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Here is the List of HUNGARIAN Boy names

Abel Breath Hungarian Abel Tasman (Dutch explorer)
Adorjan One who is worshipped Hungarian Adorján F. Kovács (Hungarian filmmaker)
Agoston Great Hungarian Agoston Haraszthy (Hungarian-American pioneer of California wine)
Akos White falcon Hungarian Akos Kertesz (Hungarian musician)
Albert Noble and bright Hungarian Albert Einstein (German physicist)
Almos Sleep Hungarian Almos' mother was Emese (mythological figure in Hungarian history)
Ambrus Immortal Hungarian Ambrus Kyri (Hungarian basketball player)
Andor Manly and strong Hungarian Andor Foldes (Hungarian pianist)
Andras Manly and strong Hungarian Andras Hadik (Hungarian soldier)
Antal Priceless one Hungarian Antal Dorati (Hungarian conductor)
Arpad From Arpad Hungarian Arpad dynasty (ruling family of Hungary)
Attila Father-like Hungarian Attila the Hun (ruler of the Huns)
Aurel Golden Hungarian Aurel Stodola (Slovak engineer and inventor)
Balazs Royal Hungarian Balazs Dzsudzsak (Hungarian football player)
Barna Brown Hungarian Barna Kabay (Hungarian fencer)
Barnabas Son of consolation Hungarian Barnabas Pocsi (Hungarian-American violinist)
Bela White Hungarian Bela Bartok (Hungarian composer)
Benedek Blessed Hungarian Benedek Varady (Hungarian chess player)
Beni Blessed Hungarian Beni Kiss (Hungarian handball player)
Botond Scepter Hungarian Botond Barath (Hungarian football player)
Csaba Sheperd Hungarian Csaba Markus (Hungarian artist)
Csanad King of kings Hungarian Csanad Szegedi (Hungarian politician)
Csongor Song Hungarian Csongor Kassai (Hungarian football player)
Dalibor Far and wide Hungarian Dalibor Kesic (Croatian football player)
Dániel God is my judge Hungarian Dániel Gyurta (Hungarian swimmer)
Dénes Fertile Hungarian Dénes Kovács (Hungarian water polo player)
Domonkos Belonging to the Lord Hungarian Domonkos Varga (Hungarian water polo player)
Dorian Of the sea Hungarian Dorian Antipa (Romanian biologist)
Dzsamal Camel Hungarian Dzsamal Pasha (Ottoman governor)
Edvard Wealthy guardian Hungarian Edvard Beneš (Czech statesman)
Emil To strive or excel Hungarian Emil Zatopek (Czech long-distance runner)
Endre Manly and virile Hungarian Endre Ady (Hungarian poet)
Erno Eagle Hungarian Erno Rubik (Hungarian inventor of Rubik's Cube)
Ferenc Free Hungarian Ferenc Puskas (Hungarian football player)
Ferko Free Hungarian Ferko Stringari (Italian ice hockey player)
Fidel Faithful Hungarian Fidel Castro (Cuban revolutionary and politician)
Gabor God's bravest man Hungarian Gabor Kiraly (Hungarian football player)
Gellert Spear strength Hungarian Gellert Hill (hill in Budapest)
Gergely Vigilant or watchful Hungarian Gergely Karacsony (Hungarian politician)
Gyula Jewel Hungarian Gyula Grosics (Hungarian football player)
Istvan Crown Hungarian Istvan Szabo (Hungarian filmmaker)
Janos God is gracious Hungarian Janos Arany (Hungarian poet)
Jozsef God will increase Hungarian Jozsef Mindszenty (Hungarian cardinal)
Jozsi God will increase Hungarian Jozsi Rigo (Hungarian football player)
Kalman Strong and manly Hungarian Kalman Szekfu (Hungarian fencer)
Karoly Free man Hungarian Karoly Takacs (Hungarian shooter)
Kaspar Treasure bearer Hungarian Kaspar Miklos (Hungarian football player)
Kende Arrogant Hungarian Kende Gyorgy (Hungarian weightlifter)
Kevin Handsome or kind Hungarian Kevin Turek (Hungarian football player)
Kiraly Kingly Hungarian Kiraly Marton (Hungarian boxer)
Kolos Glorious people Hungarian Kolos Kovacs (Hungarian football player)
Laszlo Glorious rule Hungarian Laszlo Csatary (Hungarian war criminal)
Levente Unconquered hero Hungarian Levente Szuper (Hungarian ice hockey player)
Lorant Famous warrior Hungarian Lorant Hegedus (Hungarian politician)
Lóránd To praise Hungarian Lóránd Eötvös (Hungarian physicist)
Márk Of Mars, the god of war Hungarian Márk Béres (Hungarian football player)
Marton Warlike Hungarian Marton Fulop (Hungarian football player)
Mate Gift of God Hungarian Mate Kocsis (Hungarian football player)
Matyas Gift of God Hungarian Matyas Rakosi (Hungarian politician)
Miklos Victory of the people Hungarian Miklos Horthy (Hungarian admiral and politician)
Misi Who is like God? Hungarian Misi Kovacs (Hungarian football player)
Móric Dark-skinned Hungarian Móric Benyovszky (Slovak adventurer)
Mór Dark-skinned Hungarian Mór Jókai (Hungarian writer)
Nandor Brave or adventurous Hungarian Nandor Hidegkuti (Hungarian football player)
Norbert Bright hero Hungarian Norbert Michelisz (Hungarian racing driver)
Odon Wealthy defender Hungarian Odon Mellenyi (Hungarian fencer)
Pal Small Hungarian Pal Losonczi (Hungarian racing driver)
Peter Rock Hungarian Peter Gulacsi (Hungarian football player)
Pálma Palm tree Hungarian Pálma Bucsi (Hungarian animator)
Patrik Nobleman Hungarian Patrik Schick (Czech football player with Hungarian ancestry)
Péter Rock Hungarian Peter Gulacsi (Hungarian football player)
Pongrac All-powerful Hungarian Pongrac Pongracz (Hungarian sculptor)
Radvan Joyful messenger Hungarian Radvan Bahbouh (Hungarian football player)
Raul Wolf counsellor Hungarian Raul Brindis (Mexican-American radio personality)
Rezso Famous wolf Hungarian Rezso Seress (Hungarian composer)
Robert Bright fame Hungarian Robert Capa (Hungarian war photographer)
Róbert Bright fame Hungarian Róbert Feczesin (Hungarian football player)
Roland Famous throughout the land Hungarian Roland Juhasz (Hungarian football player)
Rudolf Famous wolf Hungarian Rudolf Hess (German politician)
Sámuel Heard by God Hungarian Sámuel Erdelyi (Hungarian drummer)
Sandor Defender of mankind Hungarian Sandor Marai (Hungarian writer)
Sándor Defender of mankind Hungarian Sándor Weöres (Hungarian poet)
Simon God has heard Hungarian Simon Kjaer (Danish football player with Hungarian ancestry)
Soma Son Hungarian Soma Novothny (Hungarian football player)
Sulejman Man of peace Hungarian Sulejman Halilovic (Bosnian-Hungarian football player)
Szabolcs Freedom Hungarian Szabolcs Huszti (Hungarian football player)
Szilard Ruler of victory Hungarian Szilard Nemeth (Slovak-Hungarian football player)
Tamas Twin Hungarian Tamas Hajnal
Tibor Of the Tiber river Hungarian Tibor Szasz (Hungarian football player)
Timur Iron Hungarian Timur Lenk (Central Asian conqueror)
Tivadar Gift of God Hungarian Tivadar Csontvary Kosztka (Hungarian painter)
Tódor Gift of God Hungarian Tódor Balázs (Hungarian composer)
Tomas Twin Hungarian Tomas Rosicky (Czech football player with Hungarian ancestry)
Tünde Fairy Hungarian Tünde Handó (Hungarian jurist)
Ugor To jump Hungarian Ugor Varga (Hungarian handball player)
Ujvari From Ujvar Hungarian -
Urban Of the city Hungarian Urban Lendvai (Hungarian football player)
Urs Bear Hungarian Urs Buergler (Swiss-Hungarian speed skater)
Vencel Victorious Hungarian Vencel Keresztes (Hungarian handball player)
Vilmos Will, desire, protection Hungarian Vilmos Zsigmond (Hungarian-American cinematographer)
Virgil Staff bearer Hungarian Virgil Van Dijk (Dutch football player with Hungarian ancestry)
Viktor Conqueror Hungarian Viktor Orban (Hungarian politician)
Vince Conqueror Hungarian Vince Lombardi (American football coach)
Vitéz Brave Hungarian Vitézslav Lavička (Czech-Hungarian football player)
Zalan To wander Hungarian Zalan Szalontay (Hungarian water polo player)
Zoltan Life, king Hungarian Zoltan Gera (Hungarian football player)

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