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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive PERUVIAN boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of PERUVIAN boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of PERUVIAN Boy names

Abel "Breath" or "Vanity" Hebrew Abelardo Vásquez Zuleta (Colombian writer)
Abraham "Father of many" Hebrew Abraham Valdelomar (Peruvian writer)
Adán "Man" or "Earth" Hebrew Adán Quiroga (Argentinian politician)
Adolfo "Noble wolf" German Adolfo Suárez (Spanish politician)
Agustín "Venerable" or "Great" Latin Agustín Gamarra (Peruvian president)
Alan "Little rock" Celtic Alan García (Peruvian president)
Alejandro "Defender" or "Protector" Greek Alejandro Toledo (Peruvian president)
Alex "Defender" or "Protector" Greek Alex Acosta (Peruvian footballer)
Alfonso "Noble and ready" Germanic Alfonso Barrantes (Peruvian politician)
Alonso "Noble and ready" Germanic Alonso Cueto (Peruvian writer)
Amador "Lover" or "Beloved" Latin Amador Ballumbrosio (Peruvian musician)
Amancio "Loving" Latin Amancio Williams (Argentinian architect)
Amaro "Bitter" Latin Amaro Rodríguez Felipe (Spanish cyclist)
Amilcar "Friend of the town" Latin Amilcar Cabral (Guinea-Bissauan politician)
Amos "Burden" or "Bearer" Hebrew Amos Oz (Israeli writer)
Aníbal "Grace of Baal" or "Merciful" Phoenician Aníbal Barca (Carthaginian general)
Anthony "Priceless" Latin Anthony Hopkins (Welsh actor)
Antonino "Priceless" Latin Antonino López de Santa Anna (Mexican president)
Aquiles "Pain" or "Lipless" Greek Aquiles Serdán (Mexican revolutionary)
Arístides "Best" or "Excellence" Greek Aristides de Sousa Mendes (Portuguese diplomat)
Arturo "Bear" or "Strong as a bear" Celtic Arturo Merzario (Italian racing driver)
Aurelio "Golden" or "The golden one" Latin Aurelio Martínez (Honduran musician)
Axel "Father of peace" Hebrew Axel Kicillof (Argentinian economist and politician)
Bautista "Baptist" or "One who baptizes" Latin Juan Bautista Alberdi (Argentinian lawyer and writer)
Benjamín "Son of the right hand" or "Favored" Hebrew Benjamín Bratt (American actor)
Bernabé "Son of the prophet" or "Brave as a bear" Greek Bernabéu stadium (Real Madrid football stadium)
Bruno "Brown" Germanic Bruno Mars (American singer-songwriter)
Camilo "Free-born" or "Messenger" Latin Camilo José Cela (Spanish writer)
Carlos "Free man" or "Strong" Germanic Carlos Fuentes (Mexican writer)
César "Head of hair" or "Long haired" Latin César Vallejo (Peruvian poet)
Christian "Follower of Christ" Latin Christian Cueva (Peruvian footballer)
Claudio "Lame" or "Limping" Latin Claudio Abbado (Italian conductor)
Cristóbal "Bearer of Christ" or "One who carries Christ" Greek Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus)
Damián "To tame" or "Subdue" Greek Damián Alcázar (Mexican actor)
Daniel "God is my judge" Hebrew Daniel Alarcón (Peruvian writer)
Dario "Kingly" or "Royal" Persian Darío Fo (Italian playwright and actor)
David "Beloved" or "Friend" Hebrew David Byrne (Scottish-American musician)
Diego "Supplanter" or "He who replaces" Greek Diego Maradona (Argentinian footballer)
Dimas "Tamed" or "Subdued" Greek Dimas Pineda (Peruvian footballer)
Domingo "Lord's day" or "Of the Lord" Latin Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (Argentinian president)
Edgardo "Wealthy spear" or "Fortunate and powerful" English Edgardo Bauza (Argentinian football coach)
Eduardo "Wealthy guardian" or "Rich guard" English Eduardo Galeano (Uruguayan writer)
Efraín "Fruitful" or "Very productive" Hebrew Efraín Ríos Montt (Guatemalan dictator)
Elías "My God is Yahweh" Hebrew Elías Figueroa (Chilean footballer)
Emiliano "Rival" or "Eager to emulate" Latin Emiliano Zapata (Mexican revolutionary)
Enrique "Ruler of the household" or "House owner" Germanic Enrique Iglesias (Spanish singer)
Esteban "Crown" or "Garland" Greek Esteban Echeverría (Argentinian writer)
Eusebio "Pious" or "Devout" Greek Eusebio Kino (Italian missionary and explorer)
Fabián "Bean grower" or "Bean farmer" Latin Fabián Mazzei (Argentinian actor)
Felipe "Lover of horses" or "Friend of horses" Greek Felipe VI (King of Spain)
Fernando "Adventurous" or "Traveler" Germanic Fernando Botero (Colombian artist)
Francisco "Free man" or "Frenchman" Latin Francisco de Goya (Spanish painter)
Gabriel "God is my strength" or "Hero of God" Hebrew Gabriel García Márquez (Colombian writer)
Gael "Stranger" or "Foreigner" Celtic Gael García Bernal (Mexican actor)
Gaspar "Treasure master" or "Treasure bringer" Persian Gaspar Noé (Argentinian filmmaker)
Genaro "January" or "Of January" Latin Genaro García Luna (Mexican politician)
Germán "Brother" or "Of the same kin" Germanic Germán Garmendia (Chilean YouTuber)
Gonzalo "Battle" or "Fight" Spanish Gonzalo Higuaín (Argentinian footballer)
Gregorio "Watchful" or "Vigilant" Greek Gregorio Pérez Companc (Argentinian businessman)
Guillermo "Protective" or "Resolute protector" Germanic Guillermo del Toro (Mexican filmmaker)
Gustavo "Staff of the Goths" or "Goth's rod" Swedish Gustavo Cerati (Argentinian musician)
Héctor "Steadfast" or "Holding firm" Greek Héctor Lavoe (Puerto Rican singer)
Henry "Ruler of the household" or "House owner" Germanic Henry Ian Cusick (Peruvian actor)
Hugo "Mind" or "Intellect" Germanic Hugo Chávez (Venezuelan politician)
Ignacio "Ignite" or "Fire" Latin Ignacio Allende (Mexican revolutionary)
Isaac "He will laugh" or "Laughter" Hebrew Isaac Newton (English scientist)
Ismael "God will hear" or "God listens" Hebrew Ismael Cala (Cuban journalist)
Iván "God is gracious" or "Gracious gift of God" Slavic Iván Duque (Colombian President)
Jair "He shines" or "He gives light" Hebrew Jair Bolsonaro (Brazilian President)
Jairo "God enlightens" or "God will light up" Hebrew Jairo Palomino (Colombian footballer)
Jhon "God is gracious" or "Gracious gift of God" Hebrew Jhon Chancellor (Venezuelan footballer)
Jimmy "Supplanter" or "He who takes the place of another" Hebrew Jimmy Carter (American President)
Joaquín "Established by God" or "God will judge" Hebrew Joaquín Sabina (Spanish singer)
Joel "God is willing" or "The Lord is God" Hebrew Joel González (Spanish taekwondo athlete)
John "God is gracious" or "Gracious gift of God" Hebrew John F. Kennedy (American President)
Jorge "Farmer" or "Tiller of the soil" Greek Jorge Luis Borges (Argentinian writer)
José "God will add" or "He will increase" Hebrew José de San Martín (Argentinian general and independence leader)
Josué "God saves" or "The Lord is salvation" Hebrew Josué Núñez (Peruvian footballer)
Julio "Youthful" or "Downy-bearded" Latin Julio César (Roman Emperor)
Kevin "Handsome" or "Gentle birth" Irish Kevin Johansen (Argentinian musician)
Leonardo "Strong as a lion" or "Lion-hearted" Germanic Leonardo da Vinci (Italian polymath)
Lucas "Bringer of light" or "Illuminating" Greek Lucas Moura (Brazilian footballer)
Luis "Famous warrior" or "Renowned fighter" Germanic Luis Miguel (Mexican singer)
Marco "Warrior" or "Mars" Latin Marco Polo (Italian explorer)
Mario "Warrior" or "Of Mars" Latin Mario Vargas Llosa (Peruvian writer)
Martín "Martial" or "Warlike" Latin Martín de Porres (Peruvian saint)
Mateo "Gift of God" or "God's gift" Hebrew Mateo Kovacic (Croatian footballer)
Mauricio "Dark-skinned" or "Moorish" Latin Mauricio Macri (Argentinian President)
Max "Greatest" or "Greatest one" Latin Max Gómez (Dominican baseball player)
Miguel "Who is like God?" or "Who is like the Lord?" Hebrew Miguel de Cervantes (Spanish writer)
Néstor "Traveler" or "Homecoming" Greek Néstor Kirchner (Argentinian President)
Nicolás "Victory of the people" or "People's champion" Greek Nicolás Maduro (Venezuelan President)
Omar "Long-lived" or "He who lives a long life" Arabic Omar Khayyam (Persian mathematician and poet)
Orlando "Famous throughout the land" or "Famous land" Germanic Orlando Bloom (English actor)
Oscar "Spear of the gods" or "God's spear" Irish Oscar Wilde (Irish writer)
Pablo "Small" or "Humble" Latin Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist)
Patricio "Nobleman" or "Of noble birth" Latin Patricio Aylwin (Chilean President)
Pedro "Rock" or "Stone" Latin Pedro Infante (Mexican actor and singer)
Rafael "God has healed" or "Healed by God" Hebrew Rafael Nadal (Spanish tennis player)
Ramiro "Famous adviser" or "Famous counselor" Germanic Ramiro Valdés (Cuban politician)
Raúl "Famous wolf" or "Wolf counsel" Germanic Raúl Castro (Cuban politician)
Renato "Reborn" or "Born again" Latin Renato Gaucho (Brazilian footballer)
Ricardo "Powerful ruler" or "Brave ruler" Germanic Ricardo Palma (Peruvian writer)
Roberto "Bright fame" or "Shining with glory" Germanic Roberto Carlos (Brazilian singer)
Rodrigo "Famous ruler" or "Famous power" Germanic Rodrigo Duterte (Filipino President)
Rolando "Famous throughout the land" or "Famous land" Germanic Rolando Villazón (Mexican tenor)
Salvador "Savior" or "Rescuer" Latin Salvador Allende (Chilean President)
Santiago "Saint James" or "The name of Saint James" Spanish Santiago Ramón y Cajal (Spanish neuroscientist)
Santos "Saints" or "Holy ones" Spanish Santos Laguna (Mexican football club)
Saúl "Asked for" or "Asked of God" Hebrew Saúl Álvarez (Mexican boxer)
Sebastián "Venerable" or "Revered" Greek Sebastián Piñera (Chilean President)
Sergio "Attendant" or "Servant" Latin Sergio Aguero (Argentinian footballer)
Simón "He who hears" or "Listener" Hebrew Simón Bolívar (South American liberator)
Teodoro "Gift of God" or "God's gift" Greek Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinean President)
Tomás "Twin" or "Didymus" Aramaic Tomás Borge (Nicaraguan revolutionary)
Valentín "Strong, healthy" or "Powerful" Latin Valentín Elizalde (Mexican singer)
Víctor "Winner" or "Conqueror" Latin Víctor Jara (Chilean singer and activist)
Walter "Ruler of the army" or "Army ruler" Germanic Walter Gropius (German architect)
Wilfredo "Desires peace" or "Desiring peace" Germanic Wilfredo Lam (Cuban artist)
William "Resolute protector" or "Strong-willed warrior" Germanic William Shakespeare (English playwright)
Xavier "New house" or "Bright" Basque Xavier Becerra (American politician)
Yael "Mountain goat" or "Ibex" Hebrew Yael Naim (French-Israeli singer)
Yahir "He will light up" or "He will shine" Hebrew Yahir Othón (Mexican singer)
Yamil "Handsome" or "Beautiful" Arabic Yamil Asad (Argentinian footballer)
Yandel "Land by the water" or "Land near water" English Yandel (Puerto Rican singer)
Yasser "Easy" or "Simple" Arabic Yasser Arafat (Palestinian leader)
Yeferson "God will add" or "He will increase" Hebrew Yeferson Soteldo (Venezuelan footballer)
Yeray "Boar" or "Wild pig" Basque Yeray Alvarez (Spanish footballer)
Yoel "The Lord is God" or "Yahweh is God" Hebrew Yoel Romero (Cuban mixed martial artist)
Yonathan "Gift of God" or "God has given" Hebrew Yonathan del Valle (Venezuelan footballer)
Yordy "Farmer" or "Tiller of the soil" English Yordy Reyna (Peruvian footballer)
Yosef "He will add" or "He will increase" Hebrew Yosef Maiman (Peruvian businessman)
Yovanny "God is gracious" or "Yahweh is merciful" Hebrew Yovanny Durango (Colombian cyclist)
Yuber "Forest of yew trees" or "Yew wood" English Yuber Asprilla (Colombian footballer)
Yul "Born at Christmas" or "Born on Christmas Day" English Yul Brynner (Russian-American actor)
Yurem "Exalted by God" or "God has exalted" Hebrew Yurem Rojas (Mexican actor)
Yvan "God is gracious" or "Yahweh is merciful" Slavic Yvan Attal (French actor)
Yves "Yew wood" or "Archer's bow" Germanic Yves Saint Laurent (French fashion designer)
Zahir "Shining" or "Bright" Arabic Zahir al-Umar (Arab ruler)
Zane "God is gracious" or "Yahweh is merciful" English Zane Grey (American author)
Zavier "New house" or "Bright" Basque Zavier Simpson (American basketball player)
Zayden "Fire" or "Fiery" English Zayden Banks (American football player)
Zebulon "Exalted" or "Elevated" Hebrew Zebulon Pike (American explorer)
Zenón "Zeal" or "Passion" Greek Zenón Noriega (Peruvian composer)
Zephyr "West wind" or "Gentle breeze" Greek Zephyr Teachout (American lawyer)
Zeus "God" or "Thunderbolt" Greek Zeus (Greek god)
Zion "Highest point" or "Fortress" Hebrew Zion Williamson (American basketball player)
Zoilo "Life" or "Alive" Greek Zoilo Galang (Filipino writer)
Zoltán "Sultan" or "Ruler" Hungarian Zoltán Kodály (Hungarian composer)
Zuriel "God is my rock" or "My rock is God" Hebrew Zuriel Oduwole (Nigerian-American filmmaker)

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