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Hello Parents, Welcome to our page, we will suggest you attractive TURKISH boy names. From classic choices to modern trends, we have covered different manes with meaning. Selecting a name for your prince is a big decision. Our website has well-versed list of TURKISH boy names, along with their origin, meanings and namesakes.

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Abay Means "clear, bright" Turkish Abay Kunanbayev (Kazakh poet)
Abdullah Means "servant of God" Arabic Abdullah Gul (Turkish president)
Abidin Means "worshipper" Arabic not found
Abuzer Means "lion" Arabic not found
Acar Means "brave" Turkish not found
Adem Means "earth" or "man" Arabic Adem Jashari (Albanian independence fighter)
Adil Means "fair, just" Arabic Adil Rami (French footballer)
Adnan Means "settler" or "resident" Arabic Adnan Menderes (Turkish prime minister)
Afif Means "chaste, modest" Arabic not found
Ahmet Means "praised" Turkish Ahmet Davutoglu (Turkish prime minister)
Akın Means "brave, courageous" Turkish not found
Akif Means "devoted, dedicated" Arabic Akif Pirinçci (German author)
Akın Means "brave, courageous" Turkish not found
Akman Means "white hawk" Turkish not found
Alaattin Means "exalted, noble" Arabic not found
Alper Means "brave, heroic" Turkish Alper Potuk (Turkish footballer)
Altan Means "red dawn" Turkish Altan Gördüm (Turkish actor)
Alperen Means "brave knight" Turkish not found
Arda Means "field" Turkish Arda Turan (Turkish footballer)
Arif Means "knowledgeable, wise" Arabic Arif Mardin (Turkish-American music producer)
Arslan Means "lion" Turkish Arslan Sükan (Turkish footballer)
Asım Means "protector" or "defender" Arabic Asim Ferhatovic Hase (Bosnian footballer)
Ata Means "ancestor, father" Turkish Ata Demirer (Turkish actor)
Atakan Means "he who strikes" Turkish Atakan Akkaynak (Turkish footballer)
Atalay Means "watchtower" Turkish Atalay Babacan (Turkish footballer)
Atilla Means "father of armies" Turkish Atilla Şereftuğ (Turkish actor)
Atilgan Means "sharp blade" Turkish not found
Aycan Means "clear moon" Turkish not found
Aydın Means "enlightened" Turkish Aydın Doğan (Turkish businessman)
Ayhan Means "moon's life" Turkish Ayhan Akbin (Turkish footballer)
Aykut Means "moon's child" Turkish Aykut Kocaman (Turkish footballer)
Aysel Means "moon stream" Turkish Aysel Teymurzadeh (Azerbaijani singer)
Aziz Means "beloved, dear" Arabic Aziz Ansari (American actor and comedian)
Bahadır Means "brave, warrior" Turkish Bahadir Öztürk (Turkish actor)
Bahattin Means "honest, faithful" Arabic Bahattin Sofuoğlu (Turkish wrestler)
Baran Means "rain" Turkish Baran Kosari (Iranian actress)
Barbaros Means "barbarian, foreigner" Turkish Barbaros Şansal (Turkish fashion designer)
Barış Means "peace" Turkish Baris Akarsu (Turkish singer)
Barut Means "gunpowder" Turkish not found
Batuhan Means "gift of God" Turkish Batuhan Karacakaya (Turkish actor)
Bayram Means "holiday" Turkish Bayram Bektaş (Turkish wrestler)
Bedir Means "full moon" Arabic not found
Behzat Means "best friend" Persian Behzat Ç. (Turkish TV series)
Bekir Means "early, morning" Arabic Bekir İrtegün (Turkish footballer)
Belgin Means "clear, bright" Turkish Belgin Doruk (Turkish actress)
Berkan Means "sharp, smart" Turkish Berkan Emir (Turkish footballer)
Berke Means "solid, strong" Turkish Berke Özer (Turkish footballer)
Berna Means "young girl" Turkish Berna Öztürk (Turkish actress)
Bora Means "storm" Turkish Bora Akkas (Turkish actor)
Boran Means "violent wind" Turkish not found
Buğra Means "happy, joyful" Turkish Buğra Gülsoy (Turkish actor)
Burak Means "lightning" Turkish Burak Özçivit (Turkish actor)
Burhan Means "proof, evidence" Arabic Burhan Öçal (Turkish musician)
Bünyamin Means "righteous, honest" Arabic Bünyamin Sürmeli (Turkish actor)
Cahit Means "wise, knowledgeable" Turkish Cahit Arf (Turkish mathematician)
Can Means "soul, life" Turkish Can Yücel (Turkish poet)
Caner Means "brave, warrior" Turkish Caner Erkin (Turkish footballer)
Cankut Means "beloved and solid" Turkish not found
Cem Means "gathering" Turkish Cem Özdemir (German politician)
Cemal Means "beauty" Arabic Cemal Gürsel (Turkish president)
Cemil Means "beautiful" Arabic Cemil Özeren (Turkish actor)
Cengiz Means "conqueror, ruler" Turkish Cengiz Ünder (Turkish footballer)
Cenk Means "war, battle" Turkish Cenk Şahin (Turkish footballer)
Cihan Means "world, universe" Turkish Cihan Ünal (Turkish footballer)
Coşkun Means "passionate, enthusiastic" Turkish Coşkun Sabah (Turkish singer)
Cuma Means "Friday" Arabic
Cumali Means "born on Friday" Turkish Cumali Biçer (Turkish footballer)
Dağhan Means "ruler of the mountains" Turkish not found
Deniz Means "sea" Turkish Deniz Çakir (Turkish actress)
Devrim Means "revolution" Turkish Devrim Yakut (Turkish actress)
Doğan Means "hawk" Turkish Doğan Akın (Turkish footballer)
Doruk Means "summit" Turkish not found
Durmuş Means "patient" Turkish Durmuş Ali Demir (Turkish wrestler)
Ege Means "Aegean" Turkish not found
Egehan Means "ruler of the Aegean" Turkish not found
Egekent Means "Aegean city" Turkish not found
Egemen Means "sovereign, ruler" Turkish Egemen Korkmaz (Turkish footballer)
Emrah Means "love" Turkish Emrah Başsan (Turkish footballer)
Emre Means "friendship" Turkish Emre Can (Turkish footballer)
Engin Means "wide, spacious" Turkish Engin Altan Düzyatan (Turkish actor)
Enver Means "luminous" Turkish Enver Gjokaj (Albanian-American actor)
Erdal Means "brave, warrior" Turkish Erdal Özyağcılar (Turkish actor)
Erdem Means "virtue" Turkish Erdem Tünay (Turkish footballer)
Eren Means "holy person" Turkish Eren Derdiyok (Swiss-Turkish footballer)
Erol Means "brave, warrior" Turkish Erol Günaydın (Turkish actor)
Esat Means "firm, strong" Turkish Esat Bargun (Turkish footballer)
Eser Means "work, labor" Turkish not found
Evren Means "cosmos" Turkish not found
Eyüp Means "Job" (biblical figure) Turkish Eyüp Sultan Mosque (Istanbul, Turkey)
Fahir Means "intelligent" Turkish Fahir Atakoğlu (Turkish composer)
Fatih Conqueror Turkish Fatih Sultan Mehmed, Ottoman Sultan and conqueror
Ferhat Happiness Turkish Ferhat Pasha, Ottoman Grand Vizier
Fikret Intelligence Turkish Fikret Mualla, Turkish painter and writer
Galip Victor Turkish Galip Balkarlı, Turkish composer
Gürkan Brave Leader Turkish Gürkan Uygun, Turkish actor
Hakan Ruler Turkish Hakan Şükür, Turkish footballer
Halil Beloved Turkish Halil İnalcık, Turkish historian
Haluk Joyful Turkish Haluk Bilginer, Turkish actor
Harun Aaron Turkish Harun Kolçak, Turkish singer and songwriter
Hasan Handsome Turkish Hasan Sabbah, founder of the Nizari Ismaili state in Iran
Hüseyin Handsome Turkish Hüseyin Hilmi Işık, Turkish poet and politician
İbrahim Prophet Turkish İbrahim Tatlıses, Turkish singer and actor
İlker First Turkish İlker Başbuğ, former Chief of the Turkish General Staff
İsmail God Will Turkish İsmail Hakkı Baltacıoğlu, Turkish general and politician
Kadir Green Turkish Kadir İnanır, Turkish actor
Kamil Perfect Turkish Kâmil Sönmez, Turkish athlete
Kemal Perfection Turkish Kemal Atatürk, founder and first President of Turkey
Kenan Possession Turkish Kenan Evren, seventh President of Turkey
Kerem Generosity Turkish Kerem Güzel, Turkish footballer
Kürşat Hero Turkish Kürşat Tuncel, Turkish musician
Levent Valiant Turkish Levent Açıkgöz, Turkish footballer
Mehmet Praiseworthy Turkish Mehmet Akif Ersoy, Turkish poet and writer
Metin Strong Turkish Metin Akpınar, Turkish actor
Murat Desired Turkish Murat Boz, Turkish singer
Mustafa Chosen Turkish Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder and first President of Turkey
Nadir Rare Turkish Nadir Çiftçi, Turkish footballer
Nail Accomplished Turkish Nail Çakırhan, Turkish architect and writer
Necati Eminent Turkish Necati Cumalı, Turkish poet and novelist
Nejat Salvation Turkish Nejat İşler, Turkish actor
Nuri My Light Turkish Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Turkish filmmaker
Ömer Long-lived Turkish Ömer Seyfettin, Turkish writer
Onur Honor Turkish Onur Acar, Turkish footballer
Orhan Great Ruler Turkish Orhan Pamuk, Turkish writer
Osman Trustworthy Turkish Osman Gazi, founder of the Ottoman Empire
Özgür Free Turkish Özgür Çevik, Turkish actor
Özkan Pure Spirit Turkish Özkan Sümer, Turkish footballer
Raşit Righteous Turkish Raşit Çetiner, Turkish boxer
Sadık Faithful Turkish Sadık Albayrak, Turkish businessman
Salih Virtuous Turkish Salih Dursun, Turkish footballer
Samet Companion Turkish Samet Aybaba, Turkish football manager
Sefa Pleasure Turkish Sefa Yılmaz, Turkish footballer
Selahattin Righteousness Turkish Selahattin Demirtaş, Turkish politician and human rights lawyer
Selim Safe Turkish Selim III, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Serdar Commander Turkish Serdar Özkan, Turkish actor
Serhat Border Turkish Serhat Güvenç, Turkish musician
Serkan Brave Turkish Serkan Çayoğlu, Turkish actor
Sinan Spearhead Turkish Sinan Akçıl, Turkish singer
Süleyman Peaceful Turkish Süleyman the Magnificent, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Şafak Dawn Turkish Şafak Sezer, Turkish actor
Şahin Falcon Turkish Şahin Kendirci, Turkish actor
Şamil Whole Turkish Şamil Tayyar, Turkish journalist and politician
Şanlı Glorious Turkish Şanlıurfa, city in southeastern Turkey
Şener Courageous Turkish Şener Şen, Turkish actor
Şeref Honor Turkish Şeref Erol, Turkish actor
Şevket Glory Turkish Şevket Süreyya Aydemir, Turkish writer and politician
Şevki Enthusiasm Turkish Şevki Acuner, Turkish economist
Şimşek Lightning Turkish Halil İbrahim Şimşek, Turkish footballer
Şinasi Cleverness Turkish Şinasi Örel, Turkish engineer and entrepreneur
Tacettin Crown Turkish Tacettin Şimşek, Turkish footballer
Tahsin Praise Turkish Tahsin Tarhan, Turkish writer and politician
Talat Flourishing Turkish Talat Pasha, Ottoman statesman and Grand Vizier
Taner Dawn Turkish Taner Tolga Tarlacı, Turkish footballer
Tarık Path Turkish Tarık Mengüç, Turkish musician
Tayfun Whirlwind Turkish Tayfun Korkut, Turkish football coach
Tevfik Consent Turkish Tevfik Fikret, Turkish poet and writer
Timur Iron Turkish Timur, 14th-century Turco-Mongol conqueror
Tugay Strong Turkish Tugay Kerimoğlu, Turkish footballer
Ufuk Horizon Turkish Ufuk Talay, Turkish football coach
Ulaş Arrive Turkish Ulaş Bardakçı, Turkish television presenter
Ulu Great Turkish Ulu Önder, honorific title meaning "Great Leader"
Umut Hope Turkish Umut Bulut, Turkish footballer
Utku Victory Turkish Utku Şen, Turkish footballer
Uygar Civilized Turkish Uygar Mert Zeybek, Turkish actor
Uzay Space Turkish Uzay Bulut, Turkish journalist
Ümit Hope Turkish Ümit Davala, Turkish footballer
Ünal Powerful Turkish Ünal Aysal, Turkish businessman
Vahap Generous Turkish Vahap Özaltay, Turkish footballer
Vefa Loyalty Turkish Vefa Küçük, Turkish footballer
Volkan Volcano Turkish Volkan Demirel, Turkish footballer
Yağız Swift Turkish Yağız Şenkal, Turkish footballer
Yakup Jacob Turkish Yakup Şimşek, Turkish footballer
Yalçın Rocky Turkish Yalçın Ayhan, Turkish footballer
Yaman Fierce Turkish Yaman Okay, Turkish actor
Yasin Joseph Turkish Yasin Öztekin, Turkish footballer
Yavuz Fierce Turkish Yavuz Bingöl, Turkish actor
Yıldırım Thunderbolt Turkish Yıldırım Akbulut, Turkish politician and former Prime Minister
Yılmaz Resolute Turkish Yılmaz Erdoğan, Turkish actor and filmmaker
Yücel Noble Turkish Yücel İldiz, Turkish footballer
Yusuf Joseph Turkish Yusuf Güney, Turkish singer
Zafer Victory Turkish Zafer Şakar, Turkish footballer
Zeki Intelligent Turkish Zeki Alasya, Turkish actor
Zeynel Beauty Turkish Zeynel Abidin Erdem, Turkish footballer
Ziya Light Turkish Ziya Selçuk, Turkish Minister of Education
Zübeyir Abundant Turkish Zübeyir Gündüzalp, Turkish actor
Zülküf Patience Turkish Zülküf Yılmaz, Turkish footballer
Zülüf Lock of hair Turkish Zülüf Livaneli, Turkish musician and writer
Zümrüt Emerald Turkish Zümrüt Gönlüm, Turkish singer
Zünder Spark Turkish Zünder Aytaç, Turkish footballer
Zürcher Native of Zurich Turkish Zürcher Türk, Turkish footballer
Zürih Zurich Turkish Zürih Akduran, Turkish wrestler
Züttür Brass Turkish Züttür Kartal, Turkish wrestler
Züyürek Large-eyed Turkish Züyürek Karakuş, Turkish footballer
Zülfü Tress of hair Turkish Zülfü Bengü, Turkish footballer
Zümrüdü Emerald Turkish Zümrüdü Anka, Turkish television series
Zülal Clear water Turkish Zülal Kalkandelen, Turkish singer
Zülfi Curly Turkish Zülfi Livaneli, Turkish musician and writer
Zülkar Lord of Kar Turkish Zülkar Tahir, Turkish footballer
Zülkarnay Alexander Turkish Zülkarnay Korkmaz, Turkish footballer
Zülfikar Double-edged Turkish Zülfikar İzmailov, Turkish footballer
Zümrüttü Emerald-like Turkish Zümrüttü Demir, Turkish basketball player
Zümrütköy Emerald village Turkish Zümrütköy, a village in Turkey
Zühal Saturn Turkish Zühal Olcay, Turkish actress and singer
Züleyha Josephine Turkish Züleyha Göçmen, Turkish taekwondo athlete

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