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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive SCOTTISH boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of SCOTTISH boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of SCOTTISH Boy names

Aiden Fiery one Scottish Gaelic Saint Aiden, Irish monk
Alan Handsome, cheerful Gaelic Alan Turing, mathematician
Alastair Defender of the people Scottish Gaelic Alastair Mackenzie, actor
Alec Defender of the people Scottish Gaelic Alec Guinness, actor
Alpin Blond Scottish Gaelic Alpin of Atholl, king
Andrew Manly Greek Andrew Carnegie, philanthropist
Angus Unique strength Scottish Gaelic Angus Macfadyen, actor
Archie Genuine, bold Scottish Gaelic Prince Archie, son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Arran Island dweller Scottish Gaelic Arran Fernandez, mathematician
Artair Bear Scottish Gaelic Artair MacNeill, chieftain
Aulay Ancestor's relic Scottish Gaelic Aulay McAuley, musician
Baird Poet, minstrel Scottish Baird of Gartshore, poet
Barclay Birch tree meadow Scottish Barclay Hope, actor
Beathan Life Scottish Gaelic Beathan of Iona, abbot
Blair Plain Scottish Gaelic Blair Brown, actress
Boyd Yellow Scottish Boyd Tinsley, musician
Braden Broad hillside Scottish Gaelic Braden Holtby, ice hockey player
Breac Speckled Scottish Gaelic Breac Mac Duff, king
Brendan Prince Irish Brendan Fraser, actor
Brodie Ditch Scottish Brodie Smith, YouTuber
Bruce Woods Norman French Robert the Bruce, king
Caden Son of Cadan Scottish Gaelic Caden Cotard, character in the movie "Synecdoche, New York"
Calum Dove Scottish Gaelic Calum Scott, singer
Cameron Bent nose Scottish Gaelic Cameron Diaz, actress
Campbell Crooked mouth Scottish Gaelic Campbell Scott, actor
Carver Wood carver Scottish George Washington Carver, inventor
Ceallach Strife Scottish Gaelic Ceallach of the Cowal, king
Cian Ancient Scottish Gaelic Cian Barry, actor
Clive Cliff Old English Clive Owen, actor
Clyde River Clyde Scottish Clyde McPhatter, singer
Cohen Priest Scottish Gaelic Leonard Cohen, singer-songwriter
Collin Cub Scottish Gaelic Collin Morikawa, golfer
Conan Hound Scottish Gaelic Conan O'Brien, comedian
Conner Wolf lover Scottish Gaelic Conner Coffin, surfer
Cormac Charioteer Irish Cormac McCarthy, author
Craig Rock Scottish Gaelic Craig Ferguson, comedian
Daire Fruitful Scottish Gaelic Daire of Connaught, king
Dallas Meadow dwelling Scottish Dallas Green, musician
Damon To tame Greek Damon Albarn, musician
Daniel God is my judge Hebrew Daniel Craig, actor
Darian Gift Scottish Gaelic Darian Durant, football player
Darragh Oak tree Irish Darragh O'Brien, politician
Darren Great one Irish Darren Aronofsky, filmmaker
David Beloved Hebrew David Tennant, actor
Declan Full of goodness Irish Declan McKenna, musician
Desmond Gracious defender Irish Desmond Tutu, activist
Dillon Faithful Irish Dillon Francis, DJ
Dirk Ruler of the people Dutch Dirk Nowitzki, basketball player
Donald World ruler Scottish Gaelic Donald Trump, former US president
Dougal Dark stranger Scottish Gaelic Dougal MacKenzie, character in the TV series "Outlander"
Dougie Dark water Scottish Gaelic Dougie Poynter, musician
Duncan Dark warrior Scottish Gaelic Duncan Jones, filmmaker
Dylan Son of the sea Welsh Dylan Thomas, poet
Eamon Wealthy protector Irish Eamon de Valera, politician
Eanraig Ruler of the household Scottish Gaelic not found
Eoin God is gracious Irish Eoin Colfer, author
Eric Ruler, eternal ruler Old Norse Eric Clapton, musician
Ewan Born of the yew tree Scottish Gaelic Ewan McGregor, actor
Ewen Born of the yew tree Scottish Gaelic Ewen Bremner, actor
Fergus Man of strength Scottish Gaelic Fergus Henderson, chef
Finlay Fair-haired hero Scottish Gaelic Finlay MacMillan, actor
Fintan White fire Irish Fintan O'Toole, journalist
not found
Fraser Strawberry Scottish Fraser Forster, footballer
Gavin White hawk Scottish Gavin Rossdale, musician
George Farmer Greek George Clooney, actor
Gerard Brave with a spear Irish Gerard Butler, actor
Gideon Feller of trees Hebrew Gideon Adlon, actress
Glen Valley Scottish Glen Hansard, musician
Gordon From the large fortification Scottish Gordon Ramsay, chef
Graeme Gravelly homestead Scottish Graeme Souness, football manager
Graham Gravelly homestead Scottish Graham Norton, TV presenter
Gregor Watchful, vigilant Scottish Gaelic Gregor Fisher, actor
Hamish Supplanter Scottish Gaelic Hamish Blake, comedian
Hector Holding fast Scottish Hector Berlioz, composer
Iain God is gracious Scottish Gaelic Iain Glen, actor
Ian God is gracious Scottish Ian McKellen, actor
Innes Island Scottish Gaelic Innes Ireland, racing driver
Iver Yew tree Norse Iver Heath, village in England
Jack God is gracious English Jack Nicholson, actor
James Supplanter Hebrew James McAvoy, actor
Jamie Supplanter Scottish Jamie Dornan, actor
Jared Descending Hebrew Jared Leto, actor
Jason Healer Greek Jason Momoa, actor
Jay Jay bird English Jay Z, rapper
Jeffrey God's peace Germanic Jeffrey Dean Morgan, actor
Jock God is gracious Scottish Jock Stein, football player and manager
Joe God will add English Joe Biden, US president
John God is gracious Hebrew John Lennon, musician
Jonathan Gift of God Hebrew Jonathan Groff, actor
Jordan To flow down Hebrew Jordan Peele, filmmaker
Joseph God will add Hebrew Joseph Gordon-Levitt, actor
Josh God is salvation English Josh Hutcherson, actor
Justin Just, righteous Latin Justin Timberlake, musician
Keir Dark, swarthy Scottish Keir Starmer, politician
Keith Wood, forest Scottish Keith Richards, musician
Ken Healthy, strong Japanese Ken Jeong, actor
Kenneth Handsome Scottish Kenneth Branagh, actor-director
Kevin Handsome, gentle Irish Kevin Costner, actor
Kaiden Variant of Caden Scottish None
Kaleb Variant of Caleb Scottish Caleb Followill (musician), Caleb Landry Jones (actor)
Kean Variant of Keane Scottish None
Keith From a Scottish surname Scottish Keith Richards (musician), Keith Urban (musician)
Kelly From an Irish surname Scottish Kelly Slater (surfer), Kelly Osbourne (TV personality)
Kelvin From a Scottish river name Scottish Kelvin Davis (soccer player), Kelvin Benjamin (football player)
Kenzie Variant of Mackenzie Scottish Kenzie Dalton (actress), Kenzie Ziegler (dancer)
Kieran Variant of CiarĂ¡n Scottish Kieran Culkin (actor), Kieran Gibbs (soccer player)
Kirk From a Scottish surname Scottish Kirk Douglas (actor), Kirk Franklin (musician)
Kyle From a Scottish surname Scottish Kyle Chandler (actor), Kyle MacLachlan (actor)
Lachlan From a Scottish Gaelic name Scottish Lachlan Murdoch (media executive), Lachlan Gillespie (children's entertainer)
Laird From a Scottish title Scottish Laird Hamilton (surfer), Laird Cregar (actor)
Lamont From a Scottish surname Scottish Lamont Dozier (musician), Lamont Bentley (actor)
Leland From a Scottish surname Scottish Leland Sklar (musician), Leland Melvin (astronaut)
Lennox From a Scottish surname Scottish Lennox Lewis (boxer), Lennox Berkeley (composer)
Lorne From a Scottish place name Scottish Lorne Michaels (TV producer), Lorne Greene (actor)
Mac From a Scottish Gaelic name Scottish Mac Davis (musician), Mac DeMarco (musician)
Mack From a Scottish Gaelic name Scottish Mack Brown (football coach), Mack Maine (rapper)
Mackenzie From a Scottish surname Scottish Mackenzie Crook (actor), Mackenzie Phillips (actress)
Magnus From a Scottish name Scottish Magnus Magnusson (TV presenter), Magnus Carlsen (chess player)
Malcolm From a Scottish Gaelic name Scottish Malcolm X (activist), Malcolm McDowell (actor)
Mckay From a Scottish surname Scottish McKayla Maroney (gymnast), McKay Christensen (actor)
Mckenzie Variant of Mackenzie Scottish not found
Niall From an Irish name Scottish Niall Horan (musician), Niall Ferguson (historian)
Oban From a Scottish place name Scottish None
Paisley From a Scottish place name Scottish Paisley Park (Prince's estate), Paisley Smith (journalist)
Ramsay From a Scottish surname Scottish Gordon Ramsay (chef), Ramsey Lewis (musician)
Rennie From a Scottish surname Scottish Rennie Harris (dancer), Rennie Stennett (baseball player)
Roddy From a Scottish name Scottish Roddy McDowall (actor), Roddy White (football player)
Ross From a Scottish surname Scottish Ross Lynch (actor), Ross McElwee (documentary filmmaker)
Roy From a Scottish name Scottish Roy Orbison (musician), Roy Williams (basketball coach)
Ruairidh From a Scottish name Scottish None
Rufus From a Latin name Scottish Rufus Sewell (actor), Rufus Wainwright (musician)
Sandy From a Scottish name Scottish Sandy Koufax (baseball player), Sandy Denny (musician)
Scott From a Scottish surname Scottish Scott Baio (actor), Scott Speedman (actor)
Seamus From an Irish name Scottish Seamus Heaney (poet), Seamus Coleman (soccer player)
Sean Variant of John Scottish Sean Connery (actor), Sean Penn (actor)
Sine Variant of Jane Scottish Sinead O'Connor (musician), Sinead Burke (activist)
Struan From a Scottish name Scottish None
Tavish From a Scottish name Scottish Tavish Scott (politician), Tavish Crowe (musician)
Teague Variant of Tadhg Scottish None
Torin From a Scottish name Scottish Torin Thatcher (actor), Torin Yater-Wallace (skier)
Tristan From a Scottish name Scottish Tristan Thompson (basketball player), Tristan Wilds (actor)
Urquhart From a Scottish surname Scottish None
Wallace From a Scottish surname Scottish Wallace Stevens (poet), William Wallace (historical figure)
Watson From a Scottish surname Scottish Emma Watson (actress), Thomas J. Watson (businessman)
Zander Variant of Alexander Scottish Zander Fagerson (rugby player), Zander Venezia (surfer)
Zenon From a Greek name Scottish None
Zephaniah From a Hebrew name Scottish Zephaniah Kingsley Jr. (historical figure), Zephaniah Swift Moore (composer)
Zeus From a Greek name Scottish Zeus McClurkin (basketball player), Zeus B. Held (musician)
Zoltan From a Hungarian name Scottish Zoltan Kodaly (composer), Zoltan Bathory (musician)
Zoran From a Slavic name Scottish Zoran Djindjic (politician), Zoran Drvenkar (author)
Zuri From a Swahili name Scottish Zuri Adele (actress), Zuri Hall (TV host)

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