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Alexander Defender of the people Greek Alexander Hamilton (politician), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor)
Aiden Little fire Irish Aiden Turner (actor), Aiden Gillen
Alexander Defender of the people Greek Alexander Hamilton (politician), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor)
Andrew Manly, warrior Greek Andrew Carnegie (industrialist), Andrew Garfield (actor)
Asher Happy, blessed Hebrew Asher Angel (actor), Asher Roth (musician)
Asher Happy, blessed Hebrew Asher Angel (actor), Asher Roth (musician)
Adam "son of the red earth" Hebrew Adam Riese (German mathematician)
Adrian "man from the city of Adria" Latin Adrian Willaert (Flemish composer)
Albert "noble, bright" Germanic Albert Einstein (German-American physicist)
Alexander "defender of the people" Greek Alexander Graham Bell (Scottish inventor)
Alfons "noble, ready" Germanic Alfonso Cuaron (Mexican filmmaker)
Alfred "wise counselor" Germanic Alfred Hitchcock (British filmmaker)
Alois "famous warrior" Germanic Alois Alzheimer (German neurologist)
Andreas "manly, warrior" Greek Andreas Vesalius (Belgian anatomist)
Anton "priceless" Latin Anton Chekhov (Russian playwright)
Armin "whole, universal" Germanic Armin Mueller-Stahl (German actor)
Arnold "eagle power" Germanic Arnold Schwarzenegger (Austrian-American actor)
Arthur "bear" Celtic Arthur Conan Doyle (British author)
August "great, magnificent" Latin August Strindberg (Swedish playwright)
Axel "father of peace" Germanic Axel Rose (American musician)
Aksel Father of peace Scandinavian Aksel Lund Svindal (Norwegian alpine skier)
Alaska Great land Native American Alaska Young (fictional character in "Looking for Alaska" by John Green)
Aleut Unknown Native American N/A
Anana Beautiful Native American Anana Rydvald (Norwegian singer)
Aniak Place name Native American N/A
Atka Guardian spirit Native American Atka Reid (basketball player)
Attu Place name Native American N/A
August Great, magnificent Latin August Wilson (playwright), August Alsina (singer)
Avery Elf ruler English Avery Bradley (basketball player), Avery Johnson (basketball coach)
Adam Of the earth Bohemian Adam Mickiewicz, Adam Smith
Adrian Dark one Bohemian Adrian Peterson, Adrian Grenier
Albert Noble, bright Bohemian Albert Einstein, Albert Camus
Alexander Defender of the people Bohemian Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Hamilton
Alois Famous warrior Bohemian Alois Alzheimer
Amadeus Love of God Bohemian Amadeus Mozart
Ambrose Immortal Bohemian Ambrose Bierce
Andrej Manly Bohemian Andrej Sekera
Anton Praiseworthy Bohemian Anton Chekhov, Anton Yelchin
Augustin Venerable Bohemian Augustinian monks
Adem "man" Arabic Adem Jashari (Kosovo Albanian guerilla leader)
Admir "admirable" Bosnian Admir Hadzic (Bosnian footballer)
Adnan "settler" Arabic Adnan Custovic (Bosnian footballer)
Ahmet "praised, commendable" Turkish Ahmet Hadžipašić (Bosnian politician)
Aidin "friend, companion" Bosnian None
Ajdin "hearer" Bosnian Ajdin Mahmutovic (Bosnian footballer)
Alen "fair, handsome" Bosnian Alen Islamović (Bosnian musician)
Aldin "defender" Bosnian Aldin Šetkić (Bosnian tennis player)
Aleksandar "defender of the people" Serbian Aleksandar Hemon (Bosnian-American writer)
Alija "exalted, noble" Bosnian Alija Izetbegović (Bosnian politician)
Amar "long-lived" Arabic Amar Osim (Bosnian footballer)
Amer "prince, ruler" Bosnian Amer Gojak (Bosnian footballer)
Anel "angel" Bosnian Anel Hadžić (Bosnian footballer)
Anes "friendly" Bosnian Anes Haurdić (Bosnian footballer)
Armin "army man" Germanic Armin Hodžić (Bosnian footballer)
Asim "protector" Arabic Asim Ferhatović (Bosnian footballer)
Azur "sky blue" Bosnian Azur Mahmić (Bosnian footballer)
Ajahn Teacher Thai Ajahn Chah, a prominent Thai monk
Ananda Bliss, happiness Sanskrit Ananda, one of the Buddha's main disciples
Arjuna White, clear Sanskrit Arjuna, a hero in the Mahabharata
Ashoka Without sorrow Sanskrit Ashoka the Great, an Indian emperor and patron of Buddhism
Atula Incomparable Pali
Alex Defender of the people Bulgarian Alex Kovatchev, Alex Petrov
Angel Angelic Bulgarian Angel Petrov, Angel Kanchev
Anton Priceless Bulgarian Anton Pampoulov, Anton Zingarevich
Asen Healthy, robust Bulgarian Asen Dzhebarov, Asen Aleksandrov
Atanas Immortal Bulgarian Atanas Burov, Atanas Dalchev
Atanasije Immortal Serbian Atanasije Stojković
Attila Father-like, great leader Hungarian Attila the Hun
Akaki "autumn" or "harvest" Georgian Akaki Tsereteli, Georgian poet and public figure
Akakios "not evil" Greek Saint Akakios, Christian martyr
Akiva "he who protects" Hebrew Rabbi Akiva, prominent Jewish sage
Akmal "perfection" or "excellence" Arabic Akmal Ikramov, Uzbekistani footballer
Akop "he who follows" Armenian Akop Ter-Margaryan, Armenian painter
Aleksandre "defender of man" Georgian Aleksandre Kazbegi, Georgian writer and public figure
Amiran "eternal" Georgian Amiran-Darejaniani, legendary Georgian hero
Anania "God is gracious" Georgian Anania Shirakatsi, Armenian philosopher and mathematician
Andria "manly" Georgian Andria Balanchivadze, Georgian composer and conductor
Anzor "star" Georgian Anzor Kavazashvili, Georgian wrestler
Archil "brave" or "daring" Georgian Archil Gomiashvili, Georgian actor
Asatiani "son of Asat" Georgian Konstantine Asatiani, Georgian writer and public figure
Avtandil "sunshine" Georgian Avtandil Gorgasali, legendary Georgian king
Abel Breath Hungarian Abel Tasman (Dutch explorer)
Adorjan One who is worshipped Hungarian Adorján F. Kovács (Hungarian filmmaker)
Agoston Great Hungarian Agoston Haraszthy (Hungarian-American pioneer of California wine)
Akos White falcon Hungarian Akos Kertesz (Hungarian musician)
Albert Noble and bright Hungarian Albert Einstein (German physicist)
Almos Sleep Hungarian Almos' mother was Emese (mythological figure in Hungarian history)
Ambrus Immortal Hungarian Ambrus Kyri (Hungarian basketball player)
Andor Manly and strong Hungarian Andor Foldes (Hungarian pianist)
Andras Manly and strong Hungarian Andras Hadik (Hungarian soldier)
Antal Priceless one Hungarian Antal Dorati (Hungarian conductor)
Arpad From Arpad Hungarian Arpad dynasty (ruling family of Hungary)
Attila Father-like Hungarian Attila the Hun (ruler of the Huns)
Aurel Golden Hungarian Aurel Stodola (Slovak engineer and inventor)
Ahanu He laughs Algonquin Ahanu: First man on earth in Hopi mythology
Akando Ambush Hopi -
Alawa Pea Algonquin Alawa: Brother of the sun in Algonquin mythology
Amadahy Forest water Cherokee Amadahy: Corn goddess in Cherokee mythology
Amitola Rainbow Cherokee -
Anoki Actor Inuit -
Ata'halne' He interrupts Navajo -
Atsidi Blacksmith Navajo Atsidi: Creator of the first Navajo silver jewelry
Awan Somebody Miwok Awan: Creator god in Miwok mythology
Ayawamat One who follows orders Algonquin -
Abel "Breath" or "Vanity" Hebrew Abelardo Vásquez Zuleta (Colombian writer)
Abraham "Father of many" Hebrew Abraham Valdelomar (Peruvian writer)
Adán "Man" or "Earth" Hebrew Adán Quiroga (Argentinian politician)
Adolfo "Noble wolf" German Adolfo Suárez (Spanish politician)
Agustín "Venerable" or "Great" Latin Agustín Gamarra (Peruvian president)
Alan "Little rock" Celtic Alan García (Peruvian president)
Alejandro "Defender" or "Protector" Greek Alejandro Toledo (Peruvian president)
Alex "Defender" or "Protector" Greek Alex Acosta (Peruvian footballer)
Alfonso "Noble and ready" Germanic Alfonso Barrantes (Peruvian politician)
Alonso "Noble and ready" Germanic Alonso Cueto (Peruvian writer)
Amador "Lover" or "Beloved" Latin Amador Ballumbrosio (Peruvian musician)
Amancio "Loving" Latin Amancio Williams (Argentinian architect)
Amaro "Bitter" Latin Amaro Rodríguez Felipe (Spanish cyclist)
Amilcar "Friend of the town" Latin Amilcar Cabral (Guinea-Bissauan politician)
Amos "Burden" or "Bearer" Hebrew Amos Oz (Israeli writer)
Aníbal "Grace of Baal" or "Merciful" Phoenician Aníbal Barca (Carthaginian general)
Anthony "Priceless" Latin Anthony Hopkins (Welsh actor)
Antonino "Priceless" Latin Antonino López de Santa Anna (Mexican president)
Aquiles "Pain" or "Lipless" Greek Aquiles Serdán (Mexican revolutionary)
Arístides "Best" or "Excellence" Greek Aristides de Sousa Mendes (Portuguese diplomat)
Arturo "Bear" or "Strong as a bear" Celtic Arturo Merzario (Italian racing driver)
Aurelio "Golden" or "The golden one" Latin Aurelio Martínez (Honduran musician)
Axel "Father of peace" Hebrew Axel Kicillof (Argentinian economist and politician)
Ababacar Variant of Arabic name Abd al-Qadir meaning "servant of the capable" Wolof Ababacar Mbaye, a Senegalese footballer
Abasse Arabic origin, meaning "lion" or "strong" Wolof not found
Abdala Variant of Abd Allah meaning "servant of Allah" Arabic not found
Abdou Variant of Arabic name Abd al-Rahman meaning "servant of the merciful" Wolof Abdou Diouf, a Senegalese politician
Abdoul Variant of Arabic name Abd al-Rahim meaning "servant of the compassionate" Wolof Abdoul Aziz Ndao, a Senegalese footballer
Abdoulaye Variant of Arabic name Abd Allah meaning "servant of Allah" Wolof Abdoulaye Wade, a Senegalese politician
Abdurahman Variant of Abd al-Rahman meaning "servant of the merciful" Arabic not found
Abou Variant of Arabic name Abu meaning "father" Wolof not found
Adama Variant of Arabic name Adam meaning "man" or "earth" Wolof Adama Diop, a Senegalese footballer
Adiouma From the word adiu meaning "to help" or "to support" Wolof not found
Adrien Variant of Latin name Adrianus meaning "from Hadria" French Adrien Senghor, a Senegalese footballer
Aissata Variant of Arabic name Aisha meaning "living" or "life" Wolof not found
Aliou Variant of Arabic name Ali meaning "elevated" or "noble" Wolof Aliou Cissé, a Senegalese footballer
Aly Variant of Arabic name Ali meaning "elevated" or "noble" Wolof Aly Ndiaye, a Senegalese footballer
Amadou Variant of Arabic name Ahmad meaning "most commendable" or "most praiseworthy" Wolof Amadou Diallo, a Senegalese immigrant killed in New York City in 1999
Amara From the Arabic word amar meaning "to live" Wolof Amara Sy, a Senegalese basketball player
Ambroise Variant of Greek name Ambrosios meaning "immortal" French Ambroise Oyongo, a Cameroonian footballer of Senegalese descent
Ameth Variant of Arabic name Ahmad meaning "most commendable" or "most praiseworthy" Wolof Ameth Thiou, a Senegalese footballer
Antoine Variant of Latin name Antonius meaning "priceless" or "invaluable" French Antoine Griezmann, a French footballer of Senegalese descent
Assane Variant of Arabic name Hassan meaning "handsome" or "good-looking" Wolof Assane Diouf, a Senegalese footballer
Adam "earth" or "man" Slavic Adam Mickiewicz, Polish writer
Adrian "dark" or "black" Slavic Adrian von Renteln, Russian-German entrepreneur
Aleksander "defender of the people" Slavic Aleksander Kwasniewski, former President of Poland
Andrej "manly" or "warrior" Slavic Andrej Plenković, Croatian Prime Minister
Anton "priceless" or "invaluable" Slavic Anton Chekhov, Russian writer
Arkadij "of Arcadia" Slavic Arkady Strugatsky, Russian writer
Arsenij "virile" or "manly" Slavic Arseniy Yatsenyuk, former Prime Minister of Ukraine
Artur "noble" or "bear-man" Slavic Artur Szpilka, Polish boxer
Agis Leader Greek Agis I, King of Sparta
Aias Hero Greek Ajax, a Greek warrior in the Trojan War
Akakios Noteworthy Greek Saint Akakios, martyr of Nicomedia
Alexandros Defender of men Greek Alexander the Great, king of Macedon
Alkaios Strength Greek Alcaeus, a Greek lyric poet
Amnon Faithful Hebrew Amnon, a son of King David
Anaxander Defender of the people Greek Anaxander of Messene, a Spartan commander
Andreas Manly Greek Saint Andrew, one of the twelve apostles
Antigonos Like his ancestors Greek Antigonus III Doson, king of Macedon
Aristodemos Best among the people Greek Aristodemus, a Spartan warrior
Ariston Best Greek Ariston of Sparta, a legendary king
Asklepios Healer Greek Asklepios, god of medicine
Atreus Fearless Greek Atreus, king of Mycenae
Ahmad Most commendable Arabic Ahmad Shah Massoud (Afghan military leader)
Ali Elevated, noble Arabic Ali ibn Abi Talib (Islamic prophet's cousin)
Amjad More glorious, noble Arabic Amjad Ali Khan (Indian classical musician)
Anas Affectionate, friendly Arabic Anas Sarwar (Scottish politician)
Anwar Bright, shining Arabic Anwar al-Sadat (Egyptian president)
Aram High, exalted Aramaic Aram Karamanukyan (Armenian politician)
Aziz Beloved, powerful Arabic Aziz Ansari (American comedian)
Aaron High mountain Hebrew Aaron Yan (actor and singer), Aaron Kwok (actor)
Adam Earth Hebrew Adam Cheng (actor and singer)
Adrian From Hadria Latin Adrian Lin (actor), Adrian Chia (singer)
Alan Rock Celtic Alan Tam (singer and actor), Alan Dawa Dolma (singer)
Alex Defender Greek Alex To (singer), Alex Fong (actor)
Alexander Defender Greek Alexander Wang (fashion designer), Alexander McQueen (fashion designer)
Alfred Counselor English Alfred Hui (singer), Alfred Cheung (actor)
Allen Rock Celtic Allen Su (singer and actor), Allen Chao (actor)
Alvin Friend of Elves Old English Alvin Chau (entrepreneur), Alvin Tai (actor)
Amos To carry Hebrew Amos Lee (singer), Amos Yee (blogger and filmmaker)
Andrew Manly Greek Andrew Chen (actor), Andrew Lin (actor)
Anthony Priceless Latin Anthony Wong (singer and actor), Anthony Neely (singer)
Arthur Bear Celtic Arthur Chu (actor), Arthur Chen (actor)
Austin Majestic Latin Austin Lin (actor), Austin Wai (actor)
Aaron Enlightened Hebrew Aaron Spelling (TV producer), Aaron Paul (actor)
Abel Breath, Vanity Hebrew Abel Tasman (explorer), Abel Ferrara (filmmaker)
Adam Earth Hebrew Adam Levine (singer), Adam Driver (actor)
Adrian Of the Adriatic Latin Adrian Grenier (actor), Adrian Peterson (football player)
Aiden Little fire Irish Aiden Turner (actor), Aiden Grimshaw (singer)
Alder From the alder tree English Alder Hey Children's Hospital (UK), Alder Koten (executive search firm)
Alexander Defender of the people Greek Alexander Hamilton (founding father), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor)
Alister Defender of the people Scottish Alister McGrath (theologian), Alister E. McGrath (screenwriter)
Alvin Noble friend Old English Alvin Ailey (choreographer), Alvin Stardust (singer)
Ambrose Immortal Latin Ambrose Bierce (writer), Ambrose Burnside (Civil War general)
Amos To carry, to carry a burden Hebrew Amos Alonzo Stagg (football coach), Amos Oz (writer)
Apollo Destroyer, God of music and poetry Greek Apollo 11 (NASA mission), Apollo Creed (fictional boxer in "Rocky" movies)
Archer Bowman, one who uses a bow and arrow English Archer Daniels Midland (food processing company), Archer Mayor (author)
Ariel Lion of God Hebrew Ariel Sharon (former Prime Minister of Israel), Ariel Winter (actress)
Arlo Fortified hill Old English Arlo Guthrie (singer-songwriter), Arlo White (sportscaster)
Ashton Ash tree town Old English Ashton Kutcher (actor), Ashton Eaton (Olympic athlete)
Atticus Man of Attica Latin Atticus Finch (fictional character in "To Kill a Mockingbird"), Atticus Shaffer (actor)
August Great, venerable Latin August Wilson (playwright), August Derleth (writer)
Axl Father of peace Scandinavian Axl Rose (singer), Axl Jack Duhamel (son of Fergie and Josh Duhamel)
Aarav Peaceful Sanskrit Aarav Singh, Aarav Choudhary
Abhik Fearless Sanskrit Abhik Roy
Abhirup Handsome Sanskrit Abhirup Basu
Abhishek Anointment Sanskrit Abhishek Bachchan, Abhishek Banerjee
Abir Fragrance Arabic Abir Chatterjee
Achintya Inconceivable Sanskrit Achintya Kumar Sengupta
Aditya Sun God Sanskrit Aditya Pancholi
Ajit Unconquerable Sanskrit Ajit Doval, Ajit Agarkar
Akash Sky Sanskrit Akash Ambani, Akash Banerjee
Alok Brightness Sanskrit Alok Nath
Aman Peace Arabic Aman Verma
Amar Immortal Sanskrit Amar Singh Chamkila, Amar Upadhyay
Amartya Immortal Sanskrit Amartya Sen
Amit Infinite, Boundless Sanskrit Amitabh Bachchan, Amit Shah
Amrit Nectar Sanskrit Amrit Maghera
Ananda Bliss Sanskrit Ananda Mohan Bose
Aniket Lord Shiva, Homeless Sanskrit Aniket Vishwasrao
Anirban Eternal Flame Sanskrit Anirban Lahiri
Anish Supreme Sanskrit Anish Kapoor
Ankur Sprout Sanskrit Ankur Nayyar
Anmol Priceless Sanskrit Anmol Rodriguez
Ansh Portion, Ray Sanskrit Ansh Bagri
Anupam Incomparable Sanskrit Anupam Kher
Arindam Destroyer of Enemies Sanskrit Arindam Sil
Arjun Bright, Shining Sanskrit Arjun Rampal, Arjun Kapoor
Arnav Ocean Sanskrit Arnav Agarwal
Arnab Ocean Sanskrit Arnab Goswami
Arya Noble Sanskrit Arya Babbar
Ashish Blessing Sanskrit Ashish Vidyarthi
Atul Matchless Sanskrit Atul Kulkarni
Avikar Unchangeable Sanskrit Avikar Roy
Ayush Long Life Sanskrit Ayushmann Khurrana
Abasi "stern" or "strict" Swahili Abasi Ofunim, Nigerian footballer
Abebe "he has flowered" Amharic Abebe Bikila, Ethiopian marathon runner
Abimbola "born into wealth" Yoruba Abimbola Craig, Nigerian actress
Abiola "born in honor" Yoruba Moshood Abiola, Nigerian businessman and politician
Ade "crown" Yoruba Ade Adepitan, British television presenter
Adebowale "the crown meets joy" Yoruba Adebowale Ogungbure, Nigerian footballer
Adedayo "the crown meets happiness" Yoruba Adedayo Akinwale, Nigerian actor
Adem "earth" Amharic Adem Bunkeddeko, Ugandan politician
Adisa "one who makes himself clear" Yoruba Adisa Bakari, American football player
Afolabi "born into wealth" Yoruba Afolabi Akinola, Nigerian footballer
Akin "valued" Yoruba Akin Ayodele, American football player
Akintoye "one who triumphs in joy" Yoruba Akintoye Akindele, Nigerian actor
Akinyele "one who triumphs" Yoruba Akinyele Sokoya, Nigerian footballer
Akioyamen "the brave one comes to meet me" Edo
Akpom "does not die" Urhobo Chuba Akpom, English footballer
Alhassan "the handsome one" Arabic Alhassan Kamara, Sierra Leonean footballer
Amadi "seems destined to die at birth, but lives" Igbo Amadi Ogbonna, Nigerian footballer
Amare "one who builds" Ethiopian Amare Stoudemire, American basketball player
Amine "faithful" Arabic Amine Harit, Moroccan footballer
Amos "carried" or "borne by God" Hebrew Amos Tutuola, Nigerian writer
Ananias "God is gracious" Biblical Ananias Mathe, South African criminal
Andrew "manly" or "warrior" Greek Andrew Mlangeni, South African anti-apartheid activist
Anthony "priceless one" Latin Anthony Joshua, British-Nigerian boxer
Anwar "luminous" or "radiant" Arabic Anwar Sadat, former President of Egypt
Aremu "one who carries the weight" Yoruba Aremu Afolayan, Nigerian actor
Arinze "the people's blessing" Igbo Arinze Kene, British actor
Asante "thank you" or "grateful" Akan Asante Kotoko SC, Ghanaian football club
Atanda "one who gains revenge" Yoruba Atanda Musa, Nigerian footballer
Atticus "man of Attica" Latin Atticus Shaffer, American actor
Augustine "majestic" or "venerable" Latin Augustine of Hippo, early Christian theologian
Ayodele "joy comes home" Yoruba Ayodele Casel, American tap dancer
Ayoob "one who returns" Arabic Ayoob Kara, Israeli politician
Azubuike "the past is your strength" Igbo Ike Diogu Azubuike, Nigerian-American basketball player

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