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Here is the List of PAKISTANI Boy names

Aariz Respectable, Leader Arabic Aariz Imam - Pakistani cricketer
Abdul Servant of Allah Arabic Abdul Sattar Edhi - Pakistani philanthropist
Abdullah Servant of Allah Arabic Abdullah Shah Ghazi - Sufi saint in Karachi
Adnan Settler, Proper Name Arabic Adnan Sami - Pakistani musician and actor
Ahmad Most commendable Arabic Ahmad Shah Durrani - founder of the Durrani Empire
Ali Exalted, Noble Arabic Ali Zafar - Pakistani singer and actor
Aman Peaceful Hindi Amanullah Khan - King of Afghanistan
Ameer Prince, Commander Arabic Ameer Abdullah Khan Niazi - Pakistani politician
Anas Affectionate, Friend Arabic Anas Sarwar - Scottish Pakistani politician
Arham Mercy, Blessing Arabic Arham Ali - Pakistani cricketer
Arif Knowledgeable, Wise Arabic Arif Alvi - President of Pakistan
Arman Desire, Ideal Persian Arman Ali - Pakistani cricketer
Aryan Of the Aryans Sanskrit Aryan Khan - son of Shah Rukh Khan
Asad Lion Arabic Asad Umar - Pakistani politician
Asher Blessed Hebrew Asher Ali - Pakistani footballer
Ashraf Most noble Arabic Ashraf Ghani - President of Afghanistan
Asif Forgiving, Kind Arabic Asif Ali Zardari - former President of Pakistan
Asim Protector, Guardian Arabic Asim Azhar - Pakistani singer and actor
Atif Kind, Compassionate Arabic Atif Aslam
Azhar Bright, Luminous Arabic Azhar Ali - Pakistani cricketer
Azlan Lion Arabic Azlan Shah of Perak - former King of Malaysia
Babar Lion Persian Babar Azam - Pakistani cricketer
Badar Full moon, Bright Arabic Badar Munir - Pakistani actor
Basit Generous, Large Arabic Basit Ali - Pakistani cricketer
Danish Knowledge, Wisdom Persian Danish Kaneria - Pakistani cricketer
Daniyal God is my judge Hebrew Daniyal Aziz - Pakistani politician
Dawood Beloved, Cherished Arabic Dawood Ibrahim - Indian underworld don and terrorist
Ehsan Benevolence, Charity Arabic Ehsan Mani - Pakistani businessman and cricket administrator
Emad Support, Pillar Arabic Emad Wasim - Pakistani cricketer
Fahad Panther, Lynx Arabic Fahad Mustafa - Pakistani actor and game show host
Farhan Happy, Joyful Arabic Farhan Saeed - Pakistani singer and actor
Farooq Distinguisher between truth and false Arabic Farooq Leghari - former President of Pakistan
Faizan Benefactor, Charitable Arabic Faizan Sheikh - Pakistani actor and producer
Faisal Decisive, Resolute Arabic Faisal Qureshi - Pakistani actor and television host
Faraz Elevation, Ascent Persian Faraz Anwar - Pakistani musician and guitarist
Ghufran Forgiveness Arabic Ghufran Azam - Pakistani cricketer
Hadi Guide, Leader Arabic Hadiqa Kiani - Pakistani singer and songwriter
Haider Lion Arabic Haider Ali - Pakistani cricketer
Hamza Lion, Brave Arabic Hamza Ali Abbasi - Pakistani actor and director
Haris Guardian, Protector Arabic Haris Rauf - Pakistani cricketer
Hasan Handsome, Good-looking Arabic Hasan Ali - Pakistani cricketer
Hassan Handsome, Good-looking Arabic Hassan Sheheryar Yasin - Pakistani fashion designer and artist
Imran Prosperity, Progress Arabic Imran Khan - Prime Minister of Pakistan and former cricketer
Irfan Gratefulness, Knowledge Arabic Irfan Pathan - Indian cricketer
Ishrat Joy, Delight Persian Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan - former Governor of Sindh, Pakistan
Jahangir World conqueror Persian Jahangir Khan - former world champion squash player
Jamil Beautiful, Graceful Arabic Jamil Dehlavi - Pakistani film director and screenwriter
Junaid Soldier, Warrior Arabic Junaid Jamshed - Pakistani singer and preacher
Kamran Prosperous Persian Kamran Akmal - Pakistani cricketer
Kashif Discoverer, Revealer Arabic Kashif Abbasi - Pakistani journalist and television host
Khizar Greenery, Verdure Arabic Khizar Hayat Khan - former Governor of Punjab, Pakistan
Khurram Cheerful, Happy Persian Khurram Dastgir Khan - Pakistani politician and businessman
Liaquat Skillful, Expert Arabic Liaquat Ali Khan - former Prime Minister of Pakistan
Mansoor Victorious, Triumphant Arabic Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi - former Indian cricket captain
Maqbool Accepted, Favored Arabic Maqbool Fida Husain - Indian artist
Mubashir Bringer of Good News Arabic Mubashir Luqman - Pakistani television host and journalist
Mustafa Chosen One, Preferred Arabic Mustafa Kamal - former Mayor of Karachi, Pakistan
Nadeem Companion, Friend Arabic Nadeem Baig - Pakistani film and television actor and director
Naeem Comfort, Ease Arabic Naeem Bukhari - Pakistani lawyer and television personality
Naveed Good News, Glad Tidings Persian Naveed Aslam - Pakistani cricketer
Noman Successful, Good Fate Arabic Noman Ijaz - Pakistani television and film actor
Omer Long-lived, Flourishing Arabic Omer Aftab - Pakistani cricketer
Qasim Distributor, Divider Arabic Qasim Umar - former Pakistani cricketer
Qazi Judge, Justice Arabic Qazi Abdul Majeed Abid - Pakistani journalist and writer
Raheel Brave, Courageous Arabic Raheel Sharif - former Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan
Rizwan Satisfaction, Acceptance Arabic Rizwan Manji - Canadian actor of Pakistani descent
Saad Happiness, Good Luck Arabic Saad Rafique - Pakistani politician and lawyer
Sajjad Prostrate in Prayer Arabic Sajjad Ali - Pakistani singer and songwriter
Saleem Safe, Peaceful Arabic Saleem Safi - Pakistani journalist and television anchor
Salman Safe, Secure Arabic Salman Rushdie - British-Indian novelist and essayist
Sami High, Elevated Arabic Sami Ibrahim - Pakistani cricketer
Shahid Witness, Martyr Arabic Shahid Afridi - former Pakistani cricketer
Sharif Noble, Distinguished Arabic Muhammad Sharif - former Prime Minister of Pakistan
Sohail Crescent, Moon Arabic Sohail Abbas - former Pakistani field hockey player
Tahir Pure, Clean Arabic Tahir Mahmood - Pakistani cricketer
Talha Fruit-bearing Tree Arabic Talha Jubair - former Bangladeshi cricketer
Umar Long-lived, Flourishing Arabic Umar Akmal - Pakistani cricketer
Usman Trustworthy, Faithful Arabic Usman Shinwari - Pakistani cricketer
Waqar Respect, Honor Arabic Waqar Younis - former Pakistani cricketer
Waseem Handsome, Graceful Arabic Wasim Akram - former Pakistani cricketer
Yasir Wealthy, Rich Arabic Yasir Hameed - former Pakistani cricketer
Yousuf Joseph Arabic Mohammad Yousuf - former Pakistani cricketer
Zafar Victory, Triumph Arabic Zafar Iqbal - Pakistani author and physicist
Zahid Devout, Pious Arabic Zahid Ahmed - Pakistani actor and television host
Zakir Rememberer, Narrator Arabic Zakir Naik - Indian Islamic preacher and televangelist
Zaman Time, Age Arabic Fakhar Zaman - Pakistani cricketer
Zia Light, Splendor Arabic Zia Mohyeddin - Pakistani actor and broadcaster

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