JAMAICAN boy Names

Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive JAMAICAN boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of JAMAICAN boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of JAMAICAN Boy names

Abasi Serious Swahili not found
Abebe He has flowered Ethiopian not found
Abednego Servant of Nego Hebrew Abednego Titus-Glover (Ghanaian politician)
Ainsworth From Ann's estate English Ainsworth Dyer (Jamaican athlete)
Akil Intelligent Arabic Akil Mitchell (Jamaican-American basketball player)
Akio Bright, clear Japanese not found
Alrick Ruler of all English not found
Alston Noble's settlement English Alston Becket Cyrus (Jamaican musician)
Amari Promised by God Hebrew Amari Cooper (American football player)
Andre Manly French Andre Russell (Jamaican cricketer)
Anthony Priceless one Latin Anthony Davis (American basketball player)
Antonio Priceless one Italian Antonio Banderas (Spanish actor)
Arden Valley of the eagle English not found
Asher Blessed, fortunate Hebrew Asher D (British rapper)
Ashton Ash tree town English Ashton Kutcher (American actor)
Athol New Ireland Scottish Athol Fugard (South African playwright)
Aubrey Elf ruler French Aubrey Plaza (American actress)
August Majestic Latin August Alsina (American singer)
Austin Majestic Latin Austin Mahone (American singer)
Averell Wild boar English not found
Axl Father of peace Scandinavian Axl Rose (American musician)
Balthazar God protects the king Hebrew not found
Barrington Town of Bar's people English Barrington Levy (Jamaican musician)
Barry Spear-bearer Irish Barry White (American singer)
Basil Royal, kingly Greek Basil Bunting (British poet)
Bayard Auburn-haired French not found
Bennett Blessed English Bennett Miller (American film director)
Bertram Bright raven German Bertram Allen (Irish equestrian)
Berton Bright settlement English not found
Blaine Thin Scottish Blaine Harrison (British musician)
Blake Dark, black English Blake Griffin (American basketball player)
Blane Thin Scottish not found
Blayne Thin Scottish not found
Boston From Boston, Lincolnshire English Boston Celtics (American basketball team)
Braden From the broad valley Scottish Braden Holtby (Canadian ice hockey player)
Braeden Descendant of Bradán Irish not found
Brando Sword Italian Marlon Brando (American actor)
Brandon Beacon hill English Brandon Flowers (American musician)
Brayden Descendant of Bradán Irish Brayden Schenn (Canadian ice hockey player)
Breckin Freckled Irish Breckin Meyer (American actor)
Brent Hill, mount English Brent Smith (American musician)
Brenton Settlement on the hill English not found
Brett Breton English Brett Favre (American football player)
Brian Strong, virtuous, honorable Irish Brian Lara (Trinidadian cricketer)
Brice Speckled Scottish Brice Johnson (American basketball player)
Brighton From the bright town English not found
Brock Badger English Brock Lesnar (American wrestler)
Broderick Son of Roderick Irish Broderick Crawford (American actor)
Brody Ditch Scottish Brody Jenner (American television personality)
Bryson Son of Brice English Bryson DeChambeau (American golfer)
Byron From the barns English Byron Scott (American basketball coach)
Cadman Battle Welsh not found
Calhoun From the narrow forest Scottish not found
Cameron Bent nose Scottish Cameron Boyce (American actor)
Campbell Crooked mouth Scottish Naomi Campbell (British model)
Carl Free man German Carl Lewis (American athlete)
Carlton Settlement of freemen English Carlton Cole (English footballer)
Carmichael Friend of St. Michael Scottish Stokely Carmichael (Trinidadian-American activist)
Carson Son of the marsh-dwellers Scottish Carson Wentz (American football player)
Carter Driver of a cart English Carter G. Woodson (American historian)
Casey Brave Irish Casey Affleck (American actor)
Cash From the place of the hollow English Johnny Cash (American musician)
Cedric Chief English Cedric the Entertainer (American comedian)
Chadwick From Chadwick English Chadwick Boseman (American actor)
Chance Good fortune English Chance The Rapper (American rapper)
Chandler Candle-maker English Chandler Riggs (American actor)
Charles Free man German Charles Barkley (American basketball player)
Charlie Free man English Charlie Sheen (American actor)
Chase Hunter English Chase Utley (American baseball player)
Chayton Falcon Native American not found
Chester From the Roman fort English Chester A. Arthur (American president)
Christian Follower of Christ English Christian Pulisic (American soccer player)
Christopher Christ-bearer Greek Christopher Reeve (American actor)
Churchill Church hill English Winston Churchill (British politician)
Clarence Bright, clear English Clarence Thomas (American judge)
Clark Scholar, cleric English Clark Gable (American actor)
Clayton Town built on clay English Clayton Kershaw (American baseball player)
Cliff Dweller by the cliff English Cliff Lee (American baseball player)
Clifford Dweller by the ford near the cliff English Clifford Brown (American jazz musician)
Clinton Settlement on the hill English Bill Clinton (American president)
Clyde River Clyde Scottish Clyde Drexler (American basketball player)
Cohen Priest Hebrew Leonard Cohen (Canadian musician)
Colby From the dark village English Colby Covington (American mixed martial artist)
Cole Swarthy, coal-black English Cole Sprouse (American actor)
Colin Victory of the people Irish Colin Firth (British actor)
Collins Descendant of Cuilein Irish Judy Collins (American singer)
Colson Son of Nicholas English Colson Whitehead (American author)
Colt Young horse English Colt McCoy (American football player)
Colton From the coal town English Colton Underwood (American television personality)
Conner Hound lover Irish Conner Frankamp (American basketball player)
Connor Hound lover Irish Connor McDavid (Canadian ice hockey player)
Conrad Brave counsel German Conrad Hilton (American businessman)
Constantine Constant Latin Constantine the Great (Roman emperor)
Cooper Barrel maker English Cooper Kupp (American football player)
Corbin Raven-haired English Corbin Bleu (American actor)
Corey Dweller in or near a hollow Irish Corey Haim (Canadian actor)
Cormac Charioteer Irish Cormac McCarthy (American author)
Cortez Courteous Spanish Hernán Cortés (Spanish conquistador)
Cory Dweller in or near a hollow Irish Cory Monteith (Canadian actor)
Craig From the crag Scottish Craig Ferguson (Scottish-American comedian)
Crawford Crow ford English Cindy Crawford (American model)
Cruz Cross Spanish Penélope Cruz (Spanish actress)
Curtis Courteous English Curtis Jackson (American rapper)
Cyrus Sun Persian Miley Cyrus (American singer)
Dale Valley English Dale Earnhardt Jr. (American race car driver)
Dallas Valley of water Scottish Dallas Green (Canadian musician)
Dalton From the valley town English Dalton Trumbo (American author)
Damon To tame Greek Damon Albarn (British musician)
Dan God is my judge Hebrew Dan Aykroyd (Canadian actor)
Daniel God is my judge Hebrew Daniel Radcliffe (British actor)
Darian Upholder of the good English Darian Durant (American football player)
Darnell Hidden spot near the alders English Darnell Nurse (Canadian ice hockey player)
Darrin Great English Darrin Pfeiffer (Canadian musician)
Darryl Darling English Darryl Strawberry (American baseball player)
Darwin Dear friend English Charles Darwin (British naturalist)
Dash From the ash tree English Dash Mihok (American actor)
Dathan Belonging to a fountain Hebrew not found
Daunte Enduring American Daunte Culpepper (American football player)
Dave Beloved Hebrew Dave Grohl (American musician)
David Beloved Hebrew David Beckham (English soccer player)
Davion Beloved American Davion Mitchell (American basketball player)
Dawson Son of David English Dawson Leery (character in the TV show "Dawson's Creek")
Dayton Bright and sunny town English Dayton Moore (American baseball executive)
Deacon Servant English Deacon Jones (American football player)
Dean Valley English James Dean (American actor)
Deangelo Of the angels American DeAngelo Williams (American football player)
Deion God of wine and celebration American Deion Sanders (American football player)
Delano Of the night American Franklin D. Roosevelt (American president)
Delbert Bright like daylight English Delbert McClinton (American musician)
Demarcus Dedicated to Mars American DeMarcus Ware (American football player)
Demetrius Earth-lover Greek Demetrius Andrade (American boxer)
Denis From Dionysos, the god of wine French Denis Shapovalov (Canadian tennis player)
Denzel Place-name of Cornwall American Denzel Washington (American actor)
Deon God of wine and celebration American Deon Richmond (American actor)
Derek Ruler of the people English Derek Jeter (American baseball player)
Derick Ruler of the people English Derick Brassard (Canadian ice hockey player)
Derrin Great English -
Derrick Ruler of the people English Derrick Rose (American basketball player)
Desmond Gracious defender Irish Desmond Tutu (South African cleric)
Devan Poet Irish Devan Dubnyk (Canadian ice hockey player)
Devin Poet Irish Devin Booker (American basketball player)
Devon Defender English Devon Sawa (Canadian actor)
Dexter Skilled English Dexter Gordon (American jazz saxophonist)
Diago Sower Spanish not found
Diego Supplanter Spanish Diego Maradona (Argentinian soccer player)
Dillion Faithful English Dillion Harper (American pornographic actress)
Dion Earth-lover Greek Dion Dawkins (American football player)
Dirk Ruler of the people German Dirk Nowitzki (German basketball player)
Dixon Richard's son English Dixon Halliday (character in the TV show "The O.C.")
Dominic Belonging to the lord Latin Dominic West (British actor)
Dominick Belonging to the lord Latin Dominick Cruz (American mixed martial artist)
Don World ruler English Don Draper (character in the TV show "Mad Men")
Donald World ruler Scottish Donald Glover (American actor)
Donovan Dark warrior Irish Donovan Mitchell (American basketball player)
Donte Enduring American Donte Moncrief (American football player)
Dorian From the sea Greek Dorian Gray (character in the novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray")
Doug Dark water Scottish Doug Baldwin (American football player)
Douglas Black water Scottish Douglas Booth (British actor)
Drake Dragon English Drake (Canadian rapper)
Duane Dark English Duane Johnson (American football player)
Dumar Blossom Arabic not found
Dwight Blonde English Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th US President)
Dylan Son of the sea Welsh Dylan O'Brien (American actor)
Earl Nobleman English Earl Campbell (American football player)
Earnest Serious English Earnest Byner (American football player)
Easton East-facing place English Easton Corbin (American country singer)
Ebenezer Stone of help Hebrew Ebenezer Scrooge (character in the novel "A Christmas Carol")
Eden Place of pleasure Hebrew Eden Hazard (Belgian soccer player)
Edgar Rich spear English Edgar Allan Poe (American writer)
Edmond Prosperous protector English Edmond Halley (English astronomer)
Edmund Prosperous protector English Edmund Hillary (New Zealand mountaineer)
Edward Wealthy guardian English Edward Norton (American actor)
Edwin Prosperous friend English Edwin van der Sar (Dutch soccer player)
Egbert Bright edge English not found
Ehan Full moon Arabic not found
Eithan Firm, enduring Hebrew not found
Elan Tree Hebrew not found
Elijah Yahweh is God Hebrew Elijah Wood (American actor)
Elton From the old town English Elton John (British musician)
Emery Home ruler German Emery Moorehead (American football player)
Emil Rival German Emil Jannings (German actor)
Emilio To strive or excel or rival Spanish Emilio Estevez (American actor)
Emmanuel God is with us Hebrew Emmanuel Macron (President of France)
Emrys Immortal Welsh not found
Enzo Ruler of the estate Italian Enzo Ferrari (Italian car manufacturer)
Ephraim Fruitful Hebrew not found
Eric Ruler or forever or alone Scandinavian Eric Clapton (British musician)
Erick Ruler or forever or alone Scandinavian Erick Aybar (Dominican baseball player)
Ernest Serious English Ernest Hemingway (American writer)
Errol To wander English Errol Flynn (Australian actor)
Ethan Firm, enduring Hebrew Ethan Hawke (American actor)
Etienne Crown or garland French Etienne Wenger (Swiss education theorist)
Euan Born of the yew tree Scottish Euan Blair (British lawyer)
Eugene Well-born or noble Greek Eugene Levy (Canadian actor)
Evan Youthful warrior Welsh Evan Peters (American actor)
Fabian Bean grower Latin Fabian Delph (English soccer player)
Felix Happy or fortunate Latin Felix Hernandez (Venezuelan baseball player)
Ferguson Son of Fergus Scottish Alex Ferguson (Scottish soccer coach)
Finlay Fair-haired hero Scottish Finlay MacMillan (Scottish actor)
Fitzroy Son of the king English not found
Floyd Grey-haired Welsh Floyd Mayweather Jr. (American boxer)
Ford River crossing English Harrison Ford (American actor)
Forrest Woodsman English Forrest Gump (fictional character in the novel and film of the same name)
Foster Forest worker English Jodie Foster (American actress)
Francis Free Latin Francis Ford Coppola (American film director)
Franklin Free landowner English Benjamin Franklin (American statesman)
Fraser Strawberry Scottish Brendan Fraser (Canadian-American actor)
Fred Peaceful ruler German Fred Astaire (American dancer)
Freddie Peaceful ruler English Freddie Mercury (British musician)
Gabriel God is my strength Hebrew Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombian writer)
Gael A Gaelic speaker French Gael García Bernal (Mexican actor)
Galen Calm Greek Galen Rupp (American distance runner)
Gareth Gentle or modest Welsh Gareth Bale (Welsh soccer player)
Gary Spearman English Gary Oldman (British actor)
Gavin White hawk Welsh Gavin Newsom (Governor of California)
Gene Well-born or noble Greek Gene Kelly (American dancer)
Geoffrey God's peace English Geoffrey Chaucer (English writer)
George Farmer or earthworker Greek George Washington (1st US President)
Gerald Ruling with spear German Gerald Ford (38th US President)
Gerard Brave with a spear German Gerard Butler (Scottish actor)
Gibson Gilbert's son English Gibson Robinson (Bahamian basketball player
Gilbert Bright promise German Gilbert Gottfried (American comedian)
Giovanni God is gracious Italian Giovanni Ribisi (American actor)
Glen Valley Scottish Glen Campbell (American singer)
Godfrey God's peace German Godfrey Gao (Taiwanese-Canadian actor)
Gordon Great hill Scottish Gordon Ramsay (British chef)
Graeme Gravelly homestead Scottish Graeme Souness (Scottish soccer player)
Graham Gravelly homestead English Graham Norton (Irish talk show host)
Grant Great or tall Scottish Ulysses S. Grant (18th US President)
Grayson Son of the steward English Grayson Dolan (American internet personality)
Gregory Watchful or alert Greek Gregory Peck (American actor)
Griffin Strong lord Welsh Griffin Gluck (American actor)
Grover Grove of trees English Grover Cleveland (22nd and 24th US President)
Guido Guide Italian Guido van Rossum (Dutch programmer)
Guy Guide or leader French Guy Pearce (Australian actor)
Hamilton Beautiful mountain or hill Scottish Alexander Hamilton (Founding Father of the US)
Hansel God is gracious German Hansel and Gretel (fictional characters from the fairy tale)
Harley Hare clearing English Harley Quinn (fictional character in the DC Comics universe)
Harold Army ruler Scandinavian Harold Ramis (American actor and director)
Harrison Son of Harry English Harrison Ford (American actor)
Harvey Army warrior French Harvey Milk (American politician and activist)
Hayden Heathen English Hayden Christensen (Canadian actor)
Heath Heathland dweller English Heath Ledger (Australian actor)
Hector Holding fast or steadfast Greek Hector Elizondo (American actor)
Henry Ruler of the household German Henry VIII (King of England)
Herbert Bright army German Herbert Hoover (31st US President)
Herman Army man German Herman Melville (American writer)
Holden Hollow in the valley English Holden Caulfield (fictional character in "The Catcher in the Rye")
Horace Timekeeper or keeper of hours Latin Horace Mann (American educator)
Horatio Hour or time Latin Horatio Nelson (British naval commander)
Howard Brave heart or guardian English Howard Hughes (American businessman and aviator)
Hubert Bright mind or intelligent German Hubert Humphrey (38th US Vice President)
Hudson Son of Hugh English Hudson Taylor (British missionary)
Hugh Bright in mind and spirit German Hugh Jackman (Australian actor)
Hunter Hunter or one who hunts English Hunter Hayes (American singer)
Ian Gift from God Scottish Ian McKellen (British actor)
Ignatius Fiery one Latin Ignatius of Loyola (founder of the Jesuits)
Ike Laughter or he will laugh Hebrew Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th US President)
Immanuel God is with us Hebrew Immanuel Kant (German philosopher)
Indigo Deep blue color English Indigo Girls (American folk rock duo)
Ira Watchful one Hebrew Ira Gershwin (American lyricist)
Isaiah God is salvation Hebrew Isaiah Thomas (American basketball player)
Ishmael God will hear Hebrew Ishmael (character in "Moby Dick")
Ivan God is gracious Russian Ivan the Terrible (Tsar of Russia)
Jabari Brave one or fearless Swahili Jabari Parker (American basketball player)
Jack God is gracious English Jack Nicholson (American actor)
Jackson Son of Jack English Michael Jackson (American singer)
Jacob Supplanter or held by the heel Hebrew Jacob Black (fictional character in the "Twilight" series)
Jaden God has heard Hebrew Jaden Smith (American actor and rapper)
Jadon God has heard Hebrew Jadon Sancho (English soccer player)
Jagger Carter or peddler English Mick Jagger (British musician)
Jahiem God will establish Hebrew Jahiem Hutsell-Brown (American football player)
Jaiden God has heard American Jaiden Animations (American YouTuber)
Jamar Handsome or handsome friend American Jamar Taylor (American football player)
James Supplanter or held by the heel English James Franco (American actor)
Jamie Supplanter or held by the heel English Jamie Foxx (American actor and singer)
Jamison Son of James Scottish Jamison Crowder (American football player)
Jancarlos God is gracious Spanish Jancarlos de Oliveira Barros (Brazilian soccer player)
Japheth Enlarged or may he expand Hebrew Japh
Jaquez Supplanter or held by the heel Spanish Jaquez Sloan (American football player)
Jared He who descends or ruling Hebrew Jared Leto (American actor and musician)
Jaron He will sing or shout for joy Hebrew Jaron Blossomgame (American basketball player)
Jason Healer or to heal Greek Jason Momoa (American actor)
Javion Variant of Xavier, meaning new house or bright American Javion Ogunyemi (American basketball player)
Jax Son of Jack American Jax Teller (fictional character in "Sons of Anarchy")
Jaxon Son of Jack American Jaxon Buell (American child born with a rare brain malformation)
Jay Jay bird or to rejoice English Jay-Z (American rapper)
Jayce Combination of Jay and Ace American Jayce Tingler (American baseball coach)
Jayden God has heard American Jayden Smith (American actor and rapper)
Jaylen Variant of Jaylon, meaning to heal American Jaylen Brown (American basketball player)
Jayson Son of Jay English Jayson Tatum (American basketball player)
Jedidiah Beloved of God Hebrew Jedidiah Goodacre (Canadian actor)
Jeff God's peace or peace of God English Jeff Bridges (American actor)
Jefferson Son of Jeffrey English Thomas Jefferson (3rd US President)
Jeffrey God's peace or peace of God English Jeffrey Dean Morgan (American actor)
Jenson Son of Jens Scandinavian Jenson Button (British racing driver)
Jeremiah God will exalt or God will uplift Hebrew Jeremiah Wright (American pastor)
Jeremy God will exalt or God will uplift Hebrew Jeremy Renner (American actor)
Jermaine Brotherly or from Germany French Jermaine Jackson (American musician)
Jerome Sacred name or holy name Greek Jerome Bettis (American football player)
Jerry Ruler of the spear or spear strength English Jerry Seinfeld (American comedian)
Jesse Gift or God's gracious gift Hebrew Jesse Eisenberg (American actor)
Jesus God saves Spanish Jesus Christ (central figure of Christianity)
Jett Black gemstone or black jet English Jett Travolta (son of actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston)
Jevon Gift from God Welsh Jevon Kearse (American football player)
Jim Diminutive of James, meaning supplanter or held by the heel English Jim Carrey (Canadian-American actor and comedian)
Jimmy Diminutive of James, meaning supplanter or held by the heel English Jimmy Fallon (American comedian and talk show host)
Joaquin God will judge Spanish Joaquin Phoenix (American actor)
Jocelyn Joyous or cheerful French Jocelyn Bell Burnell (British astrophysicist)
Joel Yahweh is God Hebrew Joel Embiid (Cameroonian basketball player)
Johan God is gracious or God's gracious gift Scandinavian Johan Cruyff (Dutch football player and coach)
John God is gracious or Yahweh is gracious Hebrew John F. Kennedy (35th US President)
Johnny Diminutive of John, meaning God is gracious English Johnny Depp (American actor)
Jon Short form of Jonathan, meaning Yahweh has given English Jon Hamm (American actor)
Jonas Dove or peaceful being Hebrew Jonas Salk (American medical researcher)
Jonathan Yahweh has given or God has given Hebrew Jonathan Groff (American actor and singer)
Jordan Descending or flowing down Hebrew Michael Jordan (American basketball player)
Jorden Variant of Jordan, meaning descending or flowing down English Jorden van Foreest (Dutch chess player)
Jordy Variant of Jordan, meaning descending or flowing down Hebrew Jordy Nelson (American football player)
Jorge Farmer or tiller of the soil Spanish Jorge Luis Borges (Argentine writer)
Jose God will increase Spanish Jose Mourinho (Portuguese football manager)
Joseph God will increase Hebrew Joseph Gordon-Levitt (American actor)
Josh Short form of Joshua, meaning God is my salvation English Josh Hutcherson (American actor)
Joshua God is my salvation or Yahweh is salvation Hebrew Joshua Jackson (Canadian-American actor)
Josiah God will save or Yahweh has saved Hebrew Josiah Henson (African-American abolitionist)
Joss Diminutive of Jocelyn, meaning joyous or cheerful English Joss Whedon (American director and screenwriter)
Jovan God is gracious or Yahweh is gracious Serbian Jovan Belcher (American football player)
Juan God is gracious or Yahweh is gracious Spanish Juan Mata (Spanish footballer)
Jude Praised or thanks be to God English Jude Law (English actor)
Julian Youthful or downy-bearded English Julian Assange
Julius Youthful or downy-bearded Latin Julius Caesar (Roman dictator and general)
Junior A younger son or someone with the same name as their father English Junior Bridgeman (American basketball player)
Justin Just or righteous Latin Justin Timberlake (American singer and actor)
Kadeem Servant or companion Arabic Kadeem Hardison (American actor)
Kai Sea or ocean Hawaiian Kai Greene (American bodybuilder)
Kaleb Dog or faithful Hebrew Kaleb McGary (American football player)
Kamari Moonlight or full moon Swahili Kamari Murphy (American basketball player)
Kameron Crooked nose Scottish Kameron Chatman (American basketball player)
Kane Warrior or battler Irish Kane Williamson (New Zealand cricketer)
Kanye Only one or unique African Kanye West (American rapper and producer)
Kareem Generous or noble Arabic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (American basketball player)
Kasey Variant of Casey, meaning brave or vigilant English Kasey Kahne (American NASCAR driver)
Kason Variant of Jason, meaning healer English Kason Gabbard (American baseball player)
Kayden Combination of the names Kay and Aiden American Kayden Kross (American pornographic actress)
Kayson Variant of Jason, meaning healer American Kayson Fritzsche (American football player)
Keaton Where hawks fly English Keaton Jennings (English cricketer)
Kedrick Gift of splendor or prosperity English Kedrick Brown (American basketball player)
Keegan Descendant of Aodhagan or small and fiery Irish Keegan-Michael Key (American actor and comedian)
Keenan Ancient or distant Irish Keenan Allen (American football player)
Keith Forest or woods Scottish Keith Richards (English musician)
Kelly Bright-headed or warlike Irish Kelly Slater (American surfer)
Kelvin From the river Kelvin or narrow water English Kelvin Gastelum (American mixed martial artist)
Ken Short form of Kenneth, meaning handsome or comely English Ken Jennings (American game show contestant)
Kendall Valley of the River Kent English Kendall Jenner (American model and television personality)
Kendrick Greatest champion or high summit Welsh Kendrick Lamar (American rapper)
Kenneth Handsome or comely Scottish Kenneth Branagh (Northern Irish actor and director)
Kenny Diminutive of Kenneth, meaning handsome or comely Scottish Kenny G (American
Kevin Gentle or kind Irish Kevin Hart (American comedian and actor)
Khari Kingly or like a king African Khari Willis (American football player)
Khalil Friend or companion Arabic Khalil Mack (American football player)
Kian Ancient or enduring Irish Kian Lawley (American YouTuber and actor)
Kieran Little dark one or black-haired Irish Kieran Gibbs (English footballer)
Kingston From the king's village or town English Kingston Rossdale (son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale)
Koby Supplanter or held by the heel Hebrew Koby Altman (American basketball executive)
Kobe Tortoise or tortoise shell African Kobe Bryant (American basketball player)
Kofi Born on Friday Akan Kofi Annan (former Secretary-General of the United Nations)
Kolby Variant of Colby, meaning dark or coal village English Kolby Allard (American baseball player)
Korey Hollow or cauldron English Korey Stringer (American football player)
Kourtney Variant of Courtney, meaning domain of Curtius English Kourtney Kardashian (American television personality)
Kristopher Carrier of Christ or anointed Greek Kristopher Letang (Canadian ice hockey player)
Kurt Courteous or brave German Kurt Cobain (American musician)
Kyle Narrow or strait Scottish Kyle Lowry (American basketball player)
Kyler Bowman or archer Dutch Kyler Murray (American football and baseball player)
Kyrie Lord or God Greek Kyrie Irving (American basketball player)
Landon From the long hill or ridge English Landon Donovan (American soccer player)
Langston From the long town or ridge English Langston Hughes (American poet and writer)
Larry Laurel tree or crowned with laurels English Larry Bird (American basketball player)
LaRon Variant of Aaron, meaning mountain of strength American LaRon Landry (American football player)
LaShawn Combination of the prefix La- and Shawn American LaShawn Merritt (American track and field athlete)
LaVell Variant of Lavalle, meaning valley American LaVell Edwards (American football coach)
LaVonte Variant of Lavon, meaning yew tree American LaVonte David (American football player)
Lawrence Laurel-crowned or from Laurentum Latin Lawrence Taylor (American football player)
Lawson Son of Lawrence or from the town of Law English Lawson Bates (American musician)
Layton From the town of Lea or meadow English Layton Williams (English actor and singer)
Lee Clearing or meadow English Lee Harvey Oswald (assassin of President John F. Kennedy)
Leighton From the town by the meadow or clearing English Leighton Meester (American actress and singer)
Lenny Brave lion or lion-bold English Lenny Kravitz (American musician and actor)
Leo Lion or brave people Latin Leo Messi (Argentinian football player)
Leonard Brave as a lion or strong as a lion German Leonard Cohen (Canadian singer-songwriter and poet)
Leroy The king or the ruler French Leroy Sane (German football player)
Levi Joined or attached Hebrew Levi Roots (British-Jamaican entrepreneur and musician)
Lewis Famous warrior or renowned fighter English Lewis Hamilton (British racing driver)
Liam Strong-willed warrior or protector Irish Liam Neeson (Irish actor)
Lincoln From the town by the pool or lake English Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States)
Lionel Young lion or lion-like Latin Lionel Messi (Argentinian football player)
Logan Small hollow or little cove Scottish Logan Paul (American YouTuber and actor)
London From the town on the River Thames English London Fletcher (American football player)
Lorenzo Laurel-crowned or from Laurentum Italian Lorenzo Lamas (American actor)
Louis Famous warrior or renowned fighter French Louis Armstrong (American jazz trumpeter and singer)
Lucas Bringer of light or illuminating Latin Lucas Moura (Brazilian football player)
Lucian Light or shining Latin Lucian Freud (British painter)
Luis Famous warrior or renowned fighter Spanish Luis Fonsi (Puerto Rican singer-songwriter)
Luke Bringer of light or illuminating Greek Luke Shaw (English football player)
Luther Famous warrior or renowned fighter German Martin Luther King Jr. (American civil rights activist)
Lyle Island or from the island English Lyle Alzado (American football player)
Lyndon From the lime tree hill or linden tree hill English Lyndon B. Johnson (36th President of the United States)
Mac Son of or from the son's place Scottish Mac Miller (American rapper)
Mackenzie Son of Kenneth or from the fair one's son Scottish Mackenzie Davis (Canadian actress)
Maddox Son of Madoc or fortunate or lucky Welsh Maddox Jolie-Pitt (son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)
Malik King or leader Arabic Malik Yoba (American actor)
Marcus Warlike or dedicated to Mars Latin Marcus Rashford (English football player)
Marley From the boundary wood or clearing English Bob Marley (Jamaican musician and activist)
Marlon Little falcon or hill by the sea English Marlon Brando (American actor)
Martin Of Mars or warlike Latin Martin Luther (German theologian and religious reformer)
Mason Worker in stone or brick English Mason Mount (English football player)
Matteo Gift of God or God's grace Italian Matteo Salvini (Italian politician)
Matthew Gift of God or God's gift Hebrew Matthew McConaughey (American actor)
Maurice Dark-skinned or moorish French Maurice Ravel (French composer)
Maverick Independent-minded or nonconformist American Maverick Carter (American businessman)
Max Greatest or the greatest Latin Max Verstappen (Dutch-Belgian racing driver)
Maximilian Greatest or the greatest Latin Maximilian Schell (Austrian actor and director)
Maxwell From Mack's stream or great stream English Maxwell Caulfield (British-American actor)
Mehki Who is like God? African Mehki Raine (American actor)
Melvin Council or friend of a council English Melvin Van Peebles (American filmmaker)
Messiah Anointed one or savior Hebrew Messiah Marcolin (Italian singer)
Micah Who is like God? Hebrew Micah Richards (English football player)
Michael Who is like God? Hebrew Michael Jordan (American basketball player)
Miguel Who is like God? Spanish Miguel Cervantes (Spanish writer)
Miles Soldier or merciful English Miles Davis (American jazz musician)
Miller One who grinds grain or mill worker English Miller Huggins (American baseball player and manager)
Milo Soldier or merciful Greek Milo Ventimiglia (American actor)
Mitchell Who is like God? English Mitchell Trubisky (American football player)
Mohamed Praised or praiseworthy Arabic Mohamed Salah (Egyptian football player)
Moses Drawn out of the water or saved from the water Hebrew Moses Malone (American basketball player)
Muhammad Praised or praiseworthy Arabic Muhammad Ali (American boxer and activist)
Murphy Sea warrior or sea battler Irish Murphy Jensen (American tennis player)
Nash Dweller at the ash tree English Nash Grier
Nathaniel God has given or gift of God Hebrew Nathaniel Hawthorne (American writer)
Neil Champion or cloud Irish Neil Armstrong (American astronaut)
Nesta Pure or holy Welsh Nesta Carter (Jamaican sprinter)
Nicholas Victory of the people Greek Nicholas Cage (American actor)
Noah Rest or comfort Hebrew Noah Centineo (American actor)
Norman From the north or northman Germanic Norman Reedus (American actor)
O'Neil Descendant of Niall or champion Irish Shaquille O'Neal (American basketball player)
Odane Born on Monday African Odane Pitter (Jamaican football player)
Odell Wealthy or rich English Odell Beckham Jr. (American football player)
Omar Long-lived or flourishing Arabic Omar Sy (French actor)
Oniel Descendant of Niall or champion Irish Oniel Fisher (Jamaican football player)
Orane Born during the rainy season African Orane McLeod (Jamaican football player)
Orville Gold town or golden city French Orville Wright (American aviation pioneer)
Osbourne God's bear or divine warrior English Osbourne Bailey (Jamaican football player)
Oshane God is gracious African Oshane Ximines (American football player)
Otis Wealthy or rich Germanic Otis Redding (American singer-songwriter)
Owen Youthful warrior or well-born Welsh Owen Wilson (American actor)
Pablo Small or humble Spanish Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist)
Patrick Nobleman or patrician Latin Patrick Stewart (British actor)
Paul Small or humble Latin Paul McCartney (British musician)
Peter Rock or stone Greek Peter Jackson (New Zealand filmmaker)
Philip Lover of horses or friend of horses Greek Philip Seymour Hoffman (American actor)
Phoenix Dark red or mythical bird Greek Phoenix Suns (American basketball team)
Prince Royal son or nobleman English Prince (American musician)
Quincy Fifth or born fifth French Quincy Jones (American musician and producer)
Rafe Counsellor or wolf counsel English Rafe Spall (British actor)
Rahiem Compassionate or merciful Arabic Rahiem Taylor (Jamaican football player)
Raheem Compassionate or merciful Arabic Raheem Sterling (English football player)
Ramone Wise protector or counsel Spanish Ram
Ramon Wise protector or counsel Spanish Ramon Rodriguez (Puerto Rican actor)
Rasheed Wise or righteous Arabic Rasheed Wallace (American basketball player)
Ray Counsel or protector English Ray Charles (American musician)
Raymond Wise protector or counsel Germanic Raymond Chandler (American writer)
Reagan Little ruler or impulsive Irish Ronald Reagan (American politician and actor)
Reuben Behold, a son or see, a son Hebrew Reuben Fine (American chess player)
Ricardo Brave ruler or strong ruler Spanish Ricardo Montalban (Mexican actor)
Richard Brave ruler or strong ruler Germanic Richard Branson (British entrepreneur)
Rikardo Brave ruler or strong ruler Spanish Rikardo Reid (Jamaican football player)
Robert Bright fame or famous brilliance Germanic Robert De Niro (American actor)
Rodrick Famous ruler or renowned ruler Germanic Rodrick Stewart (Jamaican football player)
Roger Famous spear or renowned spearman Germanic Roger Federer (Swiss tennis player)
Rohan Ascending or growing Sanskrit Rohan Marley (Jamaican entrepreneur)
Roland Famous land or renowned land Germanic Roland Barthes (French philosopher)
Roman Citizen of Rome or from Rome Latin Roman Polanski (Polish-French filmmaker)
Ronaldo Advice ruler or wise ruler Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese football player)
Ronan Little seal or pledge Irish Ronan Keating (Irish singer-songwriter)
Roosevelt Field of roses or rose field Dutch Franklin D. Roosevelt (American politician)
Rory Red king or red ruler Irish Rory McIlroy (Northern Irish golfer)
Ross Headland or promontory Scottish Ross Kemp (British actor)
Rowan Little red one or red-haired Irish Rowan Atkinson (British actor)
Roy Red or red-haired Scottish Roy Keane (Irish football player and coach)
Rudolph Famous wolf or renowned wolf Germanic Rudolph Valentino (Italian actor)
Rupert Bright fame or famous brilliance Germanic Rupert Grint (British actor)
Russell Little red or red-haired French Russell Crowe (New Zealand actor)
Ryan Little king or little ruler Irish Ryan Reynolds (Canadian actor)
Saint Holy or saintly English Saint West (American celebrity child)
Sam Heard by God or his name is God Hebrew Sam Smith (British singer-songwriter)
Samuel Heard by God or his name is God Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson (American actor)
Sanjay Victorious or triumphant Sanskrit Sanjay Gupta (American physician and journalist)
Santana Holy or saintly Spanish Carlos Santana (Mexican-American musician)
Santiago Saint James or Saint Jacob Spanish Santiago Cabrera (Chilean actor)
Saul Asked for or prayed for Hebrew Saul Bellow (Canadian-American writer)
Sean God is gracious Irish Sean Connery (Scottish actor)
Sebastian Venerable or revered Greek Sebastian Stan (Romanian-American actor)
Selassie Holy trinity or Trinity of God Ethiopian Haile Selassie (Ethiopian Emperor)
Shaquille Handsome or well-formed Arabic Shaquille O'Neal (American basketball player)
Shawn God is gracious Irish Shawn Mendes (Canadian singer-songwriter)
Sheldon Steep valley or hill on a ledge English Sheldon Cooper (fictional character from The Big Bang Theory)
Shemar Beloved friend or dear one American Shemar Moore (American actor)
Sherman Shear man or wool shearer English Sherman Hemsley (American actor)
Sidney Wide island or Saint Denis English Sidney Poitier (Bahamian-American actor)
Silas From the forest or wood Latin Silas Marner (fictional character from the novel of the same name)
Simon To hear or listen Hebrew Simon Cowell (British television producer and personality)
Sincere Honest or genuine English Sincere Smith (American football player)
Sir Honorific title used for knights or baronets English Sir Ian McKellen (British actor)
Solomon Peaceful or peaceable Hebrew Solomon Northup (American abolitionist and author)
Spencer Keeper of provisions or dispenser of goods English Spencer Tracy (American actor)
Stacey Resurrection or rising again English Stacey Abrams (American politician and author)
Stanley Stony clearing or stony meadow English Stanley Kubrick (American filmmaker)
Stefan Crown or wreath Slavic Stefan Edberg (Swedish tennis player)
Stephen Crown or wreath Greek Stephen Hawking (British physicist and author)
Sterling Little star or starling bird English Sterling K. Brown (American actor)
Steve Crown or wreath English Steve Jobs (American entrepreneur and inventor)
Steven Crown or wreath Greek Steven Spielberg (American filmmaker)
Stuart Steward or guardian Scottish Stuart Little (fictional character from the children's book of the same name)
Sullivan Dark-eyed one or little dark one Irish Sullivan Stapleton (Australian actor)
Sylvester Of the woods or forest Latin Sylvester Stallone (American actor)
Taj Crown or jewel Sanskrit Taj Mahal (mausoleum located in Agra, India)
Tariq Morning star or night visitor Arabic Tariq Ramadan (Swiss Muslim scholar and philosopher)
Taylor Cutter of cloth or tailor English Taylor Swift (American singer-songwriter)
Terrence Smooth or polished Latin Terrence Howard (American actor)
Terry Ruler of the people or powerful ruler English Terry Bradshaw (American football player and television personality)
Thaddeus Heart or gift of God Aramaic Thaddeus Young (American basketball player)
Theo God or divine gift Greek Theo James (British actor)
Theodore God or divine gift Greek Theodore Roosevelt (26th President of the United States)
Thomas Twin or equal Aramaic Thomas Edison (American inventor)
Timothy Honoring God or to honor God Greek Timothy Leary (American psychologist and writer)
Titus Of the giants or giant Latin Titus Andronicus (fictional character from the play of the same name)
Tobias God is good or Yahweh is good Hebrew Tobias Harris (American basketball player)
Todd Fox or cunning English Todd Gurley (American football player)
Tom Twin or equal English Tom Cruise (American actor)
Tony Priceless or highly praiseworthy English Tony Robbins (American author and motivational speaker)
Torrance From the mound or hill Scottish Torrance Coombs (Canadian actor)
Tracey Brave or courageous English Tracey Emin (British artist)
Travis To cross over or traverse French Travis Scott (American rapper and singer)
Trenton From the town by the river Trent English Trenton Cannon (American football player)
Trevor Large settlement or homestead Welsh Trevor Noah (South African comedian and television host)
Troy Foot soldier or footman Greek Troy Aikman (American football player)
Truman Loyal or faithful man English Harry S. Truman (33rd President of the United States)
Tucker Upholder of justice or cloth softener English Tucker Carlson (American political commentator)
Tyler Maker or seller of tiles or bricklayers English Tyler Perry (American actor and filmmaker)

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