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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive CANADIAN boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of CANADIAN boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of CANADIAN Boy names

Aiden Fiery one Irish Aiden Turner (Actor)
Alexander Defender of the people Greek Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor)
Andrew Strong and manly Greek Andrew Scheer (Politician)
Anthony Priceless one Latin Anthony Hopkins (Actor)
Ashton Ash tree town English Ashton Kutcher (Actor)
Austin Majestic, venerable Latin Austin Powers (Fictional character)
Benjamin Son of the right hand Hebrew Benjamin Franklin (Statesman)
Blake Dark or fair-haired English Blake Lively (Actress)
Bradley Broad meadow English Bradley Cooper (Actor)
Brandon Broom hill English Brandon Flowers (Singer)
Brayden Descendant of Bradán Irish None
Brody Descendant of Bródach Irish Brody Jenner (TV personality)
Caleb Faithful, devotion Hebrew Caleb McLaughlin (Actor)
Cameron Crooked nose Scottish Cameron Diaz (Actress)
Carter Cart driver English Carter Hart (Hockey player)
Charles Free man Germanic Charles Darwin (Naturalist)
Christian Follower of Christ Latin Christian Bale (Actor)
Christopher Christ-bearer Greek Christopher Reeve (Actor)
Cole Coal, dark-skinned English Cole Sprouse (Actor)
Colton Coal town English Colton Haynes (Actor)
Connor Lover of hounds Irish Connor McDavid (Hockey player)
Cooper Barrel maker English Cooper Barnes (Actor)
Daniel God is my judge Hebrew Daniel Radcliffe (Actor)
David Beloved Hebrew David Bowie (Musician)
Declan Full of goodness Irish Declan Donnelly (TV presenter)
Dylan Son of the sea Welsh Dylan O'Brien (Actor)
Elijah My God is Yahweh Hebrew Elijah Wood (Actor)
Ethan Strong, firm Hebrew Ethan Hawke (Actor)
Evan Youth warrior Welsh Evan Peters (Actor)
Felix Happy, fortunate Latin Felix Kjellberg (YouTuber)
Finn Fair-haired Irish Finn Wolfhard (Actor)
Gabriel God is my strength Hebrew Gabriel Macht (Actor)
Gavin White hawk Welsh Gavin Rossdale (Musician)
George Farmer Greek George Clooney (Actor)
Grayson Son of the steward English Grayson Dolan (YouTuber)
Harrison Son of Harry English Harrison Ford (Actor)
Hayden From the hedged valley English Hayden Christensen (Actor)
Henry Ruler of the household Germanic Henry Cavill (Actor)
Hudson Son of the hooded man English Hudson Taylor (Singer)
Hunter Hunter English Hunter Hayes (Singer)
Isaac He will laugh Hebrew Isaac Newton (Physicist)
Isaiah Salvation of the Lord Hebrew Isaiah Mustafa (Actor)
Jack God is gracious English Jack Black (Actor)
Jackson Son of Jack English Jackson Wang (Singer)
Jacob Supplanter Hebrew Jacob Tremblay (Actor)
James Supplanter Hebrew James Franco (Actor)
Jason Healer Greek Jason Momoa (Actor)
Jasper Treasurer Persian Jasper Johns (Artist)
Jayden Created name American Jayden Smith (Actor)
Jeffrey God's peace Germanic Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Actor)
Jeremy Appointed by God Hebrew Jeremy Irons (Actor)
Jesse God's gift Hebrew Jesse Eisenberg (Actor)
John God is gracious Hebrew John Cena (Wrestler)
Jonathan Gift of God Hebrew Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Actor)
Jordan To flow down Hebrew Jordan Peele (Actor)
Joseph God will increase Hebrew Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Actor)
Joshua God is my salvation Hebrew Joshua Jackson (Actor)
Julian Youthful Latin Julian Edelman (Football player)
Justin Just, righteous Latin Justin Trudeau (Politician)
Kaiden Created name American None
Kai Sea Hawaiian Kai Greene (Bodybuilder)
Kaleb Faithful, devotion Hebrew None
Keegan Descendant of Aodhagán Irish Keegan-Michael Key (Actor)
Kevin Gentle, handsome Irish Kevin Hart (Actor)
Kingston King's town English Kingston Rossdale (Celebrity child)
Kyle Narrow strait Scottish Kyle Chandler (Actor)
Liam Strong-willed warrior Irish Liam Hemsworth (Actor)
Logan Little hollow Scottish Logan Paul (YouT
Lucas Light-giving, illuminated Latin Lucas Hedges (Actor)
Mason Stone worker English Mason Disick (Celebrity child)
Matthew Gift of God Hebrew Matthew McConaughey (Actor)
Max Greatest Latin Max Greenfield (Actor)
Michael Who is like God? Hebrew Michael Jordan (Basketball player)
Miles Soldier Latin Miles Teller (Actor)
Nathaniel God has given Hebrew Nathaniel Buzolic (Actor)
Nathan He gave Hebrew Nathan Fillion (Actor)
Nicholas Victorious people Greek Nicholas Hoult (Actor)
Noah Rest, comfort Hebrew Noah Centineo (Actor)
Nolan Descendant of Nuallán Irish Nolan Gould (Actor)
Oliver Olive tree Latin Oliver Hudson (Actor)
Owen Youthful warrior Welsh Owen Wilson (Actor)
Parker Park keeper English Parker Schnabel (TV personality)
Patrick Nobleman Latin Patrick Dempsey (Actor)
Peter Rock Greek Peter Dinklage (Actor)
Phoenix Dark red Greek Phoenix Suns (Basketball team)
Preston Priest's town English Preston Blaine Arsement (YouTuber)
Quinn Descendant of Conn Irish Quinn Culkin (Actor)
Rafael God has healed Hebrew Rafael Nadal (Tennis player)
Raymond Protecting hands Germanic Raymond Burr (Actor)
Richard Brave ruler Germanic Richard Gere (Actor)
Robert Bright fame Germanic Robert Pattinson (Actor)
Roman Citizen of Rome Latin Roman Reigns (Wrestler)
Ryan Little king Irish Ryan Reynolds (Actor)
Samuel Heard by God Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson (Actor)
Santiago Saint James Spanish Santiago Cabrera (Actor)
Sawyer Woodcutter English Sawyer Sharbino (Actor)
Sebastian Venerable, revered Greek Sebastian Stan (Actor)
Seth Appointed Hebrew Seth Rogen (Actor)
Shane God is gracious Irish Shane Dawson (YouTuber)
Spencer Keeper of provisions English Spencer Tracy (Actor)
Steven Crown, garland Greek Steven Spielberg (Filmmaker)
Theodore Gift of God Greek Theodore Roosevelt (Former US President)
Thomas Twin Aramaic Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Actor)
Travis To cross over French Travis Scott (Rapper)
Tristan Tumult, outcry Celtic Tristan Thompson (Basketball player)
Tyler Tile layer, maker of tiles English Tyler Perry (Actor)
Victor Conqueror, winner Latin Victor Hugo (Writer)
Vincent Conquering, victorious Latin Vincent van Gogh (Painter)
Wesley West meadow English Wesley Snipes (Actor)
William Will, desire, helmet, protection Germanic William Shakespeare (Playwright)
Wyatt Guide, wide English Wyatt Russell (Actor)
Xavier New house Basque Xavier Dolan (Filmmaker)
Zachary Remembered by God Hebrew Zachary Levi (Actor)

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