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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive INDIAN boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of INDIAN boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of INDIAN Boy names

Aarav Peaceful Sanskrit Aarav Kumar (son of Akshay Kumar)
Abhiram Delightful, charming Sanskrit
Abhishek Shower of milk or water over an idol; Anointing Sanskrit Abhishek Bachchan (Indian actor)
Aditya Sun God Sanskrit Aditya Birla (Indian industrialist)
Akash Sky Sanskrit Akash Ambani (Indian businessman)
Aman Peace Sanskrit
Amit Infinite, immeasurable Sanskrit Amitabh Bachchan (Indian actor)
Anand Joy, happiness Sanskrit Anand Mahindra (Indian businessman)
Aniket Homeless, wanderer Sanskrit
Anirudh Boundless, unstoppable Sanskrit
Anish Supreme, lord of wealth Sanskrit Anish Kapoor (Indian sculptor)
Ankit Conquered, marked Sanskrit Ankit Tiwari (Indian singer)
Anmol Priceless Sanskrit
Ansh Portion, fragment Sanskrit
Aravind Lotus Sanskrit Aravind Adiga (Indian author)
Arjun Bright, shining Sanskrit Arjun Kapoor (Indian actor)
Arnav Ocean, sea Sanskrit Arnav Agarwal (Indian cricketer)
Arush First ray of sun Sanskrit
Ashish Blessing Sanskrit Ashish Nehra (Indian cricketer)
Ashok Without sorrow, not sad Sanskrit Ashok Kumar (Indian actor)
Atul Matchless, incomparable Sanskrit Atul Gawande (Indian-American surgeon)
Avi Sun, air, bird Sanskrit Avi Dandiya (Indian singer)
Ayaan Gift of God Sanskrit Ayaan Ali Bangash (Indian musician)
Ayush Long life, healthy living Sanskrit Ayushmann Khurrana (Indian actor)
Bala Child, young Sanskrit Bala Devi (Indian footballer)
Bhavya Splendid, grand Sanskrit
Brijesh Lord of Brij (Krishna) Sanskrit Brijesh Patel (Indian cricketer)
Chinmay Supreme consciousness Sanskrit Chinmayananda Saraswati (Indian spiritual leader)
Darshan Sight, vision Sanskrit Darshan Raval (Indian singer)
Dev God-like, divine Sanskrit Dev Patel (British-Indian actor)
Devansh Part of God Sanskrit
Dhruv Pole star, steadfast Sanskrit Dhruv Shorey (Indian cricketer)
Divyansh Part of divine light Sanskrit
Gaurav Pride, honour Sanskrit Gaurav Chakraborty (Indian actor)
Gautam Enlightenment, bright Sanskrit Gautam Gambhir (Indian cricketer)
Hrithik Intelligent, famous Sanskrit Hrithik Roshan (Indian actor)
Ishaan Sun, lord of wealth Sanskrit Ishaan Khatter (Indian actor)
Jai Victory, success Sanskrit Jai Hindley (Indian cricketer)
Jayant Victorious, conqueror Sanskrit Jayant Yadav (Indian cricketer)
Kabir Great, powerful Arabic Kabir Bedi (Indian actor)
Kunal Lotus, one who sees beauty in everything Sanskrit Kunal Nayyar (Indian actor)
Lakshya Goal, aim Sanskrit Lakshya Sen (Indian badminton player)
Manav Human, mankind Sanskrit Manav Gohil (Indian actor)
Manish Lord of the mind, intellect Sanskrit Manish Malhotra (Indian fashion designer)
Mohit Ensnarled by beauty, attracted Sanskrit Mohit Sehgal (Indian actor)
Nakul Mongoose Sanskrit Nakul Dev Mahajan (Indian choreographer)
Neil Cloud Irish Neil Nitin Mukesh (Indian actor)
Nishant Dawn, morning Sanskrit Nishant Dahiya (Indian actor)
Om Sacred sound, symbol of the absolute Sanskrit Om Puri (Indian actor)
Parth Prince, chariot fighter Sanskrit Parthiv Patel (Indian cricketer)
Pranav Sacred syllable Om Sanskrit Pranav Dhanawade (Indian cricketer)
Prathamesh Lord of beginnings, first God Sanskrit
Pratyush Dawn, sunrise Sanskrit Pratyush Singh (Indian footballer)
Raj King, ruler Sanskrit Raj Kapoor (Indian actor)
Rajat Silver Sanskrit Rajat Sharma (Indian journalist)
Rakesh Lord of the night, ruler of the full moon Sanskrit Rakesh Roshan (Indian film director)
Rishabh Morality, superior being Sanskrit Rishabh Pant (Indian cricketer)
Rohan Ascending, growing Sanskrit Rohan Bopanna (Indian tennis player)
Ronak Brightness, radiance Sanskrit
Rudra Lord Shiva Sanskrit Rudra Pratap Singh (Indian cricketer)
Rushil Charming, graceful Sanskrit Rushil Bangia (Indian badminton player)
Ryan Little king Irish Ryan Gosling (Canadian actor)
Saahil Sea shore, guide Arabic Saahil Uppal (Indian actor)
Sameer Companion, friend Arabic Sameer Dighe (Indian cricketer)
Samar Evening conversation, talk Arabic Samar Singh (Indian politician)
Sanchit Collected, accumulated Sanskrit Sanchit Sharma (Indian cricketer)
Sankalp Determination, vow Sanskrit Sankalp Reddy (Indian film director)
Sarthak Meaningful, worthwhile Sanskrit Sarthak Ranjan (Indian politician)
Shail Mountain, rocky hill Sanskrit Shailendra Singh (Indian film producer)
Shashank Moon, happiness Sanskrit Shashank Khaitan (Indian film director)
Shiv Lord Shiva Sanskrit Shiv Thakare (Indian reality TV personality)
Shivansh Part of Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Shiven Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Siddharth One who has accomplished a goal Sanskrit Siddharth Malhotra (Indian actor)
Surya Sun, supreme light Sanskrit Surya Bonaly (French figure skater)
Tanish Ambition, desire Sanskrit Tanishq Reddy (Indian badminton player)
Tejas Sharpness, brightness Sanskrit Tejasvi Surya (Indian politician)
Uday Dawn, sunrise Sanskrit Uday Chopra (Indian actor)
Ved Sacred knowledge Sanskrit Ved Parkash Sharma (Indian author)
Vedant End of the Vedas, ultimate knowledge Sanskrit not found
Vihan Dawn, beginning of a new era Sanskrit
Vihaan Morning, dawn Sanskrit Vihaan Shetty (Indian actor)
Vikram Valour, courage Sanskrit Vikram Sarabhai (Indian scientist)
Vinay Modesty, politeness Sanskrit Vinay Pathak (Indian actor)
Vivaan Full of life, lively Sanskrit Vivaan Shah (Indian actor)
Yash Fame, success Sanskrit Yash Chopra (Indian film director)
Yuvraj Prince, heir apparent Sanskrit Yuvraj Singh (Indian cricketer)
Zaheer Supporter, helper Arabic Zaheer Khan (Indian cricketer)
Zaid Growth, abundance Arabic Zaid Darbar (Indian choreographer)

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