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Theodore Gift of God Greek Theodore Roosevelt (president), Theodore Geisel (author)
Tanner "leather tanner" English Tanner Buchanan (actor), Tanner Fox
Tate "cheerful" English Tate Donovan (actor), Tate McRae
Taylor "tailor" English Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner
Theodore "gift of God" Greek Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)
Thomas "twin" Aramaic Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson
Timothy "honoring God" Greek Timothy Olyphant (actor), Timothy Leary
Titus "honorable" Latin Titus Burgess (actor), Titus Welliver
Tristan "tumult" Welsh Tristan Thompson (basketball player), Tristan Wilds
Tucker "cloth fuller" English Tucker Carlson (journalist), Tucker Reed
Tyler "maker of tiles" English Tyler Posey (actor), Tyler, The Creator
Theodor "gift of God" Greek Theodor Herzl (Austrian-Jewish writer)
Thomas "twin" Aramaic/Greek Thomas Mann (German writer)
Tobias "God is good" Hebrew Tobias Wolff (American writer)
Talon Claw English Talon Smith (model), Talon David (celebrity child)
Thatcher Roofer English Margaret Thatcher (politician), Thatcher Demko (hockey player)
Theodore Gift of God Greek Theodore Roosevelt (former US president), Theodore Geisel (author)
Thorne Thorn bush English Bella Thorne (actress), Jeremy Thorne (football player)
Thorsten Thor's stone Scandinavian Thorsten Kaye (actor), Thorsten Fink (soccer player)
Timber Wood English Timber Timbre (band), Timber Brown (illusionist)
Toren Watchtower Scandinavian Toren Smith (manga editor), Toren Fukuhara (actor)
Tucker Cloth fuller English Tucker Carlson (TV host), Tucker Smith (actor)
Tomáš Twin Bohemian Tomáš Rosický, Tomáš Berdych
Tarik "path, way" Arabic Tarik Filipović (Bosnian actor)
Teo "gift of God" Greek Teo Bušić (Bosnian footballer)
Tibor "of the Tiber River" Hungarian Tibor Bratić (Bosnian footballer)
Tihomir "peaceful world" Slavic Tihomir Kadić (Bosnian footballer)
Timur "iron" Turkish Timur Hodžić (Bosnian footballer)
Tomislav "glorious fame" Slavic Tomislav Brkić (Bosnian footballer)
Tenzin Holder of teachings Tibetan Tenzin Gyatso,
Thich Respectful Vietnamese Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist
Thubten One who has realized emptiness Tibetan Thubten Chodron, American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun
Tilopa Indian Buddhist master who founded the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism Sanskrit Tilopa's Mahamudra Upadesha, text on meditation
Trinley One who is victorious in all directions Tibetan Trinley Thaye Dorje, Tibetan Buddhist teacher and head of the Karma Kagyu lineage
Tsoknyi Pure expression Tibetan Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist teacher
Tihomir Peaceful world Bulgarian Tihomir Yosifov, Tihomir Botev
Todor God's gift Bulgarian Todor Kableshkov, Todor Jivkov
Tamaz "son of Tamara" Georgian Tamaz Gamkrelidze, Georgian linguist
Tariel "heaven's gift" Georgian Tariel Dadiani, Georgian prince and military commander
Teimuraz "brave as iron" Georgian Teimuraz Kereselidze, Georgian wrestler
Temur "iron" Georgian Temur Ketsbaia, Georgian footballer
Tengiz "sea" or "ocean" Georgian Tengiz Sulakvelidze, Georgian microbiologist
Teodore "gift of God" Georgian Teodore Kvikvinia, Georgian composer
Teimur "iron" Georgian Teimurazi Modebadze, Georgian wrestler
Tornike "twin" Georgian Tornike Okriashvili, Georgian footballer
Tamas Twin Hungarian Tamas Hajnal
Tibor Of the Tiber river Hungarian Tibor Szasz (Hungarian football player)
Timur Iron Hungarian Timur Lenk (Central Asian conqueror)
Tivadar Gift of God Hungarian Tivadar Csontvary Kosztka (Hungarian painter)
Tódor Gift of God Hungarian Tódor Balázs (Hungarian composer)
Tomas Twin Hungarian Tomas Rosicky (Czech football player with Hungarian ancestry)
Tünde Fairy Hungarian Tünde Handó (Hungarian jurist)
Teodoro "Gift of God" or "God's gift" Greek Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinean President)
Tomás "Twin" or "Didymus" Aramaic Tomás Borge (Nicaraguan revolutionary)
Tafsir From the Arabic word tafsir meaning "explanation" or "interpretation" Wolof not found
Talla Variant of Arabic name Tala meaning "seeker" or "pursuer" Wolof not found
Thierno From the Arabic word tajrīr meaning "to seek" Wolof not found
Tadej "gift of God" Slavic Tadej Pogačar, Slovenian cyclist
Teodor "gift of God" or "God's present" Slavic Teodor Currentzis, Russian conductor
Tihomir "peaceful world" Slavic Tihomir Novakov, Bulgarian-American physicist
Tomislav "glorious in battle" Slavic Tomislav Ivic, Croatian football coach
Telephos Far-shooting Greek Telephus, a son of Heracles in Greek mythology
Telesphoros Bringing completion Greek Telesphorus, a god of healing in Greek mythology
Telemachos Far-fighting Greek Telemachus, a character in Homer's Odyssey
Themistokles Glorious law Greek Themistocles, an Athenian general
Theodoros Gift of God Greek Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States
Theognis Divine Greek Theognis of Megara, a Greek poet
Theseus To set Greek Theseus, a hero in Greek mythology
Thrasymachos Fierce fighter Greek Thrasymachus, a character in Plato's Republic
Thrasyvoulos Bold people Greek Thrasyvoulos of Miletus, a Greek physician
Timotheos Honoring God Greek Timothy, a disciple of Saint Paul
Tarek Morning star, conqueror Arabic Tarek El Moussa (American TV personality)
Taym Strong, tough Arabic Taym Al-Mallah (Syrian footballer)
Thaer Brave, courageous Arabic Thaer Al-Batal (Syrian footballer)
Thamir Fruitful, productive Arabic Thamir Abdulrahman (Qatari footballer)
Taha Pure, virtuous Arabic Taha Hussein (Egyptian writer)
Terry ruler of the people English Terry Gou (businessman), Terry Wang (entrepreneur)
Tim to honor God English Tim Chang (entrepreneur), Tim Lin (athlete)
Tony invaluable English Tony Fernandes (businessman), Tony Lin (entrepreneur)
Talon Claw English Talon Hardy (son of actress Soleil Moon Frye), Talon G. Craig (actor)
Tate Cheerful English Tate Donovan (actor), Tate McRae (singer)
Thorne Thorny bush English Bella Thorne (actress), Carter Thorne (hockey player)
Titan Giant Greek Titanfall (video game), Titan (moon of Saturn)
Toby God is good English Toby Keith (singer), Toby Maguire (actor)
Tristan Tumult, outcry Welsh Tristan Thompson (basketball player), Tristan Wilds (actor)
Tucker Tucker of cloth English Tucker Carlson (journalist), Tucker Albrizzi (actor)
Tyler Tile maker English Tyler, The Creator (rapper), Tyler Seguin (hockey player)
Tanay Son Sanskrit not found
Tanish Ambition Sanskrit not found
Tanmay Engrossed Sanskrit not found
Tanmoy Engrossed Sanskrit not found
Tapas Heat Sanskrit not found
Tarak Star Sanskrit not found
Tathagata A Buddha Sanskrit not found
Tathya Truth Sanskrit not found
Tilak Auspicious symbol Sanskrit not found
Tirtha Sacred place Sanskrit not found
Tuhin Snowy Bengali not found

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