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Here is the List of TAIWANESE Boy names

Aaron High mountain Hebrew Aaron Yan (actor and singer), Aaron Kwok (actor)
Adam Earth Hebrew Adam Cheng (actor and singer)
Adrian From Hadria Latin Adrian Lin (actor), Adrian Chia (singer)
Alan Rock Celtic Alan Tam (singer and actor), Alan Dawa Dolma (singer)
Alex Defender Greek Alex To (singer), Alex Fong (actor)
Alexander Defender Greek Alexander Wang (fashion designer), Alexander McQueen (fashion designer)
Alfred Counselor English Alfred Hui (singer), Alfred Cheung (actor)
Allen Rock Celtic Allen Su (singer and actor), Allen Chao (actor)
Alvin Friend of Elves Old English Alvin Chau (entrepreneur), Alvin Tai (actor)
Amos To carry Hebrew Amos Lee (singer), Amos Yee (blogger and filmmaker)
Andrew Manly Greek Andrew Chen (actor), Andrew Lin (actor)
Anthony Priceless Latin Anthony Wong (singer and actor), Anthony Neely (singer)
Arthur Bear Celtic Arthur Chu (actor), Arthur Chen (actor)
Austin Majestic Latin Austin Lin (actor), Austin Wai (actor)
Barry Spear Irish Barry Yeh (singer), Barry Chen (host and actor)
Ben Son of the south Hebrew Ben Wu (singer), Ben Yao (actor)
Benson Son of Benjamin English Benson Chen (actor), Benson Lee (singer)
Bill Will or desire Germanic Bill Tung (actor), Bill Huang (singer)
Bobby Bright fame Germanic Bobby Dou (actor), Bobby Chen (actor)
Brad Broad clearing English Brad Chang (actor), Brad Kao (singer)
Brian Noble Irish Brian Joo (singer), Brian Burrell (actor)
Bruce Willowlands Scottish Bruce Lee (actor and martial artist), Bruce Hung (singer)
Calvin Bald Latin Calvin Chen (singer), Calvin Tuong (actor)
Carl Free man Germanic Carl Ng (actor), Carl Wu (actor)
Carson Marsh dweller Scottish Carson Allen (singer), Carson Chang (actor)
Charles Free man Germanic Charles Chen (host), Charles Liu (actor)
Chih-Han Wise and righteous Taiwanese Chih-Han Chou (golfer), Chih-Han Wang (singer)
Chi-Lin Intelligent and agile Taiwanese Chi-Lin Tsai (composer), Chi-Lin Lin (actress)
Chin Precious Chinese Chin Han (actor), Chin Tsai (actor)
Chris Christ-bearer Greek Chris Wu (actor), Chris Lee (singer)
Chuan River Chinese Chuan Chou (actor), Chuan-Hung Yen (actor)
Chung Loyalty Chinese Chung Kai-Shek (politician), Chung Chih-Lin (actor)
Clement Merciful Latin Clement Cheng (actor), Clement Pang (singer)
Daniel God is my judge Hebrew Daniel Wu (actor), Daniel Chan (singer)
Dave Beloved Hebrew Dave Wang (singer), Dave Chen (actor)
David Beloved Hebrew David Tao (singer), David Chiang (actor)
Dean Valley English Dean Fujioka (actor), Dean Ting (singer)
Dennis God of wine Greek Dennis Sun (actor), Dennis Hsu (singer)
Derek Ruler of the people Germanic Derek Chang (actor), Derek Tsang (director)
Desmond Gracious defender Irish Desmond Tan (actor), Desmond Yung (singer)
Eddie Rich guard English Eddie Peng (actor), Eddie Kuo (singer)
Edison Son of Edward English Edison Chen (actor and singer), Edison Fang (actor)
Elliot Jehovah is God English Elliot Wu (actor), Elliot Huang (singer)
Elton From the old town English Elton Huang (singer), Elton Loo (actor)
Eric Ruler or eternal ruler Old Norse Eric Huang (singer), Eric Tsang (actor and director)
Evan Youthful warrior Welsh Evan Yo (singer), Evan Ma (director)
Felix Lucky Latin Felix Wong (actor), Felix Tseng (singer)
Frank Free man Germanic Frank Hsu (singer), Frank Chen (actor)
Fred Peaceful ruler Germanic Fred Chou (singer), Fred Wu (actor)
Gabriel God is my strength Hebrew Gabriel Lan (actor), Gabriel Liu (singer)
Gary Spear English Gary Cao (singer), Gary Cheng (actor)
George Farmer Greek George Hu (actor), George Yao (singer)
Gilbert Bright pledge Germanic Gilbert Lee (actor), Gilbert Lai (singer)
Glenn Valley Scottish Glenn Chu (actor), Glenn Chia (singer)
Godfrey God's peace Germanic Godfrey Gao (actor), Godfrey Tsao (singer)
Gordon Large fortification Scottish Gordon Liu (actor), Gordon Fu (singer)
Greg Watchful Greek Greg Hsu (actor), Greg Han (singer)
Harry Ruler of the household English Harry Chang (actor), Harry Huang (singer)
Harvey Battle worthy French Harvey Keitel (actor), Harvey Wu (singer)
Henry Ruler of the household Germanic Henry Lau (singer), Henry Hsu (actor)
Howard Brave heart English Howard Wang (singer), Howard Sit (actor)
Ian God is gracious Scottish Ian Chen (actor), Ian Yin (singer)
Ivan God is gracious Slavic Ivan Liu (singer), Ivan Chen (actor)
Jacky God is gracious English Jacky Cheung (singer), Jacky Wu (actor)
Jaden Combination of Jay and Aidan American Jaden Smith (actor), Jaden Yuki (fictional character)
Jagger Carter English Jagger Lee (son of Mick Jagger), Jagger Eaton (professional skateboarder)
Jalen Combination of Jay and Allen American Jalen Rose (basketball player), Jalen Green (basketball player)
James Supplanter English James Bond (fictional character), James Cameron (filmmaker)
Jason Healer Greek Jason Momoa (actor), Jason Statham (actor)
Jasper Treasurer English Jasper Liu (actor), Jasper Johns (artist)
Jeffrey God peace English Jeffrey Dahmer (serial killer), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (actor)
Jeremy God will uplift English Jeremy Irons (actor), Jeremy Renner (actor)
Jerry Ruler of the spear English Jerry Seinfeld (comedian), Jerry Lee Lewis (musician)
Jesse God's gift Hebrew Jesse Eisenberg (actor), Jesse James (outlaw)
Jett Black gemstone English Jett Travolta (son of John Travolta), Jett Kenny (athlete)
Jimmy Supplanter English Jimmy Fallon (comedian), Jimmy Carter (former US president)
Joaquin Raised by Yahweh Spanish Joaquin Phoenix (actor), Joaquin Niemann (golfer)
Joel God is willing Hebrew Joel Edgerton (actor), Joel Embiid (basketball player)
Kai triumph Chinese Kai-Fu Lee (businessman), Kai-Shek Chiang (politician)
Kevin gentle birth English Kevin Tsai (TV host), Kevin Lin (adventurer)
Kuo country Chinese Kuo Hsu (businessman), Kuo Chung-Huang (politician)
Leon lion Greek Leon Dai (actor), Leon Tsoukernik (businessman)
Lewis famous warrior English Lewis Chou (actor), Lewis Wang (businessman)
Liam strong-willed warrior Irish Liam Wang (actor), Liam Tseng (athlete)
Lian lotus Chinese Lian Hearn (author), Lian Gang (actor)
Lin forest Chinese Lin Chi-Ling (actress), Lin Chia-Lung (politician)
Lucas light Greek Lucas Tuan (entrepreneur), Lucas Lu (athlete)
Luke bringer of light English Luke Wang (athlete), Luke Wu (entrepreneur)
Michael who is like God Hebrew Michael Chang (tennis player), Michael Lai (businessman)
Nick victory of the people Greek Nick Yang (basketball player), Nick Cheng (musician)
Oliver elf army English Oliver Chen (athlete), Oliver Lin (entrepreneur)
Owen youth Welsh Owen Chen (actor), Owen Huang (athlete)
Paul small Latin Paul Lin (actor), Paul Lo (businessman)
Peter rock Greek Peter Wang (athlete), Peter Lin (businessman)
Richard brave ruler German Richard Lin (violinist), Richard Hsu (businessman)
Robert bright fame German Robert Tsai (businessman), Robert Wang (entrepreneur)
Ryan little king Irish Ryan Chen (actor), Ryan Wu (athlete)
Sam heard by God Hebrew Sam Lee (actor), Sam Tseng (entrepreneur)
Sean God is gracious Irish Sean Lien (politician), Sean Chien (entrepreneur)
Simon he who hears Hebrew Simon Kuo (businessman), Simon Lin (entrepreneur)
Steven crown Greek Steven Pan (entrepreneur), Steven Ho (actor)
Sunny cheerful English Sunny Wang (actor), Sunny Chou (entre
Terry ruler of the people English Terry Gou (businessman), Terry Wang (entrepreneur)
Tim to honor God English Tim Chang (entrepreneur), Tim Lin (athlete)
Tony invaluable English Tony Fernandes (businessman), Tony Lin (entrepreneur)
Victor conqueror Latin Victor Wong (actor), Victor Tsao (businessman)
Vincent conquering Latin Vincent Siew (politician), Vincent Fang (businessman)
Wayne wagon maker English Wayne Wang (film director), Wayne Chang (entrepreneur)
William protector German William Hung (singer), William Wang (entrepreneur)
Winston joyful stone English Winston Chen (entrepreneur), Winston Wu (athlete)
Xavier new house Basque Xavier Chen (athlete), Xavier Wu (businessman)
Yen swallow Chinese Yen Ching-Piao (politician), Yen Hsun Lu (tennis player)
Yo-Yo famous Chinese Yo-Yo Ma (cellist), Yo-Yo Chen (actor)
York yew tree estate English York Liao (athlete), York Lin (entrepreneur)
Yulin jade forest Chinese Yulin Wang (athlete), Yulin Chen (entrepreneur)
Yung brave Chinese Yung Jan Chan (tennis player), Yung Shin Pharmaceutical (company)
Zachary remembered by God Hebrew Zachary Chu (athlete), Zachary Liu (entrepreneur)
Zen meditation Japanese Zen Chen (athlete), Zen Liao (entrepreneur)
Zhihao wise hero Chinese Zhihao Chen (athlete), Zhihao Huang (entrepreneur)
Zhiyu wise and courageous Chinese Zhiyu Chen (athlete), Zhiyu Liu (entrepreneur)
Zihao son of wisdom Chinese Zihao Chen (athlete), Zihao Liu (entrepreneur)
Zixuan purple jade Chinese Zixuan Chen (athlete), Zixuan Liu (entrepreneur)
Zonghan honored and respected Chinese Zonghan Huang (politician), Zonghan Wu (businessman)
Zonglin always truthful Chinese Zonglin Chen (athlete), Zonglin Wang (entrepreneur)
Zongqi always righteous Chinese
Zongqi always righteous Chinese Zongqi Chen (athlete), Zongqi Huang (entrepreneur)
Zongxuan always mysterious Chinese Zongxuan Chen (athlete), Zongxuan Wang (entrepreneur)
Zongyuan always kind Chinese Zongyuan Chen (athlete), Zongyuan Liu (entrepreneur)
Zongze always elegant Chinese Zongze Chen (athlete), Zongze Wu (entrepreneur)
Zun respected Chinese Zun Wang (athlete), Zun Chen (entrepreneur)
Zuyu ancestral jade Chinese Zuyu Chen (athlete), Zuyu Liu (entrepreneur)

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