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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive MEXICAN boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of MEXICAN boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of MEXICAN Boy names

Adrian Dark One Latin Adrian Uribe (Mexican actor), Adrian Gonzalez (Mexican-American baseball player)
Alejandro Defender of Mankind Spanish Alejandro Fernández (Mexican singer), Alejandro Jodorowsky (Mexican-French filmmaker)
Alonso Noble and Ready Spanish Alonso de Ojeda (Spanish explorer), Alonso Escoboza (Mexican footballer)
Andres Manly Spanish Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Mexican politician), Andres Guardado (Mexican footballer)
Angel Messenger of God Spanish Angel Di Maria (Argentine soccer player), Angel Cruz (Mexican-American pornographic actor)
Antonio Priceless Spanish Antonio Banderas (Spanish actor), Antonio Vivaldi (Italian composer)
Armando Army Man Spanish Armando Manzanero (Mexican composer), Armando Huerta (Mexican-American pin-up artist)
Arturo Noble Bear Spanish Arturo Vidal (Chilean footballer), Arturo Sandoval (Cuban jazz trumpeter)
Aurelio Golden Latin Aurelio Martinez (Honduran musician), Aurelio Lopez (Mexican baseball player)
Benito Blessed Spanish Benito Juarez (Mexican president), Benito Mussolini (Italian dictator)
Bernardo Brave as a Bear Spanish Bernardo O'Higgins (Chilean independence leader), Bernardo Bertolucci (Italian filmmaker)
Carlos Free Man Spanish Carlos Slim Helu (Mexican business magnate), Carlos Santana (Mexican-American musician)
Cesar Hairy Spanish Cesar Chavez (Mexican-American civil rights activist), Cesar Millan (Mexican-American dog trainer)
Christian Follower of Christ Latin Christian Chavez (Mexican actor and singer), Christian Gimenez (Argentine-Mexican footballer)
Christopher Christ-bearer Greek Christopher Lee (British actor), Christopher Columbus (Italian explorer)
Damian Tame Greek Damian Alcazar (Mexican actor), Damian Lillard (American basketball player)
Daniel God is my Judge Hebrew Daniel Radcliffe (British actor), Daniel Cormier (American mixed martial artist)
Diego Supplanter Spanish Diego Rivera (Mexican painter), Diego Maradona (Argentine soccer player)
Edgar Wealthy Spearman English Edgar Allan Poe (American writer), Edgar Davids (Dutch soccer player)
Eduardo Wealthy Guardian Spanish Eduardo Nunez (Dominican baseball player), Eduardo Verastegui (Mexican actor)
Elias My God is Yahweh Greek Elias Koteas (Canadian actor), Elias Figueroa (Chilean soccer player)
Emmanuel God is with us Hebrew Emmanuel Macron (French president), Emmanuel Adebayor (Togolese soccer player)
Enrique Ruler of the House Spanish Enrique Iglesias (Spanish singer), Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexican president)
Ernesto Serious and Determined Spanish Ernesto Guevara (Argentine revolutionary), Ernesto Cortazar (Mexican composer)
Esteban Crowned with laurels Spanish Esteban Gutierrez (Mexican race car driver), Esteban Cambiasso (Argentine soccer player)
Fabian Bean Grower Latin Fabian Barthez (French soccer player), Fabian Delph (English soccer player)
Felipe Lover of Horses Spanish Felipe VI (Spanish king), Felipe Calderon (Mexican president)
Fernando Brave Traveler Spanish Fernando Torres (Spanish soccer player), Fernando Valenzuela (Mexican baseball player)
Francisco Free Man Spanish Francisco Villa (Mexican revolutionary), Francisco Liriano (Dominican baseball player)
Gabriel God is my Strength Hebrew Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombian writer), Gabriel Batistuta (Argentine soccer player)
Gerardo Brave with a Spear Spanish Gerardo Ortiz (Mexican singer), Gerardo Martino (Argentine soccer coach)
Gilberto Bright Pledge Spanish Gilberto Gil (Brazilian musician), Gilberto Silva (Brazilian soccer player)
Gonzalo Battle Genius Spanish Gonzalo Higuain (Argentine soccer player), Gonzalo Guerrero (Spanish conquistador)
Guillermo Resolute Protector Germanic Guillermo del Toro (Mexican filmmaker), Guillermo Ochoa (Mexican soccer player)
Hector Holding Fast Greek Hector Lavoe (Puerto Rican singer), Hector Bellerin (Spanish soccer player)
Hugo Mind, Spirit Germanic Hugo Sanchez (Mexican soccer player), Hugo Chávez (Venezuelan president)
Ignacio Fiery Spanish Ignacio Zaragoza (Mexican general), Ignacio Camacho (Spanish soccer player)
Isaac He will laugh Hebrew Isaac Newton (English physicist), Isaac Asimov (Russian-American writer)
Ismael God will hear Hebrew Ismael Sosa (Argentine soccer player), Ismael Cala (Cuban journalist)
Ivan God is gracious Slavic Ivan Rakitic (Croatian soccer player), Ivan Pavlov (Russian physiologist)
Jaime Supplanter Spanish Jaime Camil (Mexican actor), Jaime Lannister (fictional character in Game of Thrones)
Javier New House Spanish Javier Hernandez (Mexican soccer player), Javier Bardem (Spanish actor)
Jeronimo Sacred Name Greek Jeronimo de Aguilar (Spanish conquistador), Jeronimo Savonarola (Italian friar)
Jesus God is Salvation Hebrew Jesus Navas (Spanish soccer player), Jesus Corona (Mexican soccer player)
Joaquin God will judge Spanish Joaquin Phoenix (American actor), Joaquin Sorolla (Spanish painter)
Joel Yahweh is God Hebrew Joel Embiid (Cameroonian basketball player), Joel Gonzalez (Spanish taekwondo athlete)
Jonathan God has given Hebrew Jonathan Dos Santos (Mexican soccer player), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Irish actor)
Jorge Farmer Spanish Jorge Luis Borges (Argentine writer), Jorge Campos (Mexican soccer player)
Jose God will add Spanish Jose Maria Morelos (Mexican revolutionary), Jose Altuve (Venezuelan baseball player)
Josue God is salvation Hebrew Josue Yrion (Mexican pastor), Josue Martinez (Costa Rican soccer player)
Juan God is gracious Spanish Juan Gabriel (Mexican singer), Juan Cuadrado (Colombian soccer player)
Julian Youthful Latin Julian Casablancas (American singer), Julian Draxler (German soccer player
Julio Youthful Spanish Julio Cesar Chavez (Mexican boxer), Julio Iglesias (Spanish singer)
Leonardo Brave lion Italian Leonardo da Vinci (Italian artist), Leonardo DiCaprio (American actor)
Leandro Lion man Spanish Leandro Rios (Mexican singer), Leandro Bacuna (Dutch soccer player)
Liam Strong-willed warrior Irish Liam Hemsworth (Australian actor), Liam Neeson (Irish actor)
Lorenzo Laurel-crowned Italian Lorenzo de' Medici (Italian statesman), Lorenzo Cain (American baseball player)
Lucas Bringer of light Latin Lucas Moura (Brazilian soccer player), Lucas Vazquez (Spanish soccer player)
Luis Famous warrior Spanish Luis Fonsi (Puerto Rican singer), Luis Suarez (Uruguayan soccer player)
Manuel God is with us Spanish Manuel Neuer (German soccer player), Manuel Pellegrini (Chilean soccer manager)
Marco Warlike Italian Marco Antonio Solis (Mexican singer), Marco Asensio (Spanish soccer player)
Martin Of Mars Latin Martin Luther King Jr. (American civil rights leader), Martin Scorsese (American filmmaker)
Mateo Gift of God Hebrew Mateo Kovacic (Croatian soccer player), Mateo Musacchio (Argentine soccer player)
Mauricio Dark-skinned Latin Mauricio Pochettino (Argentine soccer manager), Mauricio Macri (former Argentine president)
Maximiliano Greatest Latin Maximiliano Hernandez (Honduran actor), Maximiliano Meza (Argentine soccer player)
Miguel Who is like God? Hebrew Miguel de Cervantes (Spanish writer), Miguel Angel Jimenez (Spanish golfer)
Nahuel Jaguar Mapuche Nahuel Guzman (Argentine soccer player), Nahuel Perez Biscayart (Argentine actor)
Nicolas Victory of the people Greek Nicolas Cage (American actor), Nicolas Anelka (French soccer player)
Omar Long-lived Arabic Omar Sharif (Egyptian actor), Omar Bravo (Mexican soccer player)
Pablo Small Latin Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist), Pablo Alboran (Spanish singer)
Patricio Nobleman Latin not found
Pedro Rock Spanish Pedro Infante (Mexican actor/singer), Pedro Almodovar (Spanish filmmaker)
Rafael God has healed Hebrew Rafael Nadal (Spanish tennis player), Rafael Marquez (Mexican soccer player)
Ramiro Wise protector Spanish Ramiro Funes Mori (Argentine soccer player), Ramiro Meneses (Colombian actor)
Ramon Wise protector Spanish Ramon Valdez (Mexican actor), Ramon Ayala (Mexican singer)
Ricardo Brave ruler Spanish Ricardo Arjona (Guatemalan singer), Ricardo Rodriguez (Swiss soccer player)
Roberto Bright fame Italian Roberto Baggio (Italian soccer player), Roberto Carlos (Brazilian soccer player)
Rodrigo Famous ruler Spanish Rodrigo Duterte (Filipino politician), Rodrigo de Paul (Argentine soccer player)
Ruben Behold, a son Hebrew Ruben Blades (Panamanian actor/singer), Ruben Loftus-Cheek (English soccer player)
Salvador Savior Spanish Salvador Dali (Spanish artist), Salvador Sobral (Portuguese singer)
Samuel Heard by God Hebrew Samuel L. Jackson (American actor), Samuel Eto'o (Cameroonian soccer player)
Santiago Saint James Spanish Santiago Arias (Colombian soccer player), Santiago Cabrera (Chilean actor)
Saul Asked for, prayed for Hebrew Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (Mexican boxer), Saul "El Canelo" Alvarez (Mexican soccer player)
Sebastian Venerable Greek Sebastian Vettel (German Formula One driver), Sebastian Yatra (Colombian singer)
Sergio Attendant Latin Sergio Ramos (Spanish soccer player), Sergio Aguero (Argentine soccer player)
Tomas Twin Aramaic Tomas Rosicky (Czech soccer player), Tomas Berdych (Czech tennis player)
Uriel God is my light Hebrew Uriel Antuna (Mexican soccer player), Uriel Lozano (Mexican singer)
Valentin Strong, healthy Latin Valentin Elizalde (Mexican singer), Valentin Rongier (French soccer player)
Vicente Conquering Spanish Vicente Fernandez (Mexican singer), Vicente del Bosque (Spanish soccer manager)
Victor Conqueror Latin Victor Hugo (French writer), Victor Valdes (Spanish soccer player)
Xavier New house Basque Xavier Hernandez (Spanish soccer player), Xavier Dolan (Canadian filmmaker)
Yahir He will enlighten Arabic Yahir Othón (Mexican singer), Yahir Sandoval (Mexican soccer player)
Yandel Combination of Yandelis and Randel American Spanish Yandel (Puerto Rican singer)
Yordi Variant of Jordy, which means farmer English Yordi Rosado (Mexican TV host), Yordi Reyna (Peruvian soccer player)
Yosgart Variant of Josiah, which means God supports Hebrew Yosgart Gutierrez (Mexican soccer player)
Yovani God is gracious Hebrew Yovani Gallardo (Mexican-American baseball player), Yovani Arrechea (Cuban boxer)
Yurem My light, my joy Hebrew Yurem Rojas (Mexican actor), Yurem Sánchez (Mexican TV host)
Zacarias Remembered by God Hebrew Zacarias Moussaoui (French terrorist), Zacarias Bonatini (Brazilian soccer player)
Zaid Abundance, growth Arabic Zaid Abdul-Aziz (American basketball player), Zaid Hearst (American basketball player)
Zinedine Beauty of religion Arabic Zinedine Zidane (French soccer player/manager)
Zoilo Life, alive Greek Zoilo Versalles (Dominican baseball player), Zoilo Saldombide (Uruguayan soccer player)
Zuriel My rock is God Hebrew Zuriel Oduwole (Nigerian-American filmmaker/activist), Zuriel Smith (American football player)

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