Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive AUSTRALIAN boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of AUSTRALIAN boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of AUSTRALIAN Boy names

Aiden Fiery Irish Aiden Turner (Actor)
Alexander Defender of the people Greek Alexander Hamilton (Historical figure)
Angus One strength Scottish Angus Young (Musician)
Archie Genuine, bold, brave Scottish Archie Manning (Football player)
Arlo Hill, fortified, army English Arlo Guthrie (Musician)
Ashton Ash tree town English Ashton Kutcher (Actor)
Austin Great, magnificent English Austin Powers (Movie character)
Bailey Bailiff, steward English Bailey Smith (Singer)
Banjo A stringed musical instrument Australian Banjo Paterson (Poet)
Beau Handsome, beautiful French Beau Bridges (Actor)
Ben Son, blessed Hebrew Ben Stiller (Actor)
Benjamin Son of the right hand Hebrew Benjamin Franklin (Historical figure)
Billy Resolute protector English Billy Joel (Musician)
Bodhi Awakened, enlightened Sanskrit Bodhi Elfman (Actor)
Bowie Blond, fair-haired Scottish David Bowie (Musician)
Brad Broad clearing in the woods English Brad Pitt (Actor)
Brady Spirited, broad-minded Irish Brady Quinn (Football player)
Brandon Beacon hill, sword English Brandon Lee (Actor)
Brayden Descendant of Bradán Irish Brayden Smith (Poker player)
Brock Badger English Brock Lesnar (Wrestler)
Brody Ditch, muddy place Scottish Brody Jenner (TV personality)
Callum Dove, peace Scottish Callum Keith Rennie (Actor)
Cameron Crooked nose Scottish Cameron Diaz (Actress)
Campbell Crooked mouth Scottish Campbell Scott (Actor)
Carl Free man Germanic Carl Sagan (Astronomer)
Charlie Free man English Charlie Chaplin (Actor)
Chase Hunter, huntsman English Chase Utley (Baseball player)
Christopher Christ-bearer Greek Christopher Reeve (Actor)
Cody Cushion Irish Cody Simpson (Singer)
Cole Charcoal, swarthy English Cole Sprouse (Actor)
Cooper Barrel maker English Cooper Cronk (Rugby player)
Corey Hollow Irish Corey Haim (Actor)
Cormac Son of defilement Irish Cormac McCarthy (Author)
Cruz Cross Spanish Cruz Beckham (Celebrity child)
Dale Valley English Dale Earnhardt Jr. (NASCAR driver)
Damon To tame Greek Damon Wayans (Actor)
Dane From Denmark Scandinavian Dane Cook (Comedian)
Daniel God is my judge Hebrew Daniel Radcliffe (Actor)
Darcy Dark Irish Darcy Gardiner (Football player)
Darian Wealthy Persian Darian Durant (Football player)
Darius Wealthy, kingly Greek Darius Rucker (Musician)
Darrell Darling, beloved English Darrell Hammond (Comedian)
Daryl Darling, beloved English Daryl Hannah (Actress)
Dash Quick, energetic English Dash Mihok (Actor)
David Beloved Hebrew David Bowie (Musician)
Declan Full of goodness Irish Declan Donnelly (TV presenter)
Dennis God of wine and fertility Greek Dennis Hopper (Actor)
Derek Ruler of the people Germanic Derek Jeter (Baseball player)
Desmond One from South Munster Irish Desmond Tutu (Activist)
Dominic Belonging to the Lord Latin Dominic West (Actor)
Dougal Dark stranger Scottish Dougal Dixon (Author)
Dylan Son of the sea Welsh Bob Dylan (Musician)
Eden Delight, paradise Hebrew Eden Hazard (Football player)
Edward Wealthy guardian English Edward Norton (Actor)
Edwin Wealthy friend English Edwin Hubble (Astronomer)
Eli Ascension, my God Hebrew Eli Manning (Football player)
Elijah My God is Yahweh Hebrew Elijah
Ellis Kind, benevolent Welsh Ellis Genge (Rugby player)
Emerson Son of Emery English Emerson Fittipaldi (Racing driver)
Emery Industrious ruler Germanic Emery Smith (UFO researcher)
Eric Ruler, eternal ruler Scandinavian Eric Bana (Actor)
Ethan Firm, strong Hebrew Ethan Hawke (Actor)
Euan Born of the yew tree Scottish Euan Aitken (Rugby player)
Evan Young warrior Welsh Evan Peters (Actor)
Everett Brave as a wild boar English Everett McGill (Actor)
Ezekiel God strengthens Hebrew Ezekiel Elliott (Football player)
Fabian Bean grower Latin Fabian Barlow (Singer)
Felix Lucky, happy Latin Felix Hernandez (Baseball player)
Finlay Fair-haired hero Scottish Finlay Bealham (Rugby player)
Finn Fair, white Irish Finn Wolfhard (Actor)
Flynn Descendant of the red-haired man Irish Flynn Bloom (Celebrity child)
Francis Free, Frenchman Latin Francis Ford Coppola (Director)
Fraser Of the forest men Scottish Fraser Brown (Rugby player)
Frederick Peaceful ruler Germanic Frederick Douglass (Activist)
Gabriel God is my strength Hebrew Gabriel Macht (Actor)
Gareth Gentle, modest Welsh Gareth Bale (Football player)
Gary Spear rule Germanic Gary Oldman (Actor)
Gavin White hawk Welsh Gavin Rossdale (Musician)
George Farmer, earthworker Greek George Clooney (Actor)
Gerard Brave with a spear Germanic Gerard Butler (Actor)
Gilbert Bright pledge Germanic Gilbert O'Sullivan (Singer)
Glen Valley Scottish Glen Campbell (Singer)
Glyn Valley Welsh Glynis Johns (Actress)
Godfrey God-peace Germanic Godfrey Cambridge (Comedian)
Gordon Large fortification Scottish Gordon Ramsay (Chef)
Harvey Army warrior French Harvey Milk (Activist)
Hayden Hedged valley English Hayden Panettiere (Actress)
Heath From the heathland English Heath Ledger (Actor)
Hector Holding fast Greek Hector Elizondo (Actor)
Henry Ruler of the home Germanic Henry Cavill (Actor)
Herbert Illustrious warrior Germanic Herbert Hoover (Politician)
Holden From the hollow in the valley English Holden Nowell (Model)
Horace Timekeeper Latin Horace Grant (Basketball player)
Howard Brave heart Germanic Howard Stern (Radio host)
Hugh Mind, heart, spirit Germanic Hugh Jackman (Actor)
Hugo Mind, heart, spirit Germanic Hugo Weaving (Actor)
Hunter One who hunts English Hunter Hayes (Musician)
Ian God is gracious Scottish Ian Somerhalder (Actor)
Ignatius Fiery one Latin Ignatius J. Reilly (Fictional character)
Isaac He will laugh Hebrew Isaac Hempstead Wright (Actor)
Isaiah God is salvation Hebrew Isaiah Thomas (Basketball player)
Ivan God is gracious Slavic Ivan Lendl (Tennis player)
Jack God is gracious English Jack Nicholson (Actor)
Jackson Son of Jack English Jackson Browne (Musician)
Jacob Supplanter Hebrew Jacob Tremblay (Actor)
Jaden God has heard American Jaden Smith (Actor)
James Supplanter English James Franco (Actor)
Jamie Supplanter Scottish Jamie Dornan (Actor)
Jared He who descends Hebrew Jared Leto (Actor)
Jason Healer Greek Jason Momoa (Actor)
Jasper Treasure master Persian Jasper Johns (Artist)
Jayden God has heard American Jayden Smith (Actor)
Jed Beloved of God Hebrew Jed Wyatt (Reality TV personality)
Jeffrey Peaceful pledge Germanic Jeffrey Dahmer (Serial killer)
Jeremy Appointed by God English Jeremy Irons (Actor)
Jesse God's gift Hebrew Jesse Owens (Athlete)
Joel Yahweh is God Hebrew Joel Edgerton (Actor)
John God is gracious Hebrew John Lennon (Musician)
Jonah Dove Hebrew Jonah Hill (Actor)
Jonathan Gift of God Hebrew Jonathan Groff (Actor)
Jordan To descend, to flow down Hebrew Michael Jordan (Basketball player)
Joseph He will add Hebrew Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Actor)
Joshua God is salvation Hebrew Joshua Jackson (Actor)
Josiah Fire of the Lord Hebrew Josiah Duggar (Reality TV personality)
Jude Praise Latin Jude Law (Actor)
Julian Youthful, downy Latin Julianne Moore (Actress)
Julius Youthful, downy Latin Julius Caesar (Roman Emperor)
Justin Just, upright Latin Justin Timberlake (Musician)
Kai Sea Hawaiian Kai Greene (Bodybuilder)
Kaiden Companion American Kaiden Guhle (Hockey player)
Kane Warrior Irish Kane Brown (Musician)
Kason Keeper of the keys American Kason Gabbard (Baseball player)
Kayden Companion American Kayden Kross (Adult film actress)
Keanu Cool breeze over the mountains Hawaiian Keanu Reeves (Actor)
Keaton Where hawks fly English Keaton Stromberg (Musician)
Keith Woods, forest Scottish Keith Richards (Musician)
Kellen Mighty warrior Irish Kellen Winslow Jr. (Football player)
Kelvin From the narrow river Scottish Kelvin Benjamin (Football player)
Kenan Possession, smith Hebrew Kenan Thompson (Comedian)
Kenneth Handsome Scottish Kenneth Branagh (Actor)
Killian Church, monk's cell Irish Killian Hayes (Basketball player)
Kingston King's town English Kingston Rossdale (Celebrity child)
Kobe God's door Japanese Kobe Bryant (Basketball player)
Kolton Coal town American Kolton Wong (Baseball player)
Kian Ancient Irish Kian Lawley (YouTuber)
Kieran Dark-haired Irish Kieran Culkin (Actor)
Killian Church, monk's cell Irish Killian Hayes (Basketball player)
Kingston King's town English Kingston Rossdale (Celebrity child)
Kobe God's door Japanese Kobe Bryant (Basketball player)
Kolton Coal town American Kolton Wong (Baseball player)
Kye Narrow piece of land Scottish Kye Petersen (Skier)
Lachlan From the fjord-land Scottish Lachlan Murdoch (Businessman)
Landon Long hill English Landon Donovan (Soccer player)
Lane Narrow country road English Lane Kiffin (Football coach)
Larkin Rough, fierce Irish Larkin Grimm (Musician)
Lasse Crowned with laurel Scandinavian Lasse Vibe (Soccer player)
Laurence Laurel-crowned Latin Laurence Olivier (Actor)
Lawson Son of Lawrence English Lawson Bates (Reality TV personality)
Layton Herb garden English Layton Williams (Actor)
Leif Descendant, heir Scandinavian Leif Erikson (Explorer)
Leo Lion Latin Leonardo DiCaprio (Actor)
Leon Lion Greek Leon Russell (Musician)
Leonard Brave lion Germanic Leonard Nimoy (Actor)
Leroy The king French Leroy Sane (Soccer player)
Levi Joined, attached Hebrew Levi Strauss (Businessman)
Lewis Famous warrior English Lewis Hamilton (Racing driver)
Liam Strong-willed warrior Irish Liam Neeson (Actor)
Lincoln From the lake settlement English Lincoln Burrows (Character from "Prison Break")
Lionel Young lion Latin Lionel Messi (Soccer player)
Logan From the hollow Scottish Logan Paul (YouTuber)
Luka Light Croatian Luka Modric (Soccer player)
Luke From Lucania Greek Luke Skywalker (Character from "Star Wars")
Luther Famous warrior Germanic Martin Luther King Jr. (Civil rights leader)
Lyndon Linden tree hill English Lyndon B. Johnson (Former US President)
Mackenzie Son of Kenneth Scottish Mackenzie Davis (Actress)
Maddox Son of Madoc Welsh Maddox Jolie-Pitt (Celebrity child)
Magnus Great Scandinavian Magnus Carlsen (Chess player)
Malachi My messenger Hebrew Malachi Kirby (Actor)
Malcolm Disciple of Saint Columba Scottish Malcolm X (Civil rights activist)
Marco Warlike Italian Marco Polo (Explorer)
Marcus Warlike Latin Marcus Rashford (Soccer player)
Marley From the lake meadow English Bob Marley (Musician)
Marshall Horse caretaker English Marshall Faulk (Football player)
Martin Dedicated to Mars Latin Martin Luther (Religious leader)
Mason Stone worker English Mason Disick (Celebrity child)
Matteo Gift of God Italian Matteo Guendouzi (Soccer player)
Matthew Gift of God Hebrew Matthew McConaughey (Actor)
Maverick Independent, nonconformist American Maverick McNealy (Golfer)
Maximilian Greatest Latin Maximilian Schell (Actor)
Maxwell Great stream Scottish Maxwell Caulfield (Actor)
Micah Who is like God Hebrew Micah Richards (Soccer player)
Michael Who is like God Hebrew Michael Jordan (Basketball player)
Miguel Who is like God Spanish Miguel Cabrera (Baseball player)
Miles Soldier, merciful English Miles Davis (Musician)
Miller Grain grinder English Miller Huggins (Baseball player)
Milo Merciful, peaceful Germanic Milo Ventimiglia (Actor)
Mitchell Who is like God English Mitchell Johnson (Cricket player)
Myles Soldier, merciful English Myles Garrett (Football player)
Nash By the ash tree English Nash Grier (Social media personality)
Nathaniel Gift of God Hebrew Nathaniel Hawthorne (Author)
Niall Champion Irish Niall Horan (Singer)
Nicholas Victory of the people Greek Nicholas Cage (Actor)
Noah Rest, comfort Hebrew Noah Centineo (Actor)
Nolan Descendant of Nuallan Irish Nolan Ryan (Baseball player)
Oliver Olive tree Latin Oliver Twist (Fictional character)
Orlando Famous land Italian Orlando Bloom (Actor)
Oscar Deer lover Gaelic Oscar Wilde (Writer)
Owen Youthful warrior Welsh Owen Wilson (Actor)
Parker Park keeper English Parker Posey (Actress)
Patrick Nobleman Irish Patrick Stewart (Actor)
Paul Small Latin Paul McCartney (Musician)
Peter Rock Greek Peter Parker (Fictional character)
Phoenix Dark red Greek Phoenix Suns (Basketball team)
Pierce Rock English Pierce Brosnan (Actor)
Preston Priest's estate English Preston Bailey (Actor)
Quinn Intelligent, wise Irish Quinn Shephard (Actress)
Ralph Wolf counsel English Ralph Lauren (Fashion designer)
Ramon Wise protector Spanish Ramon Novarro (Actor)
Raphael God has healed Hebrew Raphael Saadiq (Musician)
Raymond Wise protector Germanic Raymond Chandler (Author)
Reagan Little king Irish Ronald Reagan (Former US President)
Reed Redhead English Reed Richards (Fictional character)
Reid Redhead Scottish Reid Travis (Basketball player)
Rhett Enthusiastic Welsh Rhett Miller (Musician)
Richard Powerful ruler Germanic Richard Nixon (Former US President)
Riley Courageous Irish Riley Keough (Actress)
River Stream English River Phoenix (Actor)
Robert Bright fame Germanic Robert Downey Jr. (Actor)
Robin Bright fame English Robin Williams (Actor)
Rocco Rest Italian Rocco Ritchie (Celebrity child)
Roman Citizen of Rome Latin Roman Reigns (Wrestler)
Ronan Little seal Irish Ronan Farrow (Journalist)
Rory Red king Irish Rory McIlroy (Golfer)
Rowan Little redhead Irish Rowan Atkinson (Actor)
Roy Red Irish Roy Rogers
Russell Little red one French Russell Crowe (Actor)
Ryan Little king Irish Ryan Gosling (Actor)
Ryder Horseman English Ryder Robinson (Celebrity child)
Samuel Heard by God Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson (Actor)
Santiago Saint James Spanish Santiago Cabrera (Actor)
Sawyer Woodcutter English Sawyer Spielberg (Filmmaker)
Sean God is gracious Irish Sean Connery (Actor)
Sebastian Venerable Greek Sebastian Stan (Actor)
Seth Appointed Hebrew Seth Rogen (Actor)
Shane God is gracious Irish Shane West (Actor)
Shannon Old river Irish Shannon Purser (Actress)
Shaun God is gracious Irish Shaun White (Snowboarder)
Shawn God is gracious Irish Shawn Mendes (Musician)
Silas Of the forest Latin Silas Weir Mitchell (Actor)
Simon Listener Hebrew Simon Cowell (TV personality)
Spencer Dispenser of provisions English Spencer Pratt (TV personality)
Stanley Stony clearing English Stanley Kubrick (Filmmaker)
Stefan Crown Germanic Stefan Edberg (Tennis player)
Stephen Crown Greek Stephen Curry (Basketball player)
Sterling Of high quality English Sterling K. Brown (Actor)
Steve Crown Greek Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple Inc.)
Steven Crown Greek Steven Spielberg (Filmmaker)
Sullivan Dark eyes Irish Sullivan Stapleton (Actor)
Tadhg Poet Irish Tadhg Furlong (Rugby player)
Tate Cheerful English Tate Donovan (Actor)
Taylor Tailor English Taylor Swift (Musician)
Ted Gift of God English Ted Danson (Actor)
Teddy Gift of God English Teddy Geiger (Musician)
Terrence Smooth Latin Terrence Howard (Actor)
Terry Diminutive of Terence English Terry Crews (Actor)
Theo Divine gift Greek Theo James (Actor)
Thomas Twin Aramaic Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Actor)
Toby God is good Hebrew Toby Maguire (Actor)
Todd Fox English Todd Phillips (Filmmaker)
Tom Twin Aramaic Tom Cruise (Actor)
Tommy Twin Aramaic Tommy Lee (Musician)
Tony Praiseworthy Latin Tony Bennett (Singer)
Travis Toll collector English Travis Scott (Musician)
Trent Gushing waters English Trent Reznor (Musician)
Tristan Tumult Welsh Tristan Thompson (Basketball player)
Troy Foot soldier Irish Troye Sivan (Musician)
Tyler Tile maker English Tyler Perry (Filmmaker)
Tyson Son of Ty English Tyson Fury (Boxer)
Uriah God is my light Hebrew Uriah Hall (MMA fighter)
Vaughan Small Welsh Vaughan Jones (Mathematician)
Victor Conqueror Latin Victor Cruz (Football player)
Vincent Conquering Latin Vincent van Gogh (Painter)
Wade To ford English Wade Wilson (Character from Deadpool)
Walter Ruler of the army Germanic Walter White (Character from Breaking Bad)
Warren Enclosure English Warren Buffet (Investor)
Wayne Wagon maker English Wayne Rooney (Football player)
Wesley Western meadow English Wesley Snipes (Actor)
Will Resolute protector Germanic Will Smith (Actor)
William Resolute protector Germanic William Shakespeare (Playwright)
Winston Wine's town English Winston Churchill (Politician)
Wyatt Little warrior English Wyatt Russell (Actor)
Xavier New house Basque Xavier Samuel (Actor)
Zachary God remembers Hebrew Zachary Quinto (Actor)
Zane God is gracious Hebrew Zane Holtz (Actor)

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