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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive CATHOLIC boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of CATHOLIC boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of CATHOLIC Boy names

Aaron "mountain of strength" Hebrew Aaron the Priest, Moses' brother
Abel "breath, vapor" Hebrew Abel the son of Adam and Eve
Abraham "father of many" Hebrew Abraham in the Bible
Adam "man" Hebrew Adam in the Bible
Adrian "man of Adria" Latin Saint Adrian of Nicomedia
Aidan "fiery one" Irish Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Albert "noble and bright" Germanic Saint Albert the Great
Alexander "defender of the people" Greek Saint Alexander Sauli, Pope Alexander VI
Alfie "wise counselor" English Saint Alfred the Great
Ambrose "immortal" Latin Saint Ambrose of Milan
Andrew "manly" Greek Saint Andrew the Apostle
Anthony "priceless one" Latin Saint Anthony of Padua
August "great, venerable" Latin Saint Augustus Chapdelaine
Austin "great, venerable" Latin Saint Augustine of Hippo
Benedict "blessed" Latin Saint Benedict of Nursia
Benjamin "son of the right hand" Hebrew Benjamin in the Bible
Blaise "stammerer" French Saint Blaise, bishop and martyr
Brendan "prince" Irish Saint Brendan the Navigator
Brian "strong, virtuous" Irish Saint Brian of Kincora
Caleb "devotion to God" Hebrew Caleb in the Bible
Callum "dove" Scottish Saint Columba of Iona
Cameron "crooked nose" Scottish Saint Camerinus
Carl "free man" Germanic Saint Karl Leisner
Casimir "proclaimer of peace" Slavic Saint Casimir of Poland
Charles "free man" Germanic Saint Charles Borromeo, King Charles the Martyr
Christopher "Christ-bearer" Greek Saint Christopher
Clement "merciful" Latin Saint Clement of Rome
Columba "dove" Latin Saint Columba of Iona
Conor "lover of hounds" Irish Saint Conaire of Ireland
Constantine "steadfast" Latin Saint Constantine the Great
Cormac "charioteer" Irish Saint Cormac of Cashel
Cornelius "horn" Latin Saint Cornelius the Centurion
Damien "to tame, to subdue" Greek Saint Damien of Molokai
Daniel "God is my judge" Hebrew Daniel in the Bible
David "beloved" Hebrew King David in the Bible
Declan "man of prayer" Irish Saint Declan of Ireland
Dennis "follower of Dionysus" Greek Saint Dennis, Bishop of Paris
Dominic "belonging to the Lord" Latin Saint Dominic de Guzman
Donal "world ruler" Irish Saint Donal of Ireland
Edmund "fortunate protector" English Saint Edmund the Martyr
Edward "wealthy guardian" English Saint Edward the Confessor, King Edward III
Elias "Yahweh is my God" Hebrew Saint Elias the Prophet
Elijah "my God is Yahweh" Hebrew Prophet Elijah in the Bible
Elliot "the Lord is my God" English Saint Elliot of St. Germain
Emile "industrious" French Saint Emile of LaSalle
Emmanuel "God is with us" Hebrew Emmanuel in the Bible
Enzo "ruler of the household" Italian Saint Enzo of Bologna
Ethan "strong, firm" Hebrew Ethan in the Bible
Eugene "well-born, noble" Greek Saint Eugene de Mazenod
Evan "God is gracious" Welsh Saint Evan of Wales
Fabian "bean grower" Latin Pope Saint Fabian
Felix "happy, fortunate" Latin not found
Francis "Frenchman" or "free" Latin Saint Francis of Assisi
Gabriel "God is my strength" Hebrew Archangel Gabriel
Galen "calm" Greek Saint Galen of Switzerland
Garrett "spear strength" Irish Saint Garrett of Ireland
Gaspar "treasurer" Spanish One of the Three Wise Men
George "farmer" Greek Saint George the Martyr
Gerard "brave spearman" German Saint Gerard Majella
Giles "young goat" Greek Saint Giles the Abbot
Gregory "vigilant, watchful" Greek Saint Gregory the Great
Harold "army ruler" English Saint Harold of England
Harrison "son of Harry" English President Benjamin Harrison
Harry "ruler of the household" English King Henry VIII
Hector "holding fast" Greek Trojan prince Hector in Greek mythology
Henry "ruler of the household" German King Henry VIII
Hubert "bright mind" German Saint Hubert of Liege
Hugh "heart, mind, spirit" German Saint Hugh of Lincoln
Ignatius "fiery" Latin Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Isaac "laughter" Hebrew Isaac in the Bible
Isaiah "Yahweh is salvation" Hebrew Prophet Isaiah in the Bible
Jack "God is gracious" English Jack in the Beanstalk
Jacob "supplanter" Hebrew Jacob in the Bible
James "supplanter" Hebrew James the Apostle
Jason "healer" Greek Jason and the Argonauts
Jeremiah "Yahweh will uplift" Hebrew Prophet Jeremiah in the Bible
Jesse "gift" Hebrew Father of King David in the Bible
Jesus "Yahweh is salvation" Hebrew Jesus Christ in the Bible
Joachim "established by God" Hebrew Saint Joachim, father of Mary
Joël "Yahweh is God" Hebrew Saint Joël in the Bible
John "God is gracious" Hebrew John the Apostle
Jonas "dove" Greek Prophet Jonas in the Bible
Jonathan "gift of God" Hebrew Jonathan in the Bible
Joseph "God will increase" Hebrew Joseph in the Bible
Joshua "Yahweh is salvation" Hebrew Joshua in the Bible
Jude "praised" Latin Apostle Jude in the Bible
Julian "youthful, downy-bearded" Latin Saint Julian the Hospitaller
Julius "youthful, downy-bearded" Latin Julius Caesar
Justin "just, fair" Latin Saint Justin Martyr
Karl "free man" German Karl Marx
Kevin "handsome" Irish Saint Kevin of Ireland
Kieran "dark-haired" Irish Saint Kieran of Ireland
Kilian "church" Irish Saint Kilian of Ireland
Lawrence "laurel" Latin Saint Lawrence the Martyr
Leo "lion" Latin Pope Leo the Great
Leonard "brave lion" German Saint Leonard of Noblac
Levi "joined, attached" Hebrew Levi in the Bible
Liam "strong-willed warrior" Irish Actor Liam Neeson
Linus "flax" Greek Saint Linus, second Pope
Logan "hollow" Scottish Logan Lerman
Louis "renowned warrior" French Saint Louis IX of France
Luca "bringer of light" Italian Luca Pacioli, mathematician
Lucian "light" Latin Saint Lucian of Antioch
Luke "man from Lucania" Greek Evangelist Luke in the Bible
Magnus "great" Latin Saint Magnus Erlendsson
Malachy "my messenger" Irish Saint Malachy O'Morgair
Marcus "warlike" Latin Evangel
Martin "of Mars, god of war" Latin Saint Martin of Tours
Matthew "gift of Yahweh" Hebrew Evangelist Matthew in the Bible
Maximilian "greatest" Latin Saint Maximilian Kolbe
Michael "who is like God?" Hebrew Archangel Michael
Miguel "who is like God?" Spanish Saint Michael the Archangel
Myles "soldier" Irish Myles Standish, Pilgrim
Nathaniel "gift of God" Hebrew Nathaniel in the Bible
Nicholas "victory of the people" Greek Saint Nicholas of Myra
Noah "rest, comfort" Hebrew Noah in the Bible
Nolan "descendant of Nuallán" Irish Christopher Nolan, filmmaker
Oliver "olive tree" Latin Oliver Twist, fictional character
Oscar "god spear" Irish Oscar Wilde, author
Owen "youthful warrior" Welsh Owen Wilson, actor
Patrick "nobleman" Latin Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland
Paul "small" Latin Apostle Paul in the Bible
Peter "rock" Greek Saint Peter the Apostle
Philip "lover of horses" Greek Apostle Philip in the Bible
Quentin "fifth" Latin Saint Quentin the Martyr
Rafael "God has healed" Hebrew Rafael Nadal, tennis player
Raymond "wise protector" German Saint Raymond of Peñafort
Remi "oarsman" French Saint Remi of Reims
Richard "brave power" German King Richard the Lionheart
Robert "bright fame" German Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland
Rocco "rest" Italian Saint Rocco, patron saint of dogs
Roman "citizen of Rome" Latin Roman Reigns, professional wrestler
Ronald "ruler's counselor" Scottish Ronald Reagan, US President
Rory "red king" Irish Rory McIlroy, golfer
Rufus "red-haired" Latin not found
Samson "sun" Hebrew Samson in the Bible
Samuel "asked of God" Hebrew Prophet Samuel in the Bible
Santiago "Saint James" Spanish Saint James the Apostle
Sebastian "venerable" Greek Saint Sebastian, martyr
Silas "of the forest" Greek Silas Marner, fictional character
Simon "he has heard" Hebrew Apostle Simon the Zealot
Stephen "crown" Greek Saint Stephen, first martyr
Tadeo "gift given by God" Aramaic Saint Thaddeus, apostle
Thaddeus "gift given by God" Aramaic Saint Thaddeus, apostle
Theodore "gift of God" Greek Saint Theodore of Amasea
Thomas "twin" Aramaic Apostle Thomas in the Bible
Timothy "honoring God" Greek Saint Timothy in the Bible
Tobias "God is good" Hebrew Tobias in the Bible
Tyler "tile maker" English Tyler, The Creator, rapper
Valentino "strong, healthy" Latin Saint Valentine, patron saint of love
Victor "conqueror" Latin Saint Victor of Milan
Vincent "conquering" Latin Saint Vincent de Paul
William "resolute protector" German William Shakespeare, playwright
Xavier "new house" Basque Saint Francis Xavier, missionary
Zachary "remembered by God" Hebrew Zachary Taylor, US President
Zane "God is gracious" Hebrew Zane Grey, author

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