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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive CHINESE boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of CHINESE boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of CHINESE Boy names

Aiden Fiery Chinese Aiden Cheng (Taiwanese singer), Aiden Zheng (Chinese-American actor)
Baoliang Abundant Chinese not found
Bin Gentleman Chinese Bin Wang (Chinese Olympic diver), Bin Yu (Chinese-American scientist)
Cai Wealth Chinese Cai Guo-Qiang (Chinese contemporary artist), Cai Yong (Chinese calligrapher and politician)
Chang Flourishing Chinese Chang Chen (Taiwanese actor), Chang Wanquan (Chinese politician and general)
Chen Morning Chinese Chen Kaige (Chinese film director), Chen Guangbiao (Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist)
Cheng Accomplished Chinese Cheng Yi (Chinese actor), Cheng Wei (Chinese entrepreneur)
Chong Second-born son Chinese not found
Chun Spring Chinese Chun Wu (Taiwanese actor), Chunlei Guo (Chinese-American physicist)
Cong Intelligent Chinese Cong Fu (Chinese Olympic athlete), Cong Weilin (Chinese painter)
Da Great Chinese Da Shan (Canadian TV host and comedian who became famous in China), Da Hong Pao (a famous Chinese tea)
Dan Red Chinese Dan Wang (Chinese-American scientist), Dan Crenshaw (Chinese-American politician)
De Virtue Chinese not found
Defeng Virtuous wind Chinese not found
Deng Lamp Chinese Deng Xiaoping (Chinese politician and reformist leader)
Dian Shop Chinese not found
Ding To nail or to fix Chinese Ding Xuedong (Chinese businessman and investor), Ding Junhui (Chinese professional snooker player)
Dong East Chinese Dong Jie (Chinese actress), Dong Wei (Chinese badminton player)
Du Capital Chinese Du Fu (Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty), Du Yuesheng (Chinese gangster and businessman)
Enlai Kindness Chinese Zhou Enlai (Chinese premier and statesman during Mao's era)
Fang Square or upright Chinese Fang Zhouzi (Chinese writer and science popularizer), Fang Lizhi (Chinese astrophysicist and dissident)
Feng Maple Chinese Feng Xiaogang (Chinese film director and actor), Feng Gong (Chinese politician and educator)
Fu Good fortune Chinese Fu Yuanhui (Chinese Olympic swimmer), Fu Zhenghua (Chinese politician and law enforcement officer)
Gang Strong Chinese Gang Chen (Chinese-American physicist), Gang Lin (Chinese football player)
Gao High Chinese Gao Yuanyuan (Chinese actress), Gao Zhisheng (Chinese human rights lawyer)
Guang Wide Chinese Guang Liang (Malaysian Chinese singer-songwriter), Guangzhou (a city in Southern China)
Guo Nation Chinese Guo Moruo (Chinese author and historian), Guo Wengui (Chinese billionaire and political activist)
Hai Sea Chinese Hai Qing (Chinese actress), Hai Xia (Chinese rower and Olympic champion)
Han China Chinese Han Hong (Chinese singer-songwriter and philanthropist), Han Geng (Chinese singer and actor)
Hang Prosperous Chinese not found
Hao Good Chinese Hao Jingfang (Chinese science fiction writer), Hao Haidong (Chinese football player)
He Peace Chinese He Jiong (Chinese television host and actor), He Kexin (Chinese Olympic gymnast)
Hong Red Chinese Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China), Hong Chau (Vietnamese-Chinese-American actress)
Hua Flower Chinese Hua Mulan (legendary female warrior in ancient China), Hua Luogeng (Chinese mathematician and astronomer)
Huang Yellow Chinese Huang Xiaoming (Chinese actor and singer), Huang Xiang (Chinese-American poet and artist)
Hui Wisdom Chinese Hui Liangyu (Chinese politician and economist), Hui Ruoqi (Chinese Olympic volleyball player)
Jian Healthy Chinese Jian Ghomeshi (Iranian-Canadian musician and broadcaster), Jian Zihao (Chinese professional esports player)
Jiang River Chinese Jiang Qing (Chinese actress and politician, wife of Mao Zedong), Jiang Shuying (Chinese actress)
Jie Pure Chinese Jie Chen (Chinese-American physicist and astronomer), Jie Liu (Chinese-American materials scientist)
Jing Quiet Chinese Jing Tian (Chinese actress), Jing Wei (Chinese-American writer and illustrator)
Jin Gold Chinese Jin Xing (Chinese dancer and choreographer), Jin Yong (Chinese novelist), Jin Guoxiang (Chinese general)
Jun Handsome Chinese Jun Ji-hyun (South Korean actress and model of Chinese origin), Jun Yu (Chinese actor)
Kai Open Chinese Kai Greene (American professional bodybuilder), Kai Lenny (Hawaiian big-wave surfer)
Kang Healthy Chinese Kang Youwei (Chinese scholar and reformer), Kangxi Emperor (Chinese emperor of the Qing Dynasty)
Ke Guest Chinese Ke Jie (Chinese professional Go player), Ke Xiping (Chinese mathematician and physicist)
Kui Valuable Chinese not found
Lei Thunder Chinese Lei Jun (Chinese entrepreneur and investor), Lei Liang (Chinese-American composer)
Li Beautiful Chinese Li Bingbing (Chinese actress and producer), Li Na (Chinese former tennis player and Grand Slam champion)
Lian Lotus Chinese Lianhua Film Company (Chinese film production company), Lian Zhao (Chinese-American mathematician and educator)
Liang Bright Chinese Liang Wengen (Chinese billionaire and entrepreneur), Liang Sicheng (Chinese architect and scholar)
Lin Forest Chinese Lin Yutang (Chinese writer and inventor), Lin Dan (Chinese badminton player and Olympic champion)
Ling Delicate Chinese Ling Jihua (Chinese politician and strategist), Ling Xiaoyu (fictional character from the Tekken video game series)
Liu Willow Chinese Liu Wen (Chinese model and actress), Liu Shaoqi (Chinese statesman and revolutionary)
Long Dragon Chinese Long Jianmei (Chinese opera singer), Long Cheng (Chinese-American physicist and engineer)
Lu Road Chinese Lu Xun (Chinese writer and literary critic), Lu Han (Chinese singer and actor)
Luo Camel Chinese Luo Zilin (Chinese fashion model and beauty queen), Luo Yonghao (Chinese entrepreneur and internet celebrity)
Mei Beautiful Chinese Mei Lanfang (Chinese opera performer), Mei Fong (Malaysian-Chinese journalist and writer)
Ming Bright Chinese Ming Dynasty (Chinese dynasty that ruled from 1368 to 1644), Ming-Na Wen (Chinese-American actress)
Nian Year Chinese Nian Gengyao (Chinese general and politician), Nian Xiyao (Chinese painter)
Peng Roc Chinese Peng Liyuan (Chinese singer and First Lady of China), Peng Shuai (Chinese tennis player)
Qi Vital energy Chinese Qi Baishi (Chinese painter), Qi Shu (Taiwanese actress and model of Chinese origin)
Qing Clear Chinese Qing Dynasty (Chinese dynasty that ruled from 1644 to 1912), Qing Han (Chinese actress and singer)
Qiu Autumn Chinese Qiu Jin (Chinese feminist and revolutionary), Qiu Miaojin (Taiwanese writer and lesbian activist)
Ren Benevolence Chinese Ren Zhengfei (Chinese entrepreneur and founder of Huawei), René Liu (Taiwanese singer and actress of Chinese origin)
Rong Glory Chinese Rong Yiren (Chinese entrepreneur and politician), Rong Hong (Chinese diplomat and scholar)
Ru Scholar Chinese Ru Weerasuriya (Sri Lankan-Chinese video game developer), Ru Guo (Chinese-American writer and translator)
Shan Mountain Chinese Shan Xiaona (Chinese-German table tennis player), Shan Wei (Chinese artist and designer)
Shao Younger Chinese Shao Yifu (Chinese opera performer), Shao Yong (Chinese philosopher and writer)
Shen Spirit Chinese Shen Kuo (Chinese polymath and scientist), Shen Congwen (Chinese writer and literary critic)
Sheng Triumph Chinese Sheng Yen (Chinese Buddhist monk and teacher), Sheng Hong (Chinese economist and politician)
Shi Scholar Chinese Shi Yuzhu (Chinese entrepreneur and founder of Giant Interactive Group), Shi Nai'an (Chinese writer and author)
Shuai Handsome Chinese Shuai Peng (Chinese badminton player), Shuai Zhang (Chinese tennis player)
Shuang Double Chinese Shuanghui Group (Chinese meat processing company), Shuang Cheng (Chinese badminton player)
Shui Water Chinese Shui Muqing (Chinese artist and painter), Shui On Group (Hong Kong-based property development and investment company)
Song Pine tree Chinese Song Dynasty (Chinese dynasty that ruled from 960 to 1279), Song Jiaoren (Chinese revolutionary)
Sun Grandson Chinese Sun Yat-sen (Chinese revolutionary and founding father of the Republic of China), Sun Yang (Chinese swimmer and Olympic champion)
Taishan Great mountain Chinese not found
Tang Bright, brilliant Chinese Tang Dynasty
Tao Peach Chinese Laozi (philosopher)
Tian Heaven Chinese not found
Tien Heaven Chinese not found
Wei Valuable, precious Chinese Wei Yuan (scholar)
Wen Cultured, refined Chinese Wen Jiabao (politician)
Wu Martial, military Chinese Wu Zetian (empress)
Xander Defender of the people Chinese not found
Xiang Fragrant Chinese Xiang Yu (military leader)
Xiaoming Dawn, bright Chinese Xiaoming Huang (actor)
Xiaoyu Little jade Chinese Xiaoyu (video game character)
Xin New, fresh Chinese not found
Xing Star Chinese Xingyu (actor)
Xiong Bear Chinese Xiong Ni (Olympic athlete)
Xu Emptiness Chinese Xu Beihong (artist)
Xuan Mysterious, dark Chinese Xuanzang (Buddhist monk)
Yang Positive, male Chinese Yang Guifei (concubine)
Yao Bright, shining Chinese Yao Ming (basketball player)
Ye Leaf Chinese Ye Shiwen (Olympic swimmer)
Yi Justice, righteousness Chinese Yi Sun-sin (admiral)
Yifan Gift of kindness Chinese Yifan Wu (chess player)
Ying Brave, heroic Chinese Yingluck Shinawatra (politician)
Yong Brave, eternal Chinese Yongzheng Emperor
Yu Jade, precious stone Chinese Yu Zhengsheng (politician)
Yuan Origin, beginning Chinese Yuan Shikai (politician)
Yue Happy, joyous Chinese Yue Minjun (artist)
Zan Gracious, kind Chinese Zanilia Zhao (actress)
Zemin Decisive, resolute Chinese Jiang Zemin (politician)
Zeng Increase, grow Chinese Zeng Guofan (general)
Zexi Prosperity and happiness Chinese not found
Zhan Battle, fight Chinese Zhan Tianyou (engineer)
Zhang Archer Chinese Zhang Yimou (director)
Zhao Auspicious, shining Chinese Zhao Wei (actress)
Zheng Upright, righteous Chinese Zheng He (explorer)
Zhi Will, ambition Chinese Zhi Lin (artist)
Zhong Loyalty, devotion Chinese Zhong Nanshan (medical expert)
Zhou Boat, ship Chinese Zhou Enlai (politician)
Zhu Bamboo Chinese Zhu De (military leader)
Zhuge Bamboo pavilion Chinese Zhuge Liang (strategist)
Zhongguo China Chinese not found
Zi Son, child Chinese Zi Yang (tennis player)
Zihao Intelligent, wise Chinese not found
Ziming Great brightness Chinese not found
Ziyang Purple sun Chinese not found
Zong Ancestor, forefather Chinese Zong Qinghou (entrepreneur)
Zun Respect, reverence Chinese not found

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