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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive FILIPINO boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of FILIPINO boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of FILIPINO Boy names

Aaron High mountain Hebrew Aaron Taylor-Johnson (actor), Aaron Rodgers (NFL quarterback)
Adam Man Hebrew Adam Sandler (actor), Adam Levine (singer)
Adrian Man of Adria Latin Adrian Grenier (actor), Adrian Peterson (NFL running back)
Agapito Beloved Greek Agapito Flores (botanist), Agapito Gómez (athlete)
Alan Handsome Celtic Alan Rickman (actor), Alan Turing (mathematician)
Albert Noble and bright Germanic Albert Einstein (scientist), Albert Pujols (baseball player)
Alden Half Danish English Alden Richards (actor), Alden Ehrenreich (actor)
Alejandro Defender of mankind Spanish Alejandro González Iñárritu (director), Alejandro Villanueva (NFL player)
Alex Defender of mankind Greek Alex Rodriguez (baseball player), Alex Pettyfer (actor)
Alfonso Noble and ready Spanish Alfonso Cuarón (director), Alfonso Ribeiro (actor)
Alfredo Wise counselor Spanish Alfredo Di Stéfano (soccer player), Alfredo Jaar (artist)
Allan Handsome Celtic Allan Border (cricketer), Allan Cunningham (botanist)
Alonso Eager for battle Spanish Alonso Quijano (fictional character), Alonso Cano (painter)
Alvin Noble friend English Alvin and the Chipmunks (animated characters), Alvin Kamara (NFL player)
Amado Beloved Spanish Amado V. Hernandez (writer), Amado Boudou (politician)
Andre Manly, warrior French Andre Agassi (tennis player), Andre Drummond (NBA player)
Andres Manly, warrior Spanish Andres Bonifacio (national hero), Andres Iniesta (soccer player)
Angel Messenger of God Greek Angel Locsin (actress), Angel Cabrera (golfer)
Angelo Messenger of God Italian Angelo Badalamenti (composer), Angelo Mathews (cricketer)
Anthony Priceless one Latin Anthony Hopkins (actor), Anthony Davis (NBA player)
Antonio Priceless one Latin Antonio Banderas (actor), Antonio Gates (NFL player)
Apollo God of music, poetry, and prophecy Greek Apollo 11 (NASA mission), Apollo Creed (fictional character)
Armando Army man Spanish Armando Manzanero (singer), Armando Salguero (journalist)
Arnold Eagle power Germanic Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor/politician), Arnold Palmer (golfer)
Arthur Bear man Celtic Arthur Ashe (tennis player), Arthur Conan Doyle (writer)
Arturo Bear man Spanish Arturo Vidal (soccer player), Arturo Toscanini (conductor)
Augusto Great, magnificent Spanish Augusto Pinochet (politician), Augusto Roa Bastos (writer)
Aurelio Golden Latin Aurelio Tolentino (playwright), Aurelio Montinola III (banker)
Austin Great, magnificent English Austin Rivers (NBA player), Austin Mahone (singer)
Axel My father is peace Scandinavian Axel Rose (singer), Axel Witsel (soccer player)
Bautista Baptizer Spanish Dave Bautista (actor/wrestler), Jose Bautista (baseball player)
Ben Son Hebrew Ben Affleck (actor/director), Ben Stiller (actor/comedian)
Benjamin Son of the right hand Hebrew Benjamin Franklin (statesman), Benjamin Netanyahu (politician)
Bernardo Brave as a bear Spanish Bernardo Bertolucci (director), Bernardo O'Higgins (national hero)
Bong Reverberating sound Filipino Bong Joon-ho (director), Bong Revilla Jr. (politician/actor)
Brandon Beacon hill English Brandon Lee (actor), Brandon Ingram (NBA player)
Brian High, noble Celtic Brian Wilson (musician), Brian Lara (cricketer)
Bryan High, noble Celtic Bryan Cranston (actor), Bryan Adams (singer)
Carlo Strong, manly Italian Carlo Aquino (actor), Carlo Ancelotti (soccer coach)
Carlos Strong, manly Spanish Carlos Santana (musician), Carlos Tevez (soccer player)
Cedric Chief English Cedric the Entertainer (comedian/actor), Cedric Benson
Cesar Hairy Latin Cesar Chavez (civil rights activist), Cesar Millan (dog trainer)
Charles Free man Germanic Charles Darwin (scientist), Charles Barkley (basketball player)
Christian Follower of Christ Latin Christian Bale (actor), Christian Louboutin (fashion designer)
Christopher Christ bearer Greek Christopher Reeve (actor), Christopher Walken (actor)
Clarence Clear, bright English Clarence Thomas (Supreme Court justice), Clarence Darrow (lawyer)
Clark Clerk, scholar English Clark Gable (actor), Clark Kent (fictional character)
Clemente Merciful Spanish Roberto Clemente (baseball player), Clemente Bautista Jr. (activist)
Clinton Settlement on a hill English Bill Clinton (former US President), Hillary Clinton (politician)
Cody Cushion English Cody Bellinger (baseball player), Cody Ko (YouTuber)
Conrado Bold counsel Spanish Conrado de Quiros (journalist), Conrado Benitez (educator)
Cristobal Christ bearer Spanish Cristobal Balenciaga (fashion designer), Cristobal Huet (hockey player)
Cyrus Sun, lord Persian Cyrus the Great (king), Miley Cyrus (singer/actress)
Dado Gift Filipino Dado Banatao (engineer), Dado Lumibao (director)
Daniel God is my judge Hebrew Daniel Radcliffe (actor), Daniel Day-Lewis (actor)
Dante Enduring Italian Dante Alighieri (writer), Dante Basco (actor)
Darwin Dear friend English Charles Darwin (scientist), Darwin Deez (musician)
David Beloved Hebrew David Beckham (soccer player), David Bowie (singer)
Dennis Wild or crazy Greek Dennis Rodman (basketball player), Dennis Hopper (actor)
Diego Supplanter Spanish Diego Maradona (soccer player), Diego Rivera (artist)
Dionisio Of Dionysus, god of wine Spanish Dionisio Salazar (musicologist), Dionisio Cepeda (boxer)
Dominador Dominator Spanish Dominador Gomez (lawyer), Dominador Jalosjos Jr. (politician)
Domingo Of the Lord Spanish not found
Donato Gift Italian Donato Bramante (architect), Donato Giancola (artist)
Doroteo Gift of God Spanish Doroteo Arango (revolutionary), Doroteo Gerardo Jr. (basketball player)
Efraim Fruitful Hebrew Efraim Halevy (spy), Efraim Inbar (political scientist)
Eduardo Wealthy guardian Spanish Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. (businessman), Eduardo Saverin (entrepreneur)
Edwin Wealthy friend English Edwin Booth (actor), Edwin Aldrin (astronaut)
Efren Peaceful ruler Spanish Efren Reyes (billiards player), Efren Peñaflorida Jr. (teacher)
Eladio Of Greece Spanish Eladio Carrión (rapper), Eladio Vicuña Aránguiz (bishop)
Eleazar God helps Hebrew Eleazar Wheelock (educator), Eleazar de Carvalho (conductor)
Eliseo God is my salvation Hebrew Eliseo Soriano (preacher), Eliseo Rio Jr. (politician)
Elmer Noble and famous English Elmer Fudd (fictional character), Elmer Bernstein (composer)
Emilio Rival Latin Emilio Aguinaldo (revolutionary), Emilio Pucci (fashion designer)
Emmanuel God is with us Hebrew Emmanuel Macron (French President), Emmanuel Lewis (actor)
Enrico Ruler of the home Italian Enrico Caruso (opera singer), Enrico Fermi (physicist)
Enrique Ruler of the home Spanish Enrique Iglesias (singer), Enrique Gil (actor)
Ephraim Fruitful Hebrew Ephraim Kishon (writer), Ephraim Herrera (actor)
Ernesto Earnest, sincere Spanish Ernesto Che Guevara (revolutionary), Ernesto Maceda (politician)
Esteban Crown Spanish Esteban de Ocampo (revolutionary), Esteban Loaiza (baseball player)
Eugenio Noble Italian Eugenio Derbez (actor), Eugenio Lopez III (businessman)
Eusebio Pious Greek Eusebio Leal (historian), Eusebio Francisco Kino (missionary)
Evangelista Gospel writer Spanish Evangelista Santos (fighter), Evangelista Torricelli (scientist)
Everardo Brave boar Spanish Everardo Elizondo (director), Everardo Villarreal (athlete)
Ezequiel God strengthens Hebrew Ezequiel Garay (footballer), Ezequiel Lavezzi (footballer)
Fausto Lucky Italian Fausto Coppi (cyclist), Fausto Papetti (saxophonist)
Federico Peaceful ruler Italian Federico García Lorca (poet), Federico Fellini (filmmaker)
Felipe Lover of horses Spanish Felipe VI of Spain (king), Felipe Massa (racing driver)
Felizardo Happy and fortunate Spanish Felizardo Fajardo (physician), Felizardo de la Viña (painter)
Fermin Firm Spanish Fermin Lasuen (missionary), Fermin Muguruza (musician)
Fernando Brave traveler Spanish Fernando Alonso (racing driver), Fernando Botero (artist)
Filiberto Brilliant lover Italian Filiberto Vargas (musician), Filiberto Ojeda Ríos (activist)
Flavio Blonde Latin Flavio Briatore (businessman), Flavio Cotti (politician)
Florencio Blooming Spanish Florencio Campomanes (chess player), Florencio Porras (athlete)
Fortunato Fortunate Italian Fortunato Depero (artist), Fortunato Franco (politician)
Francisco Free Spanish Francisco Balagtas (poet), Francisco Goya (painter)
Fulgencio Brilliant Spanish Fulgencio Batista (politician), Fulgencio Aquino (composer)
Gabriel God is my strength Hebrew Gabriel García Márquez (author), Gabriel Batistuta (footballer)
Galileo From Galilee Italian Galileo Galilei (scientist), Galileo Emanuele Galilei (composer)
Gaspar Treasurer Spanish Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (writer), Gaspar Corte-Real (explorer)
Gaudencio Joy Spanish Gaudencio Rosales (cardinal), Gaudencio Borbon Rosales (bishop)
Genaro Noble warrior Italian Genaro Contaldo (chef), Genaro Di Pace (singer)
Generoso Generous Spanish Generoso Villaruel Jr. (
German Brother German German Moreno (entertainer), German Gervacio (athlete)
Geronimo Holy name Greek Geronimo de Alderete (explorer), Geronimo Berroa (baseball player)
Giancarlo God is gracious Italian Giancarlo Stanton (baseball player), Giancarlo Esposito (actor)
Giancarlo God is gracious Italian Giancarlo Stanton (baseball player), Giancarlo Esposito (actor)
Giuseppe God will add Italian Giuseppe Verdi (composer), Giuseppe Zanotti (fashion designer)
Gonzalo Wolf Spanish Gonzalo Guerrero (conquistador), Gonzalo Pizarro (explorer)
Gregorio Watchful Spanish Gregorio del Pilar (general), Gregorio Allegri (composer)
Guillermo Resolute protector Spanish Guillermo del Toro (filmmaker), Guillermo Ochoa (footballer)
Gustavo Staff of the Goths Swedish Gustavo Fring (fictional character), Gustavo Dudamel (conductor)
Harlon Army land English Harlon Hill (football player), Harlon Block (Marine Corps hero)
Harrison Son of Harry English Harrison Ford (actor), Harrison Barnes (basketball player)
Hartley From the deer meadow English Hartley Coleridge (poet), Hartley Sawyer (actor)
Harvey Battle worthy French Harvey Milk (politician), Harvey Keitel (actor)
Hector Holding fast Greek Hector Elizondo (actor), Hector Berlioz (composer)
Hendrix Son of Henry English Jimi Hendrix (musician), Hendrix Hart (actor)
Henry Ruler of the home Germanic Henry Ford (industrialist), Henry Cavill (actor)
Heraclio Glory of Hera Greek Heraclio Fajardo (architect), Heraclio Bernal (revolutionary)
Herbert Bright army Germanic Herbert Hoover (president), Herbert von Karajan (conductor)
Hermenegildo Complete sacrifice Spanish Hermenegildo Galeana (military leader), Hermenegildo Sábat (cartoonist)
Hermes Messenger Greek Hermes Bautista (politician), Hermes Pan (choreographer)
Hermilo People's protector Spanish Hermilo Novelo (writer), Hermilo Galindo (
Ismael God will hear Arabic Ismael Cruz Córdova (actor), Ismael Laguna (boxer)
Israel Struggles with God Hebrew Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (musician), Israel Adesanya (MMA fighter)
Ivan God is gracious Slavic Ivan Rakitic (footballer), Ivan Toney (footballer)
Jacob Supplanter Hebrew Jacob Black (fictional character), Jacob Tremblay (actor)
Jaime Supplanter Spanish Jaime Lannister (fictional character), Jaime Camil (actor)
Jairus He will enlighten Hebrew Jairus Aquino (actor), Jairus Byrd (footballer)
James Supplanter Hebrew James Franco (actor), James Baldwin (author)
Jared Descendant Hebrew Jared Leto (actor), Jared Padalecki (actor)
Jason Healer Greek Jason Momoa (actor), Jason Bateman (actor)
Jasper Treasurer Persian Jasper Johns (artist), Jasper Cillessen (footballer)
Javier Bright Spanish Javier Bardem (actor), Javier Hernández (footballer)
Jayden God has heard American Jayden Smith (actor), Jayden James Federline (son of Britney Spears)
Jedidiah Beloved of God Hebrew Jedidiah Goodacre (actor), Jedidiah Morse (historian)
Jefferson Son of Jeffrey English Thomas Jefferson (president), Jefferson Davis (president of the Confederacy)
Jerome Holy name Greek Jerome Robbins (choreographer), Jerome Bettis (footballer)
Jesse Gift Hebrew Jesse Owens (athlete), Jesse Pinkman (fictional character)
Jesus God saves Spanish Jesus Christ (religious figure), Jesús Navas (footballer)
Jethro Excellence Hebrew Jethro Tull (musician), Jethro Sumner (soldier)
Joaquin God will judge Spanish Joaquin Phoenix (actor), Joaquín Sorolla (painter)
Job Persecuted Hebrew Job Manahan (actor), Job (biblical figure)
Joel God is willing Hebrew Joel Embiid (basketballer), Joel Schumacher (filmmaker)
John God is gracious Hebrew John Lennon (musician), John F. Kennedy (president)
Jonah Dove Hebrew Jonah Hill (actor), Jonah Lomu (rugby player)
Jonathan God has given Hebrew Jonathan Taylor Thomas (actor), Jonathan Groff (actor)
Jordan To flow down Hebrew Michael Jordan (basketballer), Jordan Peele (filmmaker)
Jose God will increase Spanish José Rizal (national hero), José Mourinho (football coach)
Joseph He will add Hebrew Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor), Joseph Haydn (composer)
Joshua God is salvation Hebrew Joshua Jackson (actor), Joshua Tree National Park (landmark)
Juan God is gracious Spanish Juan Luna (painter), Juan Mata (footballer)
Judah Praise Hebrew Judah Friedlander (actor), Judah Smith (pastor)
Jude Praised Greek Jude Law (actor), Jude the Apostle (biblical figure)
Julian Youthful Latin Julian Assange (activist), Julian Edelman (footballer)
Julius Youthful Latin Julius Caesar (emperor), Julius Erving (basketballer)
Juniper Youthful Latin Juniper Lee (fictional character), Juniper Networks (technology company)
Justin Just Latin Justin Bieber (musician), Justin Timberlake (musician)
Kael Mighty warrior Celtic Kael Weston (politician), Kael Coleman (actor)
Kian Ancient Irish Kian Lawley (YouTube personality), Kian Soltani (cellist)
Kobe God's door Japanese Kobe Bryant (basketballer), Kobe Paras (basketballer)
Kyrie Lord Greek Kyrie Irving (basketballer), Kyrie Eleison (Christian prayer)
Landon Long hill English Landon Donovan (footballer), Landon Barker (son of Travis Barker)
Leonardo Brave lion Italian Leonardo da Vinci (artist), Leonardo DiCaprio (actor)
Liam Resolute protector Irish Liam Neeson (actor), Liam Hemsworth (actor)
Lincoln From the settlement by the pool English Abraham Lincoln (president), Lincoln Burrows (fictional character)
Logan Little hollow Scottish not found
Lucas Light Latin Lucas Cranach the Elder (artist), Lucas Till (actor)
Luke From Lucania Greek Luke Skywalker (fictional character), Luke Bryan (musician)
Macario Blessed Spanish Macario Sakay (revolutionary leader), Macario Pineda (politician)
Magnus Great Latin Magnus Carlsen (chess player), Magnus Scheving (actor)
Makoto Honesty Japanese Makoto Shinkai (filmmaker), Makoto Tachibana (fictional character)
Malakai Messenger of God Hawaiian Malakai Fekitoa (rugby player), Malakai Black (wrestler)
Manolo God is with us Spanish Manolo Blahnik (fashion designer), Manolo Gabbiadini (footballer)
Manuel God is with us Spanish Manuel L. Quezon (former president), Manuel Neuer (footballer)
Marcus Warlike Latin Marcus Aurelius (philosopher), Marcus Rashford (footballer)
Mario Male Italian Mario Balotelli (footballer), Mario Puzo (author)
Mark Warlike Latin Mark Zuckerberg (entrepreneur), Mark Hamill (actor)
Martin Dedicated to Mars Latin Martin Luther King Jr. (civil rights leader), Martin Scorsese (filmmaker)
Mateo Gift of God Spanish Mateo Guidicelli (actor), Mateo Kovacic (footballer)
Matthew Gift of God Hebrew Matthew McConaughey (actor), Matthew Perry (actor)
Maverick Independent American Maverick Carter (producer), Maverick Ahanmisi (basketballer)
Max Greatest Latin Max Verstappen (racing driver), Max Holloway (MMA fighter)
Maximilian Greatest Latin Maximilian Kolbe (martyr), Maximilian Schell (actor)
Michael Who is like God? Hebrew Michael Jordan (basketballer), Michael Jackson (musician)
Miguel Who is like God? Spanish Miguel Lopez de Legazpi (explorer), Miguel Cabrera (baseballer)
Milo Mild Germanic Milo Ventimiglia (actor), Milo Yiannopoulos (commentator)
Nathaniel Gift of God Hebrew Nathaniel Hawthorne (author), Nathaniel Buzolic (actor)
Nathan Gift of God Hebrew Nathan Fillion (actor), Nathan Chen (figure skater)
Nathaniel Gift of God Hebrew Nathaniel Hawthorne (author), Nathaniel Buzolic (actor)
Nemo Nobody Latin Captain Nemo (fictional character), Nemo S. Aguila (actor)
Neo New Greek Neo Rauch (artist), Neo Yokio (animated series)
Nestor Traveler Greek Nestor de Villa (actor), Nestor Kirchner (former president)
Nicholas Victory of the people Greek Nicholas Sparks (author), Nicholas Hoult (actor)
Nick Victory of the people Greek Nick Jonas (musician), Nick Carter (musician)
Nico Victory of the people Greek Nico Rosberg (racing driver), Nico Santos (actor)
Nigel Champion Irish Nigel Barker (photographer), Nigel Benn (boxer)
Nilo Nile Spanish Nilo Alcala (composer), Nilo Tayag (activist)
Noah Rest or comfort Hebrew Noah Schnapp (actor), Noah Centineo (actor)
Nolan Descendant of Nuallan Irish Nolan Ryan (baseball player), Nolan Gould (actor)
Norbert Bright north German Norbert Wiener (mathematician), Norberto Rivera (cardinal)
Norman Northman Germanic Norman Reedus (actor), Norman Rockwell (artist)
Octavio Eighth Latin Octavio Paz (poet), Octavio Rivero (footballer)
Oliver Olive tree Latin Oliver Cromwell (politician), Oliver Stone (filmmaker)
Omar Long-lived Arabic Omar Sharif (actor), Omar Bradley (general)
Onyx Onyx Greek Onyx Lorenzoni (politician), Onyx Quevedo (basketballer)
Orion Hunter Greek Orion Carloto (author), Orion Acaba (actor)
Orville Golden city French Orville Wright (aviator), Orville Redenbacher (businessman)
Oscar Deer lover Irish Oscar Wilde (author), Oscar Isaac (actor)
Oswald God's power Germanic Oswald Mosley (politician), Oswald Chambers (author)
Otis Wealthy Germanic not found

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