Boys Name start with X

Here you will find the boy names starts with X. To get famous,beautiful,uncommon boy names scroll through!

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Lower value denotes most popular name

Here is the List of Boy Names start with X

Xavier "new house" Basque Xavier University, Xavier Samuel
Xaver "new house" Basque Xaver Schwarzenberger (Austrian filmmaker)
Xavier New house Basque Xavier Woods (wrestler), Xavier Naidoo (musician)
Xavier "New house" or "Bright" Basque Xavier Becerra (American politician)
Xenophanes Strange voice Greek Xenophanes, a Greek philosopher
Xenophon Strange voice Greek Xenophon, a Greek historian
Xerxes Ruler over heroes Greek Xerxes I, a Persian king
Xavier new house Basque Xavier Chen (athlete), Xavier Wu (businessman)
Xander Defender of people Greek Xander Berkeley (actor), Xander Schauffele (golfer)
Xavier New house Basque Xavier Woods (professional wrestler), Xavier Dolan (filmmaker)

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