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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive BRITISH boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of BRITISH boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of BRITISH Boy names

Adam Man Hebrew Adam Smith (economist), Adam Driver (actor)
Aidan Little Fire Irish Aidan Turner (actor), Aidan Gillen (actor)
Alan Handsome Celtic Alan Turing (mathematician), Alan Rickman (actor)
Alexander Defender of the People Greek Alexander Fleming (scientist), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor)
Alfie Elf Counsel English Alfie Boe (singer), Alfie Allen (actor)
Andrew Manly Greek Andrew Lloyd Webber (composer), Andrew Garfield (actor)
Anthony Worthy of Praise Latin Anthony Hopkins (actor), Anthony Joshua (boxer)
Archie True and Bold Scottish Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle)
Arthur Bear Celtic Prince Arthur (son of Prince William and Kate Middleton), Arthur Conan Doyle (author)
Austin Great English Austin Powers (fictional character), Austin Butler (actor)
Benjamin Son of the Right Hand Hebrew Benjamin Disraeli (politician), Benjamin Franklin (inventor)
Billy Willing English Billy Connolly (comedian), Billy Elliot (fictional character)
Blake Dark Complexioned English Blake Lively (actress), Blake Shelton (singer)
Bradley Broad Meadow English Bradley Cooper (actor), Bradley Wiggins (cyclist)
Brandon Hill Covered with Broom English Brandon Lee (actor), Brandon Flowers (singer)
Caleb Faithful, Bold Hebrew Caleb Followill (musician), Caleb McLaughlin (actor)
Callum Dove Scottish Callum Wilson (footballer), Callum Turner (actor)
Cameron Crooked Nose Scottish Cameron Diaz (actress), Cameron Boyce (actor)
Charles Free Man Germanic Prince Charles (heir to the British throne), Charles Darwin (naturalist)
Charlie Free Man English not found
Chester Camp of Soldiers English Chester Bennington (singer), Chester A. Arthur (21st U.S. President)
Christian Follower of Christ Greek Christian Bale (actor), Christian Dior (fashion designer)
Christopher Christ-Bearer Greek Christopher Nolan (director), Christopher Walken (actor)
Connor Lover of Hounds Irish Connor McDavid (ice hockey player), Connor Jessup (actor)
Cooper Barrel Maker English Cooper Barnes (actor), Cooper Cronk (rugby player)
Daniel God is my Judge Hebrew Daniel Craig (actor), Daniel Radcliffe (actor)
David Beloved Hebrew David Beckham (footballer), David Bowie (singer)
Dominic Of the Lord Latin Dominic West (actor), Dominic Cooper (actor)
Dylan Son of the Sea Welsh Bob Dylan (singer-songwriter), Dylan O'Brien (actor)
Edward Wealthy Guardian English King Edward VIII (former king of England), Edward Norton (actor)
Elijah My God is Yahweh Hebrew Elijah Wood (actor), Elijah Blake (singer-songwriter)
Elliott The Lord is My God English Elliott Smith (musician), Elliott Yamin (singer)
Ethan Strong, Firm Hebrew Ethan Hawke (actor), Ethan Allen (American Revolutionary War hero)
Evan Young Warrior Welsh Evan Peters (actor), Evan Rachel Wood (actress)
Felix Happy, Fortunate Latin Felix Mendelssohn (composer), Felix Baumgartner (skydiver)
Finn Fair Irish Finn Wolfhard (actor), Finn Cole (actor)
Gabriel God is my Strength Hebrew Gabriel Byrne (actor), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (author)
George Farmer Greek King George VI (former king of England), George Washington (first U.S. President)
Harrison Son of Harry English Harrison Ford (actor), Harrison Barnes (basketball player)
Harry Home Ruler English Prince Harry (son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana), Harry Styles (singer)
Harvey Battle Worthy French Harvey Weinstein (film producer), Harvey Milk (polit
Henry Ruler of the Household Germanic Henry VIII (former king of England), Henry Cavill (actor)
Hugo Mind, Spirit Germanic Hugo Boss (fashion designer), Hugo Weaving (actor)
Isaac He will Laugh Hebrew Isaac Newton (physicist), Isaac Hempstead Wright (actor)
Jack God is Gracious English Jack Whitehall (comedian), Jack Nicholson (actor)
Jackson Son of Jack English Jackson Pollock (painter), Jackson Wang (singer)
Jacob Supplanter Hebrew Jacob Tremblay (actor), Jacob Elordi (actor)
James Supplanter Hebrew James Franco (actor), James Bond (fictional spy)
Jasper Bringer of Treasure Persian Jasper Johns (artist), Jasper Carrott (comedian)
Jayden Thankful American Jayden Smith (actor), Jayden Federline (son of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline)
Jesse Gift Hebrew Jesse Eisenberg (actor), Jesse Jackson (civil rights leader)
John God is Gracious Hebrew John Lennon (musician), John F. Kennedy (former U.S. President)
Jonathan Gift of God Hebrew Jonathan Swift (author), Jonathan Groff (actor)
Joseph God will Increase Hebrew Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor), Joseph Stalin (former leader of the Soviet Union)
Joshua God is Salvation Hebrew Joshua Jackson (actor), Joshua Radin (singer-songwriter)
Jude Praised Latin Jude Law (actor), Jude Okoye (music producer)
Julian Youthful Latin Julian Assange (founder of WikiLeaks), Julianne Moore (actress)
Kai Sea Hawaiian Kai Greene (bodybuilder), Kai Havertz (footballer)
Kian Ancient Irish Kian Egan (singer), Kian Lawley (YouTuber)
Kingston King's Town English Kingston Rossdale (son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale), Kingston Foster (son of Sean Combs and Kim Porter)
Kit Christ-Bearer English Kit Harington (actor), Kit Carson (American frontiersman)
Leo Latin not found
Leo Lion Latin Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Leo Tolstoy (author)
Leon Lion Greek Leon Bridges (singer), Leon Trotsky (revolutionary)
Lewis Famous Warrior English Lewis Capaldi (singer-songwriter), Lewis Hamilton (Formula One driver)
Liam Strong-Willed Warrior Irish Liam Hemsworth (actor), Liam Payne (singer)
Logan Small Hollow Scottish Logan Paul (YouTuber), Logan Lerman (actor)
Louis Famous Warrior French Louis Armstrong (musician), Louis Tomlinson (singer)
Luca Bringer of Light Italian Luca Guadagnino (film director), Luca Toni (footballer)
Lucas Bringer of Light Latin Lucas Hedges (actor), Lucas Cranach the Elder (artist)
Luke Bringer of Light Latin Luke Skywalker (fictional character), Luke Perry (actor)
Mason Stone Worker English Mason Mount (footballer), Mason Ramsey (singer)
Matthew Gift of God Hebrew Matthew McConaughey (actor), Matthew Broderick (actor)
Max Greatest Latin Max Irons (actor), Max Ernst (artist)
Michael Who is Like God? Hebrew Michael Jackson (musician), Michael Phelps (Olympic swimmer)
Milo Merciful Germanic Milo Ventimiglia (actor), Milo Yiannopoulos (political commentator)
Nathaniel Gift of God Hebrew Nathaniel Hawthorne (author), Nathaniel Buzolic (actor)
Nicholas Victory of the People Greek Nicholas Hoult (actor), Nicholas Sparks (author)
Noah Rest, Comfort Hebrew Noah Centineo (actor), Noah Schnapp (actor)
Oliver Olive Tree Latin Oliver Twist (fictional character), Oliver Cromwell (former Lord Protector of England)
Oscar Deer Friend Irish Oscar Wilde (author), Oscar Isaac (actor)
Owen Youthful Warrior Welsh Owen Wilson (actor), Owen Hargreaves (footballer)
Patrick Nobleman Latin Patrick Stewart (actor), Patrick Dempsey (actor)
Paul Small Latin not found
Peter Rock Greek Peter Dinklage (actor), Peter Jackson (film director)
Philip Lover of Horses Greek Philip Seymour Hoffman (actor), Prince Philip (former Duke of Edinburgh)
Quentin Fifth Latin Quentin Tarantino (film director), Quentin Blake (illustrator)
Rafael God Has Healed Hebrew Rafael Nadal (tennis player), Rafael Benitez (football manager)
Ralph Wolf Counsel Old Norse Ralph Lauren (fashion designer), Ralph Fiennes (actor)
Raymond Wise Protector Germanic Raymond Chandler (author), Ray Charles (musician)
Reginald Advice Ruler Germanic Reginald VelJohnson (actor), Reggie Bush (football player)
Reuben Behold, a Son Hebrew Reuben Foster (football player), Reuben Fine (chess player)
Richard Brave Ruler Germanic Richard Burton (actor), Richard Nixon (former US President)
Riley Valiant Irish Riley Keough (actress), Riley Smith (actor)
Robert Bright Fame Germanic Robert Downey Jr. (actor), Robert Pattinson (actor)
Robin Bright Fame Germanic Robin Williams (actor), Robin Thicke (singer)
Roman Citizen of Rome Latin Roman Reigns (wrestler), Roman Polanski (film director)
Rory Red King Irish Rory McIlroy (golfer), Rory Culkin (actor)
Rowan Little Redhead Gaelic Rowan Atkinson (actor), Rowan Blanchard (actress)
Roy Red Scottish Roy Orbison (musician), Roy Keane (football manager)
Russell Red-Haired French Russell Crowe (actor), Russell Brand (comedian)
Ryan Little King Irish Ryan Reynolds (actor), Ryan Gosling (actor)
Samuel Heard by God Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson (actor), Samuel Beckett (author)
Sebastian Venerable Greek Sebastian Stan (actor), Sebastian Vettel (Formula One driver)
Seth Appointed Hebrew Seth Rogen (actor), Seth MacFarlane (TV producer)
Shane God is Gracious Irish Shane West (actor), Shane Dawson
Shaun God is Gracious Irish Shaun White (snowboarder), Shaun Evans (actor)
Simon Hearkening Hebrew Simon Cowell (TV producer), Simon Pegg (actor)
Spencer Steward Old French Spencer Tracy (actor), Spencer Matthews (TV personality)
Stanley Stony Clearing Old English Stanley Kubrick (film director), Stanley Tucci (actor)
Stephen Crown Greek Stephen Hawking (physicist), Stephen Fry (comedian)
Stuart Steward Scottish Stuart Broad (cricketer), Stuart Pearce (football manager)
Sullivan Dark-Eyed One Irish Sullivan Stapleton (actor), Sullivan Jones (actor)
Tadhg Poet Irish Tadhg Furlong (rugby player), Tadhg Beirne (rugby player)
Tariq Morning Star Arabic Tariq Ali (author), Tariq Ramadan (philosopher)
Taylor Tailor Old French Taylor Swift (singer), Taylor Lautner (actor)
Terence Smooth Latin Terence Stamp (actor), Terence Trent D'Arby (singer)
Theodore God's Gift Greek Theodore Roosevelt (former US President), Theodore Melfi (film director)
Thomas Twin Aramaic Thomas Hardy (author), Thomas Edison (inventor)
Timothy Honouring God Greek Timothy Dalton (actor), Timothy Spall (actor)
Toby God is Good Hebrew Toby Jones (actor), Toby Regbo (actor)
Todd Fox Old English Todd Phillips (film director), Todd Chrisley (TV personality)
Tom Twin Aramaic Tom Hanks (actor), Tom Cruise (actor)
Travis To Cross the Ford Old French Travis Scott (rapper), Travis Barker (musician)
Trent Gushing Waters Old English Trent Reznor (musician), Trent Alexander-Arnold (footballer)
Tristan Tumult Welsh Tristan Thompson (basketball player), Tristan Evans (drummer)
Troy Foot Soldier Greek Troye Sivan (singer), Troy Polamalu (football player)
Tyler Tile Maker Old English Tyler, The Creator (rapper), Tyler Posey (actor)
Tyrone Land of Eoghan Irish Tyrone Power (actor), Tyrone Mings (footballer)
Umar Longevity Arabic Umar Akmal (cricketer), Umar Gul (cricketer)
Valentine Strength, Health Latin Valentine Warner (chef), Valentine Dyall (actor)
Vernon Alder Tree Latin Vernon Kay (TV presenter), Vernon Philander (cricketer)
Victor Conqueror Latin Victor Hugo (author), Victor Garber (actor)
Vincent Conqueror Latin Vincent van Gogh (artist), Vincent Cassel (actor)
Warren Park Keeper Old English Warren Beatty (actor), Warren Buffett (investor)
Wayne Wagon Maker Old English Wayne Rooney (footballer), Wayne Brady (comedian)
Wesley Western Meadow Old English Wesley Snipes (actor), Wesley Sneijder (footballer)
Wilfred Desires Peace Old English Wilfred Owen (poet), Wilfred Ndidi (footballer)
William Will, Desire Old Germanic William Shakespeare (playwright), William Wallace (historical figure)
Winston Stone Town Old English Winston Churchill (former UK Prime Minister), Winston Duke (actor)
Wolfgang Path of the Wolf Germanic Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer), Wolfgang Puck (chef)
Woodrow Row of Houses by a Wood Old English Woodrow Wilson (former US President), Woodrow Tracy Harrelson (actor)
Xander Defender of the People Greek Xander Berkeley (actor), Xander Schauffele (golfer)
Xavier New House Basque Xavier Rudd (singer), Xavier Samuel (actor)
Youssef God Will Increase Arabic Youssef En-Nesyri (footballer), Youssef Sabri (actor)
Zachariah Remembered by God Hebrew Zachariah Selwyn (TV host), Zachariah Wells (poet)
Zachary Remembered by God Hebrew Zachary Levi (actor), Zachary Quinto (actor)
Zain Grace Arabic Zain Javadd Malik (singer), Zain Imam (actor)
Zak Pure Arabic Zak Abel (singer), Zak Brown (racing driver)

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