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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive KOREAN boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of KOREAN boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of KOREAN Boy names

Minho "brave and heroic" Korean Lee Minho (actor)
Junho "talented and capable" Korean Junho (singer)
Jaehyun "shining brightly" Korean Jung Jaehyun (singer)
Seung-hwan "winning glory" Korean Choi Seung-hwan (baseball player)
Joon "talented and handsome" Korean Kim Joon (actor)
Hyun "wise and virtuous" Korean Kim Hyun-joong (singer)
Young-min "eternally bright" Korean Ahn Young-min (singer)
Min-ki "clever and quick-witted" Korean Lee Min-ki (actor)
Jin-woo "precious and majestic" Korean Kim Jin-woo (singer)
Ki-tae "pure and virtuous" Korean Park Ki-tae (actor)
Chang-min "prosperous and clever" Korean Shim Chang-min (singer)
Kyung-soo "honorable and firm" Korean Do Kyung-soo (singer)
Woo-jin "praiseworthy and precious" Korean Lee Woo-jin (singer)
Min-joon "intelligent and handsome" Korean Kim Min-joon (actor)
Tae-hyun "great and powerful" Korean Kang Tae-hyun (singer)
Dong-hyun "eastern brightness" Korean Jung Dong-hyun (singer)
Joon-ho "talented and majestic" Korean Bong Joon-ho (director)
Sun-woo "pure and excellent" Korean Yoo Sun-woo (actor)
Seung-woo "winning and precious" Korean Park Seung-woo (actor)
Hyun-joon "wise and talented" Korean Kim Hyun-joong (singer)
Dong-wook "eastern shining" Korean Lee Dong-wook (actor)
Joon-hyung "talented and honorable" Korean Yoon Joon-hyung (singer)
Young-jae "forever prosperous" Korean Choi Young-jae (singer)
Min-seok "precious and rare" Korean Kim Min-seok (actor)
Jun-seo "talented and auspicious" Korean Lee Jun-seo (singer)
Tae-woo "great and majestic" Korean Kim Tae-woo (singer)
Kyung-hoon "honorable and wise" Korean Lee Kyung-hoon (actor)
Joon-woo "talented and precious" Korean Kim Joon-woo (singer)
Ji-hoon "knowing and wise" Korean Lee Ji-hoon (singer)
Young-ho "forever prospering" Korean Kim Young-ho (actor)
Sang-hyun "honorable and virtuous" Korean Lee Sang-hyun (singer)
Min-woo "intelligent and handsome" Korean Park Min-woo (actor)
Seok-jin "precious and wise" Korean Kim Seok-jin (singer)
Jae-ho "shining and majestic" Korean Lee Jae-ho (singer)
Hyun-seok "wise and rare" Korean Lee Hyun-seok (actor)
Tae-hyung "great and bright" Korean Kim Tae-hyung (singer)
Min-hyuk "intelligent and radiant" Korean Lee Min-hyuk (singer)
Hyun-woo "wise and precious" Korean Kim Hyun-woo (singer)
Jin-ho "precious and bright" Korean Park Jin-ho (singer)
Seung-jun "winning and handsome" Korean Yoo Seung-jun (singer)
Seok-hyun "precious and virtuous" Korean Jung Seok-hyun (singer)
Dong-jin "eastern gem" Korean Cho Dong-jin (singer)
Min-sung "intelligent and successful" Korean Kim Min-sung (singer)
Jae-suk "shining and pure" Korean Park Jae-suk (comedian)
Hyun-sik "wise and firm" Korean Lim Hyun-sik (singer)
Kyung-min "honorable and clever" Korean Song Kyung-min (actor)
Joon-ha "talented and graceful" Korean Kim Joon-ha (singer)
Ki-hoon "pure and wise" Korean Lee Ki-hoon (singer)
Min-gu "intelligent and strong" Korean Kim Min-gu (actor
Hyun-joon "wise and handsome" Korean Kim Hyun-joong (singer)
In-ho "kind and good" Korean Ji In-ho (actor)
Jae-wook "shining and great" Korean Kim Jae-wook (actor)
Min-jae "intelligent and talented" Korean Yoon Min-jae (singer)
Sung-hoon "success and intelligence" Korean Choi Sung-hoon (actor)
Seung-hyun "winning and virtuous" Korean Lee Seung-hyun (singer)
Woo-jin "precious and true" Korean Park Woo-jin (singer)
Seung-gi "winning and smart" Korean Lee Seung-gi (singer)
Jin-sung "precious and successful" Korean Hong Jin-sung (actor)
Kyung-soo "honorable and exceptional" Korean Do Kyung-soo (actor)
Jae-kyung "shining and glorious" Korean Nam Jae-kyung (actor)
Young-joon "forever talented" Korean Ahn Young-joon (actor)
Dong-hyun "eastern brightness" Korean Kim Dong-hyun (singer)
Kyung-jin "honorable and precious" Korean Kim Kyung-jin (actor)
Jun-ki "talented and powerful" Korean Lee Jun-ki (actor)
Min-ho "intelligent and brave" Korean Lee Min-ho (actor)
Ki-tae "pure and great" Korean Jung Ki-tae (actor)
Seung-woo "winning and prosperous" Korean Ahn Seung-woo (actor)
Woo-sung "precious and pure" Korean Lee Woo-sung (singer)
Min-ki "intelligent and energetic" Korean Lee Min-ki (actor)
Joo-hyuk "eminence and radiance" Korean Nam Joo-hyuk (actor)
Kyung-hwan "honorable and great" Korean Kim Kyung-hwan (actor)
Seok-ho "precious and majestic" Korean Lee Seok-ho (singer)
In-kyu "kind and powerful" Korean Kim In-kyu (singer)
Hyeon-woo "wise and precious" Korean Kim Hyeon-woo (singer)
Ki-hoon "humble and wise" Korean Park Ki-hoon (singer)
Tae-hyun "great and talented" Korean Nam Tae-hyun (singer)
Jin-ho "precious and handsome" Korean Lee Jin-ho (singer)
Seok-jin "precious and true" Korean Kim Seok-jin (singer)
Ki-young "humble and brave" Korean Yoon Ki-young (actor)
Hyun-min "wise and quick-witted" Korean Kim Hyun-min (singer)
Se-hun "refined and noble" Korean Oh Se-hun (singer)
Jae-hyun "shining and virtuous" Korean Jung Jae-hyun (singer)
Jin-woo "precious and intelligent" Korean Lee Jin-woo (singer)
Dong-wook "eastern shining" Korean Lee Dong-wook (actor)
Min-seok "intelligent and strong" Korean Kim Min-seok (actor)
Seung-hwan "winning and great" Korean Kang Seung-hwan (singer)
Ki-bum "humble and abundant" Korean Kim Ki-bum (singer)
Tae-jin "great and true" Korean Kim Tae-jin (singer)
Jin-hyuk "precious and radiant" Korean Kim Jin-hyuk (actor)
Seung-hoon "winning and brave" Korean Nam Seung-hoon (singer)
Jae-min "shining and clever" Korean Na Jae-min (singer)
Ji-hoon "wise and smart" Korean Park Ji-hoon (singer)
Tae-ho "great and majestic" Korean Lee Tae-ho (actor)
Min-woo "intelligent and brave" Korean Lee Min-woo (singer)
Hyun-woo "wise and majestic" Korean Kim Hyun-woo (singer)
Seok-hyeon "precious and virtuous" Korean Kim Seok-hyeon (singer)
Kyu-hyun "standard and virtuous" Korean Cho Kyu-hyun (singer)
Jae-woong "shining and mighty" Korean Cha Jae-woong (actor)
Tae-sung "great and successful" Korean Park Tae-sung (singer)
Min-ho "bright and handsome" Korean Lee Min-ho (actor)
Seung-woo "winning and noble" Korean Yoo Seung-woo (singer)
Jin-seok "precious and strong" Korean Kim Jin-seok (actor)
Ki-tae "humble and great" Korean Kim Ki-tae (actor)
Tae-yeon "great and kind" Korean Kim Tae-yeon (singer)
Seung-hyun "winning and intelligent" Korean Lee Seung-hyun (singer)
Jae-sung "shining and successful" Korean Park Jae-sung (singer)
Ji-hyuk "wise and radiant" Korean Kim Ji-hyuk (actor)
Min-gyu "intelligent and shining" Korean Kim Min-gyu (singer)
Hyun-sik "wise and strong" Korean Lim Hyun-sik (singer)
Seung-min "winning and clever" Korean Lee Seung-min (actor)
Jin-seong "precious and accomplished" Korean Lee Jin-seong (actor)
Dong-ha "eastern shining" Korean Kim Dong-ha (singer)
Tae-sik "great and wise" Korean Park Tae-sik (actor)
Min-hyuk "intelligent and radiant" Korean Lee Min-hyuk (singer)
Seok-woo "precious and majestic" Korean Jo Seok-woo (actor)
Ki-hwan "humble and generous" Korean Kim Ki-hwan (actor)
Tae-won "great and blessed" Korean Shin Tae-won (singer)
Jin-seo "precious and auspicious" Korean Shin Jin-seo (actor)
Seung-joon "winning and handsome" Korean Lee Seung-joon (actor)
Jae-young "shining and brave" Korean Lee Jae-young (singer)
Ji-hwan "wise and abundant" Korean Lee Ji-hwan (actor)
Min-jae "intelligent and talented" Korean Park Min-jae (actor)
Hyun-joon "wise and handsome" Korean Kim Hyun-joon (actor)
Seok-min "precious and clever" Korean Kim Seok-min (singer)

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