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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive AFRICAN boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of AFRICAN boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of AFRICAN Boy names

Abasi "stern" or "strict" Swahili Abasi Ofunim, Nigerian footballer
Abebe "he has flowered" Amharic Abebe Bikila, Ethiopian marathon runner
Abimbola "born into wealth" Yoruba Abimbola Craig, Nigerian actress
Abiola "born in honor" Yoruba Moshood Abiola, Nigerian businessman and politician
Ade "crown" Yoruba Ade Adepitan, British television presenter
Adebowale "the crown meets joy" Yoruba Adebowale Ogungbure, Nigerian footballer
Adedayo "the crown meets happiness" Yoruba Adedayo Akinwale, Nigerian actor
Adem "earth" Amharic Adem Bunkeddeko, Ugandan politician
Adisa "one who makes himself clear" Yoruba Adisa Bakari, American football player
Afolabi "born into wealth" Yoruba Afolabi Akinola, Nigerian footballer
Akin "valued" Yoruba Akin Ayodele, American football player
Akintoye "one who triumphs in joy" Yoruba Akintoye Akindele, Nigerian actor
Akinyele "one who triumphs" Yoruba Akinyele Sokoya, Nigerian footballer
Akioyamen "the brave one comes to meet me" Edo
Akpom "does not die" Urhobo Chuba Akpom, English footballer
Alhassan "the handsome one" Arabic Alhassan Kamara, Sierra Leonean footballer
Amadi "seems destined to die at birth, but lives" Igbo Amadi Ogbonna, Nigerian footballer
Amare "one who builds" Ethiopian Amare Stoudemire, American basketball player
Amine "faithful" Arabic Amine Harit, Moroccan footballer
Amos "carried" or "borne by God" Hebrew Amos Tutuola, Nigerian writer
Ananias "God is gracious" Biblical Ananias Mathe, South African criminal
Andrew "manly" or "warrior" Greek Andrew Mlangeni, South African anti-apartheid activist
Anthony "priceless one" Latin Anthony Joshua, British-Nigerian boxer
Anwar "luminous" or "radiant" Arabic Anwar Sadat, former President of Egypt
Aremu "one who carries the weight" Yoruba Aremu Afolayan, Nigerian actor
Arinze "the people's blessing" Igbo Arinze Kene, British actor
Asante "thank you" or "grateful" Akan Asante Kotoko SC, Ghanaian football club
Atanda "one who gains revenge" Yoruba Atanda Musa, Nigerian footballer
Atticus "man of Attica" Latin Atticus Shaffer, American actor
Augustine "majestic" or "venerable" Latin Augustine of Hippo, early Christian theologian
Ayodele "joy comes home" Yoruba Ayodele Casel, American tap dancer
Ayoob "one who returns" Arabic Ayoob Kara, Israeli politician
Azubuike "the past is your strength" Igbo Ike Diogu Azubuike, Nigerian-American basketball player
Babajide "father has come to meet" Yoruba Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria
Babatunde "father has come again" Yoruba Babatunde Fashola, former Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria
Balogun "one who defends the crown" Yoruba Leon Balogun, Nigerian footballer
Barak "lightning" or "flash of lightning" Hebrew Barak Obama, former President of the United States
Basir "one who sees clearly" Arabic Basir Hatia, South African cricketer
Bayo "to meet wealth" Yoruba Bayo Akinfenwa, English footballer
Benji "son of the right hand" Hebrew Benji Ndolo, Kenyan musician
Berhanu "his light" Amharic Berhanu Nega, Ethiopian politician
Bilal "moist" or "fresh" Arabic Bilal Hassani, French-Moroccan singer
Biko "to build" Xhosa Steve Biko, South African anti-apartheid activist
Bongani "be grateful" Nguni Bongani Khumalo, South African footballer
Boniface "beneficent" or "good fate" Latin Boniface Mwangi, Kenyan photographer and activist
Braima "father of many" Mandinka Braima Dabó, Guinean athlete
Bramwell "broom spring" or "well where broom grows" English Bramwell Tovey, Canadian conductor
Bryan "noble" or "high" English Bryan Habana, South African rugby player
Caleb "faithful" or "dog" Hebrew Caleb Folan, Irish footballer
Cameron "crooked nose" or "bent river" Scottish Cameron Van der Burgh, South African swimmer
Cedrick "bounty" or "good fortune" English Cedrick Desjardins, Canadian ice hockey player
Chibuzo "God leads" Igbo Chibuzo Agbo, Nigerian footballer
Chibueze "God is king" Igbo Chibueze Ike, Nigerian footballer
Chinua "blessing of God" Igbo Chinua Achebe, Nigerian novelist
Chisom "God accompanies me" Igbo Chisom Egbuchulam, Nigerian footballer
Christian "follower of Christ" Latin Christian Atsu, Ghanaian footballer
Christopher "bearer of Christ" Greek Christopher Katongo, Zambian footballer
Clinton "settlement on a hill" English Bill Clinton, former President of the United States
Collins "son of Colin" English Collins Mbesuma, Zambian footballer
Craig "rocky hill" Scottish Craig Bellamy, Welsh footballer
Dahir "daring" or "brave" Somali Dahir Adan Hassan, Somali politician
Damilare "one who brings happiness" Yoruba Damilare Sonoiki, Nigerian-American screenwriter
Daniel "God is my judge" Hebrew Daniel Akpeyi, Nigerian footballer
Dapo "to thank" Yoruba Dapo Abiodun, Governor of Ogun State, Nigeria
Dave "beloved" English Dave Chappelle, American comedian
David "beloved" Hebrew David Luiz, Brazilian footballer
Dayo "joy arrives" Yoruba Dayo Okeniyi, Nigerian-American actor
Deji "the crown meets joy" Yoruba Deji Aliu, Nigerian sprinter
Delali "redemption" Ewe Delali Atiase, Ghanaian footballer
Demba "strength" Wolof Demba Ba, Senegalese footballer
Denzel "from the high fortress" English Denzel Dumfries, Dutch footballer
Dennis "follower of Dionysus" Greek Dennis Onyango, Ugandan footballer
Desmond "man of the world" Irish Desmond Tutu, South African cleric and activist
Dickson "son of Richard" English Dickson Etuhu, Nigerian footballer
Didier "desired" French Didier Drogba, Ivorian footballer
Diogo "supplanter" Portuguese Diogo Jota, Portuguese footballer
Dominic "belonging to the Lord" Latin Dominic Adiyiah, Ghanaian footballer
Donatien "gift of God" French Donatien Tshibuabua, Congolese footballer
Douala "trees" Douala Douala Bell, Cameroonian footballer
Driss "to sow" Arabic Driss El-Hilali, Moroccan footballer
Duncan "dark warrior" Scottish Duncan Mighty, Nigerian musician
Ebenezer "stone of help" Hebrew Ebenezer Ofori, Ghanaian footballer
Ebuka "greatness is ahead" Igbo Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Nigerian media personality
Edem "peace" Ewe Edem Kodjo, Togolese politician
Edmond "wealthy protector" English Edmond Tapsoba, Burkinabe footballer
Edward "wealthy guardian" English Edward Asadu, Ghanaian politician
Edwin "rich friend" English Edwin Gyasi, Ghanaian footballer
Efe "wealth" Urhobo Efe Ambrose, Nigerian footballer
Ejiro "praise" Urhobo Ejiro Uwagboe, Nigerian footballer
Ekow "born on Thursday" Akan Ekow Essuman, Ghanaian boxer
Elie "my God is Yahweh" Hebrew Elie Wiesel, Romanian-American writer and Holocaust survivor
Elias "Yahweh is my God" Greek Elias Sørensen, Danish footballer
Elom "grace" Ewe Elom Bright, Ghanaian footballer
Elvis "all wise" English Elvis Presley, American singer and actor
Emmanuel "God is with us" Hebrew Emmanuel Adebayor, Togolese footballer
Emre "friend" Turkish Emre Can, German footballer
Endurance "the ability to endure" English Endurance Idahor, Nigerian footballer
Eniola "person of wealth" Yoruba Eniola Aluko, Nigerian-English footballer
Enock "experienced" Hebrew Enock Kwateng, Ghanaian footballer
Enzo "ruler of the house" Italian Enzo Zidane, French footballer
Eric "eternal ruler" Scandinavian Eric Bailly, Ivorian footballer
Ernest "serious" English Ernest Asante, Ghanaian footballer
Esau "hairy" Hebrew Esau Khamati, Kenyan footballer
Essien "sixth-born" Akan Michael Essien, Ghanaian footballer
Ethan "strong, firm" Hebrew Ethan Ampadu, Welsh footballer
Etienne "crown, garland" French Etienne Eto'o, Cameroonian footballer
Evans "son of Evan" Welsh Evans Kondogbia, Central African Republic footballer
Ezekiel "God strengthens" Hebrew Ezekiel Bassey, Nigerian footballer
Fabrice "craftsman" French Fabrice Muamba, Congolese-English footballer
Fadil "virtuous" Arabic Fadil Sido, Tanzanian footballer
Faisal "resolute, decisive" Arabic Faisal Suleiman, Nigerian footballer
Fathi "conqueror" Arabic Fathi Terim, Turkish football coach
Felix "happy, fortunate" Latin Felix Annan, Ghanaian footballer
Femi "love me" Yoruba Femi Kuti, Nigerian musician
Fernando "brave traveler" Spanish Fernando Torres, Spanish footballer
Fidelis "faithful" Latin Fidelis Ilechukwu, Nigerian football coach
Filipe "lover of horses" Portuguese Filipe Luís, Brazilian footballer
Francis "free man" Latin Francis Uzoho, Nigerian footballer
Frank "free man" Germanic Frank Acheampong, Ghanaian footballer
Franklin "free landowner" English Franklin Anzite, Congolese footballer
Fred "peaceful ruler" Germanic Fred Onyedinma, Nigerian-English footballer
Frederick "peaceful ruler" Germanic Frederick Adomako, Ghanaian footballer
Friday "born on Friday" English Friday Obilor, Nigerian footballer
Gbenga "lift me up" Yoruba Gbenga Arokoyo, Nigerian footballer
Geoffrey "peaceful traveler" Germanic Geoffrey Kondogbia, Central African Republic footballer
George "farmer" Greek George Weah, Liberian footballer and politician
Gerald "ruler with a spear" Germanic Gerald Asamoah, Ghanaian-German footballer
Geremi "complete" Basque Geremi Njitap, Cameroonian footballer
Gilbert "bright pledge" Germanic Gilbert Koomson, Ghanaian footballer
Gilles "young goat" French Gilles Sunu, French-Beninese footballer
Godfrey "God's peace" Germanic Godfrey Oboabona, Nigerian footballer
Godwin "God's friend" Old English Godwin Attram, Ghanaian footballer
Gordon "great hill" Scottish Gordon Igesund, South African football coach
Gérard "brave spearman" French Gérard Houllier, French football coach
Grant "great" English Grant Brebner, Australian football coach
Greg "vigilant, alert" Greek Greg Etafia, Nigerian footballer
Gregory "vigilant, alert" Greek Gregory Sertic, French-Croatian footballer
Habib "beloved" Arabic Habib Bamogo, Burkinabe footballer
Hakeem "wise" Arabic Hakeem Olajuwon, Nigerian-American basketball player
Hamidou "praised" Fula Hamidou Diallo, Malian basketball player
Hamza "lion" Arabic Hamza Mendyl, Moroccan footballer
Hans "God is gracious" Germanic Hans Sarpei, Ghanaian-German footballer
Haroun "Aaron" Arabic Harouna Abou Demba, Malian footballer
Hassan "handsome, good" Arabic Hassan Yebda, Algerian footballer
Hervé "army warrior" French Hervé Renard, French football coach
Hicham "generous" Arabic Hicham El Guerrouj, Moroccan runner
Hilaire "cheerful" French Hilaire Momi, Cameroonian footballer
Hocine "good, virtuous" Arabic Hocine Ragued, Algerian footballer
Houssem "handsome" Arabic Houssem Aouar, French-Algerian footballer
Ibrahim "father of many" Arabic Ibrahim Ba, Senegalese footballer
Idrissa "one who helps" Arabic Idrissa Gueye, Senegalese footballer
Ifeanyi "nothing is impossible with God" Igbo Ifeanyi Ubah, Nigerian businessman and football club owner
Ikechukwu "God's power" Igbo Ikechukwu Uche, Nigerian footballer
Ikponwosa "benevolent" Esan Ikponwosa Ero, Nigerian-Canadian human rights advocate
Imoh "something good" Efik Imoh Ezekiel, Nigerian footballer
Innocent "innocent, blameless" Latin Innocent Emeghara, Nigerian-Swiss footballer
Isaac "laughter" Hebrew Isaac Success, Nigerian footballer
Ismaël "God will hear" Arabic Ismaël Bangoura, Guinean footballer
Issa "Jesus" Arabic Issa Diop, French-Senegalese footballer
Ivan "God is gracious" Slavic Ivan Rakitić, Croatian footballer
Iyad "support, prop" Arabic Iyad Ag Ghali, Malian rebel leader
Jabu "joy" Zulu Jabu Pule, South African footballer
Jacques "supplanter" French Jacques Anouma, Ivorian football administrator
Jadon "thankful" English Jadon Sancho, English footballer
Jaheed "dignified" Arabic Jaheed Khan, South African cricketer
Jairzinho "little Jair" Portuguese Jairzinho, Brazilian footballer
Jamil "beautiful" Arabic Jamilu Collins, Nigerian footballer
Japhet "may God enlarge" Hebrew Japhet Tanganga, Tanzanian-English footballer
Jason "healer" Greek Jason Denayer, Belgian footballer
Jawad "generosity" Arabic Jawad Williams, American basketball player
Jayden "thankful" American Jayden Braaf, Dutch footballer
Jean "God is gracious" French Jean Makoun, Cameroonian footballer
Jibril "angel Gabriel" Arabic Jibril Rajoub, Palestinian politician
Jide "to hold or seize" Yoruba Jide Kosoko, Nigerian actor
Joffrey "peaceful ruler" French Joffrey Lauvergne, French basketball player
John "God is gracious" Hebrew John Obi Mikel, Nigerian footballer
Jonathan "God has given" Hebrew Jonathan Pitroipa, Burkinabe footballer
Jordan "to flow down" Hebrew Jordan Ayew, Ghanaian footballer
Joseph "God will increase" Hebrew Joseph Yobo, Nigerian footballer
Joshua "God is salvation" Hebrew Joshua Zirkzee, Dutch footballer
Josiah "God supports" Hebrew Josiah Chukwudi, Nigerian footballer
Jude "praised" Hebrew Jude Odion Ighalo, Nigerian footballer
Jules "youthful" French Jules Baga, Cameroonian footballer
Junior "young" Latin Junior Agogo, Ghanaian footballer
Justin "just, righteous" Latin Justin Kluivert, Dutch footballer
Kabelo "one who has built" Tswana Kabelo Dambe, Botswana footballer
Kacper "treasurer" Polish Kacper Przybyłko, Polish footballer
Kadidiatou "beloved" Arabic Kadidiatou Diani, French footballer
Kaelin "slender" Irish Kaelin Clay, American football player
Kai "sea" Hawaiian Kai Havertz, German footballer
Kailash "crystal" Sanskrit Kailash Satyarthi, Indian children's rights activist
Kaleb "faithful, loyal" Hebrew Kaleb Wesson, American basketball player
Kali "energetic, lively" Swahili Kali Kavinga, Tanzanian footballer
Kalyan "blessed, fortunate" Sanskrit Kalyan Singh, Indian politician
Kamal "perfection" Arabic Kamaldeen Sulemana, Ghanaian footballer
Kamara "hunter" Mandinka Alhaji Kamara, Sierra Leonean footballer
Kamaru "moon" Hausa Kamaru Usman, Nigerian-American mixed martial artist
Kamau "quiet warrior" Kikuyu Kamau Brathwaite, Barbadian poet
Kamogelo "welcome" Tswana Kamogelo Seekoei, South African footballer
Kamsi "let me live" Igbo Kamsi Nwogu, Nigerian footballer
Kanu "pillow" Igbo Nwankwo Kanu, Nigerian footballer
Karam "generosity" Arabic Karamoko Dembélé, Ivorian footballer
Kareem "noble, generous" Arabic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, American basketball player
Kato "good person" Japanese Kato Ottio, Papua New Guinean rugby league player
Kaysar "brave" Arabic Kaysar Ridha, American reality television personality
Kazeem "one who restrains anger" Arabic Kazeem Tiamiyu, Nigerian footballer
Kebba "honor" Mandinka Kebba Ceesay, Gambian footballer
Kedar "dark-skinned" Hebrew Kedar Jadhav, Indian cricketer
Keegan "small, fiery one" Irish Keegan Dolly, South African footballer
Keita "prophet" Mandinka Keita Baldé, Senegalese footballer
Keith "wood, forest" Scottish Keith Flint, English musician
Kelenna "to be blessed" Igbo Kelenna Azubuike, Nigerian-American basketball player
Kelvin "river of the narrow boats" English Kelvin Davis, English footballer
Kemar "strong and brave" Jamaican Kemar Roofe, Jamaican-English footballer
Kenan "possession" Hebrew Kenan Kodro, Bosnian footballer
Kennedy "helmeted chief" Irish Kennedy Mweene, Zambian footballer
Kenny "handsome" Scottish Kenny Dalglish, Scottish footballer
Kent "edge, border" English Kent Nielsen, Danish footballer
Kermit "son of Diarma Irish not found
Kofi "born on Friday" Akan Kofi Annan, Ghanaian diplomat
Kojos "born on Monday" Akan Kojos Avotri, Ghanaian footballer
Kole "wealth" Yoruba Kole Ademulegun, Nigerian footballer
Kostya "constant" Russian Kostya Tszyu, Russian-Australian boxer
Kudakwashe "the Lord's will" Shona Kudakwashe Mahachi, Zimbabwean footballer
Kunta "the third child" Mandinka Kunta Kinte, protagonist in Alex Haley's "Roots"
Kwabena "born on Tuesday" Akan Kwabena Boahen, Ghanaian-American computer engineer
Kwadwo "born on Monday" Akan Kwadwo Asamoah, Ghanaian footballer
Kwaku "born on Wednesday" Akan Kwaku Ampadu, Ghanaian footballer
Kweku "born on Wednesday" Akan Kweku Adoboli, Ghanaian former trader
Kwesi "born on Sunday" Akan Kwesi Appiah, Ghanaian footballer
Kwame "born on Saturday" Akan Kwame Nkrumah, first President of Ghana
Kwezi "star" Nguni Kwezi Qika, South African actor
Kyrie "Lord" Greek Kyrie Irving, American basketball player
Lamine "disciple of Muhammad" Arabic Lamine Diack, Senegalese former athlete and sports administrator
Langston "tall stone" English Langston Hughes, American poet
Lassana "affectionate" Bambara Lassana Diarra, French footballer
Laye "the messenger" Malinke Laye Keita, Guinean footballer
Lazarus "God has helped" Hebrew Lazarus Chakwera, President of Malawi
Lebohang "be thankful" Sesotho Lebohang Maboe, South African footballer
Lekan "my wealth has increased" Yoruba Lekan Akindele, Nigerian businessman
Lenny "brave lion" English Lenny Kravitz, American musician
Lerato "love" Sotho Lerato Chabangu, South African footballer
Lesedi "light" Sotho Lesedi Kapinga, South African footballer
Leslie "garden of holly" Scottish not found
Liam "strong-willed warrior" Irish Liam Neeson, Irish actor
Lincoln "town by the pool" English Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States
Lionel "young lion" French Lionel Messi, Argentine footballer
Llewellyn "leader" Welsh Llewellyn Moss, protagonist in Cormac McCarthy's "No Country for Old Men"
Louis "famous warrior" French Louis Armstrong, American jazz musician
Lubanzi "conqueror" Xhosa Lubanzi Makeleni, South African rugby player
Lucien "light" French Lucien Laviscount, British actor
Lucky "fortunate" English Lucky Dube, South African reggae musician
Luqman "wise" Arabic Luqman Adams, South African footballer
Lwazi "knowledge" Zulu Lwazi Mvovo, South African rugby player
Maalik "owner" Arabic Maalik Wayns, American basketball player
Maceo "gift of God" Spanish Maceo Parker, American musician
Mackenzie "son of Coinneach" Scottish Mackenzie Davis, Canadian actress
Madiba "father of the nation" Xhosa Nelson Mandela, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and politician
Madyson "son of Maud" English Madyson Middleton, American murder victim
Magnus "great" Latin Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian chess player
Mahamed "praised" Arabic Mahamed Aly, Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor
Mahmud "praised" Arabic Mahmud of Ghazni, Sultan of the Ghaznavid Empire
Makana "gift" Xhosa Makana Football Association, South African football club
Makaveli "Machiavellian" Italian Tupac Shakur, American rapper
Makgofe "conqueror" Tswana Makgofe Moagi, South African actress
Makhaya "home" Zulu Makhaya Ntini, South African cricketer
Makhosini "palace" Zulu Makhosini Nkosi, South African actor
Makonnen "he who is like the king" Amharic Makonnen Wolde Mikael, Ethiopian long-distance runner
Makoto "truth" Japanese Makoto Fujita, Japanese chemist
Malik "king" Arabic Malik Yoba, American actor
Mandla "strength" Zulu Mandla Mandela, South African politician and grandson of Nelson Mandela
Mandy "worthy of love" English Mandy Moore, American actress and singer
Manu "wise" Sanskrit Manu Ginóbili, Argentine basketball player
Marcellus "young warrior" Latin Marcellus Wiley, American football player and ESPN analyst
Marcus "dedicated to Mars, the Roman god of war" Latin Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor and philosopher
Mario "warrior" Italian Mario Balotelli, Italian footballer
Marley "pleasant seaside meadow" English Bob Marley, Jamaican musician
Mars "Roman god of war" Roman Mars Blackmon, character in Nike Air Jordan advertisements
Martin "of Mars, the Roman god of war" Latin Martin Luther King Jr., American civil rights leader
Marvin "friend of the sea" English Marvin Gaye, American singer-songwriter
Masai "people of Maa" African Masai Ujiri, Nigerian-Canadian basketball executive
Massamba "humble" African Massamba Diop, Senegalese musician
Matata "trouble" Swahili "Hakuna Matata," catchphrase from "The Lion King"
Mateo "gift of God" Spanish Mateo Messi, son of Argentine footballer Lionel Messi
Mathias "gift of God" Greek Mathias Kiwanuka, American football player
Matias "gift of God" Spanish Matias Prats, Spanish journalist
Maxwell "great stream" English Maxwell Lord, character in "Wonder Woman" comics and films
Mbali "flower" Zulu Mbali Maphumulo, South African actress
Mbongeni "thankful" Xhosa Mbongeni Ngema, South African playwright and director
Mbuso "wealth" Zulu Mbuso Vilakazi, South African footballer
Melech "king" Hebrew Melech Thomas, American football player
Melvin "council protector" English Melvin Van Peebles, American filmmaker and actor
Menzi "creator" Zulu Menzi Ngubane, South African actor
Mfundo "education" Xhosa Mfundo Radebe, South African actor
Michael "who is like God?" Hebrew Michael Jordan, American basketball player
Michio "man with a path" Japanese Michio Kaku, Japanese-American physicist and futurist
Mika "new moon" Japanese Mika Brzezinski, American journalist and television host
Mikael "who is like God?" Hebrew Mikael Lustig, Swedish footballer
Miles "soldier" English Miles Davis, American jazz musician
Mischa "who is like God?" Russian Mischa Barton, British-American actress
Mohamed "praised one" Arabic Mohamed Salah, Egyptian footballer
Mohawk "eater of living things" Native American Mohawk Man, character in "Gone with the Wind"
Mokgweetsi "one who brings welfare" Tswana Mokgweetsi Masisi, President of Botswana
Molloy "devotee of St. Molua" Irish Molloy Woods, American actor
Momar "nobleman" Wolof Momar N'Diaye, Senegalese footballer
Momo "peach" Japanese Momo Yaoyorozu, character in "My Hero Academia"
Moncef "pure" Arabic Moncef Marzouki, Tunisian politician and human rights activist
Mongane "hunter" Tswana Mongane Wally Serote, South African poet and writer
Monty "man from the mountain" English Monty Python, British comedy group
Mordecai "servant of Marduk" Hebrew Mordecai Richler, Canadian author
Moses "drawn out of the water" Hebrew Moses Malone, American basketball player
Mosi "firstborn" African Mosi oa Tunya, waterfall on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border
Moussa "Moses" Arabic Moussa Sissoko, French footballer
Mpilo "life" Zulu Mpilo Mbambisa, South African jazz musician
Mthunzi "shadow" Xhosa Mthunzi Namba, South African gospel singer
Mubarak "blessed" Arabic Mubarak Wakaso, Ghanaian footballer
Munir "bright, shining" Arabic Munir El Haddadi, Spanish footballer
Munroe "from the mouth of the river Roe" Scottish Munroe Bergdorf, British model and activist
Muntari "patient" Arabic Sulley Muntari, Ghanaian footballer
Musa "Moses" Arabic Musa Kwankwaso, Nigerian politician
Mustafa "chosen one" Arabic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of modern Turkey
Mutaz "proud" Arabic Mutaz Essa Barshim, Qatari high jumper
Muzi "house" Zulu Muzi Mthabela, South African actor
Nabil "noble" Arabic Nabil Bentaleb, Algerian footballer
Nadir "rare" Arabic Nadir Belhadj, Algerian footballer
Naeem "benevolent" Arabic Naeem Khan, Indian-American fashion designer
Naguib "noble" Arabic Naguib Mahfouz, Egyptian author and Nobel laureate
Naledi "star" Tswana Naledi Pandor, South African politician
Namdi "my father is alive" Igbo Namdi Azikiwe, Nigerian statesman and first president
Nana "royalty" Akan Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana
Nando "bold voyager" Spanish Nando De Colo, French basketball player
Nansen "son of the nose" Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian explorer and Nobel laureate
Nasser "victorious" Arabic Gamal Abdel Nasser, former President of Egypt
Nat "given by God" English Nat King Cole, American singer
Nathan "he has given" Hebrew Nathan Chen, American figure skater
Nathaniel "gift of God" Hebrew Nathaniel Hawthorne, American author
Ndidi "patience" Igbo Wilfred Ndidi, Nigerian footballer
Nduka "life is supreme" Igbo Nduka Ugbade, Nigerian footballer
Neil "champion" Irish Neil Armstrong, American astronaut
Nemanja "without possessions" Serbian Nemanja Vidic, Serbian footballer
Nene "baby girl" Brazilian Nene Hilario, Brazilian basketball player
Neo "gift" Tswana Neo Mokgethi, South African footballer
Nero "strong, vigorous" Latin Nero, Roman Emperor
Nesta "pure" Welsh Nesta Carter, Jamaican sprinter
Newton "new town" English Isaac Newton, English physicist and mathematician
Nicholas "victorious people" Greek Nicholas Hoult, English actor
Nkem "my own" Igbo Nkem Owoh, Nigerian actor
Nnamdi "my father is alive" Igbo Nnamdi Asomugha, American football player
Nokukhanya "shine with light" Zulu Nokukhanya Luthuli, South African singer
Ntando "mother of love" Zulu Ntando Kunene, South African model and beauty queen
Ntuthuko "comfort" Zulu Ntuthuko Radebe, South African footballer
Nuhu "peaceful" Hausa Nuhu Ribadu, Nigerian lawyer and politician
Nwankwo "child born on Nkwo market day" Igbo Nwankwo Kanu, Nigerian footballer
Obafemi "the king loves me" Yoruba Obafemi Martins, Nigerian footballer
Obinna "father's heart" Igbo Obinna Nsofor, Nigerian footballer
Obioma "good heart" Igbo Obioma Nnaemeka, Nigerian scholar and writer
Odegaard "farm by the stream" Norwegian Martin Odegaard, Norwegian footballer
Odion "firstborn of twins" Edo Odion Ighalo, Nigerian footballer
Oghenekaro "God's gift" Urhobo Oghenekaro Etebo, Nigerian footballer
Okechukwu "God's portion" Igbo Okechukwu Uche, Nigerian footballer
Ola "wealth" Yoruba Ola Aina, Nigerian footballer
Olamide "my wealth has come" Yoruba Olamide Adedeji, Nigerian musician
Olumide "God has come" Yoruba Olumide Akpata, Nigerian lawyer and activist
Oluwatobi "God is enough" Yoruba Oluwatobi Adeyemi, Nigerian footballer
Omar "long-lived" Arabic Omar Sy, French actor
Omega "great" Greek Omega Seamaster, luxury watch brand
Onyekachi "who Igbo not found
Onyekwere "who knows tomorrow" Igbo Victor Onyekwere, Nigerian footballer
Osei "noble" Akan Osei Kofi, Ghanaian footballer
Osiris "powerful, mighty" Egyptian Osiris, Egyptian god of the afterlife
Othniel "God's lion" Hebrew Othniel Seiden, American author
Oumar "long-lived" Arabic Oumar Niasse, Senegalese footballer
Ousmane "the chosen one" Arabic Ousmane Dembélé, French footballer
Owain "youthful warrior" Welsh Owain Glyndwr, Welsh ruler
Owusu "born on Wednesday" Akan Anthony Owusu-Ansah, Ghanaian footballer
Oyelowo "honored because of wealth" Yoruba David Oyelowo, British actor
Ozil "magnificent" Turkish Mesut Ozil, German footballer
Pacôme "peaceful" French Pacôme Thiellement, French writer and critic
Papa "father" Akan Papa Wemba, Congolese musician
Pascal "Easter-related" French Pascal Siakam, Cameroonian basketball player
Patrice "nobleman" French Patrice Evra, French footballer
Paul "small" Latin Paul McCartney, English musician
Pendo "love" Swahili Pendo Amezcua, Tanzanian musician
Peter "rock" Greek Peter Dinklage, American actor
Pharrell "son of Muriel" English Pharrell Williams, American musician
Phoenix "dark red" Greek Phoenix, mythical bird of fire
Pius "pious, devout" Latin Pope Pius XII, head of the Catholic Church
Prosper "fortunate" Latin Prosper Mérimée, French writer
Quade "born fourth" English Quade Cooper, Australian rugby player
Quame "born on Saturday" Akan Quame Brown, American football player
Quavo "queen" English Quavious Keyate Marshall, American rapper
Quincy "fifth" Latin Quincy Jones, American musician
Quinton "fifth" Latin Quinton de Kock, South African cricketer
Radley "red meadow" English Radley Balko, American journalist
Rafiki "friend" Swahili Rafiki, character in "The Lion King"
Raheem "compassionate, merciful" Arabic Raheem Sterling, English footballer
Raj "king" Indian Raj Kapoor, Indian actor and filmmaker
Rami "archer" Arabic Rami Malek, American actor
Ramzi "symbolic" Arabic Ramzi Yousef, terrorist responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing
Raphael "God has healed" Hebrew Raphael Varane, French footballer
Rashad "good judgment" Arabic Rashad Evans, American mixed martial artist
Rashid "rightly guided" Arabic Rashid Al Maktoum, Emirati royalty
Rayan "watered, lush" Arabic Rayan Cherki, French footballer
Raymond "wise protector" German Raymond Chandler, American author
Reagan "little king" Irish Ronald Reagan, former US president
Reda "contentment, satisfaction" Arabic Reda Kateb, French actor
Rees "enthusiasm" Welsh Rees Jones, American golf course architect
Reggie "ruler's advisor" English Reggie Jackson, American baseball player
Reid "red" Scottish Reid Hoffman, American entrepreneur
Remi "oarsman" French Remi Gaillard, French comedian
Renard "fox" French Renard Matthews, American murder victim
René "reborn" French René Descartes, French philosopher
Ricardo "brave ruler" Spanish Ricardo Kaka, Brazilian footballer
Richard "brave ruler" German Richard Branson, British entrepreneur
Ridley "reed clearing" English Ridley Scott, British filmmaker
Rizwan "pleasure, contentment" Arabic Rizwan Manji, Tanzanian-Canadian actor
Roarke "champion" Irish Roarke Denver, American singer
Robeson "son of Robert" English Paul Robeson, American singer and civil rights activist
Robert "bright fame" German Robert Downey Jr., American actor
Robin "bright fame" English Robin Williams, American actor
Roch "rest" French Roch Carrier, Canadian author
Rodney "Hroda's island" English Rodney Dangerfield, American comedian
Roger "famous spear" German Roger Federer, Swiss tennis player
Rohan "ascending" Sanskrit Rohan Chand, American actor
Romain "from Rome" French Romain Duris, French actor
Roman "from Rome" Latin Roman Reigns, American professional wrestler
Ronan "little seal" Irish Ronan Keating, Irish singer
Ronnie "ruler's advisor" English Ronnie Wood, British musician
Rory "red king" Irish Rory McIlroy, Northern Irish golfer
Roscoe "from the deer forest" English Roscoe Arbuckle, American actor
Ross "promontory" Scottish Ross Lynch, American actor and musician
Rowan "little red one" Gaelic Rowan Atkinson, British actor and comedian
Roy "red-haired" Scottish Roy Orbison, American singer
Royce "son of the king" English Royce Gracie, Brazilian mixed martial artist
Ruben "behold, a son" Spanish Ruben Studdard, American singer
Rufus "red-haired" Latin Rufus Sewell, British actor
Rupert "bright fame" German Rupert Grint, British actor
Russ "red-haired" English Russ Tamblyn, American actor
Russell "red-haired" English Russell Wilson, American football player
Ryan "little king" Irish Ryan Reynolds, Canadian actor
Ryder "cavalryman" English Ryder Cup, golf tournament
Rylan "rye land" English Rylan Clark-Neal, British television presenter
Saif "sword" Arabic Saif Ali Khan, Indian actor
Said "happy" Arabic Said Taghmaoui, French-American actor
Salem "safe" Arabic Salem al-Hazmi, Saudi Arabian footballer
Salim "safe" Arabic Salim Kechiouche, French actor
Sam "asked of God" Hebrew Sam Smith, British singer
Samir "entertaining companion" Arabic Samir Nasri, French footballer
Sammy "heard by God" English Sammy Davis Jr., American entertainer
Samuel "asked of God" Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson, American actor
Santiago "Saint James" Spanish Santiago Cabrera, Chilean actor
Santos "saints" Spanish Santos Laguna, Mexican football club
Saxon "Saxon" English Saxon Sharbino, American actress
Sayid "lord" Arabic Sayid Abdulrahman, Bahraini footballer
Scott "from Scotland" English Scott Disick, American reality television personality
Sean "God is gracious" Irish Sean Connery, Scottish actor
Sebastian "venerable" Latin Sebastian Stan, Romanian-American actor
Selim "safe" Arabic Selim Bayraktar, Turkish actor
Semaj "James" spelled backwards English Semaj Christon, American basketball player
Seneca "people of the standing rock" Native American Seneca Falls, New York
Sergio "attendant" Spanish Sergio Ramos, Spanish footballer
Seth "appointed" Hebrew Seth Rogen, Canadian actor
Shaka "intestinal parasite" Zulu Shaka Smart, American basketball coach
Shane "God is gracious" Irish Shane West, American actor
Shaun "God is gracious" Irish Shaun T, American fitness trainer
Shawn "God is gracious" Irish Shawn Mendes, Canadian singer
Shelby "willow grove" English Shelby Lynne, American singer-songwriter
Shepherd "sheep herder" English Shepherd University, West Virginia
Sherman "shear man" English Sherman Alexie, American writer
Sidney "wide island" English Sidney Poitier, Bahamian-American actor

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