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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive SPANISH boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of SPANISH boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Here is the List of SPANISH Boy names

Adrian Dark, Rich Latin Saint Adrian of Nicomedia
Alejandro Defender, Protector Spanish Alejandro Magno (Alexander the Great)
Alonso Noble and Ready Spanish Alonso Quijano (Don Quixote)
Andres Manly, Warrior Greek Andres Segovia (Classical Guitarist)
Angel Messenger of God Greek Angel Cabrera (Golfer)
Antonio Worthy of Praise Latin Antonio Banderas (Actor)
Armando Army Man Spanish Armando Bacot (Basketball Player)
Arturo Bear Spanish Arturo Toscanini (Conductor)
Augustin Great, Magnificent Spanish Saint Augustine of Hippo
Benito Blessed Spanish Benito Juarez (Former President of Mexico)
Carlos Strong, Manly Spanish Carlos Slim (Business Magnate)
Carmelo Vineyard of God Spanish Carmelo Anthony (Basketball Player)
Cesar Long-Haired Spanish Cesar Chavez (Civil Rights Activist)
Christian Follower of Christ Spanish Christian Bale (Actor)
Christopher Christ-Bearer Greek Christopher Columbus (Explorer)
Daniel God is My Judge Hebrew Daniel Radcliffe (Actor)
David Beloved Hebrew David Beckham (Soccer Player)
Diego Supplanter Spanish Diego Maradona (Soccer Player)
Domingo Lord's Day Spanish Domingo Martinez (Writer)
Eduardo Wealthy Guardian Spanish Eduardo Saverin (Facebook Co-Founder)
Emilio Rival Spanish Emilio Estevez (Actor)
Enrique Ruler of the Home Spanish Enrique Iglesias (Singer)
Ernesto Serious, Earnest Spanish Ernesto Che Guevara (Revolutionary)
Esteban Crowned with Laurel Spanish Esteban Cambiasso (Soccer Player)
Fabian Bean Grower Spanish Pope Saint Fabian
Felipe Lover of Horses Spanish Felipe VI (King of Spain)
Fernando Adventurer, Bold Voyager Spanish Fernando Torres (Soccer Player)
Francisco Free, Independent Spanish Pope Francis
Gabriel God is My Strength Hebrew Gabriel García Márquez (Author)
Gaspar Treasurer Spanish Gaspar Yanga (Afro-Mexican Rebel)
Gerardo Brave Spearman Spanish Gerardo Ortiz (Singer)
Gilberto Bright Pledge Spanish Gilberto Gil (Musician)
Gonzalo Battle Genius Spanish Gonzalo Guerrero (Conquistador)
Guillermo Resolute Protector Spanish Guillermo del Toro (Filmmaker)
Hector Steadfast Greek Hector Elizondo (Actor)
Ignacio Fiery One Spanish Ignacio Zaragoza (Mexican General)
Ismael God Will Hear Hebrew Ismael Valdez (Baseball Player)
Jaime Supplanter Spanish Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones character)
Javier Bright Spanish Javier Bardem (Actor)
Jesus God is Salvation Spanish Jesus Christ
Joaquin God Will Judge Spanish Joaquin Phoenix (Actor)
Jorge Farmer Spanish Jorge Luis Borges (Writer)
Jose God Will Increase Spanish Jose Marti (Cuban National Hero)
Josue God is Salvation Hebrew Josue Alvarado (Boxer)
Juan God is Gracious Spanish Juan Carlos I (Former King of Spain)
Julian Youthful Spanish Julian Assange (Founder of Wikileaks)
Julio Youthful Spanish Julio Iglesias (Singer)
Leonardo Brave Lion Spanish Leonardo da Vinci (Artist)
Leonel Young Lion Spanish Leonel Manzano (Olympic Runner)
Lorenzo Laurel-Crowned Spanish Lorenzo de' Medici (Renaissance Statesman)
Luis Famous Warrior Spanish Luis Fonsi (Singer)
Manuel God is With Us Spanish Manuel Neuer (Soccer Player)
Marcos Warlike Spanish Marcos Baghdatis (Tennis Player)
Mario Warlike Spanish Mario Balotelli (Soccer Player)
Martin Warlike Spanish Martin Luther King Jr.
Mateo Gift of God Spanish Mateo Messi (Son of Lionel Messi)
Miguel Who is Like God? Spanish Miguel de Cervantes (Author)
Nicanor Victorious Army Spanish
Nicolas Victory of the People Spanish Nicolas Cage (Actor)
Octavio Eighth Spanish Octavio Paz (Writer)
Oliver Olive Tree Spanish Oliver Cromwell (English Statesman)
Omar Long-Lived Arabic Omar Sharif (Actor)
Orlando Famous Land Spanish Orlando Bloom (Actor)
Oscar Divine Spearman Spanish Oscar Wilde (Writer)
Pablo Small Spanish Pablo Picasso (Artist)
Paco Free Spanish Paco de Lucía (Musician)
Pedro Rock Spanish Pedro Almodóvar (Filmmaker)
Rafael God Has Healed Spanish Rafael Nadal (Tennis Player)
Ramiro Wise Protector Spanish Ramiro II of Aragon (King of Aragon)
Ramon Wise Protector Spanish Ramon Ayala (Musician)
Raul Wolf Counselor Spanish Raul Castro (Cuban Politician)
Raymundo Wise Protector Spanish Raymundo Capetillo (Actor)
Renato Born Again Spanish Renato Carosone (Musician)
Ricardo Brave Ruler Spanish Ricardo Montalbán (Actor)
Roberto Bright Fame Spanish Roberto Durán (Boxer)
Rodolfo Famous Wolf Spanish Rodolfo Valentino (Actor)
Rodrigo Famous Ruler Spanish Rodrigo Duterte (President of the Philippines)
Rogelio Famous Spear Spanish Rogelio Guerra (Actor)
Rolando Famous Land Spanish Rolando Villazón (Opera Singer)
Roman Citizen of Rome Spanish Roman Polanski (Filmmaker)
Ruben Behold, a Son Spanish Ruben Blades (Musician)
Salvador Savior Spanish Salvador Dalí (Artist)
Santiago Saint James Spanish Santiago de Compostela (City in Spain)
Santos Holy Spanish Santos Benigno Laciar (Boxer)
Sebastian Venerable Spanish Sebastian Bach (Composer)
Sergio Attendant Spanish Sergio García (Golfer)
Silvestre Forest Spanish Silvestre Dangond (Musician)
Simon God is Heard Spanish Simon
Teodoro Gift of God Spanish Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (President of Equatorial Guinea)
Timoteo Honoring God Spanish Timoteo Pérez Rubio (Soccer Player)
Tomas Twin Spanish Tomas Rosicky (Soccer Player)
Trinidad Holy Trinity Spanish Trinidad Silva (Actor)
Valentin Strength, Health Spanish Valentin Elizalde (Musician)
Venancio Hunter Spanish Venancio Pérez (Soccer Player)
Vicente Conquering Spanish Vicente Fernández (Musician)
Victor Conqueror Spanish Victor Hugo (Writer)
Vidar Warrior of the Wood Spanish Vidar Johansen (Musician)
Virgilio Staff Bearer Spanish Virgilio Pinera (Writer)
Xabier New House Spanish Xabier Azkargorta (Soccer Player)
Xander Defender of the People Spanish Xander Schauffele (Golfer)
Xavier New House Spanish Xavier Cugat (Musician)
Yago Supplanter Spanish Yago Dora (Surfer)
Yahir He Will Enlighten Spanish Yahir Othón Parra (Singer)
Yandel Unknown Spanish Yandel (Musician)
Ysrael God Will Prevail Spanish Ysrael Zúñiga (Soccer Player)
Yulian Youthful Spanish Yulian Anchico (Soccer Player)
Zacarias Remembered by God Spanish Zacarías Ferreira (Musician)
Zaiden Unknown Spanish Zaiden Mosley (Actor)
Zain God is Gracious Spanish Zain Bhikha (Singer)
Zuriel God is My Rock Spanish Zuriel Oduwole (Filmmaker)
Abelardo Noble and hardy Spanish Abelardo Fernández (Soccer Coach)
Abundio Abundant Spanish Abundio García (Soccer Player)
Adán Man Spanish Adán Balbín (Soccer Player)
Adolfo Noble wolf Spanish Adolfo Suárez (Former Prime Minister of Spain)
Adrián Dark one Spanish Adrián González (Baseball Player)
Agapito Beloved Spanish Agapito Gómez (Soccer Player)
Agustin Majestic, great Spanish Agustín Carstens (Economist)
Alano Handsome Spanish Alano Español (Dog Breed)
Albano White Spanish Albano Bizzarri (Soccer Player)
Alberto Noble and bright Spanish Alberto Contador (Cyclist)
Alejandro Defender of mankind Spanish Alejandro Sanz (Musician)
Alexei Defender Spanish Alexei Ramírez (Baseball Player)
Alfonso Noble and ready Spanish Alfonso Cuarón (Director)
Alfredo Wise counselor Spanish Alfredo Di Stéfano (Soccer Player)
Alvaro Guard of all Spanish Alvaro Morata (Soccer Player)
Amado Beloved Spanish Amado Nervo (Poet)
Ambrosio Immortal Spanish Ambrosio O'Higgins (Governor-General of Chile)
Amilcar Friend of the town Spanish Amilcar Henriquez (Soccer Player)
Amos Burden Spanish Amos Otis (Baseball Player)
Anaximandro Unknown Spanish Anaximandro Montes (Soccer Player)
Anastasio Resurrection Spanish Anastasio Somoza (Former President of Nicaragua)
Andrés Manly Spanish Andrés Iniesta (Soccer Player)
Ángel Messenger of God Spanish Ángel Di María (Soccer Player)
Anselmo Divine helmet Spanish Anselmo Vendrechovski Junior (Soccer Player)
Antero Old one Spanish Antero Henrique (Soccer Director)
Anthony Priceless Spanish not found
Anthony Priceless Spanish Anthony Hopkins (Actor)
António Priceless Spanish António Guterres (Secretary-General of the United Nations)
Antonio Priceless Spanish Antonio Banderas (Actor)
Apolo God of music and poetry Spanish Apolo Anton Ohno (Speed Skater)
Aquilino Eagle Spanish Aquilino Ribeiro (Writer)
Arcadio Righteous Spanish Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones (Literary Critic)
Armando Army man Spanish Armando Christian Pérez (Rapper)
Arnaldo Eagle power Spanish Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez (Astronaut)
Arturo Noble, courageous Spanish Arturo Toscanini (Conductor)
Asdrúbal Helped by God Spanish Asdrúbal Cabrera (Baseball Player)
Augusto Majestic, great Spanish Augusto Pinochet (Former President of Chile)
Aurelio Golden Spanish Aurelio Baldor (Mathematician)
Baldomero Courageous Spanish Baldomero Esquivel (Soccer Player)
Baltasar God save the king Spanish Baltasar Kormákur (Director)
Bautista To baptize Spanish Bautista Alomar (Baseball Player)
Beltrán Bright raven Spanish Beltrán de la Cueva (Nobleman)
Benigno Kind Spanish Benigno Aquino Jr. (Senator)
Benito Blessed Spanish Benito Juárez (Former President of Mexico)
Benjamín Son of the right hand Spanish Benjamín Vicuña (Actor)
Bernabé Son of the prophet Spanish Bernabé Concepción (Baseball Player)
Bernardo Brave as a bear Spanish Bernardo Bertolucci (Director)
Betuel House of God Spanish Betuel Herrera (Soccer Player)
Blas Stammering Spanish Blas Pérez (Soccer Player)
Braulio Shining armor Spanish Braulio Luna (Soccer Player)

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