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Here is the List of HAITIAN Boy names

Abner Father of Light Hebrew Abner Louima (Haitian-American victim of police brutality)
Achille Lipless Greek Achille Joseph (Haitian-American politician)
Adalbert Noble and Bright German Adalbert Doper (Haitian-American painter)
Adolphe Noble Wolf French Adolphe Pierre (Haitian journalist and politician)
Adonis Lord Greek Adonis Exilien (Haitian-American athlete)
Ainsley Own Meadow English Ainsley Laroche (Haitian-American football player)
Aldo Old or Wise Italian Aldo Céspedes (Haitian-American baseball player)
Aldrin Old or Wise Counselor English Aldrin Durosier (Haitian-American football player)
Alex Defender of the People Greek Alex Pierre (Haitian-American musician)
Alfred Wise Counselor English Alfred Métraux (Haitian-American anthropologist)
Alix Defender of the People French Alix Mathurin (Haitian comedian and actor)
Allan Harmony Scottish Allan Saint-Maximin (Haitian-French football player)
Alonso Eager for Battle Spanish Alonso Clemons (Haitian-American football player)
Alphonse Noble and Ready French Alphonse Daudet (Haitian-American author)
Alrick Ruler of All English Alrick Exume (Haitian-American basketball player)
Amos Carried by God Hebrew Amos Morale (Haitian-American football player)
Anel God is with Me Hebrew Anel Alexis (Haitian-American basketball player)
Anselme Divine Protection German Anselme Ruster (Haitian-American football player)
Antoine Priceless French Antoine Augustin Cournot (Haitian philosopher)
Aquil Wise Arabic Aquil Abdullah (Haitian-American football player)
Aristide Best Greek Jean-Bertrand Aristide (Haitian politician and former president)
Arnold Strong as an Eagle German Arnold Antonin (Haitian filmmaker)
Arsène Masculine French Arsène Wenger (French-Haitian football manager)
Arthur Noble or Bear Celtic Arthur Hertzberg (Haitian-American rabbi)
Asher Happy or Blessed Hebrew Asher Degroot (Haitian-American football player)
Aston Eastern Settlement English Aston "Mutley" Williams (Haitian football player)
Aubin White French Aubin Jean-Marc (Haitian-American football player)
Auguste Venerable Latin Auguste César (Haitian-American artist)
Aurèle Golden French Aurèle Jolicoeur (Haitian-American artist)
Balthazar God Protect the King Hebrew Balthazar Getty (American actor of Haitian descent)
Barthélemy Son of Tolmai French Barthélemy Boganda (Haitian politician and former prime minister)
Basile Royal or Kingly Greek Basile Boli (Haitian-French football player)
Benoît Blessed French Benoît Magimel (French-Haitian actor)
Berthony Bright Fame French Berthony Clermont (Haitian-American football player)
Bertrand Brilliant Raven French Bertrand Delanoë (Haitian-French politician)
Bismark Commander of Battles German Bismark Guillaume (Haitian-American football player)
Caleb Faithful Hebrew Caleb Deschanel (Haitian-American cinematographer)
Carl Free Person German Carl Juste (Haitian-American photojournalist)
Casimir Announce Peace Polish Casimir Joseph (Haitian-American football player)
Castor Beavers Greek Castor Guzman (Haitian-American football player)
Célestin Heavenly French Célestin Freinet (Haitian educator and pedagogue)
Césaire Hairy or Hirsute French Aimé Césaire (Haitian poet and politician)
Charles Free Man German Charles Coles (Haitian-American dancer and choreographer)
Charlot Free Man French Charlot Jeudy (Haitian-American football player)
Chedlin Surname French Chedlin Sagesse (Haitian-American football player)
Chenet Local Fruit Haitian Chenet Jean-Baptiste (Haitian-American football player)
Chery Surname French Chery Pierre (Haitian-American football player)
Christophe Bearer of Christ French Henri Christophe (Haitian revolutionary leader and former king of Haiti)
Claude Lame or Disabled Latin Claude Michel (Haitian sculptor)
Clément Merciful or Mild French Clément Danjou (Haitian football player)
Clotaire Renowned Warrior French Clotaire Saint-Natus (Haitian-American football player)
Clovis Famous Warrior French Clovis Défay (Haitian football player)
Dado Surname Haitian Dado Pršo (Haitian-Croatian football player)
Danté Enduring or Steadfast Italian Danté Exumé (Haitian-American football player)
Davidson Son of David Scottish Davidson Pierre (Haitian-American football player)
Denzel From Denzell English Denzel Dumfries (Haitian-Dutch football player)
Derick Ruler of the People German Derick Adamson (Haitian-American football player)
Destin Destiny French Destin Vierge (Haitian-American football player)
Dieufaite Trust in God Haitian Dieufaite Charles (Haitian football player)
Dimitri Earth-Lover Greek Dimitri Vorbe (Haitian-American football player)
Dixon Son of Richard English Dixon Etienne (Haitian football player)
Djimy God will hear Haitian Djimy Alexis (Haitian football player)
Don World Ruler English Don Delillo (Haitian-American novelist)
Donatien Given or Gifted French Donatien Alphonse François de Sade (French aristocrat, writer, and philosopher)
Doudou Darling Haitian Doudou Boicel (Haitian football player)
Dufresne Surname French Dufresne Mbemba (Haitian football player)
Durand Enduring French Durand Adams (Haitian-American football player)
Eddy Wealthy Ruler English Eddy Brimson (Haitian-British author and football hooligan)
Edner Wealthy Guardian Haitian Edner Dely (Haitian football player)
Edward Wealthy Guardian English Edward Grimes (Haitian-British singer and member of the band Jedward)
Eloi Chosen One French Eloi Doré (Haitian football player)
Enock Dedicated Hebrew Enock Kwateng (Haitian-French football player)
Ernst Earnest or Serious German Ernst Jean-Joseph (Haitian football player)
Esteban Crowned or Wreathed Spanish Esteban Alvarado (Haitian-Costa Rican football player)
Etienne Crowned or Wreathed French Etienne Moulé (Haitian football player)
Eudes Wealthy Guardian French Eudes Maurice (Haitian football player)
Evariste Well-Pleasing French Evariste Fils (Haitian football player)
Fabien Bean Grower French Fabien Vorbe (Haitian-American football player)
Faubert Surname French Faubert Joseph (Haitian-American football player)
Fednel Faithful Haitian Fednel Mondésir (Haitian football player)
Fenelon Surname French Fenelon Philistin (Haitian football player)
Fidel Faithful Latin Fidel Escobar (Haitian-Panamanian football player)
Filippo Friend of Horses Italian not found
Frantz Free Man French Frantz Bertin (Haitian football player)
Fred Peaceful Ruler German Fred Saint-Amand (Haitian-American football player)
Freddy Peaceful Ruler German Freddy Hinestroza (Haitian-Colombian football player)
Fréderic Peaceful Ruler French Fréderic Piquionne (Haitian-French football player)
Gabart Given or Gifted Haitian not found
Gabriel God is My Strength Hebrew Gabriel Kinsley (Haitian-American football player)
Gaël Generous or Oath French Gaël Saint-Louis (Haitian-Canadian football player)
Gaëtan From Gaeta (Italy) French Gaëtan Robail (Haitian-French football player)
Garry Spear Rule English Garry Dabiri (Haitian football player)
Gary Spear Rule English Gary Ambroise (Haitian football player)
Gaston Foreigner French Gaston Cellerino (Haitian football player)
Gauthier Strong Army French Gauthier Boccard (Haitian-Swiss field hockey player)
Georges Farmer French Georges Bordes (Haitian football player)
Gérald Ruler with the Spear French Gérald Fener (Haitian football player)
Gerard Brave with a Spear English Gerard Ajuste (Haitian football player)
Gérome Sacred Name French not found
Gilbert Bright Pledge German Gilbert Neto (Haitian football player)
Gilles Young Goat French Gilles Saint-Louis (Haitian-Canadian football player)
Gino Well-Born Italian Gino Charles (Haitian football player)
Gislain Hostage or Pledge French Gislain Destin (Haitian football player)
Glody God’s Glory African Glody Lilemo (Haitian football player)
Henri Ruler of the home French Henri Christophe, King of Haiti
Jacques Supplanter French Jacques Stephen Alexis, Haitian novelist and political activist
Jean God is gracious French Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Haitian revolutionary leader and first ruler of independent Haiti
Jocelyn Joyous French Jocelyne Pierre, Haitian-American actress
Kendy The Kent river English Kendy Louis, Haitian football player
Kervin Little dark one English Kervin Eugene, Haitian-American football player
Lucas Bringer of light Greek Lucas Digne, Haitian-French football player
Mackendy Comely and beloved English Mackendy Cheridor, Haitian-American football player
Marc Warlike French Marc Bazin, Haitian politician and former Prime Minister
Michel Who is like God French Michel Martelly, former President of Haiti
Nelson Son of Neil English Nelson Mandela, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary
Olivier Olive tree French Olivier Coipel, Haitian-American comic book artist
Patrick Nobleman Irish Patrick Fabian, Haitian-American actor
Reginald Ruler's advisor English Reginald Cange, Haitian-American singer
Richard Brave ruler German Richard Morse, Haitian-American musician
Robert Bright fame German Robert Duval, Haitian-American actor
Rodney Island clearing English Rodney Saint-Eloi, Haitian poet
Ronald Ruler's counselor Scandinavian Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States
Samuel God has heard Hebrew Samuel Dalembert, Haitian-Canadian basketball player
Serge Attendant French Serge Bellegarde, Haitian-American journalist
Steeven Crowned English Steeven Saba, Haitian football player
Stephane Crowned French Stephane Lasme, Haitian basketball player
Ted Gift of God English Ted Berrigan, Haitian-American poet
Thierry Ruler of the people French Thierry Henry, Haitian-French football player
Thomas Twin Aramaic Thomas Perez, former United States Secretary of Labor
Ulrick Ruler of all German not found
Vladimir Ruler of the world Slavic Vladimir Ducasse, Haitian-American football player
Wesley Western meadow English Wesley Snipes, Haitian-American actor
Wilfrid Desiring peace German Wilfrid DeFour, Haitian-American soldier and Holocaust survivor
Wilner Wilner means Will bring a message English Wilner Anderson, Haitian football player
Wilsen Son of William English Wilsen Palacios, Haitian football player
Woodly From the woodland clearing English Woodly Jean-Felix, Haitian football player
Xavier Bright Basque Xavier Nady, Haitian-American baseball player
Yanick God is gracious French Yanick Moreira, Haitian basketball player
Yvenson Son of Evan English Yvenson Bernard, Haitian-American football player
Zacharie Remembered by God Hebrew Zacharie Robichon, Haitian-Canadian race car driver
Zacques Supplanter French Zacques Khalfani, Haitian-American football player
Zephirin Of Zephyr, the west wind French Zephirin Camélinat, Haitian revolutionary and union leader
Zidane Abundant Arabic Zidane Soumahoro, Haitian football player
Zion A place of peace and rest Hebrew Zion Williamson, Haitian-American basketball player
Zoumana A new addition African Zoumana Camara, Haitian-French football player

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