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Here is the List of Boy Names start with Y

Yannis "God is gracious" Greek Yannis Ritsos (Greek poet)
Yasin a chapter of the Quran Arabic Yasin Pehlivan (Austrian-Turkish wrestler)
Youssef "God will increase" Arabic Youssef Chahine (Egyptian filmmaker)
Yannick God is gracious French Yannick Noah (tennis player), Yannick Bisson (actor)
Yates Gates English Richard Yates (author), Dornford Yates (author)
York Yew tree estate English York (rapper), York Minster (cathedral)
Yule Christmas English Yule Kilcher (pioneer), Yule Masiteng (football player)
Yamantaka Wrathful manifestation of Manjushri, who is the embodiment of wisdom Sanskrit Yamantaka practice, a tantric practice in Tibetan Buddhism
Yonten Good qualities Tibetan
Yuima Name of a monk who studied Zen in China Japanese
Yordan Descending Bulgarian Yordan Yovchev, Yordan Minev
Yosif God shall multiply Bulgarian Yosif Cheshmedzhiev, Yosif Naumov
Yakob "supplanter" Georgian Yakob Makharashvili, Georgian wrestler
Yael "Mountain goat" or "Ibex" Hebrew Yael Naim (French-Israeli singer)
Yahir "He will light up" or "He will shine" Hebrew Yahir Othón (Mexican singer)
Yamil "Handsome" or "Beautiful" Arabic Yamil Asad (Argentinian footballer)
Yandel "Land by the water" or "Land near water" English Yandel (Puerto Rican singer)
Yasser "Easy" or "Simple" Arabic Yasser Arafat (Palestinian leader)
Yeferson "God will add" or "He will increase" Hebrew Yeferson Soteldo (Venezuelan footballer)
Yeray "Boar" or "Wild pig" Basque Yeray Alvarez (Spanish footballer)
Yoel "The Lord is God" or "Yahweh is God" Hebrew Yoel Romero (Cuban mixed martial artist)
Yonathan "Gift of God" or "God has given" Hebrew Yonathan del Valle (Venezuelan footballer)
Yordy "Farmer" or "Tiller of the soil" English Yordy Reyna (Peruvian footballer)
Yosef "He will add" or "He will increase" Hebrew Yosef Maiman (Peruvian businessman)
Yovanny "God is gracious" or "Yahweh is merciful" Hebrew Yovanny Durango (Colombian cyclist)
Yuber "Forest of yew trees" or "Yew wood" English Yuber Asprilla (Colombian footballer)
Yul "Born at Christmas" or "Born on Christmas Day" English Yul Brynner (Russian-American actor)
Yurem "Exalted by God" or "God has exalted" Hebrew Yurem Rojas (Mexican actor)
Yvan "God is gracious" or "Yahweh is merciful" Slavic Yvan Attal (French actor)
Yves "Yew wood" or "Archer's bow" Germanic Yves Saint Laurent (French fashion designer)
Yakhouba Variant of Arabic name Ya'qub meaning "Jacob" Wolof not found
Yaya Variant of Arabic name Yahya meaning "John" Wolof Yaya Jammeh, former President of The Gambia
Youssou Variant of Arabic name Yusuf meaning "Joseph" Wolof Youssou N'Dour, a Senegalese musician
Yahya God is gracious Arabic Yahya Jammeh (Gambian politician)
Yamen Right, proper Arabic Yamen Al-Kaoud (Syrian footballer)
Yaqub Supplanter, follower Arabic Yaqub Al-Mansur (Almohad Caliph)
Yasin Prophet's name, the heart of Quran Arabic Yasin Al-Haj Saleh (Syrian writer)
Yazan Proud, respectable Arabic Yazan Abo Horan (Syrian footballer)
Yazid Abundant, plentiful Arabic Yazid I (Umayyad Caliph)
Youssef God increases, God will add Arabic Youssef Chahine (Egyptian film director)
Yen swallow Chinese Yen Ching-Piao (politician), Yen Hsun Lu (tennis player)
Yo-Yo famous Chinese Yo-Yo Ma (cellist), Yo-Yo Chen (actor)
York yew tree estate English York Liao (athlete), York Lin (entrepreneur)
Yulin jade forest Chinese Yulin Wang (athlete), Yulin Chen (entrepreneur)
Yung brave Chinese Yung Jan Chan (tennis player), Yung Shin Pharmaceutical (company)
Yash Fame Sanskrit Yash Chopra
Yashodhan Rich in fame Sanskrit not found
Yogesh Lord of Yoga Sanskrit not found
Yudhajit Victor in war Sanskrit not found
Yug Era Sanskrit not found
Yuvraj Prince Sanskrit Yuvraj Singh

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