulgarian Vasil Levski, Vasil Zlatarski
VelizarProtecting ruler Bulgarian Velizar Enchev, Velizar Dimitrov
VenelinWave Bulgarian Venelin Ganev, Venelin Georgiev
YordanDescending Bulgarian Yordan Yovchev, Yordan Minev
YosifGod shall multiply Bulgarian Yosif Cheshmedzhiev, Yosif Naumov
ZdravkoHealthy, robust Bulgarian Zdravko Chakalov, Zdravko Zdravkov
Akaki"autumn" or "harvest" Georgian Akaki Tsereteli, Georgian poet and public figure
Akakios"not evil" Greek Saint Akakios, Christian martyr
Akiva"he who protects" Hebrew Rabbi Akiva, prominent Jewish sage
Akmal"perfection" or "excellence" Arabic Akmal Ikramov, Uzbekistani footballer
Akop"he who follows" Armenian Akop Ter-Margaryan, Armenian painter
Aleksandre"defender of man" Georgian Aleksandre Kazbegi, Georgian writer and public figure
Amiran"eternal" Georgian Amiran-Darejaniani, legendary Georgian hero
Anania"God is gracious" Georgian Anania Shirakatsi, Armenian philosopher and mathematician
Andria"manly" Georgian Andria Balanchivadze, Georgian composer and conductor
Anzor"star" Georgian Anzor Kavazashvili, Georgian wrestler
Archil"brave" or "daring" Georgian Archil Gomiashvili, Georgian actor
Asatiani"son of Asat" Georgian Konstantine Asatiani, Georgian writer and public figure
Avtandil"sunshine" Georgian Avtandil Gorgasali, legendary Georgian king
Bachana"freedom" Georgian Bachana Apakidze, Georgian wrestler
Badri"myrtle tree" Georgian Badri Patarkatsishvili, Georgian businessman and politician
Bagrat"bearer of the royal seal" Georgian Bagrat III, King of Georgia
Bakar"firstborn" Georgian Bakar Kvezereli, Georgian footballer
Bakur"north" Georgian Bakuriani, Georgian ski resort
Beka"servant of God" Georgian Beka Gviniashvili, Georgian judoka
Besarion"visionary" or "prophet" Georgian Besarion Gabashvili, Georgian painter
Bidzina"eternal" Georgian Bidzina Ivanishvili, Georgian businessman and politician
Buta"bull" Georgian Buta Robakidze, Georgian writer and public figure
Chakhvash"brave" or "courageous" Georgian Chakhvash Chakhvashvili, Georgian wrestler
Chemen"mountain" Georgian Chemen Kurdadze, Georgian wrestler
Davit"beloved" Georgian Davit Gareji, Georgian Christian monk and saint
Demetre"earth-lover" Georgian Demetre Tavdadebuli, Georgian writer and public figure
Devi"lion" Georgian Devi Chankotadze, Georgian wrestler
Dito"gift of God" Georgian Dito Tsintsadze, Georgian footballer
Dodi"beloved" Georgian Dodi Al Fayed, Egyptian businessman
Edik"wealthy" or "blessed" Georgian Edik Baghdasaryan, Armenian weightlifter
Elguja"sun" Georgian Elguja Medzmariashvili, Georgian wrestler
Elia"my God is Yahweh" Georgian Elia Kazan, Greek-American director and writer
Eliso"chosen by God" Georgian Eliso Chapidze, Georgian writer and translator
Erekle"luminous" or "shining" Georgian Erekle II, King of Georgia
Ermile"merciful" Georgian Ermile Tsikhiseli, Georgian wrestler
Esmaeil"God will hear" Persian Esmaeil Mihandoost, Iranian footballer
Gagi"dear" or "beloved" Georgian Gagi Tchanturia, Georgian wrestler
Gaga"joy" or "happiness" Georgian Gaga Gabrichidze, Georgian footballer
Gela"brave" or "daring" Georgian Gela Babluani, Georgian-French filmmaker
Gelovani"son of Gelov" Georgian Sofiko Chiaureli, Georgian actress and singer
George"farmer" or "earth-worker" Greek George Balanchine, Georgian-American choreographer
Giorgi"farmer" or "earth-worker" Georgian Giorgi Gakharia, Georgian politician
Givi"brave" or "courageous" Georgian Givi Nodia, Georgian footballer
Goderdzi"follower of God" Georgian Goderdzi Chokheli, Georgian wrestler
Guram"great" or "illustrious" Georgian Guram Kashia, Georgian footballer
Gurgen"wolf" Armenian Gurgen Dalibaltayan, Armenian weightlifter
Iago"supplanter" Georgian Iago Aspas, Spanish footballer
Iakob"supplanter" Georgian Iakob Gogebashvili, Georgian educator and writer
Iaroslav"fierce and glorious" Slavic Iaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev
Iason"healer" Georgian Iason Abramashvili, Georgian swimmer
Ilia"God is my salvation" Georgian Ilia Chavchavadze, Georgian writer and political figure
Ioseb"may he add" Georgian Ioseb Grishashvili, Georgian writer and literary critic
Irakli"from Hera" Georgian Irakli Alasania, Georgian politician
Iuri"farmer" or "earth-worker" Georgian Iuri Abuladze, Georgian wrestler
Jaba"much loved" or "beloved" Georgian Jaba Kankava, Georgian footballer
Jambul"sprout" or "shoot" Georgian Jambul Dzneladze, Georgian wrestler
Jemal"beauty" Georgian Jemal Ananidze, Georgian footballer
Jondo"gift of God" Georgian Jondo Kakhidze, Georgian wrestler
Kaha"brave" or "valiant" Georgian Kaha Imnadze, Georgian footballer
Kakhaber"follower of Christ" Georgian Kakhaber Kaladze, Georgian footballer and politician
Kaxa"king" Georgian Kaxa Bendukidze, Georgian businessman and politician
Khachatur"cross-bearer" Armenian Khachatur Abovian, Armenian writer and national public figure
Khvicha"of the sea" Georgian Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, Georgian footballer
Koba"supplanter" Georgian Koba Davitashvili, Georgian rugby player
Konstantin"steadfast" or "constant" Greek Konstantin Gamsakhurdia, Georgian writer and public figure
Kote"keeper of the hearth" Georgian Kote Makharadze, Georgian footballer
Lado"lion" Georgian Lado Gudiashvili, Georgian painter
Levan"lion" Georgian Levan Mchedlidze, Georgian footballer
Luka"bringer of light" Georgian Luka Modric, Croatian footballer
Malkhaz"servant of Christ" Georgian Malkhaz Asatiani, Georgian wrestler
Mamuka"brave" or "valiant" Georgian Mamuka Areshidze, Georgian footballer
Manuchar"hero" Georgian Manuchar Kvirkvelia, Georgian footballer
Mariam"bitter" or "beloved" Georgian Mariam Kinkladze, Georgian journalist
Medea"ruler" or "queen" Georgian Medea Chakhava, Georgian architect
Merab"bringer of light" Georgian Merab Ninidze, Georgian actor
Mikheil"who is like God?" Georgian Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgian politician
Mose"drawn out of the water" Georgian Mose Fanunu, Georgian rugby player
Nana"grace" or "favor" Georgian Nana Dzhordzhikia, Georgian actress
Natia"hope" or "expectation" Georgian Natia Gogolashvili, Georgian fencer
Nikoloz"victorious people" Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili, Georgian tennis player
Nika"victorious people" Georgian Nika Kacharava, Georgian rugby player
Otar"heard by God" Georgian Otar Korghalidze, Georgian composer
Otari"heard by God" Georgian Otari Kvantrishvili, Georgian wrestler
Pavle"small" or "humble" Georgian Pavle Ingorokva, Georgian historian and politician
Petre"rock" Georgian Petre Otskheli, Georgian wrestler
Ramaz"lofty" or "exalted" Georgian Ramaz Shengelia, Georgian footballer
Revaz"regal" or "royal" Georgian Revaz Gabichvadze, Georgian footballer
Roman"of Rome" Latin Roman Abramovich, Russian businessman and politician
Rusudan"rose" Georgian Rusudan Petviashvili, Georgian actress
Saba"Sabian" (from the ancient civilization of Saba) Georgian Saba Aslamazishvili, Georgian footballer
Samson"sun" or "service" Hebrew Samson Khukhashvili, Georgian actor
Sandro"defender of men" Georgian Sandro Botticelli, Italian painter
Shalva"salvation" Georgian Shalva Kiknavelidze, Georgian footballer
Shota"short" or "little one" Georgian Shota Arveladze, Georgian footballer
Soso"the savior" Georgian Soso Liparteliani, Georgian judoka
Tamaz"son of Tamara" Georgian Tamaz Gamkrelidze, Georgian linguist
Tariel"heaven's gift" Georgian Tariel Dadiani, Georgian prince and military commander
Teimuraz"brave as iron" Georgian Teimuraz Kereselidze, Georgian wrestler
Temur"iron" Georgian Temur Ketsbaia, Georgian footballer
Tengiz"sea" or "ocean" Georgian Tengiz Sulakvelidze, Georgian microbiologist
Teodore"gift of God" Georgian Teodore Kvikvinia, Georgian composer
Teimur"iron" Georgian Teimurazi Modebadze, Georgian wrestler
Tornike"twin" Georgian Tornike Okriashvili, Georgian footballer
Ushangi"lion" Georgian Ushangi Kokauri, Georgian wrestler
Vakhtang"wolf" or "battle" Georgian Vakhtang I of Iberia, Georgian king
Valeri"strong" or "healthy" Georgian Valeri Kharlamov, Russian ice hockey player
Vano"gracious gift" Georgian Vano Zodelava, Georgian footballer
Varlam"bold and powerful" Georgian Varlam Liparteliani, Georgian judoka
Vazha"wolf" or "battle" Georgian Vazha Pshavela, Georgian writer and poet
Vazgen"excellence" or "praiseworthy" Armenian Vazgen I, Armenian Catholicos
Vigen"vigorous" or "strong" Armenian Vigen Chaldranyan, Armenian wrestler
Vakhtang-Gorgasali"wolf of the forest" Georgian Vakhtang I Gorgasali, Georgian king
Vladimer"renowned ruler" Georgian Vladimer Khinchegashvili, Georgian wrestler
Yakob"supplanter" Georgian Yakob Makharashvili, Georgian wrestler
Zurab"lord" or "master" Georgian Zurab Zhvania, Georgian politician
Zaal"heart" or "soul" Georgian Zaal Udumashvili, Georgian journalist
Zaur"strong as a mountain" Azerbaijani Zaur Kaloyev, Russian architect and businessman
Zaza"golden" or "precious" Georgian Zaza Pachulia, Georgian basketball player
Zviad"life" or "living" Georgian Zviad Gamsakhurdia, Georgian writer and politician
Zurabishvili"son of Zurab" Georgian Salome Zurabishvili, Georgian politician and diplomat
AbelBreath Hungarian Abel Tasman (Dutch explorer)
AdorjanOne who is worshipped Hungarian Adorján F. Kovács (Hungarian filmmaker)
AgostonGreat Hungarian Agoston Haraszthy (Hungarian-American pioneer of California wine)
AkosWhite falcon Hungarian Akos Kertesz (Hungarian musician)
AlbertNoble and bright Hungarian Albert Einstein (German physicist)
AlmosSleep Hungarian Almos' mother was Emese (mythological figure in Hungarian history)
AmbrusImmortal Hungarian Ambrus Kyri (Hungarian basketball player)
AndorManly and strong Hungarian Andor Foldes (Hungarian pianist)
AndrasManly and strong Hungarian Andras Hadik (Hungarian soldier)
AntalPriceless one Hungarian Antal Dorati (Hungarian conductor)
ArpadFrom Arpad Hungarian Arpad dynasty (ruling family of Hungary)
AttilaFather-like Hungarian Attila the Hun (ruler of the Huns)
AurelGolden Hungarian Aurel Stodola (Slovak engineer and inventor)
BalazsRoyal Hungarian Balazs Dzsudzsak (Hungarian football player)
BarnaBrown Hungarian Barna Kabay (Hungarian fencer)
BarnabasSon of consolation Hungarian Barnabas Pocsi (Hungarian-American violinist)
BelaWhite Hungarian Bela Bartok (Hungarian composer)
BenedekBlessed Hungarian Benedek Varady (Hungarian chess player)
BeniBlessed Hungarian Beni Kiss (Hungarian handball player)
BotondScepter Hungarian Botond Barath (Hungarian football player)
CsabaSheperd Hungarian Csaba Markus (Hungarian artist)
CsanadKing of kings Hungarian Csanad Szegedi (Hungarian politician)
CsongorSong Hungarian Csongor Kassai (Hungarian football player)
DaliborFar and wide Hungarian Dalibor Kesic (Croatian football player)
DánielGod is my judge Hungarian Dániel Gyurta (Hungarian swimmer)
DénesFertile Hungarian Dénes Kovács (Hungarian water polo player)
DomonkosBelonging to the Lord Hungarian Domonkos Varga (Hungarian water polo player)
DorianOf the sea Hungarian Dorian Antipa (Romanian biologist)
DzsamalCamel Hungarian Dzsamal Pasha (Ottoman governor)
EdvardWealthy guardian Hungarian Edvard Beneš (Czech statesman)
EmilTo strive or excel Hungarian Emil Zatopek (Czech long-distance runner)
EndreManly and virile Hungarian Endre Ady (Hungarian poet)
ErnoEagle Hungarian Erno Rubik (Hungarian inventor of Rubik's Cube)
FerencFree Hungarian Ferenc Puskas (Hungarian football player)
FerkoFree Hungarian Ferko Stringari (Italian ice hockey player)
FidelFaithful Hungarian Fidel Castro (Cuban revolutionary and politician)
GaborGod's bravest man Hungarian Gabor Kiraly (Hungarian football player)
GellertSpear strength Hungarian Gellert Hill (hill in Budapest)
GergelyVigilant or watchful Hungarian Gergely Karacsony (Hungarian politician)
GyulaJewel Hungarian Gyula Grosics (Hungarian football player)
IstvanCrown Hungarian Istvan Szabo (Hungarian filmmaker)
JanosGod is gracious Hungarian Janos Arany (Hungarian poet)
JozsefGod will increase Hungarian Jozsef Mindszenty (Hungarian cardinal)
JozsiGod will increase Hungarian Jozsi Rigo (Hungarian football player)
KalmanStrong and manly Hungarian Kalman Szekfu (Hungarian fencer)
KarolyFree man Hungarian Karoly Takacs (Hungarian shooter)
KasparTreasure bearer Hungarian Kaspar Miklos (Hungarian football player)
KendeArrogant Hungarian Kende Gyorgy (Hungarian weightlifter)
KevinHandsome or kind Hungarian Kevin Turek (Hungarian football player)
KiralyKingly Hungarian Kiraly Marton (Hungarian boxer)
KolosGlorious people Hungarian Kolos Kovacs (Hungarian football player)
LaszloGlorious rule Hungarian Laszlo Csatary (Hungarian war criminal)
LeventeUnconquered hero Hungarian Levente Szuper (Hungarian ice hockey player)
LorantFamous warrior Hungarian Lorant Hegedus (Hungarian politician)
LórándTo praise Hungarian Lóránd Eötvös (Hungarian physicist)
MárkOf Mars, the god of war Hungarian Márk Béres (Hungarian football player)
MartonWarlike Hungarian Marton Fulop (Hungarian football player)
MateGift of God Hungarian Mate Kocsis (Hungarian football player)
MatyasGift of God Hungarian Matyas Rakosi (Hungarian politician)
MiklosVictory of the people Hungarian Miklos Horthy (Hungarian admiral and politician)
MisiWho is like God? Hungarian Misi Kovacs (Hungarian football player)
MóricDark-skinned Hungarian Móric Benyovszky (Slovak adventurer)
MórDark-skinned Hungarian Mór Jókai (Hungarian writer)
NandorBrave or adventurous Hungarian Nandor Hidegkuti (Hungarian football player)
NorbertBright hero Hungarian Norbert Michelisz (Hungarian racing driver)
OdonWealthy defender Hungarian Odon Mellenyi (Hungarian fencer)
PalSmall Hungarian Pal Losonczi (Hungarian racing driver)
PeterRock Hungarian Peter Gulacsi (Hungarian football player)
PálmaPalm tree Hungarian Pálma Bucsi (Hungarian animator)
PatrikNobleman Hungarian Patrik Schick (Czech football player with Hungarian ancestry)
PéterRock Hungarian Peter Gulacsi (Hungarian football player)
PongracAll-powerful Hungarian Pongrac Pongracz (Hungarian sculptor)
RadvanJoyful messenger Hungarian Radvan Bahbouh (Hungarian football player)
RaulWolf counsellor Hungarian Raul Brindis (Mexican-American radio personality)
RezsoFamous wolf Hungarian Rezso Seress (Hungarian composer)
RobertBright fame Hungarian Robert Capa (Hungarian war photographer)
RóbertBright fame Hungarian Róbert Feczesin (Hungarian football player)
RolandFamous throughout the land Hungarian Roland Juhasz (Hungarian football player)
RudolfFamous wolf Hungarian Rudolf Hess (German politician)
SámuelHeard by God Hungarian Sámuel Erdelyi (Hungarian drummer)
SandorDefender of mankind Hungarian Sandor Marai (Hungarian writer)
SándorDefender of mankind Hungarian Sándor Weöres (Hungarian poet)
SimonGod has heard Hungarian Simon Kjaer (Danish football player with Hungarian ancestry)
SomaSon Hungarian Soma Novothny (Hungarian football player)
SulejmanMan of peace Hungarian Sulejman Halilovic (Bosnian-Hungarian football player)
SzabolcsFreedom Hungarian Szabolcs Huszti (Hungarian football player)
SzilardRuler of victory Hungarian Szilard Nemeth (Slovak-Hungarian football player)
TamasTwin Hungarian Tamas Hajnal
TiborOf the Tiber river Hungarian Tibor Szasz (Hungarian football player)
TimurIron Hungarian Timur Lenk (Central Asian conqueror)
TivadarGift of God Hungarian Tivadar Csontvary Kosztka (Hungarian painter)
TódorGift of God Hungarian Tódor Balázs (Hungarian composer)
TomasTwin Hungarian Tomas Rosicky (Czech football player with Hungarian ancestry)
TündeFairy Hungarian Tünde Handó (Hungarian jurist)
UgorTo jump Hungarian Ugor Varga (Hungarian handball player)
UjvariFrom Ujvar Hungarian -
UrbanOf the city Hungarian Urban Lendvai (Hungarian football player)
UrsBear Hungarian Urs Buergler (Swiss-Hungarian speed skater)
VencelVictorious Hungarian Vencel Keresztes (Hungarian handball player)
VilmosWill, desire, protection Hungarian Vilmos Zsigmond (Hungarian-American cinematographer)
VirgilStaff bearer Hungarian Virgil Van Dijk (Dutch football player with Hungarian ancestry)
ViktorConqueror Hungarian Viktor Orban (Hungarian politician)
VinceConqueror Hungarian Vince Lombardi (American football coach)
VitézBrave Hungarian Vitézslav Lavička (Czech-Hungarian football player)
ZalanTo wander Hungarian Zalan Szalontay (Hungarian water polo player)
ZoltanLife, king Hungarian Zoltan Gera (Hungarian football player)
AhanuHe laughs Algonquin Ahanu: First man on earth in Hopi mythology
AkandoAmbush Hopi -
AlawaPea Algonquin Alawa: Brother of the sun in Algonquin mythology
AmadahyForest water Cherokee Amadahy: Corn goddess in Cherokee mythology
AmitolaRainbow Cherokee -
AnokiActor Inuit -
Ata'halne'He interrupts Navajo -
AtsidiBlacksmith Navajo Atsidi: Creator of the first Navajo silver jewelry
AwanSomebody Miwok Awan: Creator god in Miwok mythology
AyawamatOne who follows orders Algonquin -
BlyHigh, tall Native American Blythe Spirit: Character in a Native American-themed play by Noel Coward
CatoriSpirit Hopi -
ChaytonFalcon Sioux Chayton: Hawk spirit in Sioux mythology
ChoganBlackbird Algonquin -
CiqalaLittle one Lakota -
CloudCloud Native American Cloud Dancing: Character in the TV show "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"
CochiseWood Apache Cochise: Leader of the Chiricahua Apache
ComanchePeople of the plains Comanche Comanche: Native American tribe of the Great Plains
CrowCrow Native American Crow: Native American tribe of the Great Plains
DeganawidahTwo rivers flowing together Iroquois Deganawidah: Founder of the Iroquois Confederacy
DekanawidaBearer of two rivers Mohawk -
DenaliThe great one Native American Denali: Mountain in Alaska considered sacred by some Native American tribes
EadricWealthy ruler Native American -
EdonFire Native American -
ElanFriendly Native American Elan: Male lead in the book "Shadow Dance" by Julie Garwood
ElsuFlying falcon Cherokee -
EnapayBrave Sioux -
EtuSun Cherokee -
GalilahiAttractive Cherokee -
GeronimoHoly name Apache Geronimo: Leader of the Chiricahua Apache who fought against American expansion
GunturkunCondor of the dawn Mapuche -
HakanFire Sioux -
HalokeSalmon Native American -
HaniaSpirit warrior Hopi -
HavasuBlue-green water Havasupai Havasu: Native American tribe of Arizona known for their blue-green waterfalls
HelakuSunny Cherokee -
HonaniBadger Hopi Honani: Katsinam or spirit beings in Hopi mythology
HosaiaLong life Navajo -
HototoWarrior spirit who sings Hopi -
HowahkanMysterious voice Sioux -
HumaEagle Hopi Huma: Symbol of strength and courage in Hopi mythology
IakopaThe laughing one Hopi -
IchabodDeparted glory Native American Ichabod Crane: Character in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving
IdawenStrong Navajo -
ImalaDisciplinarian Sioux -
InaliBlack fox Cherokee -
InyanRock Sioux Inyan: Creator god in Sioux mythology
IshiMan Yahi Ishi: Last known member of the Yahi tribe in California
IstaqaCoyote man Hopi -
IztliBlood Aztec -
JacyMoon Native American -
JolonValley of the dead oaks Native American -
KachinaSpirit Hopi Kachina: Spirit beings in Hopi mythology
KajikaWalks without sound Native American -
KangeeCrow Sioux -
KantiSings Hopi -
KasaDressed in furs Hopi -
KeleSparrow Native American -
KemeSecret Hopi -
KenaiFlat land Native American Kenai: Town in Alaska
KibweStrong Swahili -
KitchiBrave Algonquin -
KoaBrave Hawaiian -
KodaFriend Sioux Koda: Character in "Brother Bear"
KolbyCoal village Native American -
KoaBrave Hawaiian -
KodaFriend Sioux Koda: Character in "Brother Bear"
KolbyCoal village Native American -
KotoriScreech owl spirit Hopi -
KuckunniwiLittle wolf Shawnee -
KuekuatsheuRough-legged buzzard Innu -
KusinLong life Navajo -
KwahuEagle Hopi -
LaiCloud Hopi -
LaloFeather Hopi -
LangundoTriumph Chewa -
LomasiPretty flower Native American -
LuyuWild dove Cherokee -
MachkBear Sioux -
MakwaBear Native American -
MaloThe one who tries Native American -
MantotohpaFour bears Sioux -
MaralahBorn during an earthquake Native American -
MaskaStrong Inuit -
MatchitehewHe has an evil heart Cree -
MatoGrizzly bear Native American -
MazaIron Sioux -
MeoquaneeThe feather Winnebago -
MeturatoA fierce deity Shuar -
MigisiEagle Ojibwe -
MikasiCoyote Native American -
MikiMedicine Hopi -
MisuRippling brook Mi'kmaq -
MokiDeer Hopi -
MokihanaGreen fern Hawaiian -
MoniAlone Hopi -
MosiCat Native American -
MunaOverflowing spring Hopi -
NantanChief Navajo -
NashobaWolf Choctaw -
NawkawWood Winnebago -
NeeheeoeewootisScarlet-plumed bird Blackfoot -
NeolinSpiritual leader Delaware -
NephtaliMy wrestling Hopi -
NiganAhead Ojibwe -
NodinWind Ojibwe -
NootauFire Algonquin -
NoshFather Mi'kmaq -
NykkoCenter of the universe Hopi -
OdakotaFriend Sioux -
OgimaChief Ojibwe -
OhankoReckless Sioux -
OlatheBeautiful Shawnee Olathe: City in Kansas
OnaconaWhite owl Muskogee -
OnawaWide awake Iroquois Onawa: City in Iowa
OsceolaBlack drink singer Creek Osceola: Seminole leader
Pachu'aFeather Hopi -
PahanaLost white brother Hopi -
PakunaWater bird Hopi -
PatwinMan Wintun -
PaytahFire Sioux -
PetaGolden eagle Blackfoot -
PowaqaWitch Hopi -
QaletaqaGuardian of the people Hopi -
QochataWhite man Ute -
QuanahFragrant Comanche Quanah: Comanche leader
Abel"Breath" or "Vanity" Hebrew Abelardo Vásquez Zuleta (Colombian writer)
Abraham"Father of many" Hebrew Abraham Valdelomar (Peruvian writer)
Adán"Man" or "Earth" Hebrew Adán Quiroga (Argentinian politician)
Adolfo"Noble wolf" German Adolfo Suárez (Spanish politician)
Agustín"Venerable" or "Great" Latin Agustín Gamarra (Peruvian president)
Alan"Little rock" Celtic Alan García (Peruvian president)
Alejandro"Defender" or "Protector" Greek Alejandro Toledo (Peruvian president)
Alex"Defender" or "Protector" Greek Alex Acosta (Peruvian footballer)
Alfonso"Noble and ready" Germanic Alfonso Barrantes (Peruvian politician)
Alonso"Noble and ready" Germanic Alonso Cueto (Peruvian writer)
Amador"Lover" or "Beloved" Latin Amador Ballumbrosio (Peruvian musician)
Amancio"Loving" Latin Amancio Williams (Argentinian architect)
Amaro"Bitter" Latin Amaro Rodríguez Felipe (Spanish cyclist)
Amilcar"Friend of the town" Latin Amilcar Cabral (Guinea-Bissauan politician)
Amos"Burden" or "Bearer" Hebrew Amos Oz (Israeli writer)
Aníbal"Grace of Baal" or "Merciful" Phoenician Aníbal Barca (Carthaginian general)
Anthony"Priceless" Latin Anthony Hopkins (Welsh actor)
Antonino"Priceless" Latin Antonino López de Santa Anna (Mexican president)
Aquiles"Pain" or "Lipless" Greek Aquiles Serdán (Mexican revolutionary)
Arístides"Best" or "Excellence" Greek Aristides de Sousa Mendes (Portuguese diplomat)
Arturo"Bear" or "Strong as a bear" Celtic Arturo Merzario (Italian racing driver)
Aurelio"Golden" or "The golden one" Latin Aurelio Martínez (Honduran musician)
Axel"Father of peace" Hebrew Axel Kicillof (Argentinian economist and politician)
Bautista"Baptist" or "One who baptizes" Latin Juan Bautista Alberdi (Argentinian lawyer and writer)
Benjamín"Son of the right hand" or "Favored" Hebrew Benjamín Bratt (American actor)
Bernabé"Son of the prophet" or "Brave as a bear" Greek Bernabéu stadium (Real Madrid football stadium)
Bruno"Brown" Germanic Bruno Mars (American singer-songwriter)
Camilo"Free-born" or "Messenger" Latin Camilo José Cela (Spanish writer)
Carlos"Free man" or "Strong" Germanic Carlos Fuentes (Mexican writer)
César"Head of hair" or "Long haired" Latin César Vallejo (Peruvian poet)
Christian"Follower of Christ" Latin Christian Cueva (Peruvian footballer)
Claudio"Lame" or "Limping" Latin Claudio Abbado (Italian conductor)
Cristóbal"Bearer of Christ" or "One who carries Christ" Greek Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus)
Damián"To tame" or "Subdue" Greek Damián Alcázar (Mexican actor)
Daniel"God is my judge" Hebrew Daniel Alarcón (Peruvian writer)
Dario"Kingly" or "Royal" Persian Darío Fo (Italian playwright and actor)
David"Beloved" or "Friend" Hebrew David Byrne (Scottish-American musician)
Diego"Supplanter" or "He who replaces" Greek Diego Maradona (Argentinian footballer)
Dimas"Tamed" or "Subdued" Greek Dimas Pineda (Peruvian footballer)
Domingo"Lord's day" or "Of the Lord" Latin Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (Argentinian president)
Edgardo"Wealthy spear" or "Fortunate and powerful" English Edgardo Bauza (Argentinian football coach)
Eduardo"Wealthy guardian" or "Rich guard" English Eduardo Galeano (Uruguayan writer)
Efraín"Fruitful" or "Very productive" Hebrew Efraín Ríos Montt (Guatemalan dictator)
Elías"My God is Yahweh" Hebrew Elías Figueroa (Chilean footballer)
Emiliano"Rival" or "Eager to emulate" Latin Emiliano Zapata (Mexican revolutionary)
Enrique"Ruler of the household" or "House owner" Germanic Enrique Iglesias (Spanish singer)
Esteban"Crown" or "Garland" Greek Esteban Echeverría (Argentinian writer)
Eusebio"Pious" or "Devout" Greek Eusebio Kino (Italian missionary and explorer)
Fabián"Bean grower" or "Bean farmer" Latin Fabián Mazzei (Argentinian actor)
Felipe"Lover of horses" or "Friend of horses" Greek Felipe VI (King of Spain)
Fernando"Adventurous" or "Traveler" Germanic Fernando Botero (Colombian artist)
Francisco"Free man" or "Frenchman" Latin Francisco de Goya (Spanish painter)
Gabriel"God is my strength" or "Hero of God" Hebrew Gabriel García Márquez (Colombian writer)
Gael"Stranger" or "Foreigner" Celtic Gael García Bernal (Mexican actor)
Gaspar"Treasure master" or "Treasure bringer" Persian Gaspar Noé (Argentinian filmmaker)
Genaro"January" or "Of January" Latin Genaro García Luna (Mexican politician)
Germán"Brother" or "Of the same kin" Germanic Germán Garmendia (Chilean YouTuber)
Gonzalo"Battle" or "Fight" Spanish Gonzalo Higuaín (Argentinian footballer)
Gregorio"Watchful" or "Vigilant" Greek Gregorio Pérez Companc (Argentinian businessman)
Guillermo"Protective" or "Resolute protector" Germanic Guillermo del Toro (Mexican filmmaker)
Gustavo"Staff of the Goths" or "Goth's rod" Swedish Gustavo Cerati (Argentinian musician)
Héctor"Steadfast" or "Holding firm" Greek Héctor Lavoe (Puerto Rican singer)
Henry"Ruler of the household" or "House owner" Germanic Henry Ian Cusick (Peruvian actor)
Hugo"Mind" or "Intellect" Germanic Hugo Chávez (Venezuelan politician)
Ignacio"Ignite" or "Fire" Latin Ignacio Allende (Mexican revolutionary)
Isaac"He will laugh" or "Laughter" Hebrew Isaac Newton (English scientist)
Ismael"God will hear" or "God listens" Hebrew Ismael Cala (Cuban journalist)
Iván"God is gracious" or "Gracious gift of God" Slavic Iván Duque (Colombian President)
Jair"He shines" or "He gives light" Hebrew Jair Bolsonaro (Brazilian President)
Jairo"God enlightens" or "God will light up" Hebrew Jairo Palomino (Colombian footballer)
Jhon"God is gracious" or "Gracious gift of God" Hebrew Jhon Chancellor (Venezuelan footballer)
Jimmy"Supplanter" or "He who takes the place of another" Hebrew Jimmy Carter (American President)
Joaquín"Established by God" or "God will judge" Hebrew Joaquín Sabina (Spanish singer)
Joel"God is willing" or "The Lord is God" Hebrew Joel González (Spanish taekwondo athlete)
John"God is gracious" or "Gracious gift of God" Hebrew John F. Kennedy (American President)
Jorge"Farmer" or "Tiller of the soil" Greek Jorge Luis Borges (Argentinian writer)
José"God will add" or "He will increase" Hebrew José de San Martín (Argentinian general and independence leader)
Josué"God saves" or "The Lord is salvation" Hebrew Josué Núñez (Peruvian footballer)
Julio"Youthful" or "Downy-bearded" Latin Julio César (Roman Emperor)
Kevin"Handsome" or "Gentle birth" Irish Kevin Johansen (Argentinian musician)
Leonardo"Strong as a lion" or "Lion-hearted" Germanic Leonardo da Vinci (Italian polymath)
Lucas"Bringer of light" or "Illuminating" Greek Lucas Moura (Brazilian footballer)
Luis"Famous warrior" or "Renowned fighter" Germanic Luis Miguel (Mexican singer)
Marco"Warrior" or "Mars" Latin Marco Polo (Italian explorer)
Mario"Warrior" or "Of Mars" Latin Mario Vargas Llosa (Peruvian writer)
Martín"Martial" or "Warlike" Latin Martín de Porres (Peruvian saint)
Mateo"Gift of God" or "God's gift" Hebrew Mateo Kovacic (Croatian footballer)
Mauricio"Dark-skinned" or "Moorish" Latin Mauricio Macri (Argentinian President)
Max"Greatest" or "Greatest one" Latin Max Gómez (Dominican baseball player)
Miguel"Who is like God?" or "Who is like the Lord?" Hebrew Miguel de Cervantes (Spanish writer)
Néstor"Traveler" or "Homecoming" Greek Néstor Kirchner (Argentinian President)
Nicolás"Victory of the people" or "People's champion" Greek Nicolás Maduro (Venezuelan President)
Omar"Long-lived" or "He who lives a long life" Arabic Omar Khayyam (Persian mathematician and poet)
Orlando"Famous throughout the land" or "Famous land" Germanic Orlando Bloom (English actor)
Oscar"Spear of the gods" or "God's spear" Irish Oscar Wilde (Irish writer)
Pablo"Small" or "Humble" Latin Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist)
Patricio"Nobleman" or "Of noble birth" Latin Patricio Aylwin (Chilean President)
Pedro"Rock" or "Stone" Latin Pedro Infante (Mexican actor and singer)
Rafael"God has healed" or "Healed by God" Hebrew Rafael Nadal (Spanish tennis player)
Ramiro"Famous adviser" or "Famous counselor" Germanic Ramiro Valdés (Cuban politician)
Raúl"Famous wolf" or "Wolf counsel" Germanic Raúl Castro (Cuban politician)
Renato"Reborn" or "Born again" Latin Renato Gaucho (Brazilian footballer)
Ricardo"Powerful ruler" or "Brave ruler" Germanic Ricardo Palma (Peruvian writer)
Roberto"Bright fame" or "Shining with glory" Germanic Roberto Carlos (Brazilian singer)
Rodrigo"Famous ruler" or "Famous power" Germanic Rodrigo Duterte (Filipino President)
Rolando"Famous throughout the land" or "Famous land" Germanic Rolando Villazón (Mexican tenor)
Salvador"Savior" or "Rescuer" Latin Salvador Allende (Chilean President)
Santiago"Saint James" or "The name of Saint James" Spanish Santiago Ramón y Cajal (Spanish neuroscientist)
Santos"Saints" or "Holy ones" Spanish Santos Laguna (Mexican football club)
Saúl"Asked for" or "Asked of God" Hebrew Saúl Álvarez (Mexican boxer)
Sebastián"Venerable" or "Revered" Greek Sebastián Piñera (Chilean President)
Sergio"Attendant" or "Servant" Latin Sergio Aguero (Argentinian footballer)
Simón"He who hears" or "Listener" Hebrew Simón Bolívar (South American liberator)
Teodoro"Gift of God" or "God's gift" Greek Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinean President)
Tomás"Twin" or "Didymus" Aramaic Tomás Borge (Nicaraguan revolutionary)
Valentín"Strong, healthy" or "Powerful" Latin Valentín Elizalde (Mexican singer)
Víctor"Winner" or "Conqueror" Latin Víctor Jara (Chilean singer and activist)
Walter"Ruler of the army" or "Army ruler" Germanic Walter Gropius (German architect)
Wilfredo"Desires peace" or "Desiring peace" Germanic Wilfredo Lam (Cuban artist)
William"Resolute protector" or "Strong-willed warrior" Germanic William Shakespeare (English playwright)
Xavier"New house" or "Bright" Basque Xavier Becerra (American politician)
Yael"Mountain goat" or "Ibex" Hebrew Yael Naim (French-Israeli singer)
Yahir"He will light up" or "He will shine" Hebrew Yahir Othón (Mexican singer)
Yamil"Handsome" or "Beautiful" Arabic Yamil Asad (Argentinian footballer)
Yandel"Land by the water" or "Land near water" English Yandel (Puerto Rican singer)
Yasser"Easy" or "Simple" Arabic Yasser Arafat (Palestinian leader)
Yeferson"God will add" or "He will increase" Hebrew Yeferson Soteldo (Venezuelan footballer)
Yeray"Boar" or "Wild pig" Basque Yeray Alvarez (Spanish footballer)
Yoel"The Lord is God" or "Yahweh is God"