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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive FRENCH boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of FRENCH boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of FRENCH Boy names

Adrien Dark French Adrien Brody
Alexandre Defender of the People French Alexandre Dumas
Amédée Loves God French Amédée VIII of Savoy
Anatole Sunrise French Anatole France
André Manly French André 3000
Antoine Invaluable French Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Arthur Bear French Arthur Rimbaud
Auguste Great, Magnificent French Auguste Renoir
Baptiste Baptist French Baptiste Giabiconi
Basile Royal French Basile Boli
Bastien Venerable French Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
Benoît Blessed French Benoît Magimel
Bernard Brave as a Bear French Bernard Arnault
Bertrand Bright, Intelligent French Bertrand Russell
Blaise Stutter French Blaise Pascal
Camille Unisex name meaning "Young Attendant" French Camille Pissarro
Cédric Kind and Loved Ruler French Cédric Pioline
Célestin Heavenly French Célestin Freinet
Charles Free Man French Charles de Gaulle
Christophe Christ-Bearer French Christophe Beck
Clément Mild, Merciful French Clément Ader
Constant Steadfast, Unchanging French Constant Lambert
Corentin Hero French Corentin Tolisso
Damien To Tame French Damien Chazelle
Daniel God is my Judge French Daniel Auteuil
David Beloved French David Guetta
Denis Devotee of Dionysus French Denis Diderot
Didier Desired French Didier Deschamps
Dominique Belonging to the Lord French Domin
Édouard Wealthy Guardian French Édouard Manet
Émile Rival, Imitator French Émile Zola
Étienne Crowned French Étienne Marcel
Fabien Bean Grower French Fabien Barthez
Fabrice Craftsman French Fabrice Luchini
Félix Happy, Prosperous French Félix Leclerc
Fernand Adventurous French Fernand Léger
François Free Man French François Hollande
Frédéric Peaceful Ruler French Frédéric Chopin
Gabriel God is my Strength French Gabriel Fauré
Gaël Generous, Oath French Gaël Monfils
Gaston Stranger, Guest French Gaston Leroux
Gauthier Army Ruler French Gauthier Grumier
Gérard Brave with a Spear French Gérard Depardieu
Gilles Youthful, Downy French Gilles Simon
Grégoire Watchful, Vigilant French Grégoire Aslan
Guillaume Will, Desire, Helmet French Guillaume Canet
Gustave Staff of the Gods French Gustave Courbet
Guy Guide French Guy de Maupassant
Hector Steadfast French Hector Berlioz
Henri Home Ruler French Henri Cartier-Bresson
Hervé Army, Warrior French Hervé Villechaize
Hippolyte Freed from Horses French Hippolyte Fizeau
Honoré Honorable French Honoré de Balzac
Hubert Bright Mind French Hubert Lyautey
Hugo Mind, Intellect French Victor Hugo
Isidore Gift of Isis French Isidore of Seville
Jacques Supplanter French Jacques Cousteau
Jean God is Gracious French Jean-Paul Sartre
Jérôme Holy Name French Jérôme Kerviel
Joachim God will Establish French Joachim Murat
Jocelyn Joyous French Jocelyn Quivrin
Joël God is Willing French Joël Robuchon
Jonathan Gift of God French Jonathan Lambert
Jordan Descend French Jordan Lepage
Joseph God will Increase French Joseph Fourier
Jules Youthful French Jules Verne
Julien Youthful French Julien Doré
Justin Just, Fair French Justin Taurand
Laurent Crowned with Laurels French Laurent Fabius
Léo Lion French Léo Ferré
Léon Lion French Léon Blum
Léopold Brave People French Léopold Sédar Senghor
Lilian Lily French Lilian Thuram
Loïc Warrior French Loïc Nottet
Louis Famous in Battle French Louis Pasteur
Luc Light French Luc Besson
Lucien Light French Lucien Ginsburg
Ludovic Famous in War French Ludovic Giuly
Luka Light French Luka Karabatic
Madeleine Tower French Madeleine Albright
Marcel Little Warrior French Marcel Proust
Marius Male, Virile French Marius Petipa
Martin Warlike French Martin Fourcade
Mathéo Gift of God French Mathéo Boisselier
Mathias Gift of God French Mathias Malzieu
Mathis Gift of God French Mathis De Ruyver
Matthieu Gift of God French Matthieu Chedid
Maurice Dark Skinned French Maurice Ravel
Maxence Greatest French Maxence Van der Meersch
Maxime Greatest French Maxime
Michel Who is Like God French Michel Foucault
Milo Soldier or Merciful French Milo Ventimiglia
Napoléon Lion of Naples French Napoléon Bonaparte
Nathan Gift of God French Nathan Fillion
Nicolas Victory of the People French Nicolas Sarkozy
Noé Rest or Comfort French Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance
Norbert Bright North French Norbert Wiener
Olivier Olive Tree French Olivier Martinez
Pascal Easter or Passover French Pascal Obispo
Patrice Noble French Patrice Chéreau
Paul Small French Paul Verlaine
Philippe Lover of Horses French Philippe Petit
Pierre Stone French Pierre Curie
Quentin Fifth French Quentin Tarantino
Raoul Wolf Counsel French Raoul Dufy
Raphaël God has Healed French Raphaël Varane
Rémi Oarsman French Rémi Gaillard
René Reborn French René Descartes
Richard Brave Ruler French Richard Wagner
Robert Bright Fame French Robert Delaunay
Roger Famous Spearman French Roger Federer
Roland Famous Land French Roland Barthes
Romain From Rome French Romain Duris
Roméo From Rome French Roméo Elvis
Ronan Little Seal French Ronan Keating
Sacha Defender of Mankind French Sacha Baron Cohen
Samuel Heard by God French Samuel Beckett
Sébastien Venerable French Sébastien Loeb
Simon To Be Heard French Simon de Montfort
Stéphane Crowned French Stéphane Hessel
Théo Gift of God French Théo Frilet
Thibault People's Prince French Thibault de Montalembert
Thomas Twin French Thomas Pes
Timothée Honoring God French Timothée Chalamet
Tristan Sad French Tristan Bernard
Valentin Strength or Health French Valentin Serov
Victor Conqueror French Victor Hugo
Vincent Conquering French Vincent van Gogh
Vivien Lively French Vivien Leigh
Xavier Bright or New House French Xavier Dolan
Yann Gift from God French Yann Tiersen
Yannick God is Gracious French Yannick Noah
Yoann God is Gracious French Yoann Gourcuff
Yves Yew Tree French Yves Saint Laurent
Zacharie Remembered by God French Zacharie Noah
Zéphirin West Wind French Zéphirin Févret

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