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Here is the List of SCANDINAVIAN Boy names

Abel Breath, vapour Scandinavian Abel Tasman (Dutch explorer)
Aksel Father of peace Scandinavian Aksel Sandemose (Norwegian author)
Albin White Scandinavian Albin Johansson (Swedish athlete)
Alfred Elf counsel Scandinavian Alfred Nobel (Swedish inventor of dynamite and Nobel Prizes)
Amund Protector Scandinavian Amundsen (Norwegian explorer who led the first expedition to the South Pole)
Anders Manly, brave Scandinavian Anders Celsius (Swedish astronomer)
Anton Priceless, praiseworthy Scandinavian Anton Yelchin (Russian-American actor)
Arne Eagle Scandinavian Arne Næss Jr. (Norwegian philosopher and mountaineer)
Axel Father of peace Scandinavian Axel Rose (American musician)
Benjamin Son of the right hand Scandinavian Benjamin Franklin (American statesman, inventor, and writer)
Bjorn Bear Scandinavian Bjorn Borg (Swedish tennis player)
Carl Free man Scandinavian Carl Linnaeus (Swedish botanist and zoologist)
Christian Follower of Christ Scandinavian Christian Bale (Welsh actor)
Christoffer Christ-bearer Scandinavian Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (Danish painter)
Dag Day Scandinavian Dag Hammarskjöld (Swedish diplomat and UN Secretary-General)
Daniel God is my judge Scandinavian Daniel Radcliffe (British actor)
Edvard Wealthy guardian Scandinavian Edvard Grieg (Norwegian composer)
Elias My God is Yahweh Scandinavian Elias Canetti (Bulgarian-born Swiss writer and Nobel laureate)
Emil Industrious, striving, eager Scandinavian Emil Jannings (German actor)
Erik Eternal ruler Scandinavian Erik the Red (Norse explorer and settler of Greenland)
Erling Nobleman, warrior Scandinavian Erling Kagge (Norwegian explorer and author)
Esben Divine bear Scandinavian
Even Stone, rock Scandinavian Even Pellerud (Norwegian football coach)
Felix Happy, fortunate Scandinavian Felix Kjellberg (Swedish YouTuber known as PewDiePie)
Finn Fair, blond Scandinavian Finn Wolfhard (Canadian actor)
Frederik Peaceful ruler Scandinavian Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark
Gabriel God is my strength Scandinavian Gabriel Macht (American actor)
Gard Fence, enclosure Scandinavian Gard Nilssen (Norwegian jazz drummer)
Georg Farmer, earthworker Scandinavian Georg Jensen (Danish silversmith and designer)
Gudmund God's protection Scandinavian Gudmund Hernes (Norwegian politician)
Gunnar Warrior Scandinavian Gunnar Myrdal (Swedish economist)
Gustav Staff of the Goths Scandinavian Gustav Vigeland (Norwegian sculptor)
Haldor Rock Thor Scandinavian Haldor Topsøe (Danish chemist and industrialist)
Halfdan Half Danish Scandinavian Halfdan the Black (Viking chieftain and ruler of Norway)
Harald Army ruler Scandinavian Harald V (King of Norway)
Håkon High son Scandinavian Håkon Håkonsson (King of Norway)
Henrik Ruler of the home Scandinavian Henrik Ibsen (Norwegian playwright)
Herman Army man, warrior Scandinavian Herman Melville (American author)
Ivar Archer Scandinavian Ivar Aasen (Norwegian philologist and linguist)
Jakob Supplanter Scandinavian Jakob Dylan (American singer-songwriter)
Jan God is gracious Scandinavian Jan Garbarek (Norwegian saxophonist)
Jens God is gracious Scandinavian Jens Stoltenberg (Secretary-General of NATO)
Jesper Treasure bearer Scandinavian Jesper Parnevik (Swedish golfer)
Joakim Yahweh will establish Scandinavian Joakim Noah (French-American basketball player)
Johan God is gracious Scandinavian Johan Sebastian Bach (German composer)
Johannes God is gracious Scandinavian Johannes Kepler (German mathematician and astronomer)
Jon God is gracious Scandinavian Jon Fosse (Norwegian playwright and novelist)
Jørgen Earth worker Scandinavian Jørgen Pedersen Gram (Norwegian mathematician)
Kai Rejoice Scandinavian Kai Hansen (German musician)
Karl Free man Scandinavian Karl Lagerfeld (German fashion designer)
Kasper Treasure bearer Scandinavian Kasper Schmeichel (Danish footballer)
Knut Knot, joint Scandinavian Knut Hamsun (Norwegian writer)
Kolbjørn Dark bear Scandinavian Kolbjørn Hauge (Norwegian poet and novelist)
Kristian Christian Scandinavian Kristian Nairn (Northern Irish actor and DJ)
Lars Crowned with laurel Scandinavian Lars Ulrich (Danish-American musician)
Leif Descendant, heir Scandinavian Leif Erikson (Norse explorer who is believed to have landed in North America)
Lennart Brave lion Scandinavian Lennart Green (Swedish magician)
Ludvig Famous warrior Scandinavian Ludvig Holberg (Danish-Norwegian writer and philosopher)
Magnus Great, large Scandinavian Magnus Carlsen (Norwegian chess grandmaster)
Markus Of Mars Scandinavian Markus Persson (Swedish video game designer known as Notch)
Martin Of Mars Scandinavian Martin Garrix (Dutch DJ and record producer)
Mathias Gift of God Scandinavian Mathias Rust (German aviator)
Mattis Gift of God Scandinavian Mattis Herman Nyquist (Norwegian actor)
Mikael Who is like God? Scandinavian Mikael Persbrandt (Swedish actor)
Nils Victory of the people Scandinavian Nils Frahm (German musician and composer)
Ola Ancestor, forefather Scandinavian Ola Toivonen (Swedish footballer)
Olav Ancestor, forefather Scandinavian Olav V (King of Norway)
Oskar Spear of the Gods Scandinavian Oskar Schindler (German industrialist who saved Jewish lives during WWII)
Øystein Jewel stone Scandinavian not found
Peder Rock, stone Scandinavian Peder Balke (Norwegian painter)
Per Rock, stone Scandinavian Per Gessle (Swedish musician and songwriter)
Petter Rock, stone Scandinavian Petter Solberg (Norwegian rally driver)
Ragnar Army advisor, warrior Scandinavian Ragnar Lodbrok (Legendary Norse hero and king)
Rasmus Beloved Scandinavian Rasmus Baggerud (Norwegian skier)
Reidar Counselor, advisor Scandinavian Reidar Thomassen (Norwegian footballer)
Runar Secret lover, warrior Scandinavian Runar Berg (Norwegian footballer)
Sander Defender of men Scandinavian Sander Berge (Norwegian footballer)
Sigmund Victorious protector Scandinavian Sigmund Freud (Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis)
Simen To hear or be heard Scandinavian Simen Agdestein (Norwegian chess player)
Sindre New victory, bright Scandinavian Sindre Rekdal (Norwegian footballer)
Sivert Victory of the people Scandinavian Sivert Høyem (Norwegian musician)
Stian Crowned with laurel Scandinavian Stian Saugestad (Norwegian footballer)
Stig Wanderer Scandinavian Stig Henrik Hoff (Norwegian actor)
Svein Young man, squire Scandinavian Svein Tuft (Canadian former professional road cyclist)
Sverre Wild, uncontrolled Scandinavian Sverre Fehn (Norwegian architect)
Tarjei Thor's spear, warrior Scandinavian Tarjei Bø (Norwegian biathlete)
Teodor God-given Scandinavian Teodor Currentzis (Russian conductor and composer)
Terje Guardian of the tribe, ruler Scandinavian Terje Rød-Larsen (Norwegian diplomat and scholar)
Thor Thunder Scandinavian Thor Heyerdahl (Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer)
Thorbjørn Bear of Thor, thunder bear Scandinavian Thorbjørn Jagland (Norwegian politician)
Thorvald Thor's rule, ruler Scandinavian Thorvald Stoltenberg (Norwegian politician and diplomat)
Tore Thunder Scandinavian Tore Andre Flo (Norwegian footballer)
Torgrim Thunder mask, helmet of thunder Scandinavian Torgrim Holte (Norwegian footballer)
Torjus Thor's staff, thunder tree Scandinavian Torjus Hansén (Finnish footballer)
Torstein Thor's stone, thunder stone Scandinavian Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen (Norwegian composer)
Trond Trustworthy, loyal Scandinavian Trond Giske (Norwegian politician)
Tryggve Trustworthy, safe, strong Scandinavian Tryggve Gran (Norwegian polar explorer)
Ulf Wolf Scandinavian Ulf Eiriksson (Legendary Norse explorer)
Ulrik Ruler of all, ruler of the world Scandinavian Ulrik Munther (Swedish singer-songwriter)
Vegard Warrior, spear Scandinavian Vegard Heggem (Norwegian footballer)
Vetle Little one, small one Scandinavian Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen (Norwegian cross-country skier)
Vidar Warrior of the forest, wide-ruling warrior Scandinavian Vidar Riseth (Norwegian footballer)
Vilhelm Will helmet, protection of the will Scandinavian Vilhelm Bjerknes (Norwegian physicist and meteorologist)
Villads Will, desire Scandinavian Villads Andersen (Danish footballer)
Villy Will, desire Scandinavian Villy Haugen (Norwegian footballer)
Yngve Ancestor, forefather Scandinavian Yngve Malmsten (Swedish actor and director)
Ørjan Spearman Scandinavian Ørjan Berg (Norwegian footballer)
Ådne Fire Scandinavian Ådne Søndrål (Norwegian speed skater)
Åge Ancestor, forefather Scandinavian Åge Hareide (Norwegian football manager)
Åke Ancestor, forefather Scandinavian Åke Svanstedt (Swedish harness racing driver and trainer)
Åmund Ancestor protection Scandinavian Åmund Gundersen (Norwegian cross-country skier)
Åsmund God's protection Scandinavian Åsmund Bjørkan (Norwegian footballer)
Øystein Lucky stone, fortune, wealth Scandinavian Øystein Aarseth (Norwegian musician)
Øyvind Lucky friend, friend of fortune Scandinavian Øyvind Leonhardsen (Norwegian footballer
Wiberg Mountain of strength Swedish Jonas Wiberg, Swedish ice hockey player
Wilgot Strong willed Swedish None
Wilmer Resolute protection Swedish Wilmer Skoog, Swedish alpine skier
Winston Joyful stone English, Scandinavian Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the UK
Wolf Wolf German, Scandinavian Wolf Blitzer, American journalist
Yngve Young Swedish Yngve Larsson, Swedish cross-country skier
Yonas Dove Swedish Yonas Kinde, Ethiopian-born Swedish marathon runner
Yrjö Farmer Finnish Yrjö Jahnsson, Finnish economist
Zacharias Remembered by God Greek, Scandinavian Zacharias Topelius, Finnish-Swedish author
Zebastian Revered Swedish None
Zeth Gift of God Swedish Zeth Höglund, Swedish footballer
Zoran Dawn Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Scandinavian Zoran Đinđić, former Prime Minister of Serbia

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